Chapter 6: Entrance Ceremony Preparation (6)

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An annex on the grounds of Jin High School has a building reminiscent of a Chinese Taoist temple called Taishan Temple.

 It is commonly known as a place for meditation and zen meditation for the purpose of cultivating the mental problems of students who have these problems. This is a place that does not impress the students.

 In the main hall of the dim temple, three old men are sitting in a U-shape and talking.

“Tenzo. Is it okay? Let me riddle alone…”


“Isn’t it better to leave it under us?”

“Sun Yi …. I want him to open up his life with his choices.”

“Well… things have changed a lot since we first talked about it. Isn’t that why we’re here, because it’s dangerous?”

 Sun Yi originally narrowed his narrow eyes, but it has a gentle look.

“Well, that’s fine, but that disciple’s constitution still cannot be cured. It’s a waste of a lot of spiritual power.”

“It can’t be helped… It’s like a side effect. If his mother hadn’t discovered his peculiarity before he was born, ….he wouldn’t be here today.”

“It’s because they managed to suppress one of them. However, it is said that the control of the spiritual power has become impossible because of that… A man of the Domori family… The bloodline of the spirit swordsman who freely manipulates the spiritual power follows.”

“Well, it’s okay. Somehow, it seems that he can only manage the sealing of the Domori family and the restoration of the barriers. That’s a great improvement in itself.”

“Well, all of them could shake the world. I can tell you that. Especially because that cave shouldn’t be known to anyone.”

“That’s what the Domori family is for. This is the birthplace of the Domori family and the reason for joining forces with the Sacred World. The Demon’s cave is the only place you mustn’t let anyone know about. After all, it’s the biggest and only hole that leads directly to the demon world…”

 The other old man, who had been silent in front of them all until then, spoke like a soliloquy.

 Her voice is weak and quivering compared to the other two.

“It was tough at that time… A misunderstanding led to a wrong decision and I became serious for the first time in about a hundred years. The first generation of the Domori family…….I don’t want to kill someone like that again…….”

“How dare you say that….Ko Gao…. After that, you and the first generation were the closest of all!”

“In the end, one of the daughters was given away as a wife. The first generation already had a wife.”

“It’s awful…it was tough at that time. It’s been nearly a thousand years and I still can’t forget it.”

“Well, the Domori family came out of that magical cave. I think there was no point in misunderstanding. We didn’t know that there were people in the demon world that formed a society and a country.”

 The Gao person himself is quietly consuming tea like other people. The two old teachers make a big sigh.

“… So, how is his sacred art now, from Sun Yi’s point of view?”

“It’s still uneven, but it’s not better than a hundred-year-class Taoist. When I went through Mahou Cave and met Ryoichi this spring, he gained a lot of battle experience in the demon world. I mean… No, it’s not just that. It seems that he had a natural gift, and that there was a momentum of power due to his youth…”

“So when he’s over there… It looks like he’s taken up something else in the demon world.”

“I heard the story from Ryoichi. It must have been difficult for him at his young age.”

“About three years over there… It’s been two weeks here. It’s said that it took nearly two years before he met Ryoichi. Ryoichi also regretted that he could not meet him sooner.”

“Though the flow of time is different from this realm, it was good that the main stream of time was as it is because there was almost no growth of the body. Otherwise it would have been a fuss, he is in the growth period. “

 There, Mirei Takano came into the dimly lit hall with a neat attitude and presented a new cup of tea.

“Sorry, Mirei. I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble as,too”

“…Master. I am grateful to him. I will do my best to return it.”

“You owe him?”

“Yes. He saved my life in Shinagawa a year ago. I forgot about him but…..”

 Sun Yi’s long eyebrows furrowed.

“I am glad that Shirasawa’s daughter was there. If not, no one might have remembered him, except for old people. Fufufu, it’s the idea of Tenzo.”

“No, no matter how much Shirasawa’s pedigree that governs the wisdom of this world would have been impossible if she was not very aware of him. I made a match, but everything else was a coincidence. Well, when he used that ability, I did something a little unnecessary for Shirasawa.”

 Sun Yi laughed lightly and fluttered the smoke tube.

“Ho-ho-ho. The three immortals are not so different from each other. You seem to like his grandfather’s position a lot more than I thought. You’ve encouraged Shirasawa’s awakening, even if only temporarily.”

  Sun Yi drops the ashes from his pipe  and seems to be enjoying himself wholeheartedly. Sun Yi knows that when they are as old as they are, they rarely discover anything new in themselves.

 Tenzo showed a glimpse of a different Tenzo from the past. For some reason, Sun Yi was so happy that it was unavoidable.

“Well, that’s what made me realize something unexpected. The one who touches him  forgets about him, and the one who remembers him cannot forget him. And thanks to her feelings towards him, he is going to be remembered. Hohoho”

 When she was laughed at by Mr. Sun, Mirei face is slightly flushed. But she immediately retracted.

“Ohoo… Well, the problem will always follow us. Ryoichi has gone and settled down now, the other side………………the movement of the demon world, we can’t let them use it.”

“But you have left even this up to him. In fact, the seal can be lifted at any time of his choosing.”

“…………. He’s… he’s no longer the man I can do anything about.”

 Mirei Takano listens silently. Next to her, Soichiro Takano, who is the principal of Jin High School, mutters….

“Everything… decided by heaven. Everything will be done as Heaven intended…”

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