Episode 24: Ice Blade Magician (Magician of the sword)


“What are you talking about…? Who the hell are you…?”

Gray sensei looks at me with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

  It’s a look of complete incomprehension. But that’s as it should be. Normally, it would be impossible to understand……..the essence of this ability.

“Waa waa ha ha ha ha haaa!!!!”


 No more words were needed. We invoke each other’s magic. She invokes the material code, while I invoke the anti-material code.

 She was… just scared.

  There was no way the Ice Blade Magician would be here. However, the one manifesting in front of her was definitely the Ice Blade. One could only look at it and admit it.

 Ray White is a true sword magician.

 And… she’s witnessed. Her magic has been completely nullified.

“Don’t come! Don’t come! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

Gray sensei hurriedly casts a large amount of magic.

 It’s probably impossible to dispel the possibility that it’s overwhelming in your brain. It’s no longer ridiculous to call the magic used in such a hurry.

 It’s a magic in which the code theory is about to collapse.

 It’s a messy magic that doesn’t belong to quick magic, remote magic, chain magic, delay magic, material shift, material change, large-scale magic extensives, and large-scale chain magic extensives chain, that’s exactly the kind of messy magic that is just code flowing.

That level of code is nothing infront of my Anti-material code.

<<Antimatter Anti-Material Code: restoration.>>

<<Substance material = anti-materials code>>

<<Material: Reduced Restoration = First fee Prima Materia>>

It’s no more than breathing to me and I can use it without any discomfort.

 Instantly, the disorderly magic is completely reduced to the prima materia. The pale blue-white particles that fluttered in the air with paraplegia were so dense that they could be fully visualized.

“Ah…ah…wow ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

 Finally, the Gray teacher begins to run away. She turned her back and began to run from the spot in a frightened manner. Of course, I’m not the one to miss it.

<<First Pledge Prima Materia = Encoding = Material Code for Supplies>>

<<Material Code = Decoding>>

<<Material Code = Processing = Deceleration = Fixed Lock>>

<<Embodiment = Material.>>

“Thousand Icicle blaze”

 It is the samurai sword that incorporates the deceleration process and is activated again. But it’s different than before, and I’ve incorporated the code in more detail.

 Roughly speaking, temperature is determined by molecular vibration. After all, the magician who is good at ice magic would depend on how to handle the deceleration of vibrations. (Just like one who can control fire can control the heat) 

 But many magicians can’t incorporate it into the code theory process. The slowdown is completely unconsciously processed, and the ordinary magician is just using it as ice magic.

 The real value of the ice blade magician is beyond that.

 Precise code construction, and the resulting ice blade. After all, magical skill is all about how thin a chord can be incorporated into code theory.

 I then built a deceleration and a fixed lock into the code, and drew a molding in the process of processing it, and activated the 1000 icicle blaze.

“…Gray-sensei, prepare yourself.”

When I manipulated the sword with my pal, countless icicle vines attacked Gray-sensei.

 She may have noticed the attack, but soon she tries to offset it with flame magic …..I activate my anti-material code.

I reduce the magic back to Prima Materia

<<Antimatter Anti-Material Code: restoration.>>

<<Substance material = anti-material code>>

<<Material: Reduced Restoration = First fee Prima Materia>>

 Furthermore, I repeat magic.

<<First Pledge Prima Materia = Encoding = Material Code for Supplies>>

<<Materia Code = Decoding>>

<<Material Code = Processing = Fixed Lock>>

<<Embodiment = Material >>

“—-Fixed coordinate frame lock”

 The fixed coordinates are specified on Gray sensei’s leg.

 Fixed magic. This magic is also my specialty. I select the target and concentrate prima materia to solidify……fix it as it is.

 Apart from this, it is effective not only on the material like a sword, but also on the human body.

 Of course, since there are many elements that interfere with the human body, the difficulty level increases, but for an ice blade magician, it is trivial.

 I redefine this place as 3D space and specify the coordinates to apply fix magic.

 And, Gray- sensei is fixed on the spot… The sword mercilessly approaches the gray teacher.


She screams.

 A myriad of swords mercilessly pierced her leg. It completely penetrates, and a large amount of blood scatters on the spot. Her blood sticks to the piercing sword.

 Even if you see the blood of Guren that drips and drops, it doesn’t cause any upset.


 When I see the gray teacher lying down, I don’t feel anything. Even if my magic penetrates her, I keep calmly gazing at it… and proceed.

 The essence of the magician of the sword.

It can be summed up in the magic I just used.

 Deceleration, fixation, reduction/restoration.

If it is shown as an ability it’s name would be Deceleration, Fixed and Restoration.

 The Ice Blade is the magic that I create with deceleration and fixed lock as the mainstay among them.

 Restoration is a technique that uses anti-material code to reverse code theory and return magic to the prima materia.

 These three are the “essence” of the magician of the sword.

That’s what an Ice Blade is, attribution.

 Everything is applied. The Ice Blade magician of modern day exercised his magic with these three techniques as his mainstay.

 Now that I’ve completely unleashed it…….no one can stop me any longer.


“Hi, hiiiii… oh, are you really… that magician….. !!!?”

 It was mainly here legs that were penetrated. I aimed at the leg to block her movements.

 Perhaps the pain still remained, a lot of sweat was oozing from the face.

“Yes, I said at the beginning. I’m the ice blade magician.”


 There is no more murderous intention coming from her eyes.

 Until now, she must have been the hunting side. She enjoyed the process, found joy in killing people and messing with their brains. But now, I am the one who is hunting… It’s now engraved in her instincts that she never reach the magician of the sword.(Ice Blade Magician)

“Don’t…….wait, I get it. I’ll introduce you to the eugenics agency too!  Yes! That’s a good one! Hey, so let it slide this time! My research can’t end here! !! “

 She crawled to my feet in a zealous crawl… but that was of course a decoy. She immediately created a fireball with a quick magic aiming at my face.

 But… I’m not new enough to get caught in such a sighing hand. I immediately neutralize it with the anti-matter code. This doesn’t even take 1 second to complete.

“What happened? Can’t you continue?”


The absolute difference in ability. I confronted her with that clearly.

 Among the seven great magicians, “The Ice Blade Magician”, which is said to be the strongest in close-range combat, can’t be matched up against by a normal enemy. 


“Is it the end, Gray-sensei?”

I suddenly manifest an ice blade in my right hand and points towards her throat.

“Kukuku… Ah… It’s amazing… I admit…Let alone a platinum class, Even holy class cannot reach your feet… And, among the Seven Great Wizards, you’re the strongest melee in close quarters… Hahaha… I can’t win… Haha, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! !! !! “


 Is it already a sign of desperation?

 Still, I’m not going to let my guard down. I will not bring down this blade in my hand.

“Kukuku… So what do you do? Do you kill me with that sword?! Ah…!?”

“No. You will receive the appropriate punishment.”

“Huh… you want to keep me alive, I see… huh… Well… Oh, boy… I can’t seem to be pretending…”

 That moment, the darkness of jet black appears….. And a torrent of Prima materia flows.

Just as I’m leaking the pale Prima Materia from this body, she also uses her body as a medium to manifest the jet-black Prima Materia to this world.

“── Dark Triad System,Activate”

 Such a voice came from the darkness of the jet black in front of me.

 Dark triad system.

  That was the word my master had told me. It was a generic term for the three dark sides of humanity.

 Narcissism, Machiavellism[1], Psychopathy.

 I expect that they were systematized as magic and incorporated into code theory, but…the ability was completely unknown.

  And when the rush of that first quality primamateria subsided, it appeared on the spot…

…It was the deformed monster.

“Fu… Huhaha… Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!”

 I didn’t know if it could be described as a human anymore. The red and black cords were flowing through the body so that they could be visualized, and the eyes were also dyed in crimson red.

 Also, is that a bone… A white, sharp rod-shaped object was completely exposed from all over the body.

“You’ve even made me use this… All the results of my research up to now… and you’re the one who’s witnessing it ? Hey? Ice Blade Magician… Kukuku, Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! !”

 The way she spread her arms and laughed loudly, I could only think that she was completely insane.

 In the first place, I have never heard of magic that transforms the human body. It’s true that internal code may help in enchanting the body, but… I’ve never heard of a phenomenon in which even ordinary body strengthening can lead to such abnormal shapes.

 Memory trace Engram, Dark Triad System.

 It seems to be the reason that human beings came out of the shackles of their ethics……and become in-human creature.

Even in the Far Eastern War, I’ve never seen such a concentration of prima materia. That’s the equivalent of the seven great magicians……..or even more…….

“…Well, please entertain me, will you? Ice Blade…..”

 As I lifted my hand and felt it.

 Starting from right below me, I saw a fire pillar appear.

 Of course, that was activated by using quick magic…..but the power was incomparable from before.

 While I’m descending backwards, I try to expand my armor to see what the opponent is doing…


“Hey! Hey!!What’s wrong with you! What a loser, ice blade magician! Ooooooooooooooooooooo!!”

 I couldn’t see her in sight.

 It was turning around at a speed that could be called a momentary movement. And she tried to activate magic in front of me, but I immediately use anti-material code to reduce it back to Prima Materia … and I use it as a stepping stone to create more swords.

 The one returned to the Prima materia with theanti-material code is different from the ordinary thing.

 It was originally embodied in this world as magic. There is what Master says is a memory trace engram….a magic trace.

 Therefore, I can use higher-quality magic even faster than usual. This is the true strength of anti material code.

 I used to do it unconsciously until now, but once again I was aware of it, run the code more clearly, and use magic.


 When air is blown out from the lungs at once, the body of Gray teacher is dissected with the sword that appears in large numbers. There was no hesitation in slicing with this sword.

 This is genuine… because the sorcerers are killing each other.

 I unconsciously miss such feelings, but I can lose such a space immediately.

”Hahahahahahahahahaha! I’ve come this far but I still can’t reach you! It’s fun! Magician of Sword! As expected of the world’s most powerful sorcerer!!!!”

 I drop my consciousness.


 Like sinking into the depths of the ocean, back to the sensations of those days … sharpening them. 

“─Thousand Icicle Blades”

 Once again, I continue to create swords one after another, but here I will incorporate another code into the process of processing.

<<First fee Prima materia=Encoding=Supplies Material Code??

<<SuppliesmaterialCode = decoding>>

<<material Code = Processing =Material shift>>

<< embodiment =Supplies Material>>

 The code to run is Material shif.. I only change the iceblade I hold in my hand into the shape of a sword.

 Material shift is nothing but changing a solid into a liquid and a liquid into a gas. It is also included in the matter change material shift to change its shape.

“──Ice katana”

 It is a katana that is revealed in this hand.

 The magician of the sword can embody all of the sword if it belongs to the sword category. This time, among them,Ice Katana was selected.

 And then I hold up ice katana and look at the gray teacher who is struggling with it. The path to victory has already been imagined. Then just do it.

“Uh… guuuuuuuu… Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly it was a figure writhing in pain.

 She held her body down with her arms and didn’t even have time to wipe the blood flowing out of her body. That crimson liquid pooling on the ground was a true testament to her harsh situation.

 ── I have to finish it.

 Maintaining a figure that is out of character like that…….That may be the pain as hell.

 That’s why… I’ll give you guidance here! !!

“── is ahhhhhhhhh!!!”


 The torrent of jet-black prima materia that already covers her is blowing like a storm. Completely it has become a raging thing, ignoring code theory and all.

 Chaotic magic.

 It’s just too huge, it’s now impossible to erase with Anti-Material code… as a strategy. Also,even if I try to use the coordinate fixing frame-lock, I can’t set the coordinates due to  that jet-black prima materia.

“Guuuu… Ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

 The magic that leaks from her. I don’t know if it’s unconsciousness or not, but a jet-black hand reaches out as if to drag me in and entangle me.

 I’ve seen this magic before.

 It is Mental interference magic, Abyss.

 The basic attributes of magic are fire, ice, water, and electricity, but there are other attributes as well. Among them is the magic that interferes with the spirit and takes over and destroys the opponent’s mental structure from the code.

 That is the mental interference magic…abyss.

 On the battlefield, this witchcraft was swallowed…some people had their hearts destroyed.


That jet-black hand, born by the Abyss, must already be more than a hundred. It looms over me in layers as it tries to grab my body.

I counteract it locally with my anti-material code, and furthermore, I deal with it by manipulating the Ice Blades that is waiting behind me.

———I can see death.

 Surely my life will end there if I get caught by it. There was certainly such a feeling. Imminent death. It is a natural instinct for living things.

 However, it is engraved on me by the teacher’s teaching.

 Do not force death to stop.

We shouldn’t ignore it. We should not pretend not to look.

 What we need to do is to have a willingness to fight for death.

 Allow it, not deny.

 Then, the quivering of the body stops and the sensation becomes sharper.

“Guuuuuu… Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhh!!!!!!”

 The closer I get to it, the denser it gets and the more violent the attacks become.

 I keep going through it.  I can’t afford to stop.

 This is because it is necessary to stop it with this blow.

 And so I……………finally enter the range, killing range.

 Due to simultaneous use of Anti-Material code and Ice Blades, my body is already screaming.  A thin crack can be seen in skin and bleeding from there. Furthermore, the blood that overflows from the eyes never stops.

 But even if my vision is dyed red, I’m going to make sure that this strike is going to be an absolute…….hit!!!

 I then muttered:

 “──Ice flower wind chaos “

 One flash.

 It sliced right through that blasted jet-black Prima materia.

 However……The Ice katana’s blade was completely shattered. It’s because the sword cannot withstand torrent of opponent’s Prima materia.

  And the fluttering pieces of ice katana were swallowed up into the jet blackness.

“H…Huhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! No matter how much strong you are as Ice Blade Magician…you can’t break through this!!!!!!!”

 She raised her voice like that, thinking that she was still conscious and that she had completely blocked my attack.

That Ice Katana is a special thing that I created to cut through this jet black. She must have thought so. However, she hadn’t yet realized that it was an over-ambitious mistake.

“Now…I’m going to have you die!!!”

  A massive jet-black hand closes in on me as if to envelop me but the matter is already over. While staring at the jet-black hand that came to an abrupt halt in front of me, I told her matter-of-factly.

“No. It’s already settled.”


Ice Blade wind Chaos.

Its true value lies in the Chain Magic and Delayed Magic.

 This technique is activated by reconstructing a sword blade composed of ice with a Chain Magic and Delayed Magic, and then piling layers of ice flowes on top of each other at the specified coordinates.


 I broke it apart because I did it on purpose.

 Originally, this was not intended to be cut. It is the true value of this technique to not let the opponent be alert and to wrap up all of the target with the reconstructed ice.

 The reason it was shattered was because it was done on purpose.

 Furthermore, when incorporating mental images into the code, it is better to be able to clearly image them in the brain. Therefore, it was flowers that were adopted for this technique.

 And the chain magic created numerous ice flowers hailstones, and the delayed magic caused them to blossom and cover her body.

“What is this… what’s going on!!!!!!”

“Gray-sensei. There, you should sleep for a while.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!”

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, and her body was completely enveloped by the ice flowers….

In front of her, a huge ice-flower hailstorm was born, enveloping her. The remnants of the blossoms of ice flowers spilling out in parasols were a fantastic sight, as if it was snowing.


 I Kneel down on the spot.

 I immediately draw down my abilities with Deceleration and seal my own abilities with the Body Time-Fixed Chronos Lock.


“Are you OK!!!?”


 Perhaps they are able to stand up, and all three of them come to me.

 Ah…I was able to protect them. No one’s lost this time.

 So I can… rest, right? (TN: Rest Boy. You did good)

 Hey, Master ──?

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