Episode 20: Mock Battle

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“So that’s it for today, so I’d like to call it a day,…….. but I think I’m going to do something a little different this time.”

 During a magical sword skill lesson, Wright-sensei tells us so.

 Currently we were checking the Quick Magic and Sword technique, and it was just finished. By the way, everyone is learning the basic style of swordsmanship called Arnold-style swordsmanship. This is the foundation of all sword techniques, and after the second year, there is the option of going to another school or mastering Arnold-ryu swordsmanship.

 In addition, the Arnold style is the source of swordsmanship that spawned many derivative schools, and it has a good compatibility with magic, and it is emphasized as the mainstream because it is still adopted by various magic societies. And it all begins with learning of Arnold style swordsmanship.

 And for the rest of the year, I’m practicing the Arnold style in this way, because I’m dedicated to mastering it…

“It’s already June, and it’s about time, The Magic Swordsman Competition-Magic Chevalier is getting closer. The school qualifying starts in July, and the representative players will be decided in late July. You guys will be in the rookie competition, that is, only in the first year. And of course with players from other schools. For the time being, students from the same institute do not combine in the early stages. Based on that, I’m going to do a mock battle, but who wants to do it? It doesn’t matter whether you recommend it or not.”

The Magic Swordsman Competition.

I’ve talked to my master about it, but the first year students are in the rookie division(competition). After the second year, they are supposed to participate in the main competition. I had talked with my master about it, but since I don’t think I’ll be able to come out, I was going to keep my head down this time, but…….but the conversation took an unexpected turn.

“Sir. Please let me do it.”

“Oh, Albert-Allium, You’ve got a good track record, so I have high hopes for you. So, your opponent is…”

“Ray White. Come out here.”

“Hmm? Me?”


  You’re staring at me with such anger in your eyes, Or maybe it’s just pure enthusiasm, but I surely felt strong emotions. But strange… No matter how much I’m a commoner, I wonder if it will be this provocative towards me.

 No, it may be said to be an aristocratic constitution…  couldn’t help but feel that there was some other will involved.

“White-kun. You are an excellent swordsman, but… will you accept the challenge?”

“If I have your approval, then yes… I’ll do it.”

 At the moment, the surroundings are buzzing.

“A nobleman vs A withered wizard……”

“But he’s doing a good job.”

“Yeah. he’s not very good at magic, but… his swordsmanship is a little different.”

“Wow, commoners can do it as well…”

 I was surprised to hear some positive opinions. Meanwhile, Amelia and Evi come near me.

“Ray, do your best.”

“I’m counting on you!”

“Ah. I’ll do my best.”

 Then I face Mr. Allium in the presence of Wright-sensei.

“I’ll tell you what happened last time was just coincidence.”

“The last time…? Ah. I wonder if it was in Kafka Forest.”

“I could have done it too! And I’m stronger than you. I can never lose to a commoner(Ordinary person)! !! “

“Hmm…I see. Well, I don’t know the game until I open the lid. Let’s fight fairly.”

 When I say that, he gets an even snappier, more stern look.

 He attaches great importance to pedigree. But that seems to be what his environment did, rather than him. I think that the constitution of the aristocrat has many environmental factors. From an early age, he attaches great importance to pedigree and emphasizes talent. It’s not all bad, but it’s not enough…

 Now that I’ve become one of the Seven Great Wizards, I understand, but I’m sure it’s only known to those who have reached that point. Even if I say it, I realize it’s no use.

I wonder if I should teach him about the black and whites of the world.

 Well… this time it’s a wooden sword…

“The rule is to use a wooden sword and the magic is to strengthen the body. No use of Quick magic is allowed for now. You’re not used to it yet. I will judge who will be the winner or loser. And I’ll stop when it’s dangerous.”

“I understand”

“Yes, Sir..”

 I listen to the words and take some distance.

 Other students surround us in this practice area. And he and I face each other straight.

“So… start!”

 Upon recognizing the words, we run through each other on the ground.

 Of course, I never forget to use magic while running.

<<First Pledge: Prima materia = Encoding = Supplies Code.>>

<<Material Code = Decoding>>

<<Material Code = Processing>>

<<Embodiment = Internal Code>>

 He applies the code throughout the body. Then, when the physical strengthening ends, he swings down his wooden sword from the top.

“Oraaaah!!” (TN: Albert: ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA!)

“Mu…!”         (Ray: MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! )

 I accept it.

 It’s heavy. It’s a heavy sword.

 He seems confident in his ability, which is certainly true. Speaking of this first grade, I think he’s good enough to be in the top 10. As a magical swordsman, it looks promising in the future, but I can’t easily lose here.

 After all, I also have a side that I hate to lose.

It’s a good thing that you’re not the only one who feels good about winning when you’re competing against each other

“Gu… what’s going on! You’re just a commoner! Withered Wizard!!! “


 A series of repeated angry attacks.

 Probably confident, he swings his wielded wooden sword in all directions. But that’s it…he’s just swinging his sword with rage and physical enhancement.

 There is no technique used. Sword technique is also the same as magic. Although there is no code theory, you should use swordsmanship calmly and logically.

“…Mr. Allium”


“It’s the end” (Omae wa mou shindeiru)


 The moment he tried to attack from the upper stance again, I swung my wooden sword at his wrist. Then the wooden sword danced in the air, and it fell directly to the ground.

The winner is decided

“Right. The winner is Ray White.”

 The roar spreads.

“Are you serious……”

“It was surprisingly simple.”

“But…this commoner guy really wins…”

 Everyone seems surprised, but I feel Amelia staring at me. It’s more like looking for something, rather than congratulating me for victory….. Then Amelia approached, but not towards me but towards Wright-sensei.


“Hmm? Rose-kun, what’s wrong?”

“Is it okay for me to have battle with Ray next?”

“I don’t mind if he agrees…”

“I don’t mind.”

 I immediately agreed.

 So that’s it. Amelia wanted to fight me.

 When Mr. Allium headed towards the direction of others with a stunned feeling… This time, Amelia and I were facing each other.

“Ray. You’re a strange person. You can’t use magic well. But the skill of your sword is extraordinary, and you’re very strong in the battle against those monsters at Kafka’s forest. From that time, I wanted to fight with you.”

“I see…that’s good to hear. Let’s work hard together.”

“Fu…I see.”

 We composed ourselves.

 Then again, Wright-sensei’s voice rises.


Same as before, running the code theory to strengthen the body……




 Amelia’s speed was well above that of Mr. Allium. It may have a purely magical composition, but it’s also about speeding up the code and she’s top notch on that.Her capacity is also large and processing speed is fast as well.

  This all process is highly hard work, so I can only determine that she has great talent.

 I take her sword fight head on from the front.

 It’s not heavy…but it’s fast!

 The moment I took it, she immediately moved to the next attack. I also made a series of attacks in between…. but I am getting overwhelmed. Her sword ability was slightly higher than mine.

─ Is it impossible to do this in the current state? But here………

 Then, after thinking a little, I realized that the shackles of my ability were a little off. It’s getting exciting for me. I also wanted to seriously face her, face her beautiful sword with my all.


 The ambiguous voice of Amelia was no longer in my consciousness.

And my sword is sucked in and heads towards her throat…


Pain runs through my brain. And then the attack loses momentum in the middle of the attack, and Amelia bounces the wooden sword off of me as it is. (TN: Dang it! Another mystery)

“The winner is Amelia-Rose, but White-kun… you…”

“No. I just lost.”

 I quickly suppress the pain and ask Amelia to shake my hand.

“Amelia. You are amazing.”

“……Last one.”


“The last one, what was that? I… I couldn’t see…”

“No, that is…”

“Who are you…?”

I didn’t answer Amelia’s question.

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