Episode 18: Consultation

“Now, this is the end of the class… White. Do you have little time to spare?”

“Me? Grey sensei.”

 Today, the class on general magic was finished, and the Grey-sensei asked me when I was thinking that I should eat at school.

“Well, it’s just a little chat.”


I’m not exaggerating, but there’s no reason to say no to her here unreservedly.

And so I followed her.

“Well, how about your life at the academy?”

“I’m very satisfied,”

 I was invited to a counseling room that exists on campus. As the name suggests, it is a place to discuss various matters such as career paths. I didn’t have any particular questions to ask, but I understood that the teacher had something to think of.

We were sitting across the small desk from each other on the sofa, facing each other. By the way, Gray-sensei made me a cup of coffee. I asked for black, but I found it to be quite good.

“You know you’re ridiculed as a withered wizard, right? “

“Of course. But it’s a thing that will go away with time.”

“Are you doing fine mentally? To be honest, I’m worried about you. You are from a commoner family and it seems that you can’t use magic very well. It’s reasonable that they are subject to bullying.”

“The point is correct, but it can’t be helped. If I recklessly oppose here and rebel, is it just pouring oil on the fire?”

“Do you need intervention from a teacher?”

“I don’t mind if they just say bad things about me. But I don’t want to come to you even if things come to violence or anything.”

“…Well yes, but. And, as I recall, that person was complimenting you..”

Gray-sensei was gently smiling.

“? Who is that person?”


“I see. It was Wright sensei”

“Ah. It seems that you are good at moving your body around.”

“Yes, I was running around in the mountains in the countryside. I have a little experience fighting monsters.”

“I see…. Well, White has a good side to him. I’m not saying you have to develop everything all over the place. It’s just that what is required of you after you leave the academy is a specialist. Specializing in one thing is life again, I suppose.”

“Yes. Thank you for your words.”

“No. It doesn’t matter. There is a past when I couldn’t do anything to the students who left the school in the past. I don’t want to regret this time.”

“I see… a teacher’s mentality.”

“It’s not such a good thing. If so, we have not issued any students to drop out.”

 Gray sensei who looks at something far away and drinks coffee. I hear that not a few people leave this school and leave. It shows that this school is so strict.

“That’s all for today. I’m sorry to take up your time. Apparently you are a bigger deal than I thought.”

“Thank you, sensei.”

“Oh, the attitude is also good. Then excuse me.”

 Standing up, she put away the coffee that was in front of her and walked out as it was.

I see. When it comes to this level of academy, it seems that the support for the students is also very good. As I thought, Master was right, I’m glad I came to this academy.



  I took a meal by myself on a bench outside. After that I decided it was too late to go to the school cafeteria now, so I just bought a sandwich and water from the nearby stand.

 And I was eating on an empty bench outside.

 There is a flower bed that I made right in front of me, and I stare at the beautiful flowers.

 In addition, I was able to see the vast blue sky of today and enjoy nature while eating.

“Ah? Ray?”

“Mu… Oh Rebecca-senpai. I’m sorry.”

 I Immediately chew and drink water to get up and say hello. I learned, but it seems that there is no need for salute because it is not a military force. I understand that just bowing normally is enough. I am also familiar with this academy.

“Is it alright if I sit next to you?”

“Yes. No problem.”

“So excuse me…”

The scent of camellia fluttered through her flowing hair. Then she took out the sandwich in her hand and began to chew on it with her little mouth.

“Ah? Do you like fruit sandwiches too,Ray?”

“Yes, I ate for the first time when I came to this institute, but it tasted better than I expected.

“That’s right. Then, what’s more. It was because I had a chance to get it in.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. I’m still the president of the board, you know?”

 Rebecca-senpai, who acted a little proud and cheerful. The situation was a little childish, and it made me smile.

“You were the president……..that’s amazing. You’re the head of this academy?”

“That’s right, so you can praise me more, right?”

“That’s amazing… Even so, there is a beautiful person who is also the president. I learned a lot.”

 I don’t know much about the school system yet, but I will say what I think.

“Well… well, I’m not saying that, but…”

“What’s happening? Your face looks a little red…? Did you feel sick? It’s just a turning point in the season. Please be careful.”(TN: I seriously want to smack this guy now!)

“Well… I guess so.”

 She answered with a strangely crisp voice.

“By the way, how is your life at the academy?”

“I am satisfied.”

“…But I hear you’re having a hard time with it.”

“Oh, It also reached your ears. It’s okay. I don’t care.”

“I see… but you can rely on me if you need help, can’t you? Even I’m one of the three nobles.”

“Thank you. Speaking of which…”

“What? You can ask this chairman anything?”

 She looks at me with a smile on her face.

 I decided to ask and see what I had in mind.

“Isn’t another one of the three nobles in this institute?”

“Ah. The Rose family, the Bradley family, and the Olgren family. These are the three major nobles, but the Olgren family has been attending different academies for generations. This is certainly the largest institution in the world, but still There are many other good schools.”

“I see… and I hear that the Magic Swordsman Competition is almost upon us”

“Indeed, it’s already that time of year, the preliminary round begins in July, and the battle to determine the strongest magic swordsman takes place in two weeks from the beginning of summer break in August. The first year students play in the rookie competition and the second year students and above play in the main tournament. By the way, I was the winner last year. Ehem…!”

“My God! That’s great! So, does that mean that you are the strongest magic swordsman among the students?”

“Hmm. I want to say that, but I have rivals in fact. I was lucky enough to win last year, but I don’t know this year. I won the first time last year…”

“I see… it’s difficult to get a stable victory due to the nature of the tournament. There may be monster slaying as well.”

“Ray isn’t interested as a player? There are rumors that your actual battle capability is strong…?”

There are all sorts of rumors circulating about me…….I think, but I quickly deny them. Rebecca-senpai’s eyes also become a little sharper, instead of being gentle as usual.

“No. I don’t intend to participate.”

“Oh? Is that right?”

“Yes. Not that I’m not confident in my ability to fight, but I’m not very strong.”

“You seem to have stamina, though. You seem to be working out so hard that you can even see it on your clothes….”

“Well that’s a different story from this one….. I would like to watch the game this year. Besides….”


“I am sure Amelia will be out there, so I would like to support her.”

“Ahh. Amelia is already a candidate for the rookie competition, right? But this time, the eldest daughter of the Olgren family is in the first year of another school, and in fact…they are the two candidates.”

“I see… information seems to be complicated.”

“Yes.Magic Swordsman Competition Is a high-profile tournament, and it is well known that if you get good results, you can improve your career in various ways.”

“…I see, I learned something new.”

 After that, when the two of us are chatting appropriately, the chime just sounds.

“Oh my goodness, it’s so late. Ray-san and I seem to be on the same page, so I just had to…..”

“This was also a meaningful time. If I had another chance, let’s chat again.”


“Yes. Excuse me.”

 After bowing to her, I went to the classroom.

 But there was no doubt that I had the feeling that I was being watched from somewhere…..

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