Episode 17: Memory Trace

Master gives me a serious look and asks me a question.

“Where in the brain does the magic originate?”

“In the frontal lobe? The frontal lobe is the organ that governs the rational part of human beings. It develops further from there, and code theory is used there… So-called magical area.”

“That’s right. But think about it. In the frontal lobe, code theory handles the code… that is, the internal information form. But in order to use that code theory, you have to retain the magic as a memory.That’s exactly what it is, as a kind of mental model. If you don’t do that, people will forget the witchcraft very quickly. I went back to the brain part of it, and I created the dual code theory. Now, when it becomes clear that I focused my research on the brain part of it……the movement in this world began to go to the brain, not to sorcery itself. Now it’s safe to say that witchcraft and the brain are closely related.”

 Hearing that story, I gained a lot of understanding. I nodded and continued to talk with my master further.

“I see…that’s where Memory Trace(Engram) comes in?”

“Yes. I discovered some nerve cells that store magic as a memory. That is…”

“Called Memory Trace(Engram).”

“Ah. A memory trace engram can be described as a magical memory. What exists in the circuits of the brain, in the neurons? When you get down to it, what on earth is magic, what is the brain, and … what is the root of humanity? That’s the current research craze, and here’s the problem.”

(TN: [me: I wish there would come a day when I can study magic like this!]
        [Truck-kun: Breathing heavily!] )

I had gotten an approximate answer to what Master was trying to say from that story.

Studying the human brain leads to the understanding of magic.

Then, what should we do to study the brain? How to study the human brain?

The answer was… as expected.

Some inhumane experiments have been conducted, haven’t they?”

“Yes. They might have decided that it would be better to cut openly rather than read the inside of the brain with sorcery. But that is…a dangerous idea that robs people of their dignity. I am aware as a sorcerer who is also a Grand Wizard am aware that I’m an abnormal person. However, I am aware of the line that should not be crossed. That’s when I received a call.”

 Then the teacher took out the letter from her pocket.

“That is?”

“It’s a letter. It seems that they want to recruit me for their conducts. The organization name is Eugenic Institution.”

“Eugenic institution……Are they literally imbued with eugenic thought? “

 Eugenic thought. It is a dangerous idea to rewrite the genetic structure of living organisms, leave superior genes, and remove inferior ones. Before that idea, everything is determined by genes. In other words, human rights will no longer exist.(TN: I am liking this series even more and more)

For an organization to stand up for that…while I think it’s ridiculous, it’s also a form of human nature. I thought to myself that this might be a trend of the times.

“Ah. It says that it provides the best environment, but I ignore it. There is no human development without human dignity. And that’s exactly what awaits them, nothing but a dark-land dystopia. Well for them I think it’s utopia…”

“…I see. Such an organization is emerging.”

“That’s right. There they seem to have completed what’s called the Dark Triad system. It’s a rumor at this stage.”

“Dark Triad System? Is it the dark side of humans?”

Dark Triad.

 It is the dark side of human psychology. It is classified into three categories and is called narcissism, Machiavellianism[1], and psychopathy.

“That’s right. It seems it is the application of the three magical techniques of narcissism,  machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Well, I don’t know the details, but it’s not good. They say the truth of magic, but they are genuine madmen. Well… I said variously, but in fact, it seems that the Seven Great Wizards are being approached. Carol said so.”

“Do you think that I will also be approached.”

“Yes. That’s why it’s advice. Don’t listen to their words at any cost.”

“Of course. Master. I’m not too mentally sick to take part in such an inhuman experiment.”

“Well, you’re right. You’re my most precious disciple. But please understand that I’m worried about my disciple. I’m no longer able to protect Ray.”


 Perhaps the master was tired after finishing the talk, and when she put her back on the backrest, she stuck the fork into the pound cake and carried it to her mouth.

I feel like I want something sweet now, so I will do the same thing.

 ── Yeah. It’s delicious!

 After all, I think Cara’s cake skill is the best in the kingdom. It’s one of the things that makes me happy to come here.

 However, is it a group that seeks to master the truth of sorcery? As the teacher says, I need to protect myself. I can’t get myself to go to master to protect myself like I have done so far.

The figure sitting on the wheelchair speaks all.

 That’s why I wanted to be the one who protects, not the one who is protected.


“Why don’t we go out a little? At times like this, I feel comfortable in the forest. I want to go with Ray today.”

“OK. Master”

“There is a wheelchair for going out.”


 I bring a wheelchair for going out in the corner of the room.

 When I hold the master’s body, I move her to that wheelchair. Of course, my body is in close contact with hers when I hold her, so I have many thoughts, but a fluffy scent instantly hits my nostrils.

“Are you wearing perfume?”

“Ah. I’m going to see Ray today. It’s special. And you have good clothes and hairstyle, right?”

“Yeah, at first I thought you were some young lady, because the master is beautiful.”

“Ah, Is it my appearance?”

“No…no. You have a beautiful personality, too.”

“Isn’t it right?”


 Well, as usual, I don’t get it at all. (TN: Face Slap cause facepalm is done too many times already)

 Then, after I told Carla that we are going out, we went out.

“Oh…it feels good.”

“It would be so, right?”

 Pushing the wheelchair, we go through the woods. The back, which I used to look up in the past, is the one now I’m looking down from above.(TN: respectfully as well.)

 The flow of time is really fast.

“Ah, well… it’s June, right?”


“Magic Swordsman’s Tournament for Magic Chevalier is close.”

“Let’s see, I think it’s a competition of magic swordsmen, where the three magic academies compete against each other… right?”

“Yeah. It’s a one-on-one, straight-forward fight. By the way, I’ve won four straight games. It’s a genuine undefeated.”

“It’s you, Master”

“I think that if Ray competes, you’ll definitely win the championship…”

“I don’t think so.”

“Yes. That was a tournament game, and it could be a series of games. I don’t think you can do that now.”

“Yes. I’d like to make sure I’m well regulated… but I’m sure my friends will be out there, so I’ll need you to support them.”

“Oh, who is that?”

“Amelia-Rose, she is the eldest daughter of the Rose family, the first of three major aristocrats.”

“Oh… I’ve seen her, that girl.”

“Is that so?”

“It’s just a little party. But yeah, you’ve got a friend your own age. You’ve been surrounded by older people all your life.”

“Yes. I don’t have a lot of friends yet, but I’m going to try to keep a close relationship with each one of them.”

“Hmmm… then, should I hand this over?”

 The teacher said that she took out the material with her hands from her chest.(TN: Is there spatial magic in them?)

“What’s this… Ah. I remember.”

“Yes. Ainsworth-style boot camp. There is also an arranged version so that it can be used by students.”

“That’s right…”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to help Amelia, right? You can use it then.”

“If I have the opportunity… I would like to refer to it.”

“Fufufu, that’s right.”

 Then I and my master walk through the woods in the sunlight. Gently and elegantly. I wish these days would continue, remembering those days that existed.

 I hoped so ──.

TN: Hmm….The plot thickens. Well let’s see what’s gonna happen.
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