Episode 16: To Master’s Place

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“Excuse me. Then.”


 It was a weekend and holiday came. I was submitting a notification of going out and heading for a place.


 Arnold Kingdom. This is a kingdom that extends from east to west and north to south. Especially on the north side, there are many forests and mountains, and there is an academy near that. On the other hand, the east and west are residential areas. The south is a place with lots of farmland.

 By the way, the center is of course the most prosperous place with the most people. Especially on holidays, it is quite crowded with people..

 I continued on my leisurely way and rode the carriage into the far west.

“Is that all right?”


  After paying the fee, I get out of the carriage and go further into the woods. I wouldn’t exactly call it a forest, but it’s a place full of trees and nature. If you look closely at the wildlife, there may be some wild animals, ah, I see a rabbit peeking out of the trees.

 It’s a pleasant scene.

As I let out a soft smile, I caught sight of the Western-style house that I was looking for.


I gave a light knock on the door. I have informed them of the time of my visit, so I think they will come soon to greet me…

“Well, well, well. Ray-sama, it’s been a while.”

“Miss Cara.It’s been a long time, too. What about my master?”

“Let’s talk inside. I will bring your stuff inside.”

“Excuse me……”

I bowed respectfully and entered the room. There is a chandelier on the ceiling, and the decorations in the room are also gorgeous. The ornaments shine in the light. While giving a sideways glance at them, I was invited into a room.

“Come in. I’ll bring tea and sweets…”

“Thank you very much, Miss Cara.”

 I guess I’ve known Cara for just about three years now.  She seems to have been working for master as a maid for a long time, but her expression never changes. She is a very quiet person. I guess she is hired by my master because of her ability to do her job well.

“……Excuse me”

“Hmm? Oh! Ray! It’s been a while! Have you grown up?”

“Not much, master.”

“Yeah. But people look upto you now right. Not like the old days.”

“That’s true. Master remains as beautiful as ever.”

“Fufu, isn’t it?”

“Yes. You’re softer than you used to be.”

“Well, I’m no longer a soldier. I don’t need that fierceness to live as a researcher.”

“……I agree.”

My tone also becomes somewhat soft in front of her. We’ve known each other for a long time, so it’s only natural.

And her gaze is much lower than mine. Is it just at my waist level? That, of course, is not to say that my master is unusually short.

 Because my teacher, Lydia Ainsworth, is sitting in a wheelchair.(TN: (O_O))

“Are you okay, Master?”

“Yeah well I’ve been doing a lot better lately, but this place is still … not quite … yet.”

 She hits her both legs making a panpan sound.  My master did not lose both of her legs in the Battle of the Far East, but the lower half of her body was paralyzed and immobilized. As a result, she has been living in a wheelchair like this for three years now.

“Well, Ray. Sit down.”

“Excuse me.”

 That prompted me to sit down on the chair on the dining table in front of me. Last time I saw my master ….was before I enrolled in school, so I hadn’t seen her in almost two months.  Once again, it felt odd to be living in a different place than with someone who had been with me for so long.

“Well, I am glad to see you in good health, Ray.”

“Yes, Master. But after all…”

“Oh, yeah. How about you? Well, from what I can tell, it’s going to take nearly five years. But….”

“I know. I am strictly forbidden to use it, right?”

“You’re right. But when push comes to shove, it’s fine. Cause You’re my successor, the ‘Iceblade magician’.”

“I understand. All of the masters’’ teachings are drilled into me.”

“Fufu… That’s right. It’s nostalgic.”

“Ainsworth-style boot camp. It’s nostalgic now.”

“Ahahahaha! As a child you cleared that one! Ah… I used to laugh at that. Even the strong men in the army are giving up, and only you were the only one standing in the end.”

“That was the only thing I was good at…”

“That little Ray is now a student…… Haa, time sure flies fast.”

“That was what Abbey said as well.”

After saying that, the master further raised her voice.

“Ahahaha! Ah! Speaking of which, she’s a dean at the academy!!”

“Yes. She’s doing it pretty good.”

“Hmm. So………things have changed. Everyone in that unit is now going their separate ways.”

“Yes, time passes quickly.”

“How’s retirement going? Do you enjoy the academy?”

“It’s different from the army… I feel a little strange, but… Yes, I have a good time at the academy.”

“Fufu, I see.”

Master smiles at me. Her once long blonde hair is now semi-long, around her shoulders, and her mood has softened. It was unimaginable since her days as a major in the military. And those blue eyes were no different, either. My master, she is still the same…………..and she is still a beautiful figure.

And while we were talking, Cara brought us tea and sweets. As usual, it was a small grey pound cake. The cakes that Cara-san makes are especially good, and there’s an aspect of me that looks forward to them.

“But you see at the academy I am given a nickname ‘Withered Wizard’ as a means for disdain.”

“Oh! You’re being hit early!”

“Yes. Apparently commoners are looked down upon there.”

“Hahaha! Ah! It’s probably pervaded by the aristocrats anyway! No matter what you say, it doesn’t work.”

“Hah. However, since I can’t use magic well, I guess their claims are correct.”

“Hmmm… and you are called the Withered Wizard. Is it double-meaning? “

“Yes. I think it’s a sorcerer(wizard) who can’t use magic.”

“A nobleman that one is. They really have a talent for harassment. Fufufufuu…”

“Master, you’re laughing too much.”

 She finally held her belly and began to laugh. Seeing her, I felt nostalgic and somewhat comfortable at the same time. After all, being with a master is a calming experience.

“Hahaha… sorry. It was the same for me you see… Kukuku…”

“When you were a student?”

“Yes. Even though I come from a family of sorcerers, I’m not at all good as a bloodline, either. I came from the bottom of the barrel, too.”

“Ah… I remember  you mentioned something like that.”

“Kukuku… I was also done by an aristocrat at the time, because their bullying skills were top notch.”

“What happened to you, master?”

 Then, this time, she grinned wryly.

“Hmm? Of course I beat their asses.”

“Hmm, I see. Well I can clearly imagine that happening.”

“You should try that too.”

“No. I want a peaceful school life.”

“Well well, ignore that level of bullying. They’ ll get tired of it eventually. Especially since I’m the only one who can toy with you.”(TN: hmm a ‘S’ I feel)

“Haha. Right.”(A ‘M’ we got)

As the two of us were chatting and laughing, Master’s eyes suddenly became sharp as if she was getting to the point.

“Okay, Ray. Let’s talk about serious stuff now”

“Yes. Master”

“Recently, a rumor has spread among researchers.”

“A rumor? And that’s enough for the master to care about.”

“Yes, this is regarding Memory Trace(Engram).”

“Memory trace(Engram) you say……? “

“Oh, let me explain.”

I ask Master about this memory trace(engram) or something like that.

“Well, let’s go back a little.”

 After he said that, Master leisurely sipped her tea and slowly poured it down. The sight of her is very impressive and gives me the impression of an elegant afternoon spent by some young lady.

 Although she has a rough personality, I felt nostalgic as I realized that my master is the same in this way.

“Do you remember when I discovered the double code theory?”

“Yes, but you originally made a hypothesis during the Far East campaign, right?”

“Yes, because the theory itself had already been developed. After that, I just made a paper and published it as text at the end.”

“You are good at it.”

 My teacher is a genius. She’s so talented that I can’t even reach her feet. As a magician of a sword, of course, she has a high level of combat skill, but she also studies magic with the name of Ainsworth, a researcher…a truly impeccable genius.

“And,Memory trace(Engram)? You call it? What is the relationship there.”

“I’ve always thought of it. That was when I was a graduate student.”

“About what..”

“When you talk about learning magic, you focus on magic itself?”

“Yes. ‘Analysis of code theory, discovery of new code. Is it possible to incorporate new processes into the four processes of code theory?’ like that right?”

“That’s my disciple. Well, you know… I didn’t focus on that. That’s why I was able to discover the dual code theory.”

“So Where’s master interest?”

 I have a long relationship with my master. That’s more than a decade, but I don’t know all of her roots. I know my master as a soldier, but I don’t know much about her face as a researcher. Well, that’s probably because I’m not a researcher.

 Then, master taps her head with a ton.


“Head…No, it’s a brain”

“That’s right”

 The story goes on.

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