Episode 15: Let’s go the Gardening Club!

TN: I will change horticulture club to gardening club if it fits better.

“Excuse me”

Despite the voice, I knock on the door quite gently.

 The place this time is written as “Gardening Club”. I’ve always been interested in gardening. The gardening club is a club for the purpose of loving and growing plants. However, the club is an all-girls club, as if to say that boys are not allowed. There is no such rule, but it seems to be natural.

 Especially, there is that person in the gardening club.

 That’s Rebecca-senpai.

 Looking at various top-secret investigations, it seems that Rebecca-senpai is very popular because of her homosexuality. Therefore, the current gardening club is made to surround her.

 It’s also known as the flower garden.

 There are no men approaching this place.

 But I wanted to join the club. I have always been interested in plants, especially flowers. I don’t have much knowledge because I haven’t studied enough yet. But I want to learn more about it from now on.

 There is no reason why boys can’t join the club.

 Since I came to this school, I want to do what I want to do. Because I experienced the Far East battle, and retired and became a student … there is something I can do. ( A retired boy even before completing high school)

“Ah? Ray-san? Are you doing something for me?”

“No. I want to join.”

“Um… are you interested in gardening?”


“Is that right… let’s hear about it first.”

“Excuse me”

 Entering the room, I followed Rebecca-senpai.

 There were various plants inside. Not to mention flowers, there are also plants I have never seen. Is that true… was it a carnivorous plant? I see… very interesting.

“Well then, please.”

“I’m sorry.”

 Of course, the eyes of the girls inside were grim.

 What’s this guy? It’s just a line of sight.

“So you want to join?”


“It means you are interested in gardening”

“That’s right. I’m interested in plants that work hard to live. No matter how bad the environment is, a single flower exists even on the battlefield. I am touched by its ephemeral existence and would like to be a member of the gardening club at the institute.”

“We don’t have any men’s club members, are you sure it’s okay?”

“Ha. I have no difficulties communicating with female students.”

“Oh… what about you guys?”

“I oppose!!”

 It was a girl student who stood up at the table. She was brown-haired and short-haired and seemed to be very active.

“The purpose of this guy is to become close with Rebecca-sama”

“Mu… that’s a mistake. Um… what is your name?”

“Sera Deena. Third year student.”

“Sera-senpai. Again, I have no intention of assassinating Rebecca-senpai and taking the position of the manager. It is in addition to making a rebellion against the manager. I will act as a recruit in this place.”

“What? Assassination? Chairman?” (TN: What do you expect from a military man? 🤣🤣)

“Is this not the purpose of getting close…?”

She looks at me with a scowl, so I respond quickly.

“No, what was that! Talk with common sense!”

“I see… assassination is not common sense… I learned something new…”

“Hmm. And you. Do you know about gardening?”

“No. I’m still new to the subject…. but I do have some knowledge of it..”

“Tell me what you know.”

“Yes. First, the tools. For flowering plants, you’ll need a seedling from flowers, a soil for plantation, and a pot for planting. I learned from a book that you need chemicals, fertilizer, etc., and a shovel, gloves, and a watering can. As for me, I like Margaret, but it’s not in season yet, is it? Well I hope it will be autumn soon….”

“Hmm……….. Well, it looks like you’re studying but I think you should just join the club provisionally and see what happens!”

 That being said, other female students are grunting.

“Right. Then may I leave the matter of Ray-san to Deena-san?”

“What? I have to?”

“Yes. I’ll leave it to you. If you think he doesn’t suit the work, you can refuse his appeal to join.”

“Okay. Hmph. I’m sure you’re going to be kicked out in a few days anyway..”

“… Thank you, Sera-senpai”


 I will be turned sideways.

I see this the flower garden everyone talked about.

It’s a tough world for a man. But I have a purpose. I want to try to grow the flowers I saw on the battlefield. That’s why I’ll do my best. That’s what I vowed to do, again.


“Good morning! Sera Senpai!”

“Hmm… You really are a hard worker. I didn’t think you’d come before the meeting time.”

“But senpai seem to be faster. I’m sorry about that.”

“Hmm. Separately…I don’t care about your commoner bloodline. Don’t get me wrong! “

“Yes. I won’t be mistaken..”

“…You’re going crazy, you sure you’re okay.  You are going to work on this for a week in the morning and after school. I’m coming from time to time to check upon you.”

“In here?”

“That’s right.”

“I see. You are planning to create a new garden.”

“We got the new space from the institute. But the weeds are growing and the soil isn’t quite ready yet. So I need you to finish it within a week.”

“I’m very thankful for your thoughts. It looks like a entrance exam.”

“Yes. But can you do it alone? I don’t mind you borrowing some tools and stuff, though.”

“I understand.”

“Well, good luck with that.”

Finally, as I was leaving, I heard, “There’s no way you could do that anyway.”

I see. Then let me turn that around.

 Huh ha!

 DAY 1

“First, remove the weeds”

 First day. I started by removing the weeds. This is something I can’t do with magic, and I don’t have the skill to use it well. This should be done steadily. On that day, I pulled out weeds. This also leads to the training of legs and waist. The people in the Environmental Research club will continue to work hard today. I’ll do my best, too.

 DAY 2

“Let’s dig today…”

 I chuckled to myself. I was carrying a shovel on my shoulder. By the way, I borrowed this from the head of the environmental research department. When I told him of my passion for the gardening club, he generously lent me a shovel and said, “You’re a real man Ray, use this.” (TN: Muscle!!)

Thus, early in the morning and after school today, I continued to work quietly by myself.

 DAY 3

“Umu. It’s in good shape.”

 All the dirt has to be dug up and the rest of the base built up…………………the rest of it, yes. I’ll need to do some framing. Again, I talked to the head of the environmental research department about this as well. Then he gave me a set of bricks and some cement. “Ray my man! You’re doing great Use this,” he said, and he had already prepared a set of bricks. I knew he was great.

 I follow the steps I learned in the book.

First the bricks are slightly dipped in water and then the edges are drawn with a scoop.

“Um…is this about right?”

 After that, pull the bedrock material, stack the cement, and place the bricks. Extend and pull the cement with a brick tension. And I pile up a brick on it and continue the same work.

 I continued mindlessly. I thought, “Well, let’s take it as far as we can.”

 DAY 4

“OK. Perfect.”

 I finished. I finished almost all the work yesterday, and today I just finished some minor remaining work. I think I was able to create something that I was satisfied with.

Huh ha! I made a good one! This may be all right!

Now, let’s report to Sera-senpai…

But just as I was thinking, Sera-senpai appeared by chance.

“It looks like it was done”

“Did you see?”

“Oh, yes always.”

“I see. You were hiding using magic, right?”

“…! How did you know?”

“There was a sign of magic use. Thank you for your concern.”

“I’m not worried about that, but… you did your best.”

“Thank you. I borrowed a set of tools and a book from the director of the Environmental Research Department to finish it myself. How about the test?”

“.. You….”

“Hmm? What did you say….?”(He’s asking politely here)

“You did well! You pass!”

“Oh! I appreciate that.”

“Hmph. You still haven’t proven that you’re not after Rebecca, have you? But I was just thinking how well you’re doing on your own… and I don’t care if you’re a civilian or not, I’m sorry I got pissed off too. ….”

“I see… there may be many things to think about, but I look forward to working with you. Sera senpai.”


 That’s why I seem to be able to join the gardening club. Just as Sera-senpai left while getting angry, Rebecca-senior came in, just replacing them.


“Rebecca senpai, were you watching?”

“Oh, it looks like you passed.”

“Yes. Please take care of me in the future.”

“I originally knew you had the right motivation, but I have to be satisfied with the other members.”

“Yes. I understand that. I want to make sure that the female members aren’t uncomfortable.”

 Then she smiles as usual.

“Fu-fu. I was sure Ray-san could do it. But still……..you’ve made something magnificent.”

“I’m an amateur, but I’ve tried my best.”

“Then we’ll plant some new flowers here. And in the fall, we’ll plant Margaret.”


 In this way, both of my club activities were successful.

 I did it! Yes!

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