Chapter 2: Entrance Ceremony Preparation(2)

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The gymnasium for the entrance ceremony was located at the back of the H-shaped school building, which was entered through the school gates and emerged in front of them.

As they walked out, Ichigo suddenly looked at Yuto with a sideways glance.

They were talking about their junior high school days, and there was something about Yuto that reminded them of him.

It was a year ago.

It was when Yuto took a long break after the spring break in the third year of junior high school. When he thinks back on it now, he feels that there were many things about Yuto that made him wonder.

There was a bomb terrorist attack in Shinagawa during the spring break when they were in the third year of middle school.

It was reported to have been a terrorist attack on a politician, and the building above the headquarters of a major corporation was completely destroyed.

And that wasn’t the only thing that caused a fuss. The fact that there was a discrepancy between the news reports and the facts of the incident caused a commotion on the Internet and other media.

“The targeted politician wasn’t really there.”


“The way the building breaks is strange for a bomb.”

“Although the actual turmoil was not at the building site, but at the aquarium on the other side of Shinagawa station, there is little news about it.”

Rumors were abundant about the incident, and even many occult sites were saying that it wasn’t a human work, and it was an uncontrollable thing.

Unfortunately, Yuto and Yuto’s mother were present at the unprecedented event.

Ichigo hears that Yuto and his parents were involved in the incident, and Yuto’s mother was lost in the turmoil of the incident.

Immediately after that, Yuto fell ill due to heartache, and he was absent from school for three months after the spring break.(TN: What’s with all the tragedy around MC. Is there a tragedy tag or not?)

 According to the report, there were no dead or missing, but after Yuto’s return, he heard the story from Yuto himself, he wondered if something was wrong with the incident? Ichigo also researched online.

  This story itself was strange, but that wasn’t what Ichigo had a problem with right now.

   The problem is that in such a situation of Yuto…he, who is supposed to be a close friend, has never visited him.

 It’s not that he didn’t know where he was. Yuto had been recuperating at his parents’ house for a long time. In the past, Ichigo had visited Yuto’s house several times.

Also, he didn’t dare to go there because of the situation that Yuto was in at the time.

Then why?

When he thinks of this, Ichigo feels painful…

The reason is……

He forgot.

It’s not that he forgot to go visit him.

He had forgotten that he had a friend named Yuto.

Surprisingly, Ichigo’s friendship falls into self-loathing every time he remembers this.

(How could I forget my own best friend, no matter how much it’s after spring break?)

After passing through the school building, they reached the entrance to the gymnasium.

 Inside the gymnasium, pipe chairs were neatly lined up, with a sign that said to sit at your leisure. This school, he thought, was kind of appropriate, and Ichigo was still thinking about that time a year ago.

Not only that.

 If only Ichigo had forgotten it, there might be something that happened. However, at that time, even the same classmates other than himself did not seem to remember Yuto.

 Even the same homeroom teacher from second year took attendance, read out Yuto’s name and said, “Huh?” He tilted his head.

Ichigo looked at his best friend beside him now and wondered if he was that lacking in presence. He thought.

(Only Shirasawa-san seemed to be different…. What in the world was that all about?

 Yes, at that time, Mari alone maintained the same relationship with Yuto as before. Actually, watching it, Ichigo also helped himself to remember Yuto.

 Immediately after repairing his relationship with Yuto, Mari was leaning on the extraordinary attitude toward her other classmate Yuto.

 After that, Yuto returned to class and desperately regained his late study. At that time, there was a great deal of cooperation from Mari, and Ichigo also cooperated a little later, but it is probably not as great as Mari.

 Also, he remembers that Yuto at that time was studying like a devil, although his studies were delayed. There seemed to be some reason…

 To the best of Ichigo’s knowledge, Yuto is the only one taking this school. Is there a reason for that? I think.

 And one more.

 Actually, it was the same today…

 Ichigo is the first person to see Yuto’s face in front of the school gate! He remembered. Until then, he had completely forgotten about Yuto.

 Therefore, in front of the school gate, Ichigo was entwined with Yuto to shake off the feeling of guilt that aroused himself.

 For a moment, Ichigo had a complicated look that didn’t look like this boy…

(I don’t mean to be that kind of man)

 Ichigo went into the gym with Yuto, thinking of that.

 Mari was sitting in one of the lined pipe chairs with the girl she had just met.

 The girl who had seen Ichigo was the same kendo club as Mari in junior high school.Shizuka MitoMitsuzukaI knew immediately.

 Mari notices this and is beckoning at two empty seats next to her.

 After seeing it, Yuto and Ichigo passed between the parents’ seats and tried to get to the seat next to Mari and the others.

 At that time, Ichigo listens intently.



“What happened to you this spring break?”

Yuto stops suddenly from a sitting position.

“Nah, why? No, nothing. Hey, hey, I just went out.”

 Seeing Yuto, who was so disconcerted that it was that obvious, Ichigo, on the contrary, felt defeated.

 And above all, it was the usual Yuto that Ichigo knew of.

“Oh…something else, forget it.”

((Well, let’s not think that makes any sense… it’s not like me…))

“Hey! Yuto. Sit down fast, you’ll bother others!”

“Oh, sorry.”

 Quickly, Yuto sits to the right of Mari and Ichigo sits down to the right of Yuto.

 The venue is still buzzing and you can feel the atmosphere unique to the entrance ceremony.

  Yuto also looked around and felt a bit nervous and happy about the upcoming entrance ceremony. The mood is also lagged behind compared to the surrounding students, but it finally becomes uplifting.

“Speaking of which, Mari, where’s your mom?”

“Mom hasn’t come. I tried to make her attend the ceremony but she said she was busy so …. I told her that she didn’t have to attend.”

 Mari’s mother, Yukie Shirasawa, is a part-time lecturer at a university. Her major is ancient Chinese history.

 Ichigo’s parents didn’t come to school because they told him to at least go to the entrance ceremony by himself.

 Then… A girl with a bright smile bent over and greeted us over Mari’s seat.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Shizuka Mito. Best Regards. Oh, I know Hakama-kun. We were in the same class in the first and second grade of junior high school, right?”

“Oh, nice to meet you again! Mito-san”

 Ichigo puts his hand out in front of both Yuto and Mari, who are in between, and asks the energetic girl to shake his hand.

 He smiled and shook hands with Shizuka……Suddenly, Yuto enters the edge of Ichigo’s vision.


 There was Yuto who was sitting there silently and shedding tears.

“Oh well… and you are…”

“Eh? Shizuka, what are you talking about? We were both in the same class with you in ninth grade, weren’t we? And we’re in the same middle school, and it’s normal to have seen each other before.”

“What? Huh? What? You went to middle school with me? I mean, were we in the same class in eighth grade?”

 Yuto’s tears increased even more due to Shizuka’s surprising reaction.

 Shizuka puts her hands together in a hurry.

“I’m sorry! Um, uh, Yes! I’m forgetful. I even forgot the breakfast I had today, and, besides, I’ve forgotten to put on my underwear in my sleep more than once!”

  Ichigo was beside himself, thinking that she was talking about something amazing, but more importantly, he was surprised at the fact that Shizuka had said she didn’t know Yuto.

Same as that time…

Ichigo turned a serious face to Yuto, looking at him with concern and as if to see how he was doing. However, this was the same Yuto he knew.

 He is the same as usual.

 Ichigo looks at Yuto with an indescribable face. However, Yuto

“No, it’s okay. I don’t care at all. From the old days,my presence was thin. Especially from women. My presence will be thin even in the future. Mito was the one who remembered me, but that’s not the point…

“Ahhh. It was a mistake, a failure. Isn’t it funny? I do forget about people, but… um…Yuto-kun, Yuto-kun? Hmm?… and you know Mari? !”

 Shizuka reacted as if she finally remembered, but Mari seemed to be more concerned about other things than that exchange between the two of them.

“Yuto. Rather than that… what happened during the spring break?”

“Well nothing…”

 Yuto’s face was shadowed by his face, and his shoulders hung down without strength.

“Ah, sorry… well! You were talking to Hakama-san, right? I’m asking you what happened during your spring break!”

 Apparently, it was planned that Mari would eventually question this matter.

“Eh? What? Why? Nothing.”

“Then why are you upset?”

 Yuto touches his face with resignation. Shizuka gazes at the ongoing situation with fun eyes.

 Then, Shizuka said with a vigorous and innocent voice after her finger-ringing gesture.

“Ah! The way he’s upset due to a woman! Doesn’t it smell like a woman problem ? Hmm, you said you were out. That means…”

 The noisy girl nodded with the feeling that her arms were folded and she understood that she was having “fun.”

 Then, completely ignoring Ichigo who was looking funny and Mari who was waning, she starts talking again.

 Shizuka who puts her forefinger and thumb on her chin just like a detective.

“Last spring break… The two people who met fatefully while traveling. In the unexplored land, the two people develop emotions that they have never felt before. And the two young people…”

“Stop! Stop! What that! What with that dramatic scene? What’s with your imagination!! “

 Yuto leans up to interrupt Shizuka’s reasoning. Mari’s shoulders trembled even more.

 Then, from the opposite side of Shizuka, right next to Yuto, a voice with a wicked expression  came out

“…After that act, they firmly promised to meet again, and each returned to their hometown.”

“A what!”

 When Yuto tries to raise his voice, it rumbles! It was erased by the heavy sound.

 What’s going on? Yuto thought and started to look for the source of that heavy bass.

 Then… He realized that it was the sound coming from Mari’s chair and the floor of the gymnasium colliding. 

 Yuto sweated a cold one from his forehead. 

 As such, Yuto’s gaze went up to the owner of that chair…. There is a girl with her arms folded and her hair turned upside down.

“Kokoko, act? This… Act! It’s impure! Yuto Oh! You are a man!”

“No, wait a minute. It’s a completely wrong delusion. Why are you getting angry with me for your own misunderstanding? I am innocent!” (TN: Yeah girl! You rejected him before right!)

“I’m not angry at you!”(TN; This liar!!)

With the shout he got, Yuto became silent.  

Satisfied, Ichigo locked eyes with Shizuka.

“Umm. A while ago, I lacked manners by forgetting to mention names in the earlier conversation, I can’t seem to read the air. Mito-san. Why don’t you do the honors…”

I have to admit,…. Said Ichigo, giving thumbs up at the cheerful girl with a big smile.

“Hakama-kun… you can do it yourself. But I wish I had at least one more phrase at the end.”

“Oh, hmmm … so what about this kind of thing? ’The one where they didn’t know that the fruits of their love had already come to fruition at that time’ It seems good.'”

“That’s nice!”

“It’s not good at all! Don’t build a friendship at the expense of one good citizen!”

 Regardless of Yuto’s tired expression, his friend,

“So it’s not about a woman, is it?”

When pressed, Yuto pulls a face and shuts up.

“… Hmm. It’s an interesting reaction, Yuto-san. Hmm, surprisingly, I wonder if you really got a girl you like?”

 Ichigo has a nasty look and puts one elbow on Yuto’s right shoulder. However, the line of sight was toward the adjacent Mari.

“…Well, it’s definitely an interesting story. But it’s bad enough to ask so much about something so personal. I’m not interested in listening anyway.”

 She has a calm face with her arms and legs crossed, but Mari’s voice is slightly quivering.

“That’s right. There’s no way Shirasawa-san is interested in that, is there? Shirasawa-san has a wonderful candidate for a boyfriend, you know. Well, if you find someone you like, I’ll support you as a close friend.”

Mari’s face tightens for a moment.

“It’s not like he’ s a boyfriend candidate! We’re just friends!”

  Ichigo said, ‘Huh?Really?’ He responded smoothly. Then Shizuka glanced at Ichigo, but Ichigo passed it off as well.

 Then, regardless of the slightly soured air, Shizuka clapped her hands and said in a cheerful voice.

“Let’s do this, Yuto-kun. We’ll help you with that girl. Don’t hesitate, consult us! We’ll teach Yuto-kun about a woman’s heart from scratch, hey Mari.. “

“Eh? Uh, yeah. That’s right…”

“No, so… that’s not how it’s supposed to be,” Yuto said, and then the announcement came in.

[Well, we will now hold the 92nd entrance ceremony of Horajin Kibayashi High School. ]

(I will use [ ] for announcements or someone taking with mic)

 Yuto stopped talking and looked forward with a sigh. When the announcement was made, the gymnasium was rapidly filled with silence.

 The entrance ceremony begins, and the vice principal gives a formal greeting first on the stage, and it seems that the vice principal will also be the hostess as well.

Then, the principal of the school gives his speech as scheduled.

[So, here are some words from the principal of Horajin Kibayashi High School, Soichiro Takano, to the new students.]

 In the compulsory applause, from the innermost seat diagonally arranged on the left side of the stage, the principal, wearing a fine tuxedo, stood in front of mike with an uneasy gait.

 From the looks of it, he appeared to be quite elderly.


Amidst the silence, his first word were,

[Everyone, enjoy your high school life….]

 Everyone at the venue was stunned with a “Huh?” The professor mentioned earlier appears there.

[Everyone! Applause! When I say applause, I mean give some applause!]

The atmosphere in the hall was somewhat confused, but there was a storm of applause.

However, there are unexpectedly favorable voices such as “It was better than the long talk” or “Great speech!”.

In the applause covering the venue, Yuto

(…Is he my grandpa’s friend?  Well I know about the friends of grandpa so….)(TN: old man here means Grandfather)

It was something of a bummer.

After that, the ceremony ended without a hitch, with a school song that they couldn’t sing yet and a talk from the student council president.

 After the ceremony was over, as Mari had said earlier, the class list of the new first year students was distributed.

 Once the class list was distributed, all the new students stood up and began to move to their respective classrooms.

 The four from Yuto’s group also stood up and focused on the list.

“Oh! Yuto! Same class!….Huh? Mito-san as well!”

“Ah! Really! Then take care of me ♪”

 The three of them got excited and exchanged high fives and handshakes.

(……Huh? Speaking of which ….what about Mari?)

When Yuto and the others found out, they sounded very depressed

“Only me…no”


“But, see! Mari. It’s the next class! We can have lunch together!”


“That’s right! Shirasawa-san. I’m honored to have a class next to you.”


Yuto receives a sharp gaze from Shizuka and Ichigo… And… huh!

“Mari-chan! Here!”

“Don’t say anything Yuto!”


(Why is it just me?)

On the class list, Masato, Ichigo and Shizuka were in Class D, and only Mari was in Class C.

The four people who start moving to the classroom are silent with Mari on the lead. The three people in the back look towards the classroom with their eyes on each other.

 There are two school buildings on a fairly large site, each of which has four floors. There were first and second year classrooms in the first school building.

 The four remained silent and headed for a new first year classroom with a group of other freshmen.

When they arrived in the classroom, there was still about thirty minutes to go, so the four of them checked the seating chart posted on the blackboard, put down their belongings, and met up in the hallway. 

 Yuto’s seat was on the right-most corridor side in the front row, and Ichigo was on Yuto’s left back, and further left back was Shizuka’s seat.

 Mari, who was now in the next class, came right over and looked through the door at the front of Class D to see Yuto’s seat, which put her in a slightly better mood and hurried everyone down the hallway.

Mari’s seat was at the back of Class C, on the side of the hallway. In terms of positioning, the classrooms were different, but it was close to Yuto’s seat via the back doorway of Class C and the front doorway of Class D.

As they gathered in the corridor, the three of them felt relieved as Mari started talking in her usual tone.

“Hey, do you know how they decide on seats at this school?”

 Yuto and the co tilt their heads. In order of name, Yuto’s surname is Domori, and the front is strange.

“Actually, the seating order is decided according to the grades of the entrance examination. In addition, the class is divided into males and females and they are sorted from the first place to ABCD…”

 Ichigo looks a little uncomfortable.

“Huh. Isn’t it something that is divisible, or is it just something?”

“In the old days, if you decided on the order of performance without considering the gender ratio, the ratio of each class, class strength at the sports festival would be distorted. It seems that it was stopped immediately.

“Obviously, What if you’re in a class with fewer girls!”

Ichigo’s voice is a little loud. Yuto is quieting him down so-so beside him.

 Then, “Ah!” and Yuto raised his voice loudly.

(…That is true)

“I have the best chance in my class!”

“That’s not possible”

 Mari denied it easily.


“The seats are zigzag backwards in the order of poor performance, right front to left front and second row left to right.”

“What? So that means”

“Yeah, it’s confirmed that Yuto is a lower single in the school year.”

 Yuto heard that and, come to think of it, he felt like the girls were concentrated in the back.

“I…… was a close call. Thank goodness I passed. If I made a mistake, I would be this close to a high school reject, and won’t be able to go to high school. I’m really happy.”

 Yuto was stroking his chest down with all his heart.

“You should be grateful to me, Yuto.”

“……I am grateful.”

Yuto replied, looking a bit complicated. Ichigo chuckled a bit at that.

So Ichigo asks Yuto about some of the old questions.

“Why are you only applying to this particular high school? As I recall, you’ve only been to one school this time, right?”

 Shizuka, who heard it, made a truly surprised look.

“Eh! Domori-kun, you’re bullish unlike the appearance. Even Mari has been to four schools, including the designated safe schools.”

 To the question of Shizuka, Mari, who knows the situation, seems to be sorry, or becomes a sober face.

 And while Yuto scratches his head,

“…Yeah, I was going to talk about that anyway, so I say…. Actually…”

“‘Ehh!! So you had no money so you selected a school that allows you to pay the tuition as long as you can pay in full. “”


“”You lived alone since middle school, and weren’t given any allowances!?””

“That’s right. Well that’s the usual reaction right?”

“Wait … what the hell is that? You said you were going to live with your grandfather most of the time, didn’t you? You’re going to leave your old man? Besides, were you that poor? Your family I mean. “

“Hey… I didn’t leave the house. I was kicked out of the house.”

 And the third time…


“Well, let me explain…”

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