Chapter 14: Let’s go to the Environmental Research Club!

Enjoy! (For Previous readers of this chapter, I am changing Department to Club, and horticulture department to Gardening club. I will change to department mid way if it sounds better with the context.)

The day after the practical training. It was a hot topic because our party passed at the top, but the evaluation was still towards Amelia.

“Haa…I’m sick of it”

“You must be tired.”


Currently, me, Amelia, Evi, and Elisa are eating meals at school cafeteria. Amelia is tired of dealing with the aristocrats, so she seems to have come to us.

“‘As expected of Miss.Rose!’ That’s all they say. I could only have gotten through this with everyone’s help, that’s why I hate it when they say that.”

“Well… let them say what they want. For us on that matter, we all know our achievements, right?”

“That’s right! I’m used to being told a lot of things too! Mostly because of Ray!”

“Haha ….that explains a lot, Evi.”

“Fufu, isn’t it?”

“Umm…I was happy…I was able to clear it together…and, I was glad that I could be of use.”

“Ahh. Oh my God, Elisa is so cute!”


Amelia hugs Elisa sitting next to her.

It may have accumulated stress. I don’t know about the communication between the aristocrats, but I understand that it was not a good experience for Amelia.

We just enjoyed a brief rest.


“Huh…..Huh……Ray, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Oh. It’s about time…….hah…..hah..!”

“Okay!….. hoo… hoo…”

At night. We were talking to each other in a room in the dormitory. Of course, I’m wearing boxer shorts and nothing else. One might think, what are they doing in such an almost naked state…

 Muscle training.

Believe the muscles, worship the muscles, and you shall be saved.

This is one of the teacher’s teachings. Although it has declined now, at that time the teacher also accumulated muscles that were unusual for a woman. I am practicing that teaching even now as a student.

And so I was training my own muscles in this way for one thing.

“You’ve been looking around, haven’t you??”

“Yeah. But still……….if I had to choose, I’d say the environmental research club and the gardening club.”

“… unexpected combination, but I think it’s good”

The two of us have finished our joint strength training and now we are almost naked and replenishing our protein. Protein more than anything else for muscles.

By the way, the story we are talking about now is a club activity.

 The Arnold Magic Academy doesn’t only teach magic, there are also club activities in the Magic Academy. I didn’t know that at all, but after entering the school, many students are involved in club activities, although it’s not compulsory. Reasons behind joining ranges from entertainment purpose to practical one.

 I’ve spent the last two months or so using my after-school hours to watch the club activities. There were times when I didn’t get a good look, but this is how I decided. I’ve decided what club I’m going to belong to.

 Since it is allowed to carry over, I decided to be the Environmental Research Club and the Gardening Club, among others.

“I could join the club normally, but Ray might have a hard time.”

“Leave it to me. I still have this…”

A certain card is taken out of a nearby table. At first glance, it appears to be an ordinary card, but it’s obvious to anyone who sees it.

“What!? Really!”

“Ah. Actually, I got it a year ago.”

“…Haha. That’s amazing. I’m sure the manager will be happy, but you should save it for later.”


“Is it not more interesting that way?”

“Haha, you’re right.”

We grinned looking at each other.

Then we fall asleep soon. Rest is important for musclesThere’s no such thing as staying up late.

“Well, Ray. I won’t be there to introduce you.”

“Oh, I know that.”

“You can clear it with your own power, right?”

“I am the one who wanted it. So, It’s a good start. A commoner and Withered wizard.. I’ll open myself to wipe that prejudice.”

“Then I’m waiting in the club room”


After school.

After speaking with Evi about the topic, I walked away from him.

“Alright…let’s go”

There are many things that need to be cleared up before you can join the Environmental Research Club. And it’s a relationship between people. It’s why I’ve been packing it in. I’ve been with Evi for the last two months….

“Fooh…I think my pectoral muscles are also laughing.”

As I touched my pecs, I headed to the club room.

“…Let’s ask!”

Say that I knock on the door with band. I came to the building where the club room was, and I was standing in front of the door to the room that says “Environmental Research Club.”

“…Who?” the man asks, opening the door.

“Ray White”

“……Oh, that commoner student? So what are you doing here? “

“I would like to join the club.

“Huh… seems to know my face.”

“I do some research to get in.”

“…Okay, I’ll hear the story.”

“Excuse me”

When I say thank you on the spot, I am guided to the room.

There was a white board and a locker that each member used.

And there were members. The numbers are not very large. Seven people including Evi and the manager. Including me, there are eight people here.

“Well, you guys are the one who want to join the club.This time of the year…”

So the head of the department tells me, and all but one of them look at me sharply. (TN: head of department sounds better than head of club so)

There are strong and muscular men there. (Just like those in Mob-psycho 100)

 Environmental Research Club. It is a club activity that has adventures in forests, mountains, rivers, and even glaciers. In order to accomplish the goal of investigating all kinds of environments, they fight against the environment day and night. Those who investigate the environment are collectively called “hunters”. There are those who aim to become hunters after graduation, and this club activity is a gathering of such people.

By the way, as a supplement, it seems that there are currently no female members.


“He looks thin”

“Even if you don’t consider him being a commoner, this kid is kinda…”

“Certainly the line is thin…”

That’s what the members say. Of course Evi does not react at all.

“Okay, take it off. Let’s find out with that first.”

The tallest student with the thickest muscles compared to others had a black hair with a trim. That was the head of the department. It seems that he is currently a fourth year student and has a gold grade hunter’s license. In other words, a Gold Class Hunter. Just like the ranks of magicians, hunters are also divided into classes.

Among them, the top hunters are running around this world day and night.

“Yes, sir.”

 I knew I was going to be told to take it off. That’s because Evi had already been through it. That’s why I was training my whole body muscles.

I didn’t hesitate and took off everything except the boxer shorts.

And showed off my body. An overwhelming body covered with this muscle.

“… what!?”

“What is that muscle…!?”

“It’s huge! Are you the type who looks thin with clothes on?!?”

“Huh…I see.”

The manager was staring at me, without any surprise.

“Ray, right…”

“Yes. Manager”

“Pectoralis major muscles, biceps, thigh muscles, trapezius muscles, good balance, but… you’re the one doing the work, aren’t you?

“……Do you understand?”

“Who the hell do you think I am? I’m a gold hunter, okay? It’s for the practical work I acquired muscles. It’s never meant to be attractive. That includes muscles I’ve actually acquired through physical activity.”

“You’re amazing. My hats off to you… In fact, my parents’ home was near the Dogma Forest. I used to run around there.”

Grinning, another member reacts.

“Well…!? Dogma forest…?”

“Difficulty designation, S-class forest!?”

“Well…I see…that’s the reason behind that toned body…!”

Then the manager also grinned and said:

“Okay, You passed the first exam. Now… let’s see the practical skill.”

“I understand.”

“Today we all head to Kafka Forest. Everyone, get ready.”

“Roger that! “

So we decided to head to Kafka Forest.

Eight people came to Kafka Forest. Of course I haven’t talked to Evi yet. Until the moment of passing, joy is an unshared promise.



“Look at that”

“… Is that not a Giant Snake. Danger level, B grade.”

“Handle that thing.”

“Am I alone on this?”

“Yes, You have that ability. Because only Evi was good this year. I am looking forward to it. Show that your muscles aren’t fake.”

“..I  will”

As soon as I said that I ran the internal strengthening code on the body and closed the distance at once. I bought a common type of broadsword. I and the Giant snake ran by each other in a flash. I drew the sword at that exact moment. 

I struck its neck.

But this is not the end. Immediately after I slashed its head I moved on to the remaining body and skewered it. Giant Snakes have a natural ability that allows them to move even after their head is severed. Therefore, an inexperienced hunter may be strangled by the remaining body.

“Well…is this okay?”

Immediately, I skewered the body and finished the process.

Head and torso were both done. I’m proud that I was able to handle it properly.

“Huh…I see. The experience at Dogma Forest seems to be true.”

“Yes. And here’s something for you all.”

“What is that?”

“Ainsworth’s-style secret sauce”

 I grinned and got the other club members to start the fire as it was and immediately started cooking. I scrape part of the body with a knife, then peel off the skin and take out the thick flesh of the fish. I prepare it for eight people, and then skewer it on a skewer to roast it as it is.

I finished it with Ainsworth’s secret sauce.

My master cannot cook. However, she was a genius to produce such seasonings. I cook and the master provides the seasoning. That experience is thus alive.

“It’s done”



“Awesome! It looks so good!”

They were all on the edge of being hunters. Thus, they didn’t seem to have any resistance to eating snakes.


“Uh… good!?”

“What’s this…?! It’s too good…!?”

The reaction was as expected.



“You happen to have one of those, don’t you?

“You got some insightful eyes. As a matter of fact…”

Then, I took it out of my pocket, my hunter license.


“Same as the manager, gold…?”

“No way!? A commoner is gold class! ? However, I’m really convinced of that… This skill isn’t an ordinary one! This guy has certain awesomeness! !! “

When I grinned, the manager also grinned back.

“Ah. Did Ray also clear that course?”

“Yeah. It was pretty tough.”

“I got gold last year. When did you take it?”

“I am also last year”

“…You’re a gem. If you get to this point, there’s no complaint. I approve, how about you guys!”

When the manager speaks out, everyone eating the snake kabayaki speaks out.

“of course!”

“Ahh! It doesn’t matter if he is a commoner! “

“Yes! There are no aristocrats in our club in the first place! That’s why it won’t matter to have a commoner joined.” 

“Ray, right? Take care of me, man!”

(TN:Before anyone complains why there are no nobles when the school is supposed to be filled with them, it seems that others in the school are not all from noble family backgrounds. Some of them might be from Knight’s household or some government worker.)

Apparently I was allowed to join the club.

“Fu…Be the pillar of this Environmental Research Club.”

“Ha. Thank you for accepting…”

As I graciously thanked him, and I gave a glance at Evi who gave me a thumbs up.

For the time being, it seemed that I successfully joined the Environmental Research Club.

Now let’s head to the gardening club.

TN: Tomorrow I may not be posting any chapters. I got some work to finish.


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