Episode 11: First Real Battle

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“Both of you, go for the wings!”


“I know!”

As soon as we entered the Kafka forest, we encountered a giant bee. There are individual differences in size, but this one was only slightly larger than a human. And luckily there’s only one of them.

 No………considering the biology of this demon beast, it’s hard to imagine them acting independently. In other words……..I guess that this was intentionally prepared by someone.

 Perhaps they want to measure the competence of their students. They want the students to demonstrate the results they’ve learned so far since they entered the academy…….(TN: Wait, how many days did they attend school?)

 And so, Amelia and Evi daringly used their high-speed magic in the front line while they are heading for the Giant Bee. But the giant bee hovering in the air, with its swift movements doesn’t let the attack reach it.



“When I give you the signal, release the magic.”

“Okay, but what should I use?”

“It’s ..…”

 When, I specify the magic to Elisa, she grasps my hand tightly and agrees. Although her hand is trembling slightly, there was a firm will there.

”……..Amelia, Evi! I’ll coming in as well!

 When I raise my voice, I also start to run a code in my brain.

<<First Pledge: Prima materia = Encoding = Supplies Code.>>

<<Material Code = Decoding>>

<<Material Code = Processing>>

<<Embodiment = Internal Code>>(TN: I am changing First fee to First Pledge. And I will change it in previous chapters as well.)

 This time it wasn’t normal sorcery. As Evi also said, there are that kind of spells/codes in magic that can enhance the body. This one will further enhance normal human movement. While there are those that specialized for the power and some of it is specialized for speed.

 I’ll use my internal code to put my own physical abilities into balance this time. I’m not completely used to with it yet, but I still felt that I could manage. Even if I cannot use external interference properly, but when it comes to use the code for internal interference……. I could do it.

When the Prima materia started flowing through my body, it strengthened my body at once, and I was able to run keeping a low posture as I stomped the ground.


 I exhaled the air from my lungs in one go, and then kicked the ground as hard as I could and flew away. I flashed at the giant bee that was flying around in all directions. Although it’s not fatal, it manages to slash off one of its legs.

 ─ ─ I see. It’s been a long time since I’ve used the code but it seems I am getting used to it sooner than I expected.

”………Geeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”( TN: How does a Bee whine anyway?)

 And the giant bee with a severed leg lets out a whine.

 I land on the ground with a stutter and assess the bee’s movements as it rampages even more.

‘Ray. What was that?”

“Yeah. I’ll do what you say, okay? Don’t do something like this alright?, it’s bad for the heart.

Amelia and then Evi, sighed and said those words to me.

“For now, the three of us are going to attack it while trying to block its path. As long as we sever its wings, it’s our win. The other thing you have to watch out for is that sting on its abdomen. Not only will its sting will hurt you physically, but it can also release poison. It’s very acidic and will melt your skin into paste.”

“Copy that.”

 This time, the three of us once again closed the distance and distracted the giant bee flying around in the air. Perhaps it may not like it either, but the movements of other party is quite messy as compared to before. Until now, I could tell that it was also looking for a chance to attack, but right now I got the impression that it had its hands full trying to escape.

 So it’s about time.

 Deciding that, I raise my voice to Elisa.

“Elisa! Now!”


 A moment later, the wind blew loudly with a gurgling noise. I asked Elisa to meticulously assemble the code and make the wind as powerful as possible, and it was very powerful.

 Elisa’s choice was apparently an intermediate magic called storm. It was quite a difficult sorcery to pull off, but she succeeded in it and even with sufficient power.


 Even the giant bee is unable to fly properly in it.

 I did not miss the part where it was getting dizzy. I immediately kicked the earth and leaped, and without killing my momentum…….


 Unlike the previous time, this time I swung my sword vertically and neatly sliced through the giant bee’s brain as it was a tofu. Then, with the momentum I had gained, I spun around and swung my heel down, knocking the guy to the ground.

”……..Okay. So thats about it.”

 The giant bee falls to the ground with a thumping sound. I also followed gravity and landed on the ground.

Body fluids flowed thickly from it. The giant bee, whose head had been split open, was already dead. I put the sword in my hand and stared at the corpse.

“Ray! That’s amazing!”

‘Oh!…. I had seen the glimpses of it before… but not to this extent!

”Well I’ve encountered such demons in the forest in the countryside a lot. I’m used to dealing with this kind of thing. It’s like a pest control thing you need to do.”

“Hmmm…..So it’s a country forest”.

“Oh. It must have been a very dangerous forest..…”

 Smirking, Amelia and Evi come up to me and say so.

 Gu………damn…. ‘Universal Countryside Forest’ doesn’t work here!

 That’s not what you said, Master!

 I sit down by the corpse, swearing in my mind.

‘Well. What do we do now? This one does have an edible part, so what do you think?

“Oh…. It’s edible?”

Amelia. I wish I could say that everything is an experience even eating this thing, but we have portable food now. And people don’t die without food for another two weeks or so, and without water… for a couple of days. It’s okay. Water and other things are easy to generate with magic this time around so if you don’t want to eat it, let’s not do it. And it’s not exactly a survival exercise. Amelia, can you burn it otherwise other demon beasts may come here due its smell?


 I moved the position of the corpse a little bit to prevent the fire from spreading to the trees around it, and her magic made it possible for the carcass to be burned.

 As I watched, Elisa was standing behind me. She was moping around as if she wanted to say something, but she quickly opened her mouth.

”Oh … well … you know … Ray-kun. That’s great! You’re so amazing! …..”

“Hmm? No, I’m not that great, I’ve been used to this kind of situation before. But this was Elisa’s first time in a real fight, right? You did great.”

“….well…I’m scared…of…such a big demon beast…I knew about it, but when I saw it in person…I was scared! …. but since Ray-kun taught me…”

‘Yeah, but were you bad at using magic?”

“Uh, unn…”

“But the magic was great this time. Hey you two tell her…”

“Yeah. It was great, Elisa.”

‘Oh! That’s a trick I can’t imitate!”

 Amelia, and Evi also agree with me.

 I’m not saying that because she’s a member of the same party, and also I’m not saying that because we’re schoolmates. In fact, Elisa’s magic was quite good. Magic is not something that anyone can unleash with such power if they just spend the time on it. This is not true.

That’s because the code needs to be intricately intertwined with the process of processing of code. Otherwise,the code theory will break down if you lose a moment of focus.

 But under that pressure, Elisa was able to do it. I thought that was something to be admired, so I just said so.

“Oh thank you guys…”

“Elisa, you should start to feel more confident in yourself.” 

“…Uh-huh! ”

“Good. That’s the improvement.”

I smile at her and Elisa turns bright red and looks down.

 Seeing her, a sudden thought crossed my mind.

‘What’s wrong? Are you okay? No way! Did you get poisoned? We’ve got to call a medic! No medic! Mediiikkkkk!”(TN: sorry I just wanted to do it)

“I am fine! It’s not due to poison!”

“Yes, Ray. Elisa is like this, cause she is so happy and embarrassed.”


“Hmm I’m sorry. Elisa. But Ray doesn’t seem to understand unless I tell him properly.”
(TN: Yeah! Tell her girl, this damm dense MC)

“Yeah that’s right. This guy got some weird quirks going on for him.”

“Hmm.. I’m sorry about that. But I’m glad to hear it. I’m just speaking my mind, you know. Let’s both continue to work hard together, Elisa.”


 For the time being, we’ve succeeded in defeating the demon, which is probably the first barrier.

 But more than a problem……..the essence of this forest would not be the demons. We’ve already discussed and shared this with everyone, but the problem is that this forest will distract us from our sense of direction . Probably, you won’t reach the goal just by going straight to the center.

 If we don’t somehow manage the magic that exists in this forest itself, we surely won’t be able to get to the center.

”Well, let’s proceed for now.”




The four of us take another step forward.

 A faint light shines through the eerie forest, which is darkened by the shadows of the trees…we walked straight through.


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