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 In the back seat of a black luxury sedan, a man in a clean suit checked the cell phone screen and reported. He looks like he is in the mid 20’s.

“Mr. Takeshi, I heard that the urgent request this time is directly from the Japanese government.”

 With a stern look, a man in Kimono looking out was told so by his attendant, and when he put his elbow against the window, he put his cheek there.

 The man in kimono, the psychic and spirit user Shenji Takeshi, calls out to the young attendant of the Shenji family sitting beside him.

“I’m sure you’re already set up, but just in case, ask the agency for support.”

“Eh? Support…is it?”

 The servant sitting beside him looked surprised at such words of the master for a moment, but responded with a bitter smile.

“Mr. Takeshi, I understand that it is troublesome…”

 This is the first time for an attendant to say something like this to his master before work.

“Did you even notice it? No, Akira, I am saying this because I feel it’s necessary.”

 Takeshi does not change his expression. However, the driver of the sedan wearing sunglasses dispatched from the Japan branch of the World Ability Users Agency felt the tension running inside the car.

 The students are in the midst of their spring break, and for the world is at ease, for better or worse.

 In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Metropolitan Highway, which had nothing to do with the world, there were three men riding in the black luxury sedan.

 The expressionless driver wearing a black suit and sunglasses looks like the SP from some other country.

 And in the back seat, a man in Kimono was there with dignity that does not seem to be 43 years old, and a man who seems to be nice in his mid-20s sat silently in a gray suit. ..

“That’s…! No, I understand. I’ll call the branch office.”

 Although it was for a moment, he was a follower of the Shenji family, Kanzaki Akira tightened his tender face, rushed out his cell phone, and began to move his fingers busily.

 As a master and a servant who have a long relationship, it seems to be a messy interaction.

 However, the reaction of Akira, the follower of Takeshi, might not have been unreasonable.

 Speaking of Shenji Takeshi, there are only five active people in this world, with the highest rank “rank SS” determined by the World Ability Users Agency. Moreover, he is a man whose name is always mentioned in the first case.

 Rank SS…

 A person with the ability to bear it is a transcendent who lives in an realm that no one can measure.

 A man of this rank SS, who has the fighting power comparable to that of one army in a major country in the world, is asking for support.

 What kind of request is it?

 Kanzaki Akira, the follower of Takeshi, is also a user of spirit powers. Right now, he certainly felt that something extraordinary was happening.

 Because the exploration wind(scouting), which is his specialty, does not reach the site where they are heading. It’s not normal.

 However, at the same time, Akira has an absolute trust in this master of his. It’s almost to the level of faith.

 His experience with Takeshi has been ingrained in his head that no matter what situation they may be in, with his master around to deal with it there will be no problem.

 Akira asks the Japanese branch of the World Ability Users Agency for help next to him, while Takeshi looks out of the window and looks at an Englishman.

(Probably, this one is a strong majin this time around. If I were to team up with anyone, I’d prefer that guy if possible….. Kensei I’ve heard that you are currently unaccounted for, but….)

 It has been reported by the agency that a person with the same rank SS as Takeshi, who is known as Kensei, has not been contacted at all for several months.

 As a spirit user, Takeshi’s specialty is medium to long range. It goes well with Kensei, who boasts superhuman strength and incomparable fighting power in close quarters.

 But right now, he was on his way to the scene of what was already happening. It was obvious that he couldn’t be taken care of by the missing man at the moment.

 In the first place, thinking about it itself suggests that there is no room for this development.

 In other words, it is an abnormal situation now.

 Takeshi feels the pressure to reach the core of his body.

(What is this feeling…? Is it different from the majins up until now…? The spirits are frightened)

 Akira quickly finished his call and looked nervously at his master, but he couldn’t see his expression because his face was facing out of the window.

“…I do not need them if they are going to slow me down.”

“Yes, you don’t have to say it, it’s already been transmitted that way.”

 Akira responds immediately.

 After all, it’s “That” Shenji Takeshi is asking for support. It is not enough for a person with an average ability to work together. It will be well understood by those contacted.

 Takeshi’s spirit powers were too powerful, so if he makes a mistake while adjusting his powers, even his teammates will be in danger.

 Thirty minutes ago, Takeshi was planning to have lunch with a big politician at a secluded restaurant in Ueno. He didn’t like this kind of socializing, but gave up as it is the bare minimum work as the head of the Shenji family.

 Moreover, today, Takeshi’s only daughter, who turns fifteen this year was preparing for her coming of age ceremony. It was an important ceremony in the Shenji family and has been passed down since times, and he had originally planned to leave early from the meeting

 At that time, an emergency call from the ability users organization came to Takeshi.

 Normally, It should go through the Shenji family protocol, but this time he was contacted directly by Meira. Is Kosei directly here? It was very rare, but he was delighted to be able to decline today’s luncheon with this, and on the surface,heI made an aspect that he is sorry for a big politician to be unable to stay for luncheon and left.

 But now those nuances are completely gone. The closer he gets to the scene, the more he feels tingling on his skin.

(It gets in touch with me directly. What the hell is this?)

 About a dozen minutes after the car got off the interchange, they stopped at a corner of the head office buildings of major companies in front of Shinagawa station.

 It had already been hand-circulated by the Ability users agency and the police had blocked the surrounding area. The area is carefully partitioned with tape, etc., and a large number of police officers stand side by side, and it is strictly guarded so that no one can stop by.

 Takeshi gazes at the rooftop of the building in front of him, when he gets off the car that has entered the inside of the area partitioned by the tapes.


 Akira, who left the car at the same time as Takeshi, imitated Takeshi and turned his face upward while feeling a dull feeling of oppression.

“This is ….!”

 Akira murmured involuntarily.

 Black clouds, which we have never seen in nature, swirled in the sky above the rooftop of a building looked up by Takeshi and Akira.

 Moreover, it emits a large number of small lightnings continuously.

 The spectacle was like a CG image of a movie embodied in the real world.

 And, just looking at it, made Akira’s heart and soul cold.

 However, Takeshi has seen this before.

 But, this is the first time it’s been on this scale…

“…No one will come.”

 Takeshii isn’t willing to wait for the support of the talented person who he asked for to come, as he jumped over the fence of the field, he jumped towards the roof of the skyscraper with over 40 floors with just a few steps.

“Oh, Mr. Takeshi! Please wait! Support is still… Ah! He’s gone!”

 Akira observes the action of Takeshi and ignores the general police officer, who is making his eyes so big that his eyes may pop up the socket, and rushes to the staff who belong to the organization who came to the scene earlier.

“Are you still going?!”

“Yes! Mr.Akira. Now with a helicopter  on the tow Mr.Omine is also heading here. Perhaps I think it will arrive in about fifteen minutes…”

“Miss.Hisae, the branch manager herself? Well, will that person be the one who will partner with Mr.Takeshi? But that cloud is….. What did the branch manager say? “

“Nothing, in detail. However, as soon as I contacted Mr. Takeshi, I also instructed each department and I was prepared to get here before I got a call from Mr. Akira. The staff are all mobilized, and we have requested the maximum support from the institutional branches around the world.”

 There is a moment of silence between Akira and the staff.

“I also heard from Miss.Omine that anything below Rank A would be on standby at the scene until instructed. No one should move, even sneakily.”

“That’s… that’s all that is happening. Why is it only on such a day… It’s Mizuho-sama’s coming off age ceremony at night.”

 Akira mourns while holding the forehead lightly with one hand.

“Miss. Mizuho? Is she the daughter of sir.Takeshi?”

“Oh, but not just a daughter of Mr. Takeshi…No, she is the treasure of the Shitenji family.”

 Akira and the staff look again at the rooftop of the building.

 Then, a helicopter engine sound was heard from above the other side of the building. Akira’s eyes moves towards  the helicopter.

 The helicopter was quite above the distance to the ground, but the helicopter door was already opened, and a woman of mysterious age in a suit was standing with her one hand to her hips.

 The woman, with her black hair stretched to her shoulders in the back, felt so useless to just standby when the helicopter nearly about to land, so she jumps off the helicopter, despite being over a dozen meters.

 Then, as if nothing happened, the woman landed in front of Akira and without any sound.

 Despite jumping from that altitude, the heels of the shoes on that foot seemed to be okay.

 Suddenly, Akira calls out to the general police officer who can not open his mouth to the branch of the Japanese branch of the World Competence Agency that has fallen from the sky.

“Miss. Sae. It was early.”

 Hisae turned her hair lightly and turned her face to Akira.

“Ah? Mr. Akira, where’s Mr. Takeshi?”

“He’s over there.”

 Akira turns himself to the rooftop of the building where Takeshi has disappeared. Intently, the disturbing clouds also seemed to be thinner.

 Akira is a little relieved that Miss. Hisae came earlier than he expected, but the feeling that he wants her to join for  the support of Takeshi quickly emerges.

 (I can’t follow Takeshi by myself as I am just a Rank B. But, of course, I will use myself as a shield for my master in case of an emergency.)

“Isn’t it better if you went there directly from the helicopter without getting off here?”

“I can’t. It’ll abduct the helicopter during a quake caused by spatial distortion.”

“Quakes due to spatial Spatial distortion!? Then, is the demon above us? That’s why my exploration wind doesn’t reach…”

 You can see that Akira’s face is tightening and her blood is fading.

 Akira also knows the demon by knowledge. Although he have never encountered it, it is a entity that came from other world and who has the power that can easily blow a city away.

“Yeah, that’s the largest class since that measurement. It’s been five years since… it’s Dormant. The calamity-class manifestation. But I don’t think there’s a body anymore. I’m going to investigate, so you guys stay here. If you don’t want to die in the aftermath, don’t go there. The seismic intensity of this dimensional earthquake was level 8.”

 Hisae stares at the top.

“At Dortmund, there was a seismic intensity of 5, and at that time one-third of the Ruhr industrial zone was dysfunctional.”

 Five years ago, a major incident that shook the world centering on Dortmund. It was publicly described as a natural disaster, which was rarely seen in human history, because it was explained as crustal movement.

 However, in reality, it suddenly emerged from a different world. It was the work of an SS-ranked demon.

 It was also the biggest crisis since the establishment of the World Ability Users Agency, in which many talented people from the Agency were thrown in the battle, resulting in countless high ranker deaths.

 Hisae, who is one of the few experienced workers at that time, has power in her eyes.

“Don’t follow me!”

 Speaking of which, Omine Hisae kicked the ground with heels and disappeared to the rooftop of the building, leaving Akira who was absent minded.(Hisae Omine/Omine Hisae is same her name is Hisae btw and family name is Omine)

 About an hour after the arrival of the Japanese branch manager, Hisae Omine, the branch manager of the organization, dozens of inspectors dispatched from the organization witnessed the trouble of the rooftop of the building. ….

 A rooftop made of concrete has a large hole with a diameter of 25 meters from the center, and it looked likely as if it was punched out till the 5th and 6th floors below.

 Also, from the crumbled concrete, steel bars and the like were exposed, but it seemed that the building itself was sturdy enough for it  maintained its shape.

 Takeshi was looking down at the investigators on the rooftop of the building just before the collapse. Akira is moving around with the investigators.

 Hisae sees a mysterious look on Takeshi and Kosei who is besides his shoulder.

“Takeshii-sama, this is…the demon’s body is still…”

 Hisae does not talk with her usual light tone.

“It looks like, it’s gone… No, or was it already gone before…..”

“Oh, but who is capable of….. no, what’s going on…”

 He shakes his head with the aspect that the person in charge of the Japan branch of the World Ability Users Organization cannot understand.(TN: I’mma just gonna call it organization most of the time)

“I don’t know… but the calamity class demon has really disappeared since its measurement of emergence. That’s it.”

“But, the 4 other SS rank combatant available here and 6 rank S abilities other than me in Japan!”

“Calm down. I still don’t know if it’s a battle with a talented person hidden from organization. Cause if the agency’s talented person moves, the information should have already been included. It’s a meaningless imagination… This demon is at least rank S and if your rank is not above that and if you don’t have many people fighting it, you can’t beat it, and this one looks like a good flight.”

 And…Takeshi shows a self-deprecating expression, which he usually never shows, but shows it for a moment.

“The rank SS of the World Ability Agency does not mean that you can defeat an SS class demon. It just means that you are allowed to fight an SS class demon.”


 The investigator reported to them from behind them.

“Miss. Omine. It is the result of the survey up to the present time. The place where the demon manifested was above the aquarium on the opposite side of the station. There was also a dimensional earthquake that seems to be when the demon manifested. Apparently this is the genie that disappeared. It was confirmed to be a peculiar dimensional quake that occurs during the disaster, and although civilians suffered a great deal of damage, no casualties have been confirmed so far.”

 Hisae was listening to the report with her arms folded. It is an aquarium in front of the station during spring break. There should have been a fair number of people. She is sorry for the victims, but she think that it was a blessing.

“I have witnesses as well, but there are some, but… it seems quite confusing…”

“Well, it’s not much.”

“But the testimony is in agreement that something strange was apparently battling something. But the other testimonies were confusing…”

 Hisae and Takeshi squint at the report that something is fighting, but listen silently.

“In addition, everyone was protected by something like a mysterious wall.”

“Have they all been protected?”

“Yes, this is also a testimony. Apparently, civilian damage is more likely to have occurred in times of confusion in the crowd than by the demon.”

“…I don’t know. What’s the psychometer’s report?”

“That is…”

“what’s wrong with you?”

“No one could read it. All fell down on the spot and are now we are sending them to the hospital.”

“Hmmm! What?”

“… the vibration was too strong.”

 Takeshi says, while looking at the big hole, to Hisae who has unraveled her arms.

“Apparently, the powerful forces collided with each other…probably. With the average mental power, this is no one that can read that amount of power .”

“And, but! We all have that kind of training. Our psychometlers are excellent!”

“Um. But it was impossible to measure at such a level…”

 Losing for words, Sae hits her palm on her head.

“What on earth was fighting there… and the demon disappeared. So are the psychometers all right?”

“The most sensitive person was blown away by a few meters on the spot, but it was a report that he had no special circumstances for his life. But… his consciousness has not returned.”

“…He might have seen something. Listen to him as soon as his consciousness returns. Is there anything else?”

 While investigating the survey report, the surveyor will be ready to wait for instructions.

 Hisae began to think about the future. There is light rain around here.

“Anyway, I’ll continue to investigate. I’ll ask you to put it together in a report this week. Ah, don’t forget to control information leak. The name of this case will be unified by Shinagawa demon. Anyway, I don’t understand. It’s too much. Keep a record of all the trivial things. Don’t make a personal judgment about the quality of the information.”

“Yes! We will!”

 Again, with the rear view of the investigator looking toward the survey, Takeshi looks at the sky darkened by rain clouds.

“Are you fighting the Shinagawa Demon…? Is that a person… or…”

 It’s lightly raining now, but Takeshi feels like he’s receiving a heavy rain on his face. He is one of the ten people with the title of “Demon killers,” and is the leader of the World Agency for Ability.

 The murmur of Takeshi Shitenji couldn’t reach anyone because of the rain.

 When the light rain started to fall…

 The other side of the station as seen from the building that was about to collapse.

 There is the darkness of the narrow alley to the north of the large-scale city hotel, which is deeper than the aquarium.

 A boy is sitting on the asphalt and leaning down with one elbow on his other elbow.

 The figure is a scene where the whole body loses vitality.

 The boy seemed to be quivering in the rain, leaking a faint throat.

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