Episode 12: The Exploration and the Anomaly

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I look at the watch on my left arm.

 The current time is 9 am. The start time of this exercise was at 6 am, so about 3 hours had passed.

We had been advancing through the forest for that long, but we hadn’t made any progress.

“Look at it. It’s a tree we marked.”

“Its true”

“Woah!. But I felt like we were walking straight.”

“…Wow…It’s amazing….it really is the magic that covered the whole forest…”

We were scratching the tree with a knife to make it easier to mark. Then we started going straight, but we had returned back to the same place.

I open the map again.


“Do you know what to do? Ray”

“No. I don’t know the coordinates completely. I don’t know where to go for the current location. But one thing is clear.”

“And that is?”

“It’s that we are all under the influence of magic.  In other words, there is a code theory at work in this forest continuously but the Prima materia is not infinite.”

“Oh, So this disturbance spell isn’t going to continue forever.”

“That’s right. Continuous use of codes still are one of the biggest challenges that have yet to be accomplished. Of course, Ainsworth has put forth a theory called Code Connection ..The theory has been announced….”

“But that was… still a hypothesis… wasn’t it?”

“Does Elisa know about it?”

“Yeah… Ainsworth’s research paper… I’m trying to read…”

“I see. Well, let’s get back on the line. The problem is that now, a magic is being exercised. So what we need is to take a break for a while.”

With that in mind, we decided to take a break.

The first time we fought that giant bee and then just walked away. I was going to suggest a break even before I said that theory.

 I’m used to this kind of situation, and Amelia as well as Evi seems to be good, but it seems a little tough for Elisa.

 Then we hydrated ourselves with the water bottle we brought with us.

“Hmm… what should we do from here?”

 I quietly mutter to myself and organize my thoughts. To be clear, there is a way to remove this magic. It’s also a very easy way. But that’s no good. We’re acting as parties right now, and we can’t use something like a loophole.

 And there’s also the question of whether my body will hold.


“Elisa? What is it?

“Thank you…”


“You’re looking out for me, aren’t you?”

“Oh, You knew that. You’re a smart person. But you have to understand. Please don’t apologize to me.”

“… did you know what I was thinking?”

“Ah. Did you try to apologize to me and everyone?”

“that’s right, but……”

“You don’t have to. I originally planned to take breaks at appropriate intervals.”

“But… if not for me, this party would move faster!”

“It’s easier said than done. While it is true that we should move fast. But it’s no use doing everything in a hurry. It’s good to sit down and clear your thoughts”

“I see… Yes. Thank you, Ray-kun…”

“You don’t need to thank me. I’m happy if I could help Elisa.”

After that, all of us set a new policy and started walking.

But I had some concerns. Of course it will be shared immediately while we walk along.

“If you think about it, this exercise is…

“What’s the matter with you?”

“If you meet another party, is there any cooperation?”

“…There is nothing in there that says it’s a violation… isn’t it fine?”

 Amelia reacts, then Evi murmurs..


“Did you understand, Evi?”

“Ah, does it not mean that interference is also allowed?”

“That’s  what I wanted to say as well. I don’t think it’s safe to come in contact with others. Probably almost every party is wandering around this time. Maybe this is also intended for this practice. Interference may be included as well.”

 They don’t like me after all. And I knew that Evi and Elisa, who often hang with me, also haven’t been seen with good looks.

 Amelia wasn’t seen like that, but some students would have felt uncomfortable when she joined our party.

 Why did Amelia, one of the leaders of the three major aristocrats, join a party of withered wizard ? That’s why when we meet another party somewhere, we might have a little friction.

“Mu, what is that?…”

“It’s a spider.”

“But are there too many of them, or are they heading somewhere?”

“Yeah… it looks like they’re in a hurry…”

I feel it. This is a unique feeling. It’s neither magical perception nor any evidence of it. But this is certainly… the intuition that tells me that something bad is going on.

“Everyone! I’ll go first!”

“What’s wrong with you!?”

“Follow me you guys!”

 When I told them that, I activated the body-enhancing magic that had already been activated many times over my body. Then I chased the spider swarm and ran across the land.


 I slide my sword to make it slightly vertical to the ground. As I do so, I slice through the swarm of spiders that are massively running on the ground, but it was not aimed at annihilation. It is  a purposeful action.

I’m sure there’s something down the road.

Because of this premonition, I ran after the spider  and ran past it.As I ducked through the trees and proceeded without killing my speed…… I saw.


“Don’t come over here!”

“No, no, no, no, no!”

“Waaa, shit! What’s going on!?”

 There were four students there. Some of them were familiar faces….yes, even Mr. Allium. All of them had been pushed into a corner and were in complete panic.

But it’s not unreasonable. Even though they are small demons, there are still so many spider. And they’re already trapped in a thread, or they’re using their magic to escape from it.

Mr. Allium is the only one fighting at the forefront.

But I knew that he was going to collapse soon.

“I’ll help you!”

“What!? Withered wizard !? “

 I roughly grasp the total number. It’s close to a hundred, but if all this is well organized, it’s easy to destroy even with this one sword.

 When I came up to this point, I was strengthening my body mainly to move, but when I added an inertia control code to the magic area, I immediately ran the code theory.

“…I will start with ten.”

 I ran through. At the same time, only a pile of carcasses was remained after my passing.


 A stunning voice can be heard, but this is not important now. When I turn at a right angle without being swept by inertia, I make a further flash. By controlling the inertia of the movement of the sword that I gained, I made successive attacks one after another.

 The spiders are also paying attention to me, and they all jump on me at once. But that was just what we wanted.

“This is number fifty…”

 Furthermore, as I cut through its soft body, I moved and slashed it without pause.

 Then maybe a minute later, all the spiders had been killed by me.

“Are you okay? Mr. Allium”

 When I shook the sword with sticky body fluids from spiders, it threw it all off the ground. While I slowly put the sword in the scabbard, I said so.

 He seemed stunned and didn’t seem to have come to reality as of yet.

“Oh, we could have handled this on our own!”

“Was it? What’s your secret?”

“Oh… oh yeah! There is no reason why you can do it”

“Yeah,right. Well, excuse us for now…. mmm?”

Then, not only Mr. Allium, who was in front of me, but the other students also disappeared as if they were fog.

Are these people really prepared for this practice?

But then, it’s probably too much………To be honest, if it weren’t for my help, I think at least one of them would have become fodder for those spiders….And that fog……….


“Hey! You’re too fast!”

Looking back, I found Amelia and Evi were yelling at me. Elisa was also following hard from behind.

I joined everyone else, while being apologetic.

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