Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-4-Part-2

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Chapter 4 ──── Dragon Soul, Human Body

Part II

 After experiencing the intoxication and floating sensation that comes with leaping through space and dimensions again, I opened my eyelids and found myself back on the mortal world, which was still completely desolate, but the air was clearly different from the demon world.

 I looked back at the gate to the demon world behind me, and with a breath as thin as a thread, I flashed my dragon-claw blade.

 The miasma-laden air was cut off from the gate, and the upper half of the gate fell with a sound like the rumbling of the earth, cut in two along its diagonal path.

 While manually sweeping away the plume of dust that rose at the same time as the demon gate fell, I made sure to confirm that its function was completely stopped and the passage to transcend dimensions was completely closed.

 I returned the magic power that I had clothed in my long sword and released the six wings that had grown on my back, the dragon eyes that had taken on the colors of the rainbow.

 With the joined forces of the forest folk, it would not be difficult to exterminate the rest of the demon soldiers since Georg and the other four were defeated.

 As I was testing the condition of my body, which was now purely human, a Wood Elf appeared from the shade of a tree ahead of me. It was Olivia, the headmaster of the Galore Magic Academy.

“I rushed to the scene, but it seems that it was an unnecessary worry.”

 Most of the demon soldiers that Georg had deployed around the perimeter had already been exterminated, and the presence of the forest people was approaching from behind Olivia.

 Olivia’s clothes had some stains on them, and her beautiful face had a hint of fatigue, but there was no scent of blood, and she had not received any noticeable injuries.

“I was blessed with luck. A great god blessing, you may say. Looks like Olivia-san wasn’t hurt either, so I guess it’s the blessings of the forest in your case.”

“Let’s put it that way.”

 Even if I say so verbally, Olivia looks at me with eyes tinged with disbelief. I wonder if she is trying to find out the depths of my heart, or is trying to uncover the lies in my words.

 She removes her gaze from me and looks at the remnants of the demon world gate that was sliced in half diagonally behind me.

 The gates, made of minerals produced only in the demon world, originally emitted miasma and evil magic just by being there, but at the same time as I destroyed them, their toxicity was fundamentally destroyed. It is now nothing more than a horribly shaped gate that I dare not even look at.

“The gate, a product of the demon world, was destroyed in such a spectacular manner. No matter how you put it, it’s not something an ordinary person can do, Doran. Only a high-ranking priest warrior or a highly trained warrior using a holy sword or a magical sword can destroy the gate of the demon world like this.”

 I’m sure that’s true if you ask me. It may have been better for me to destroy the gate of the demon world after the others had joined me, but it is too late to regret it now.

 I must have been underestimating the insight of the Dean of the Magic Academy? I’m not sure if Olivia saw my wings or my dragon eyes.

“I would appreciate it if you didn’t ask too many questions. First and foremost, I am a human being, Olivia-san. I have always been, and will always be, human.”

 Olivier returned her gaze to stare at me as I told her my untrue heart, but without pausing, she spun her words with a sigh. She seemed to realize that there was no point in asking any more questions about my stubbornness.

” …… I don’t want snakes poking through the bushes out of curiosity. If you define yourself as a human being, it seems wise not to dispute it. Although, I am really intrigued.”

 Fumuh. Olivia may be informed of my true identity via Diadora, but there is no need to be too concerned about it.

“You just have to make the decision that you think is wise. More importantly, this time, what do you think of the magic circle under the magic gate?”

 I walked right up to the gate and showed Olivia the magic circle that was drawn on the ground around the gate.

 The magic circle was a combination of countless large and small circles, squares, triangles, and more than ten thousand complicated and bizarre letters that seemed to be moving like living creatures, and it was designed to evoke the existence of the demon world to the mortal world.

 If you look at it as a magic circle used by a mortal race, it would have to be drawn by a very high-ranking magician who is familiar with summoning magic and contract magic.

 And the fact that this magic circle was drawn meant that there was someone who had led Georg and the demon soldiers to this land. And perhaps there is a danger of the same thing happening again.

“It’s an extremely sophisticated magic circle. Whether it was put together on its own or through knowledge gained from a pact with a god or a demon, it’s definitely an extraordinary power. But now one thing is clear. This time, the situation did not come from the demon world, but from those in the mortal world who invited the ones from the demon world.”

“Fumu, then it’s a different kind of trouble than if the demon world had come to this world on its own. If we don’t catch the magician who drew the magic circle, we won’t be able to solve the problem.”

“Yeah. But drawing a magic circle of this magnitude and accumulating the power to summon the gates of the demon world is not something that can be done overnight by any user. It will take some time before it can happen again. I will inform the tribe chiefs, the kingdom, and the churches of this matter, and urge them to be vigilant. Because there is no guarantee that the next target will be the Entete Forest again.”

 There might be another conflict, you say? For the past sixteen years, I’ve been able to live a peaceful life despite the occasional upheaval, but from now on, I’m not so sure.

 If I ever meet the wizard who brought Georg and the others here, I would completely erase his soul and spirit so that he can’t even be reincarnated, I thought in a corner of my mind with rage.

 When Olivia drew out a piece of paper from her pocket and scribbled down the magic circle and collected the fragments of the magic gate, the rest of the forest people joined in, and a little later, Diadora, Christine-san and Serina’s forces also showed up.


 Serina, who was at the front of the group, shoulder to shoulder with Gio and Christine-san, noticed me as she passed through the trees and called out in a cheerful voice, waving her hand vigorously.

 Christine-san, who was still holding the El-Spada in one hand, breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that I was safe. There was no longer any sign of demon soldiers around, and she seemed to have relaxed her sense of caution somewhat.

 Next to me waving back to Serina, Olivia, who was analyzing the magic circle and residual magic power, saw Christine-san’s figure and slightly relaxed her shoulders.

“Are you still concerned about your student?”

“You noticed it very well. …… Looks like I can’t hide anything from you. Christine is a prominent student at the Magic Academy, and I pay no small amount of attention to her. I’ll be lying if I say it doesn’t bother me. Also, I have to admit that I feel a bit guilty that you and Serina, someone outside the forest, were involved in the fighting in this forest, Doran.”

 I couldn’t help but feel that Olivia was saying the same thing as Gio. It’s a race that loves to take responsibility.

“The Wood Elves of this forest seem to have a strong sense of responsibility. Looking at the results, the three of us are all safe and sound, so I don’t think you need to worry about it. And we’ve been promised a reward.”

 The mask of a teacher who is happy for the safety of her students has already been removed from Olivia’s profile, and there is only the profile of a beautiful Wood Elf who looks somewhat extraordinary.

 But considering the fact that she was able to break through so many demon soldiers in such a short time, and without any noticeable external injuries, Olivia must be worthy of the title of Dean of the Magic Academy, or even better.

 Soon after, the group of people who went with Diadora to destroy the demon gates guarded by Rafarasia also showed up, and we rejoiced in each other’s safety first and foremost.

 Although some people had been injured in the battle with the demon soldiers and Geren, the joy of victory over the complete eradication of the demons and the destruction of the demon gates had brought back a bright color to everyone’s face.

 With all the gates destroyed, the distorted space around this area would be restored, and reinforcements from the Wood Elves would soon arrive at the village of SaiWest via the Fairy Path.

 Since we had injured people, we decided to cast a barrier spell around the magic gate and then return to the village of SaiWest.

 The beasts that had escaped out of the forest, as well as the various fairies and spirits that had taken refuge in SaiWest other forest settlements, must have been happy to have finally regained their peace.

 When we returned to the Saiwest village, we were greeted with shouts of joy from everyone who had been waiting for our return.

 With the defeat of the threatening demon army and the destruction of the demon gate, the sense of despair and sadness that had been hanging over the village had been dispelled, and we could now look forward in earnest to the recovery of the defiled forest and damaged village.

 Even though the battle was over, there were still many things that needed to be done, such as treating the injured and organizing personnel to resurvey the forest, and although the type of work had changed, the busyness remained the same.

 Having accomplished more than our original goal of investigating the strange occurrences in the Entete Forest, we had no problem returning to the Berne Village, but we offered our assistance to the Chief and others, and after receiving their permission, we devoted ourselves to treating the injured and tidying up the ravaged forest.

 It was noon, two days after we had destroyed all the gates when more than a thousand Wood Elves came to reinforce us through the Fairy Path.

 Chief Deo and Olivia spoke with the commander of the reinforcements, and relief supplies, and the medical officers who had accompanied the troops were smoothly deployed.

 Since the demon soldiers had already been cleaned out, the Wood Elf soldiers stayed in SaiWest to guard the area and work on reconstruction. With enough men and supplies delivered, we can only help in a small way even if we stay here. We couldn’t stay out of the village for long, so I talked with Christine-san and Serina, and we decided to leave the SaiWest village.

 In particular, Christine-san was staying in Berne village during the long vacation of the magic academy, and Olivia had pointed it out to her.

 Even though we won the battle, SaiWest was still in the midst of reconstruction work and there was no victory feast, but the night before we left the village, Diadora, Fio and Marr came to visit us in our room.

 We had just left most of the work to the Wood Elf soldiers and were spending the day resting and preparing to leave SaiWest.

 Diadora and the others were carrying platters piled high with food and various containers of fruit wine and juice water. We decided to have a small feast of our own.

 It was a surprise to Marr and Fio that Diadora had come with us to visit our room, but I hoped that the battle with Gheorud and Rafarasia had made her feel a little closer to me.

 We settled down on the carpet, chairs, and beds, each of us raising a cup filled with liquor or fruit juice and sipping on it with a small toast.

 In my hand, I held a tin cup with the elaborate floral work typical of wood elves, filled with a yellowish flower wine made by soaking many flowers in spirits.

“Marr feels very happy that you all came back safely! My heart was pounding the whole time we were waiting.”

 Marr, sitting on Fio’s lap in a special seat, repeated the same words over and over since our triumphant return to SaiWest.

 I think it was because she was still a little upset that she was left alone in the village, and also because she was really worried about us.

“Ahahaha, you keep saying that, Marr. But to tell you the truth, I was much more scared than I thought I would be, and many times I thought I wouldn’t make it back alive. It’s thanks to you guys that I was able to come back safely. I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me, especially since I was with Christine and the rest.”

After returning to SaiWest, Fio, who had been moving around energetically with her slender body, seemed to have relaxed completely when she came to our room, tipping the cup of fruit wine in her hand and occasionally bringing a plate of raspberries to her mouth. Perhaps she is that much of a drinker, but even though it was only her second glass, her cheeks were beginning to blush.

 Fio looked at Christine-san with his blushing face and smiled.

“Also~ Christine is very popular with everyone. Wood Elves, Werewolves, and Arachne all love her. I was so surprised. Although they are all girls, I’m not so sure. ……”

 As Fio said, it seems that Christine-san has stolen the hearts of many of the forest people through this battle. Since returning to SaiWest, women of all races have called out to her, looked at her passionately, and hugged her.

 Even with my dragon sensibilities, it was clear to me what kind of feelings they had for Christine-san. Though she doesn’t seem to have any intention of accepting them, she can’t just ignore them and is constantly troubled by them.

 I didn’t help her because I found it amusing to see her like this, but she was so exhausted that she became a little sloppy and distracted when she was with us.

 Stopping the cup she was bringing to her red lips, Christine-san let out a long, heavy sigh at Marr’s words. Maybe this was more severe than I thought.

“I know that they don’t mean any harm, so I can’t just brush them off. I’m tired. If this continues, I’d feel more comfortable fighting with Geren again.”

 Then she gulped down a glass of golden wine in desperation. Is she more of a drinker than I thought? Maybe she’s a heavy drinker.

“I don’t want to fight with that big guy anymore. It was so scary that it almost came out of my dreams. …… By the way, Christine-san, are the things the same, like here, for you at the Magic Academy? As Fio-chan said, you are very popular.”

 Serina curiously asked Christine as she drank the flower wine in her hands very quickly.

 I understand why she would be interested in the special environment of the city and the academy, where more people gather since she has become accustomed to life in the village of Berne and her dislike and wariness of humans have diminished.

 Christine-san replied, pouring a cup of golden wine by hand and gulping it down.

“It’s not that aggressive or blatant, but I do get a lot of letters and gifts. I also get a lot of stares. I am not a spectacle, you know.”

 Christine-san’s mouth twitched in annoyance. Fumuh, she looks pretty cute, but since she doesn’t seem to be intoxicated, is she just letting this loose and casual atmosphere get to her?

 It’s a bit unimaginable from the usual Christine-san, her reaction is more appropriate to her age of seventeen, or rather, not so special. The atmosphere of a shadowy, fragile honorable person had a certain charm because of its vulnerability, but the current atmosphere of an ordinary human being seemed more desirable to me.

 It is painful to see a person who has not yet lived for twenty years in a state of anguish that she cannot tell others about.

“Well for Christine-san’s appearance, I guess it can’t be helped. But from the looks of things, I don’t think you’ll be attracting too many of those types of people, so are you enjoying the Magic Academy?”

“It’s an honor to be recognized for my appearance, but it’s hard to be happy with an evaluation that only looks at the outside of who I am. Maybe it’s because I’m not good at socializing, or maybe it’s because I give off an unapproachable vibe,……, but it’s not that I don’t have any friends… No, umm, no.”

 She turned her face away from my gaze and started mumbling in an inaudible whisper.

 Ahh, Christine-san, you must not have many friends, I intuited. I felt sorry for her as if I was torturing her by talking about this topic too much.

“What, Christine doesn’t have many friends?”

“Uu……, t-that’s …….”

 Fio brilliantly plunged a blade through Christine-san’s heart just as she was thinking that. What’s more, Fio does not have any ill feelings towards her and blinks her eyes.

 She was so popular with the forest folk that she was surprised to find out that she didn’t have many friends at the magic academy, so she probably let it slip, but I wish she hadn’t said that.

“Eh, really?”

“N-No it’s not what I mean……. We at least greet each other, and there are even people …… who invite me to tea parties ………….”

“Ah~ Sorry. Umm. I didn’t expect Christine to be like that, you know?”

“…………Fuu, Well, I don’t care, I’m ……”

 Christine-san slumped her shoulders and began to tap the cup in her hand in silence. Fumu, she’s sulking.

 Fio seems to have finally realized that her blunder has had a profound effect, and looks around awkwardly at me and Serina. I’ve never seen Christine-san like this before, so I can’t offer a convenient solution right away.

 As I was thinking this, Serina let out a rather cheerful voice.

” My, my, Christine-san. Everyone here likes you. I really like Christine-san!! Hey, you like her too, don’t you, Doraaan-shaan~”

 Hmm? Serina’s speech is weird. She was red from neck to ears, was she getting drunk? Speaking of which, before I knew it, empty pottery and liquor bottles were lying around. ……

 Nevertheless, I agreed with what Serina said, so I nodded anyway.

“Yes, you’re right. As Serina said, I like Christine-san. Not to mention her looks, she’s a woman of courage, kindness, and a beautiful heart. I am so grateful to have met her.”

“Marr likes Christine, too! Especially when Christine’s silver hair is shining in the sun, it’s so beautiful and lovely.”

“Fufu, I like her too. I never thought I would be helped so much by the people I met when I went to save Marr, but even without that, you guys are such pleasant people.”

“I aam a Lamia, you knoww~”

 Serina said with a jovial laugh. She seemed to like the taste of the liquor, but apparently, she’s not a strong drinker. Her lower body was also moving in a strange way, I wonder if that’s what happens when a snake gets drunk.

 Ahaha, Fio laughed happily at the sight of Serina and turned the conversation to Diadora, who had barely participated in the conversation earlier but had been enjoying her drink.

 Her skin, which was so white that it appeared vague in the darkness, had not changed, and she looked almost unaffected by the alcohol.

“What about Diadora? You’ve been drinking and not talking at all. What is the point of coming here?”

“If I had known that you guys were such bad drinkers, I might not have come. Fio, do you have permission from Deo to drink alcohol?”

“What~ I don’t need my father’s permission to have a drink. You know, the flowers that I soaked in this flower wine are the ones that I carefully grew. Then it makes sense for me to drink it.”

“So the one who gets drunk wins. And as for your question, I don’t hate Christine in the least. I haven’t talked to her much, but she has risked her life to fight for us, and even after the battle, she has done a lot of work for the forest.”

“No, I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do. It’s not something to be praised.”

 As the result of the successive praise, Christine broke the silence of earlier and looked up, but her face was red for a different reason than that of the spirits. Fumumuh… looks like she’s embarrassed.

“What, Christine, you look embarrassed, huh. You have a cute side.”

“T-That’s not true. I’m not embarrassed. I’m not embarrassed at all.”

 Let’s assume that she is happy. After that, we drank one after another and had a good time, forgetting about the sadness of the farewell to come tomorrow.

 Christine’s super-racial body seemed to break down the alcohol more quickly than it takes to get her body drunk, and she showed no signs of getting drunk no matter how many cups we drained.

 This was the same for me and Diadora, who had an extremely high resistance to poison as the black rose spirit, but it was not the same for Marr, Fio, and Serina. Marr left for dreamland early and lay down on a cloth in an empty basket, sleeping peacefully.

 In Bern village, I was only allowed to drink more wine and eat more delicious food than I would have on a festival day, but here, surrounded by beautiful women from various races, I was able to continue drinking very happily.

 As the night wore on, Fio sang a traditional song of the forest people, and I sang a song loved by the frontiersmen.

 There was no instrumental accompaniment, but we were in a good mood, and our song was received with modest applause so as not to wake the sleeping Marr.

 After we had sung a few more songs, Christine, who seemed to be in a good mood and not drunk as usual, sang a song that her mother had taught her a long time ago.\

 It was a song about a hero from a distant past, from an era one cannot even figure out how long ago.

 There was a boy in a certain place. He was a boy who couldn’t leave anyone in trouble alone and was more concerned about the pain of others than his own.

 Eventually, the boy left the place where he was born and raised and visited various places. He met various people, helped people, encountered hardships, and had adventures.

 A land, floating far away in the sky. A castle, built at the bottom of the sea where no light can reach. A large lake at the bottom of a crack in the land.

 The boy meets many people, weaves bonds, and gains friends as he travels to an unknown land.

 A high elf spirit user who has communicated with all the spirit kings.

 A priestess who served a good god from a young age and was even praised as the god’s beloved daughter.

    A Grand Wizard who has revealed all the laws that govern the universe.

 A swordsman from a certain country who possesses unique swordsmanship and armor.

 A powerful warrior from a barbarian tribe living on the frontier.

 A monk who belongs to a sect and protects people with his faith and fists.

 In the course of his adventures with his friends, the boy becomes a young man, and his integrity, good deeds, and great deeds are widely known by the people.

 The young man’s fame was well known throughout the world, and he even won the hearts of some inhuman people. When he defeated the Evil Dragon that was gnawing on the trunk of the World Tree, he received the help of a dragon with white scales.

 Christine-san’s voice sounded clear and beautiful from the start, but her songs had the power to make you feel as if you were there.

 Even Serina and Fio, who had been laughing and giggling drunkenly, quickly stopped laughing when Christine-san’s lips began to weave a song, and they felt it with their whole bodies.

 When the seven heroes had defeated the evil dragon with the help of the white dragon, Christine stopped singing.

 There must be more to the story, but perhaps she didn’t want to sing any further.

 A silence fell over the room.

 When Christine-san noticed that we were silent, she turned her face down in embarrassment. It seems that Christine-san, who doesn’t blush when she drinks, turns red when she feels shame.

“Ahaha, well, I’m sorry for making you listen to my poor singing. It’s been a long time since my mother taught me and it’s been a long time since I sang.

“No, no, that’s not true, Christine-san. It was sho good, I could barely contain myself.”

 Perhaps her long snake tongue is entangled, and Serina has become even more slurred, but she nevertheless seems impressed, her blue eyes shining brightly.

“Me too, me too! I’ve never heard of a High Elf who could communicate with all the Spirit Kings, but I’m surprised. Christine has not only a beautiful face but also a beautiful voice and she can sing! It was so heartfelt, it was as if we were in the world of song.”

“I-Is that so? Haha, my mother would be happy to hear you say that. It was worth the embarrassment to sing it.”

 My heart was more at peace than it had ever been since I had been reborn as a human being.

 The content of Christine-san’s song brought back very fond memories for me. Yeah, because the young man and his friends in Christine-san’s song must have been the seven people who had taken my life when I was a dragon.

“Christine-san, did you learn that song from your mother? I’ve never heard that song before in the village, is it something that’s been passed down in your family for generations?”

 Christine-san was embarrassed, but I asked her in a very calm voice.

“Eh, yeah, it’s a song that has been passed down in my mother’s family for generations. I’ve heard it so many times since I was a little girl that I’ve memorized it.”

“I-I see.”

“Doran? What’s the matter, you don’t like it?”

 Perhaps mistakenly thinking that she had displeased me, Christine-san looked into my face with concern. Fumu, I didn’t mean to make you feel uneasy.

“It’s not that I don’t like it. I rather like it. It’s just that I was wondering if there would be a sequel after the evil dragon is vanquished. If there’s a sequel, I’d love to hear it.”

“Well, no, I’m sorry. This is the end of the song. The white dragon and the heroes slay the evil dragon and that’s it.”

 Christine-san’s expression tensed up from the joy of praise and assured me that there was no continuation, but I saw the lie there. I guess she thought that she couldn’t tell us the rest of the story.

 More than anything, I knew from first-hand experience, but I couldn’t bring myself to pursue the matter any further.

 I don’t think it’s possible, but if Christine is what I think she is, then the thread of fate spun by the three goddesses of destiny has drawn an ironic pattern. Well, no way.

“No continuation, huh. That’s a pity. It’s a shame, really.”

“Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to look so sad, and I’m sorry. ……”

 The fact that I couldn’t help but sound disappointed, and making Christine-san even more sullen, and I realized in my heart that I had failed.

 Just as an awkward atmosphere began to form between Christine-san and me, Serina hugged me around my neck and began to vigorously rub her cheek against mine, as if she had been aiming for that moment.

 It hurts, no, this will peel the skin off my cheeks!?

“Dran-shan, what are you doing to annoy Christine-san~? Shuch a bad boy wirl be punishhed!”

 Fuuh, Serina sniffed hard and began to rub her cheeks with even more force, and then wrapped the lower half of the serpent around my body in multiple layers.

 Guoo, since she’s drunk, she’s not able to control her strength! If I were a normal person, every bone in my body would be broken.

“Ahahaha, good one, Serina! This is the perfect punishment for Doran for annoying Christine-san~~”

“They’re really bad drinkers, these girls.”

 No, Diadora, if you have time to sigh, you should help me.

“D-Doran, you okay? Serina, don’t overdo it. Look, I don’t mind, a good person.”

“Fufufufu, Christine-san iss too kind to say such a thing, its not faaair. Allrighht, smile now, I won’tt punishh Dorran-shan!”

 Her breath was mixed with a thick smell of alcohol. It seems that this little snake girl had emptied several more bottles of alcohol while she was out of sight for a while.

 This liquor seems to be called tangled liquor, and in the case of Serina the lamia, it seems to be physically entangled as well. From then until the next morning, I was not released from Serina. I promised myself that if Serina ever drank again, I would be careful not to let her drink too much. I vowed to myself from the bottom of my heart.

 The next morning, after spending the night in a room filled with the smell of alcohol, we left the village of SaiWest with Olivia, Diadora, Gio, Fio, and Marr seeing us off.

 In addition to the luggage we had originally brought with us, we were also given a variety of things as thanks for our help in this battle, so our luggage was twice as large as it had been when we left the Berne village.

 Especially, Christine-san, who had gained several followers in a short period of time, they were particularly sorry to part with.

‘Onee-sama, please take this. This is a shirt I knitted with my own thread.”

‘Christine-sama, take this too. Please eat it on your way home. Here’s a fruit tart I baked for you.”

 Christine-san looked frightened and fidgety as she was surrounded by a number of women. Fuumu. It’s a complicated feeling like I’m jealous of her, but also like I want to avoid it because it seems troublesome.

 On the other hand, Serina, who was involved with me a lot yesterday, is not yet completely sober, and although she took medicine to sober up, she still seems to have a headache, so she is keeping quiet.

“Serina, are you okay? Marr fell asleep in the middle of the night, so I don’t know, but you shouldn’t drink too much alcohol.”

“Yeah, Serina had a hard time with Doran because he was involved in a double way.”[TN: Coiled around him and troubled(punished) him]

 Fio, after having stirred things up so much yourself, how dare you talk like that? I think everyone will forgive me for having a moment of resentment in my heart as I thought, that I should make it so that the spirits would not be able to talk to her for a month or so.

“Umm ……, really, I have reflected on that. I’m sorry you got scales all over your body too, Doran-san. …… Ugh, my head is all over the place~”

“I don’t mind it. Just be careful in the future, though. Now, let’s get going. If we go too late, we might miss the deadline we promised. I don’t want to cause unnecessary worry to the village.”

 When I called out to her, Serina replied in a weak, small voice, and Christine-san breathed a sigh of relief as she managed to pack the gifts from the girls into her bag.

 When it was time for us to leave, Olivia, Diadora, and the others bid us farewell.

“Christine, your encounter with Doran seems to have been a good one. As someone who knows you, I am happy for you. Serina, you also seem to be a good friend to Christine. Thank you. And Doran. You are an even better wizard and warrior than Denzel recommends. If you ever come to Galore, please come visit us at the Magic Academy. You’ll be very welcome.”

“Magic Academy, huh. I’m flattered by your excessive praise, Olivia-san. It’s a tempting proposition to meet Christine-san sooner rather than later.”

“Please think about it. Thank you once again for all your efforts.”

 Olivia bowed her head in a very elegant and graceful manner. And then Diadora, holding a small bag in her hand, stepped forward and opened her mouth in a rather blunt tone, perhaps to hide her embarrassment.

“You have helped me many times, especially Doran, so this is my way of thanking you. Please take it.”

 In the sachet she presented to me, there were several rose seeds.

“These are, I see, seeds of the black rose.”

“Yes. These are my seeds. I’ve heard that the black rose rarely blooms and that it’s a good material for potions. I’ve made it especially easy for it to bloom, so if you grow it in your hometown, it should bloom a lot. You can sell them, or use them to make potions.”

“Fumuh, this is an unexpected gift. Thank you, Diadora. Your thoughtfulness is certainly appreciated. Please come visit us in Berne sometime. It’s not a place that has anything special to offer, but I promise to welcome you as best I can. Simply because I’ll be happy to see Diadora.”

“Really? I’m looking forward to meeting Doran, too. And this is for you personally.”

 Suddenly, Diadora took another step forward, and just as the scent of black roses tickled my nose, Diadora’s lips hesitantly met mine.

 The feeling of soft, wet lips came with the scent of black roses, and my eyes widened at the unexpected action of Diadora. Diadora’s lips did not part immediately but continued to overlap with mine for a while as everyone else was surprised.

 When Christine-san saw me and Diadora kissing right in front of her, she turned red like a boiled octopus and opened and closed her mouth like a fish running out of air.

 It seems that the long kisses between Diadora and I were too stimulating for Christine-san. Her mature appearance and demeanor sometimes make her look like an old woman, but she seems to be quite new to the world. This was also surprising.

 When Diadora’s lips finally parted from mine, Serina let out a crazy scream despite her hangover headache.

“Wha-wha wha wha —–! D-Diadora-san, wh-what are you doing!? Even, I haven’t done it with Doran-san yet !”

“It’s just a thank you, you know. He saved my life, and this much is natural, isn’t it?”

 Diadora replied by turning her face away from Serina, who was trembling and screaming, but I could see that she was red from the neck to the tip of the ear, and I could not help but think that this black rose spirit, which was like the incarnation of the word “glamour,” was adorable.

 As I watched them yapping and screaming, I was able to forget some of the anxiety I had felt since the battle with Georg.

 At that time, even if only temporarily, I wielded my former power as a dragon in the Demon World, and I was worried that the evil gods with whom I had connections in my previous life might have detected my reincarnation and that they might bare their fangs at me after I was reborn as a human.


 ──── Found you. Found you, found you, found you. Ahahahha, Ufufufu, Ahahahahaha!! I thought there was no way you could have perished, but I never thought you’d have such an appearance! Ahahahaha, I couldn’t be happier to play with you again, just wait for me, Dora-chan!!


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