Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-5

Chapter 5 ──── Dear Evil

All the dragon species living in the world can trace their origins back to a single dragon. The dragon was known as the Origin Dragon.

 The Origin Dragon is the dragon of the beginning, the dragon that has been alive since the time when the world was still in its infancy, when the heavens, the earth, the sea, the sky, and time were melting together. The dragon is the source of the dragon species. A pitiful, lonely dragon.

 In the midst of his endless slumber, he suddenly realized that something other than himself and chaos was beginning to emerge around him.

 It was the oldest, purest, and greatest of the First Gods, including the God of Man, the God of Beasts, the God of Forests, the God of Night, the God of Day, the God of Spirits, the God of Light, and the God of Darkness, born from the bubbles that floated, popped, disappeared, and floated again.

 For the first time, the Origin Dragon became aware of existence other than his own, and with eyes that had awakened from their slumber in amazement, he continued to watch the gods born from chaos one after another.

 The First Gods were also aware of the Origin Dragon. However, unlike themselves who were born from chaos, they didn’t know how to treat the Origin Dragon who had existed with chaos from the beginning, so they just looked at the Origin Dragon as the Origin Dragon looked at them.

 As the Dragon continued to look at the Gods, the Gods began to be born not only from chaos, but also from the Gods themselves, and their numbers increased one after another.

 The gods of spirits, for example, gave birth to the spirits of fire, water, earth, wind, time, sky, ice, lightning, light, and darkness, as well as their kings, and created a world for the spirits to live in.

 As the number of Gods increased, they sometimes quarreled with each other, but at that time it was still a peaceful time where Gods did not destroy each other.

 Eventually, the Gods themselves gave birth to new Gods, who in turn began to create new life forms to serve them, new heaven, earth, sea, time, space, life, death, and destiny.

 In this way, the world, God, and the races living on the world began to be created, and the mind of the Origin Dragon gradually began to change.

 As he continued to watch the Gods surrounded by so many of his friends and peers, he began to feel endless envy and loneliness for his solitary existence.

 The Origin Dragon, unlike the gods, could not give birth to a new dragon from itself, and so it continued to drift in the center of the still chaotic world as the one and only unchanging being it had been since the beginning.

 Why didn’t I have any other compatriots like them or her? Why do I only exist on my own?

 The Original Dragon thought, pondered, worried, suffered, and one day came up with an idea. If he could not give birth to a new Dragon, he would tear himself into pieces and turn them into countless Dragons.

 And by mixing them with this chaos, each of them would become a unique dragon with their own soul and heart.

 If he did this, the heart of the Origin Dragon might disappear, but the Origin Dragon, who was completely exhausted by the loneliness of being alone with only himself, was more envious of the Gods around him than fearful of his own disappearance.

 He immediately shredded his wings, cut off his tail, broke his fangs, gouged out his eyes, cut off his head, and tore himself into countless pieces.

 The Gods were astonished at the suddenness of the Origin Dragon’s actions, but they did not know what to do, as they had only watched the Origin Dragon from afar and had never known its heart.

 They could only continue to watch it tear itself apart until it could no longer make itself smaller.

 As the body of the Origin Dragon became uncountably small and the flesh, bones, and blood began to mingle with the chaos around it, they began to give birth to the world in front of the eyes of the Gods, turning into uncountably small dragons, just as the Origin Dragon had wanted.

 The sight of numerous dragons being born with different colors of scales, different numbers of wings, different lengths of necks, and different sizes startled the Gods who were watching, and because the Gods stopped the arm that created the world, the world fell, the waters of the sea overflowed, and the sky became a lid, solidifying the world into what it is today.

 The Dragons born from the countless small pieces of flesh and blood were much weaker than the Origin Dragons, but they were still as strong as the Second God born from the First God, they were gods – Divine Dragons, or godly dragons – the Dragon Gods.

 From the small pieces of flesh and bones, shattered scales, and spilled blood of the Origin Dragon, Divine Dragons and Dragon Deities were born, but from the larger masses, four Ancient Divine Dragons and three Ancient Dragon Gods were born, with powers that surpassed even the First Gods.

 From the tail was Huperion, the Four-Winged, One-Headed, One-Tailed, No-Eyed, Purple-Scaled Ancient Dragon God who ” Crushes and Destroys Everything”.

 From the wings came Vritra, the Twelve-Winged, One-Headed, Eight-Tailed, Green-Eyed, Green-Scaled Ancient Divine Dragon, who is “Faster than anything else”. 

 The eyeballs bore the Ancient Dragon God Jormungandr, the Seven-winged, Six-headed, Ten-tailed, Black-eyed, Gray-scaled Dragon God who “sees through the world and the summit”. 

From his fangs, Alexander, the Ten-Winged, One-Headed, Two-Tailed, Gold-Eyed, Silver-Scaled Ancient Divine Dragon, who “Pierces through All.”

 From the limbs, the Ancient Dragon God with No Wings, One Head, One Tail, Blue Eyes, and Blue Scale, ” The Undying” Leviathan.

 From his head, Bahamut, the Ancient Divine Dragon with two wings, one head, one tail, silver eyes, and black scales, “Unbound”.

 And from the heart and soul of the founder dragon, which never stopped beating even after he ripped himself open, was born the dragon that reigned at the top of all dragons and dragons, the dragon that inherited the most mighty power and the thoughts of the founder dragon.

 In other words, the Six-Winged, One-Headed, One-Tailed, Rainbow-Eyed, White-Scaled Ancient Divine Dragon “All becomes one”──────.

In short, it was me in my previous life, concluded the story, muttering only in my mind, and announced the end of the story to the children gathered by the river.

 From time to time, I gather the children of the village in this way and tell them stories of the early days of the world and the wars of the gods, which only the highest gods could know, as my own fiction.

 The main idea of the story is actually a fact that I have experienced and remembered, but since there is no way they would believe me if I told it to them, I tell them that I made it up before telling them the story.

 When my younger brother, Marco, was about three years old, I was taking care of him, and I said to him that a normal fairy tale would not be good enough.

 In a rural village where children’s entertainment was scarce, the stories I told them while reflecting upon my previous life must have sounded like a heroic tale told by a minstrel to the tune of a harp to the innocent children of the village.

 In the beginning, it was mainly children of ten years old or younger who came to listen to the stories, but before I knew it, people older than me were also coming to listen to the stories.

 At the time, I was considered a strange child and was slightly out of the village children’s circle, but thanks to this incident, my reputation was somewhat restored. With the help of Risha and my brother Dylan, who were the core of the children, I was no longer avoided.

 As I sat down on a flat stone by the river, the children gathered around me and listened to my story, but when I finished, some of them raised their hands and asked me questions about the rest of the story.

“Hey~ Doran-san, what else is there to know about dragons?”

“The ranks of Dragons go from the order of Ancient Divine Dragons and Ancient Dragon Gods to Divine Dragons and Dragon Gods, and then down to True Dragons and Pure Breed Dragons born from Divine Dragons and Dragon Gods. The dragons up to this point are the dragons that have lived since the time of the gods. Not only the dragons but also the gods born in the age of chaos were too powerful to live in the world. They were so strong that they could easily destroy the world if they wielded their power, so even after the earth was created, the gods refrained from descending to the land and lived in the world called the heavenly world or the divine world. It’s the same with dragons, the true dragons and above were too strong to live on land.”

 When Saman, who was standing in the front row with his buck teeth, asked me a question, I made my usual habit of saying, “Fumu,” and then began to explain.

“The Dragons who decided to live on this world began to live with their power suppressed, and their descendants began to produce weaker dragons whose power was such that they were unable to destroy the world even if they wielded their full strength. The next level of dragons after the true dragons are called Old Dragons. The only way for a dragon to survive in the world is to become weak. And so the old dragons were born, and as they grew in number and generation after generation, they gradually became weaker and smaller. These dragons are the majority of what we call dragons today. Depending on their age, there are young dragons, baby dragons, adult dragons, and old dragons. Just like humans, there are babies, children, adults, and old people.”

 When it came to dragons, I was surprisingly talkative. My excitement got the better of me, and I continued.

“After that, there were those with attributes such as fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, ice, light, and darkness, as well as plague dragons that spread disease and poisonous dragons with numerous poisons in their bodies. There are also subspecies of dragons called semi-dragons, which are dragons but have the characteristics of other creatures. However, large reptiles and semi-dragons are sometimes confused, so don’t make the mistake. Nowadays, there should be Dragon Kings, Dragon Sovereign, and Dragon Emperors who unite the dragon species. The top of the dragon species on this world are six types of dragons called the Three Dragon Emperors and Three Dragon Kings. By the way, the term “dragon species” includes both dragons and dragon-like creatures. This is for the simple reason that when the first dragon ripped itself open and gave birth to many dragons and dragon-like creatures, there were more of them than dragons.”

 Saman’s eyes blinked as if he couldn’t keep up with what was being said. Hmm, I guess I got a little too heated. Before I knew it, a group of bored children was frolicking on top of Serina’s coiled tail.

 Joining the children was Letisha, who was also the leader of the village’s little ones, and she watched me with a smile, occasionally tilting her head at my story.

 It was not surprising that there were some discrepancies with the mythology of the Myrar religion, so the discrepancies between my story and the mythology must have been bothering Letisha. Nevertheless, I’m grateful that she accepted the fact that it was my own composition and listened to me until the end without interrupting the story.

 Also, there were some outsiders aside from the Bern village in the audience today.

 Fio, a Wood Elf girl living in the Entete Forest, her friend Marr, a fairy, and Diadora, a spirit of the Black Rose.

 Since the recent battle in the Entete Forest, the people of the forest, including the village of SaiWest, have begun to communicate with the village of Bern, mainly through bartering.

 Fio and her friends came to Bern with the people who brought cargo for trade, and they often enjoyed chatting with me, Serina and Christine-san.

As the children and Letisha returned to their homes and fields, Fio and the others who had remained in the village approached us, applauding.

“I’d be interested to hear what Doran has to say about the spirit gods or Yggdrasil-sama, the beginning.”

“Marr is fine with anything. Christine’s song was very nice, but I also enjoy Doran’s stories.”

 Marr’s innocent happiness is always something that can make anyone smile.

“It’s certainly natural for a Wood Elf to be curious about the Spirit God and Yggdrasil. I’ll consider it next time. By the way, how are things in SaiWest and the forest?”

“Umm, it’s fine. The other tribes are sending us lots of people and goods, and the forest purification is going well. Many children are interested in the Bern village, and there is always a dispute over who will come here.”

“Fumu, it’s a remote place, but it’s still a very different world from the Entete Forest. Understandably, young people would be interested in this place. Fortunately, the villagers were only confused at first, and the atmosphere quickly changed to one of welcome. Now we just need to get the negotiations going with the traders who are coming to the village.”

 The goods that can be obtained through trade with the people of the Entete Forest are all rare in our kingdom, which is dominated by humans. Even if you’re not an enthusiast, you’ll probably want to go to some lengths to acquire them.

 The problem is that other merchants who know about the trade between the Bern Village and the people of the Entente Forest will come here to gobble up the profits.

 The village chief and other old-timers who had experienced negotiating with crafty merchants in the early days of the northern frontier would not be exploited unilaterally, but the lack of experts was still a cause for concern.

“Since Olivia-sama told us that she would rely on her contacts in Galore to gather information, it should be okay to some extent, shouldn’t it? The people who have gone outside will also cooperate as much as they can.”

“Well, this makes it even more awkward for Olivia-san.”

“If she asks you to enroll in the magic academy, you might not be able to refuse~”

 I couldn’t deny what Serina said as her body warmed by the sun and her mood was better than ever, and I had to groan.

“Maybe it’s as Serina says. To be honest, the knowledge and title you can get at a magic academy are quite attractive. However, attending the academy would mean that I would have to leave the village for a long period of time, and I would be separated from Serina. I don’t think I’m ready to leave the village just yet.”

 Perhaps it was the warmth of the sun that lulled her to sleep, but when she heard my words, Serina seemed to wake up with her tail twitching. What part of that attracted her attention?”

“Ehh! I have to be separated from Doran-san!?”

 Serina crawled over to me with a gripping momentum and peered into my face, confusion evident in her lovely features.

“It’s possible, though. I think I’ll be the only one invited to the Magic Academy, and I won’t be able to take Serina with me. I’m sorry to say this to Serina, but it’s very difficult for Lamia to walk around the city with her head held high. As they are known to be powerful monsters that can harm humans, it would be dangerous for Serina to take them to a city like Galore. For her to succeed, she needs to be able to prove that she will not harm the people of the city if she goes with them.”

“But, but, it’s all thanks to you, Doran-san, that I was brought to the Bern village and became friends with the villagers. I’ve not been able to repay him in any way yet, and I’m really sad to be separated from him, and I hate it.”

 Her tail tumbled down weakly and her face turned down sadly, which tormented me terribly.

“Serina, this is a hypothetical story if I were to enter the Magic Academy. It’s a bit too much of a leap because it hasn’t been decided yet. But I am very happy to hear you say so, Serina.”

“Ah, th-that’s right. I’m sorry, I made a fuss based on my own assumptions.”

“Never mind. Everyone makes little misunderstandings and assumptions. For Serina, who has to look for a future husband, it would be nice to visit Galore someday, where there are many men from other races. Apart from the Magic Academy, I’m also interested in going there someday.”

“Well, I definitely want to go to a place as big as Galore, but I may or may not be thinking about finding a husband. ……”

  I could sense a hint of sweetness and sourness in Serina’s expression. The last part of the words she spoke was in an almost inaudible whisper. …… Fumuh.

 Fio was grinning somewhat mischievously, while Marle was smiling in an unsure way, and Diadora was making a face as if she had come up with a prank.

“If you ever decide to enter the Magic Academy, would you like me to go with you instead of Serina?”

 After hearing Diadora’s comment, which sounded like a beautiful ringing bell, Serina, who had been squirming, reacted by raising her tail again.

“Wa-Wa- What do you mean, Diadora-san!?”

“I owe Doran a lot of personal debt, and he seems to be a surprisingly lonely person. Even though I’m not really interested in the human world, I’m sure I can have fun with Doran. Besides, even if Lamia can’t, as a black rose spirit, I don’t look that different from humans. Isn’t that right, Doran?”

“Fumuh. Certainly, a Flower Spirit would not be considered as dangerous as a Lamia. Well, with Diadora as beautiful as she is, she might be dangerous in a different way, but it helps me to have a familiar face with me.”

“Well, now that I’ve gotten Doran’s permission. Serina, I’ll take care of Doran and you’ll stay in Bern.”

“No, no, that’s not possible. I’m going with Doran-san! Doran-san cannot go with Diadora-san, I won’t allow it—hmm!”

“Ara, why not? Doran says I am fine. If you can’t go with him, you’ll have to wait for him in the Bern.”

 No, I didn’t say I wanted Diadora to go with…….

“Well, uh, that’s, Uuuuu~…”

 Serina seemed to be unable to come up with a clear rebuttal to Diadora, bringing her hands in front of her chest, making small fists, and groaning.

Her face was so red that she looked as if she might boil if I left her like this. I’ve heard of boiling Kraken, but I’ve never heard of boiling Lamia.

 But in her excitement, Serina forgot again that this was a hypothetical story. Oh dear, what a troublesome girl …….

 Later, when Serina realized that Diadora was making fun of her, she became very upset and refused to talk to me or Diadora for a while.

 In the end, to fix her mood, I ended up buying a lot of Serina’s favorite dishes at the Bell Pavilion, the only inn, and tavern in the village, and even Fio, Marr, and Diadora, who took advantage of the situation, ordered whatever they wanted, making my wallet very light.

 Well, I didn’t mind, because Serina’s many expressions were more than worth it.

 Normally, those who come to the village to trade stay at the Bell Pavilion or camp out in the plaza, but Fio and the others were going to stay at Serina’s house, so we left the store and headed to our respective houses.

 After leaving Serina and the others, I went to my parents’ house to have dinner with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law, and my younger brother.

 I enjoyed the nostalgic taste of my mother’s cooking and was soothed by the conversation with my family. The happiness I was able to experience because I was reborn as a human being brought me the greatest peace of mind.

 Time flies when you’re having fun. As night fell, I returned home and went to sleep with a sense of satisfaction that I had spent the day in peace and safety.

 However, my consciousness, which was supposed to fall into a restful sleep to nourish my energy for tomorrow, had shifted into a different world, while maintaining its clarity.

“Intervention in my dream? Even if you are a god of dreams or sleep, you should not have the power to intervene so easily. …… Could it be Hupnos?”

 I am standing in the form of the Ancient Divine Dragon with its original six wings, white scales, and iridescent eyes in a place where a space of white color spreads.

 Everything is vague and ambiguous, a world where the boundary between false and real does not exist.

 When I went to bed according to my natural physical needs, someone dragged me into this world through the medium of my sleep.

 I felt a sense of freedom to reveal my true, genuine soul, but the discomfort of being invited to an unknown place overwhelmed me. So what comes out? As I recall, in a certain human country, ……

“They say it’s the devil or the snake.”

“I didn’t know you were familiar with such proverbs. Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Dora …….”

 I release my breath, which is a mixture of all attributes of magic, towards the shadow of the woman who appeared in front of me like a blur, without pausing for a beat.

 My Breath, which shines in the same rainbow colors as my eyes, immediately engulfs the woman’s figure. A torrent of light that returned time, space, causality, and everything else to complete nothingness stretched out to the far reaches of this strange world.

 I didn’t realize that I released a slightly stronger breath on the spur of the moment,……, but it’s okay, it’s her. That woman’s figure is…

“That’s terrible. What’s with the rainbow breath at the beginning of the encounter? Jeez, if it were in the real world, you’d be in big trouble.”

“Even if I were to wipe out the entire world, you would not be destroyed. Sorry, the last time I saw you, we were fighting, weren’t we? From the memory of having suffered so much, I just…”

“Don’t just attack someone and destroy the world. It would have been dangerous if it weren’t for me, Dora-chan.”

“I apologize again. Sorry. And it’s been a long time, my friend and worst enemy, Caravis.”

 The one who dragged me into this world where the line between reality and fiction is blurred was Al-la-Caravis, the Great Goddess of Destruction and Oblivion, one of the first and highest of the evil gods.

 She had wavy black hair and brown skin, and on her ample limbs, which could only be described as perfect, she was clad in a dark dress that had been mended by cutting out the darkness of the primordial universe and trapping the stars within.

Her lips, crimson with fresh blood, are always twisted as if she is mocking someone, and her golden eyes seem to be looking for an opening to expose the whole heart of the person she is facing.

 The contrast in size is that Caravis is about the size of my palm, and if Caravis is the equivalent size of a human, then I am the size of an adult dragon.

“You are the only one who calls me by name affectionately, Dora-chan. I’ve been waiting a long time for your reincarnation.”

 Caravis stretches her neck and pulls her face close to mine breathtakingly.

“It’s strange that I can still call you Dora-chan before and even after your reincarnation, isn’t it? There are still things in the world that even I, a supposed god, don’t understand.”

“That’s right, but how did you find me? Well, it’s been sixteen years and some months since I was reborn as a human being.”

“It’s been quite a while since Dora-chan was reborn, though. You see, Dora-chan even came down to the demon world for a little while and went on a rampage. Thanks to that, I was able to notice your reincarnation. From there on, it was my love and persistence that helped me find you.”

“Fumu, you look as healthy as ever. Mairar may be more powerful than you on the surface, but that doesn’t seem to matter much. But have you changed your form again?”

“Fufu, that’s right. I rule over destruction and oblivion.”

 With her back stretched out, Caravis spun around on the spot, and this time her red hair spewed out real flames as she transformed into a bronze-skinned female monster.

“I even forget myself. I forget what I look like all the time. Forgetting what I planned in the past and destroying it with my own hands in the future, I’m such a doofus.”

 Another turn. Her flaming hair turns into strange hair with a human face at the end. The bronze skin is dyed a poisonous deep purple, and countless eyes of various sizes open up on the purple skin.

“Because I’m like that, I might accidentally forget and destroy the world. Everyone must be careful, or else the world will disappear before you know it, you know?”

 And a third time, Caravis reverted back to the black-haired, golden-eyed beauty she had been when she first appeared to me. Oh dear, the goddess is as restless as ever.

That is enough of your antics. Caravis, my old friend. What was your reason for summoning me after my reincarnation as a human? If it is to rekindle old friendships, I will gladly comply.”

 When I asked my old friend, who was full of energy and calm, Caravis slumped down on the tip of my nose and opened her mouth in a relaxed position.

 What are you doing relaxing on someone else’s nose, you great goddess?

“Well, there’s only one answer, my dear Dora-chan. I hate you, Dora-chan.”

 Caravis stood up from her prone position and instantly moved in front of me, her smile deepening.

“Ahh, Dora-chan, Dora-chan! The dragon that transcends even the gods, who inflict fear and despair on all evil gods! My dear friend, who has killed me infinitely many times in the course of ages, infinity, eternity, and eons of time, and who has entertained me infinitely many times! I can’t stop wishing for your demise. Whenever I close my eyelids, the wreckage of the end of your fall into death forms an image! My wish is that you will live. If you are not here, a cold wind blows in my heart. Ohh, I was so lonely and sad, Dora-chan. My heart is filled with overflowing joy that you have been reborn and that we can meet again like this! Bouncing with joy!! Ached with Hatred! Driven by murderous intent!!”

 The white world around Caravis began to distort rapidly. The world is stained with colors that cannot be called colors, countless creatures’ eyes blink, lips appear, ears form, fingers extend, and organs wet with intense red filled the space.

 This world, constructed through the medium of my dreams, was a world that was under my control in every way.

 But now, that control was rapidly shifting to Caravis. Oh, Caravis, my friend, my bitter enemy. Is this what you want? Is this what you wished to give me?

“Dora-chan, this time I will bring you complete annihilation! I will never let you sleep in the underworld, I will give you complete destruction. Only I can kill you, only I can destroy you!!”

 Now Caravis’s face and body were engulfed in the blinking darkness of the stars, and only a flaming outline burned where her mouth and eyes should have been.

 The world had changed from my dream to Caravis herself. I was trapped in a situation where I was as good as swallowed in Caravis’ stomach.

“I hate that you’re alive, Dora. I’m glad you’re alive, Dora. Oh, I love you, Dora-chan! Have this, the love of the goddess of destruction and oblivion, for you!”

 Driven by rapture and hatred that surpassed even the peak of perfection, Caravis revealed her true nature as an evil goddess, and finally attacked me.

 As the world itself came at me from all directions, I simply muttered as usual,


 And then…

“What the heck, Dora-chan, you’re so strong! I thought you were weaker after your reincarnation! I tried to be serious, but I couldn’t do anything!”

 ── Caravis, whose entire body was blown off from the neck down and is slowly regenerating, is furiously raising her voice in protest in front of me.

“Even if you say so. With a Great Goddess like Caravis as my opponent, I would have to take it seriously.”

“Th-at-is ridiculous! Dora-chan is way too strong!? When I was fighting Dora-chan before I died, I was completely helpless. But, but, you purposefully let yourself be killed by humans, and then you were reborn as a human and should be vulnerable, so maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pull this off! Anyone would think so! But what is this strength! Dora-chan, you should read the air and be weaker!!”

Caravis, who had been one-sidedly destroyed by me, smacked me on the nose with both hands.

 She came at me with all the emotions that she had stored up and brewed during our separation, but she quickly surrendered before I could respond in earnest.

 With her defeat, I regained control of the world around me, and the world returned to its original color of white.

 Caravis lay down on my nose again, her cheeks puffed out in anger and her face red in protest.

 Her dress was tattered, her hair was burnt in places and had lost its luster, and she had scars all over her brown skin, so I tried to call out to her.

“Well, let’s put this aside, Caravis. You know how weak I’ve become after the fight we just had.”

“Hmmm… Well, I do think you’ve gotten much weaker, Dora-chan. But that’s only in comparison to your previous life. What do you mean you’re not as strong as you used to be? I am still the highest-ranking god in the world.”

” What, it’s a simple thing. I’ve been reincarnated and weakened, but I’m still stronger than you.”

“Ehh, ehh, I’ve just been reminded of that, but it doesn’t make any sense.”

“Don’t say that. And this strength is only for this lifetime. When my life as a human being is over and I am reborn as something else, my soul will deteriorate even further and my power will be significantly less. The curse of reincarnation that is entwined in my soul is as good as assimilated into my soul, and even with my full power, I cannot break it. And at the end of the reincarnation, it seems that the complete disappearance of my soul is waiting for me. Even if you do nothing, this curse will eventually cause me to disappear from all dimensions of existence.”

“Fuuh, I see, Dora-chan, even if I do nothing, one day I will disappear, I see, I see.”

“What, I thought you were going to start dancing for joy, but you don’t seem too happy about it.”

“I don’t like that, Dora-chan. I have as much affection and friendship for you as I do hate you. If Dora-chan is gone, then I will certainly be sad to lose you.”

” You really tried to destroy me earlier, but how dare you say such a thing?”

 I was amazed at how much my friend hadn’t changed since the last time I saw her in my previous life, but at the same time, I was happy for her, which was a very strange feeling.

 Perhaps realizing what was going through my mind, Caravis turned a sullen expression on her face. She seemed to have come up with a good counterargument.

“So, Dora-chan, why are you letting me get away with this when I’m really trying to destroy you?”

“Well, I suppose. First of all, I’ve destroyed you countless times, but I’ve never completely eliminated you. At best, it’s either killing you temporarily or weakening you to the point where you can’t do anything and sealing you up. I understand very well that no matter what I do, I cannot destroy you.”

 I thought back to the many battles I had fought with Caravis.

“There is also a strange friendship that I feel for you. You are an evil god who has done many unforgivable deeds, but at the same time, I consider you to be an irreplaceable friend. Well, with what I am saying, it seems that I have the same contradictory feelings as you do.”

“That’s what I mean.”

“Isn’t it?”

“It is, it is.”

 Caravis was laughing uncontrollably and had no dignity or dignity befitting a being called a god.

 While this is a characteristic of Caravis, if her devotees saw her like this, they would probably abandon their faith immediately.

“Well, for today, I was able to confirm that you still have so much power, so a frontal attack is useless on you, and I guess we were also able to catch up and rekindle our friendship, and even though I had a painful time, I gained more from it.”

“You couldn’t help but disturb my sleep either.”

“Sorry, Dora-chan. Here’s a kiss from the goddess to make up for it.”

 As quickly as she said it, Caravis began to kiss me on the nose with a hot, smooching noise.

 If you take it at face value, her actions were out of gratitude, but she is a nasty person who sometimes doesn’t even know herself what she is thinking behind the smile.

“I get it already, so stop making that noise. It’s indecent.”

 I picked up Caravis in front of me and rebuked her head-on.

“You really should learn to act more like a god.”

“But that isn’t like me at all. Fufu, but it is true that today I was happy to see Dora-chan finally after a long time, you know? I hope you’ll be there when I have to face off against Mairar. So, Dora-chan, I think it’s time to say goodbye for today. Do not cry because you are lonely, okay?”

“I might shed a few tears of joy that you’re finally leaving.”

“Ahahahaha, you’re as relentless as ever, you’re so harsh~. Oh well, I’ll see you again soon. Bye.”

 Caravis then threw a kiss at me and disappeared through my nails.

 After that meeting with Mairar, it’s been a while since I was able to meet up with the gods I was acquainted with, but I couldn’t help but sigh at the thought of all the trouble they would bring me in the future.

 The word ” Peace” probably exists far away from me now.

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