Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Great Wall of People

 In the half-destroyed study, the servants and maids were taking care of the mess.

 There was no point in staying there, so I went out to the garden.

 I checked my abilities under the starry sky.


Name: Noah Ararat

Minister of Justice

Gender: Male

Level: 15 / ∞

Light E+CDarknessE+C


My abilities are completely back to normal.

 They haven’t increased, nor have they decreased.

 The problem with the meteorite in my hand seems to be temporary and will return when I defeat the tentacle.

 I checked the abilities of all five of them just to be sure.

 Going through the order from the bottom of the ranks from the mock battle I had just before, I finally produced Bahamut’s flame.

 It was a ball of flame that floated about ten centimeters above my palm, thrusting it upward.

 The brilliantly shining ball of flame illuminated the entire area around it as brightly as if it were daytime.


 I heard a voice of admiration from behind me.

 When I turned around, Don had returned.

“As expected of His Highness, even in that tremendous battle, you were able to hold back your power.”

 Don was obviously marveling at the “amazing” fireball.

“Rather, you caught him?”

“Yes, he brought it to Nisir in person, and a servant delivered it to His Highness’s residence. Just …….”


“When I got there, he looked so happy that he said, ‘I was waiting’. He seemed to be happy as if his reward had come. When I threatened him a little and asked him about it, he just said, ‘I picked up a meteorite and carved letters on it’.”

“You mean he was just trying to cheat?”

“That’s what I think. Of course, there’s always the possibility that he’s acting, so we’ll keep questioning him.”

“All right, then I’ll leave you to it.”


 Don had nothing more to report, so he bowed and left.

It was nice to have my abilities back, but there was one mystery left to solve.


 The Prince who is in a fief is obliged to return to the capital once a year to report to His Majesty on the current state of the fief’s governance.

 It was that time of year, so I left Nisir and Armeria and came back to the capital where I was born and raised.

 Instead of returning to the residence of the 13th Prince in the capital, I made a straight line to visit the Royal Palace.

 I asked a familiar eunuch for permission to see His Majesty and was immediately ushered into his study.

 Entering the study, I knelt down on one knee in front of His Majesty in a familiar manner.

“Ohh, Noah, huh.”

“Your subject, Noah, here to submit my annual report.”

“Is that so. Well, I’ve heard more about you. Looks like you defeated quite a monster with just your sword.”

 His Majesty’s ears are as quick as ever.

 Even though it was just before I left, he’s already caught on.

“As expected of Noah, a Prince of the ‘Warrior Nation’.”

 His Majesty was in a very good mood.

 The empire’s official name is the ‘Meeres Empire’, which means “Warrior Nation” in the old language.

 A Prince of that warrior nation had shown his power in battle.

 His Majesty is very happy about it.

“As the one who was entrusted with not only Almeria but also Ararat by His Majesty, I have not neglected my daily efforts.”

“Umu. Keep up your diligence.”

“Yes. As for the…”

“Ahh, the report. No need for that now.”

 His Majesty stopped me from giving my report.

 I tilted my head and looked at him curiously.

“There is a diplomatic envoy here, and I need to see him first. Noah should be there.”

“As you wish.”

 If it’s a diplomatic matter, it should come first.

 His Majesty stood up after saying this and left the study.

 I followed him.

 Proceeding through the palace, I was brought to a large hall.

 The basic structure is similar to that of the audience hall, but only His Majesty’s throne is set on a raised platform about two levels high.

 It’s a room used not for office work, but for diplomatic envoys and other occasions when you want to emphasize your authority.

 The First and Third Viziers were already standing under the platform and several other officials and clerks.

 His Majesty slowly ascended the dais, and I stood underneath the dais, next to the Third Vizier.

 Although we were old acquaintances, we couldn’t greet each other here, so we only exchanged glances.

 As soon as His Majesty sat down on the throne, he held out his hand, and the eunuch at the gate said in a high-pitched voice:

“The emissary of the Rushi Tsar has arrived.” [TN: Rushi ‘ルーシ’ this may be somewhat different from what I know ‘ルシ’ Rus, and, Tsar ‘ツァーリ’ this word comes from Russian word Tsar, also spelled tzar or czar, English feminine tsarina, tzarina, or czarina, title associated primarily with rulers of Russia, but this term may be differently used in here] 

 Rushi Tsar?

 I’ve never heard that name before. Is it different from the Kingdom of Rushi?[TN: You wanna know about this Kingdom of Rus’ルシ’? this may be referring to this kingdom which existed long ago ] 

 As I waited for a while, a man came in from outside.

 He was a dark-skinned man with a bushy beard.

 When he reached the designated place, he bowed down on one knee, moving awkwardly on the spot.

 Then he said something.

 The words were unfamiliar.

“He says it’s an honor to meet you, Your Majesty.”

 One of the officials in attendance said to the king.

 I see, a translator.

 His Majesty nodded humbly, and the man said something more.

 The translator listened to the end of it and furrowed his brow.

“Well, I’m here on behalf of the …… magnificent, that …… messenger. I have a …… request to make it to the greater Emperor.”

 The translator slurred as he translated.

 His Majesty glared at the translator. Of course, it was obvious even to the casual observer that the translator was not translating well.[TN: I think I will get along well with that translator]

 The translator was drenched in sweat from the glare.

“First of all, ask him what is the Rushi Tsar?”


 The translator spoke to the man on one knee.

 And again, His Majesty’s expression grew uncomfortable.

 I don’t understand the words, but the man being spoken to is twisting his head and wondering over and over again.

 It was obvious that the words were not being understood well.

“It’s still not working.”

 Jean Brad Reydouk, the Third Prime Vizier, whispered beside me so that only I could hear.

“Do you know anything about it?”

“That seems to be a very southern dialect of Rushian. A regular translator would have difficulty.”

“I see.”

 I nodded.

 Rushi is the name of the kingdom of Rushi in the north of the empire.

 Combined with the harshness of the people, and the emphasis on military power, which is no less than that of the Empire, 

 It’s also known as Rakshasa’s Country.[TN: Rakshasha (Sanskrit: राक्षस, rākṣasa) is a supernatural being in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Rakshasas are also called “man-eaters ” (nri-chakshas, kravyads). A female rakshasa is known as a rakshasi. A female rakshasi in human form is a Rakshesha. The terms asura and rakshasa are sometimes used interchangeably.] 

 Naturally, there are a few disputes with the empire, so there are always translators to help with negotiations.

 As is the case with most translators, they can interpret standard languages, but dialects are difficult.

 This is not good. His Majesty’s mood is getting worse and worse.

 I was just thinking If this continues…

{Leave it to me.}

 I heard Bahamut’s voice.

(Leave it to you?)

{We are beings that transcend humanity and can communicate with all people.}

 What does that mean? I wondered.

{So tell His Majesty. I am here on behalf of the Rushi Tsar to form an alliance with the Empire.}

 The man’s words, which I hadn’t understood at all before, became clear to me.

 It was something that sounded like Bahamut’s words or Leviathan’s emotions.

 In that way, the unknown words I heard reached my head in an understandable way.

“I’ll convey it.”

 When I opened my mouth, both the messenger and the translator were surprised.

 I turned to his Majesty, looked up at him, and said.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty. I’m afraid I must inform you that this man is a representative of Emperor of Rushi and an envoy of the alliance.”

 Instantly, there was a buzz in the hall.

“Do you understand, Noah?”


“Ask him what the …… Rushi Tsar is.”

 His Majesty thought for a moment and then said to me.

 I turned to the man.

{What is Rushi Tsar? Isn’t it the Kingdom of Rushi?}

{We have risen from the tyranny of the Rushians. Our people have already taken control of the lands to the south of the kingdom, adjacent to the Empire. Rushi Tsar is the name of our new country.}

 I told His Majesty exactly what the man had told me.

“Fumu. Impressive, Noah.”

 His Majesty listened to my translation until the end and then looked at me with admiration.

 Since it’s …… His Majesty, I’m sure he already knows what I just told him.

 No, even if it’s not his Majesty, it’s only natural that someone in the center of national politics would know about it.

 A neighboring country in a state of sporadic warfare has had a civil war and has become partially independent.

 This is a major event that any Emperor would be aware of.

 I, who didn’t know (but should have), translated it correctly.

“That’s great, Noah. I need you to continue translating for me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What kind of alliance does the Rushi Tsar want with the Empire?”

{We have only risen against the tyranny of Rushi. We have no intention of antagonizing the great Meeres Empire. Our only wish is for lasting peace within our borders.}

” And why should we believe that?”

{We are prepared to offer our King’s mother and sister as hostages.}

 Immediately after I translated, the ministers, including the viziers, all shouted in unison, “Oooh!”

 The man bowed to me.

 Even if I couldn’t understand the words, I could tell by their reaction that I had translated them correctly.

 To offer the king’s mother and sister hostages is a big deal.

“I understand what you are saying. I will reply after consulting with my chief ministers. You may go back and rest for the rest of the day.”

{Thank you for your grace.}

 The messenger gave a final bow, stood up, and turned around to leave the hall.

 After the messenger was gone, His Majesty consulted us.

“As you have just heard. I would like to hear what you have to say.”

 The Third Vizier stepped forward and bowed slightly before answering.

“I don’t think we should be on board. Even though they have changed their name, they are still from Rushi – the Land of the Rakshaha. We shouldn’t trust them.”

 The First Vizier countered.

“We are not at war with his country. I think we should accept the offer and show him the extent of our empire. If they continue to obey us, so be it, and if they decide to jump up and down in blood, we can beat them down again.”

 The First Vizier agreed while the Third Vizier disagreed.

 The other viziers expressed their opinions one after another, centering on these two.

 After all of that, His Majesty turned to me.

“What do you think, Noah?”

 I thought for a moment.

 It reminded me about Nisir’s mansion in Armeria.

 I never imagined that what I planned to do – surrounding the mansion – would lead to a similar situation here.

“I’m all for it. In fact, I think we should actively support them.”

 The ministers were in an uproar.

“Calm down. Noah, what is your reason?”

“Yes, if you could provide a map.”

“Somebody get me a map.”

 At His Majesty’s command, four eunuchs brought out a map the size of a flag.

 The map showed the empire and the surrounding countries.

 I took a pen from the official’s office and drew another line on the map – on the border between the Empire and the Kingdom of Rushi.

 In the area between the border and the line, I wrote the word “Great Wall.”

“I thought it would be best to make the territory of the Rushi Tsar look like this.”

“Fumu. So, you mean to divide the Empire from the Kingdom of Lucy?”

“Yes. We have a long history of disputes with the Kingdom of Lucy, and despite all the measures we have taken, it has been impossible to eradicate them. In addition, they have never shown any intention of making peace.”


“On the other hand, Rushi Tsar wants to join hands with the Empire, even offering the King’s mother and sister as hostages. If that is the case, I think it would be best to use the Rushi Tsar to help create a shield against them.”

“…… I see, so it’s not a Stone Castle, but a Great Wall of Country.”

“As you say.”

 I nodded my head clearly.

 This is what I was going to do in the mansion.

 There was a time when I was almost assassinated.

Some people tried to bribe my maid, Zoe, to poison me.

 But Zoe, who felt indebted to me, turned the tables on them.

 In the same way, I wanted to surround the mansion with people who felt indebted to me.

 I didn’t have enough money this year, so I figured I’d have to wait until next year – but I didn’t expect to run into a similar situation here.

“This way, the Kingdom of Rushi won’t be able to touch the Empire without at least knocking out the Rushi Tsar.”

 Hearing this, His Majesty said.

“Umu, great work, Noah. That’s a great idea.”

“I think we can do them a favor and give them some additional support. Since the other side has just started a rebellion, they must be short of supplies. Almeria’s Hojoi can provide enough surplus food for a million people.”

“Umu! Well said. First Vizier.”


“Consult with them in that direction.”

“By your command.”

 My proposal was accepted, and His Majesty as well as the Viziers looked at me with admiration.

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