Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-4-Part-1

Chapter 4 ──── Dragon Soul, Human Body

Part I

 After parting ways with Diadora, I spread my six wings and flew through the forest. I felt that the group led by Olivier and the chiefs had almost finished destroying the demon gate and exterminating the demon soldiers, partly because Gheorud was not there. With this, only the Main gate and Georg remained.

 But even without assistance, as long as the main gate remains, the world can be turned into a demon world. Before more powerful enemies from the demon world come to our side, and before the Entete Forest is transformed into a different shape any further, the Demon Gate must be destroyed.

 I could feel the presence of hundreds of demon soldiers, but they were all keeping their distance from the gate.

 Perhaps Georg had placed them there so that they would not interfere with his battle with me.

 I was looking down from the sky at Georg standing in front of the huge gate.

 There were no trees around, and the ground was leveled, but because it was the most heavily demonized part of the landscape, there were gray clouds right above the gate and occasional flashes of purple lightning.

 The gates themselves were closed tightly, but the ground swelled and contracted in places like a heart, occasionally oozing red, yellow, or purple liquid of various colors.

 The environment of the demon world varies, but all in all, for the inhabitants of the main material world, it is a harsh place to live.

 Georg was silently looking up at me as I descended gently with each stroke of my wings.

 The quality and intensity of the fighting spirit he wore was different from last night. I could feel the atmosphere of someone who had made up his mind.

“Your companions and the other gates of the demon world have all been eliminated from this world, Georg.”

“There is no need to grieve for the results of those who fought with all their might. We are all demons who are fascinated by the interplay of life and death that shines in the struggle.”

 Georg’s attitude towards me was clearly different from the one he had taken towards his expected opponent last night.

 I could even feel his awe towards me. Maybe he has learned something more than that I am a reincarnated dragon.

 That didn’t change what I was going to do, but I could feel my own attitude changing in the face of such gracefulness.

“If only you had used that grace in a different way, we wouldn’t have been enemies.”

“So you say. However, it was a choice that I made. I would ask you to have neither pity nor sympathy.”

“Then so be it. You are the enemy that I must defeat. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“That’s what I want. I have seen you fight before in my eyes, and to this day they have never faded or gone dull.”

“Even after knowing what my soul is, you still challenge me to a fight. You are a battle maniac. You will perish in your own powerlessness. Just as many evil gods and demons have done in the past.”

 Georg watched as I slowly began to unfold my wings, which had previously been folded, and reached for his three swords.

 I’ve been reincarnated as a human being, and I’m inexplicably weaker than the former me Georg once saw, but that doesn’t mean I’ve fallen so far behind that I can’t be defeated by a madman whose soul has been driven mad by the joy of combat.

 Georg drew his three swords, his fighting spirit rising from his body like countless wisps of smoke. The sound of the hard scabbard ringing tails off and shakes my eardrums.

“Fufu, so you don’t understand that it is worth fighting for. It is precisely because you can do everything in your power and still be no match for them that you are able to burn your life and soul. Ever since I saw the battle between you and the God of War, Aldes-sama, whom I once served, I have longed for the time when we would cross blades.”

” I remembered seeing you somewhere, but you were a former ward of Aldes, huh. The dependent of a God who has fallen into the demon world is now a battle maniac. It seems that Aldes is not very good at holding the reins of his dependents.”

“I was chased from the heavenly realm because I took an inordinate amount of pleasure in getting drunk on the blood and cutting each other’s lives in the middle of battle. Now that I have the opportunity to fight you, which I have dreamed of in an unexpected place and at an unexpected time, I do not wish to fight in a place where I can only wield insufficient power. Therefore, I understand that you will be very unhappy, but I will have you come to the demon world with me.”

 At the same time as Georg’s voice, pillars of light that changed color every moment stretched up to the sky from the four directions around the demon world gate. When the four pillars of light reached the clouds above my head, they connected with each other and I was trapped inside the cube of light. However, Georg’s aim was not to trap me in this cube of light.

 The gates to the demon world, which had been closed until then, slowly opened to the left and right, and I could see a passage leading to the demon world behind them.

 I could feel the miasma-laden wind of the demon world blowing, and the space inside the cube of light was slowly beginning to separate from the normal space.

“Now, I invite you to come to my demon realm territory, O ancient divine dragon!”

 Still, you are planning to temporarily transfer the space inside this cube to the demon world? It seems to be a time-limited technique, but it’s a very bold move. However, I am grateful for the fact that there will be no interruptions from the others and that I can fight without worrying about the attention of others.

 While I was thinking about this, the space inside and outside the cube was completely cut off, and Georg and I just quietly transitioned into the demon world, the world of the evil gods, without a sound or a tremor.

“It’s not polite to invite someone in when they don’t even respond.”

 Immediately after the light intoxication and floating sensation that accompanied the crossing of space, the atmosphere of the world surrounding the cube had clearly changed.

 Looking up overhead, I saw a space that changed into various colors as far as the eye could see, and something that could not be described as light or dark was blinking countless times. They were the many small demon worlds or the suns and galaxies that existed in this great demon world.

 When I looked down to the ground, all I could see was a desolate and boundless wilderness.

“What a lonely place I’ve been invited to. You say it’s a territory, but there’s not even a castle.”

 The wind carried white dust, which may or may not have been there, and it drifted by our feet. Soon, the cube of light unraveled, and I realized that I had completely arrived in the Demon World.

 It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, but I never thought I’d be here again after being reborn as a human, you never know what the future holds.

“Originally, we were like mercenaries on the stream. We are not related to the life of royalty and nobility, so please forgive us. Besides, this is a place we use for private fights. It’s no wonder the scene is so quaint. Then please accept my hospitality. The heart of the first dragon, one of the seven primeval dragons, slayer of the gods and demons, the scourge of the seven colors, destroyer of rainbows, the most feared dragon of the evil gods!!”

 The miasma and magical power of the demon world filled Georg’s entire body, and cracks appeared all over his body, revealing his red-hot body like lava.

 Georg’s transformation progressed further, and his huge body grew even larger, with visible concentrations of fighting spirit that could not be contained within his body spewing out of the cracks that ran throughout his body.

 Twisted horns grew from his shoulders, head, and elbows, revealing Georg’s true form and power.

“That spirit is good. I’ll grant you your wish. In exchange, I will annihilate your entire existence.”

“If I can cross blades with you, I have no hesitation in paying such a price. But don’t think that I will just lose. Let my sword cut down your arrogance!”

 I also spread my wings, filled my long sword with Draconic Magic, and finished preparing to engage in battle.

 Georg then made his move. In this Demon World, where his true power can be demonstrated, Georg’s power has been raised to a realm that cannot be compared with what was last night. Or should I say, his power has returned.

 The fighting spirit emitted from Georg’s entire body is now functioning as a weapon in itself, and those beings in the mortal world would crush the spirits of anyone they touched.

 Georg, who had closed the distance to me in the blink of an eye, swung three large swords down from the top.



 My Dragon-Claw Blade collectively repels the three large swords. Georg’s and my own power clashed with each other, and the shockwave spread to the surroundings, shattering the wilderness land where the gate of the demon world towers and the whole area around the center of us caved in heavily.

 Georg struck me again from three sides with the big sword that had been flicked away, but two of the three swings were flicked back with Dragon-Claw Blades, and I ducked to avoid a strike of the horizontal blade that came to cut my neck.

 As I dodged, Georg came at me with the shield on his lower left arm, but I responded with a front kick to the right.

 The shield took a big dent from my kick, and its owner was blown far back. As he slammed into the rock piles scattered throughout the wilderness, Georg moved away from me until he was a large distance away, and he slowed down by propping his feet up on the ground, finally regaining his stance.

 Georg thrusts the great sword he holds in his upper arms up to the sky. A black cloud formed at the tip of the sword, and it quickly spread, filling the entire sky of the wilderness.

“Let the heavens ring, Heaven Roar Strike!”

 At Georg’s command, the sky was filled with black clouds, crying out, and dark thunder flashed.

 Furthermore, when the great sword of his right arm was thrust into the ground below him, a tremendous amount of power flowed into the ground beneath his feet, and in the blink of an eye, the earth was also under Georg’s control.

“Let the earth rumble, Earth Howl Strike!”

 The epicenter of the earthquake was the spot where Georg’s greatsword had been thrust, and it caused an earthquake that made it impossible to even stand on the desolate earth. Although earthquakes are meaningless to me as I fly with my six wings, it won’t end just like this.

 When I was within a hundred steps of Georg, the thunder of the black clouds increased in number and the trembling of the earth intensified without limit.

 Then Georg pulled out his greatsword, one pointing to the sky and the other to the earth, and pointed the tips of each at me.

 Georg’s eyes, which shone behind his lacerated helmet, were no longer filled with awe for me, but only with a fighting spirit for the enemy, he must slaughter with all his might.

“Take this, Heaven and Earth Calling !!”

Along with Georg’s shout, countless black thunderbolts poured down on me from the heavens like rain, and the earth shattered into countless pieces and shot out as huge rock cannonballs.

 Georg, a fallen deity, originally had the authority as an omniscient and omnipotent being in the mortal world. Now that he has returned to the demon world, the techniques that Georg unleashes are incomparable to those of the mortal world.

 I dodged the black lightning that was pouring down on me, and continued on my way, sometimes using my Dragon-Claw Blades to slash through the huge rock cannonballs that were being launched from below.

 The black lightning released by Georg’s will deviated from the normal laws of nature, and even after I avoided it, it followed me in an arc, coming at me with its lightning fangs, ready to bite me.

 The same goes for the shells of the earth, which ignore the effects of gravity and shoot over my head, then follow me like black lightning.

 I turned around and released the magic power in my claw blades. The magic power of the Dragon-Claw Blades is unleashed in one fell swoop, and the length of the cutting edge extends to pierce the black clouds above my head.

“Cleave them all together!”

 My Dragon-Claw Blades, extending as if it were a million thunderbolts, swung down from the heavens to the earth in one fell swoop, slicing through, or rather swallowing, the black thunder that was chasing me, the shells of the earth, the black clouds above my head, and even the shattered earth at my feet.

 At the end of the roar that pierced my eardrums and shook my brain, my Dragon-Claw Blades split the sky and earth in half, the black clouds scattered by the overflowing magic power, the ground collapsed to the end, and fell into the infinite space of all colors.

“It’s not going to be easy, is it? That’s why it’s worth the wait. Let me see if you can detect the strikes of my three swords, the Three Thousand Great Flashes of Slaughter! Keeeeeaaaaaaa!!”

 The three large swords that were still pointed at me emitted a dazzling light. At that moment, each large sword turned into a thousand flashes of light, and they came at me like a wall.

 In the face of these flashes of light that pierce everything, both physically and spiritually, I hold my long sword so that it straddles my left shoulder, and with my left arm held with five fingers open, I cross my arms so that it straddles my right shoulder.

 Furthering the mutation of my left arm into a dragon, my left arm turns into a dragon arm from the elbow to the fingertips in the blink of an eye. The skin was replaced by white scales, and thick, sharp claws extended from my fingertips.

 I swung both of my crossed arms down faster than a flash of light, and I crushed the three thousand piercing flashes that loomed before me into dust.

 I crushed those flashes of light, and with my arms in the down position, I let out a wild dragon roar deep within my throat.

 It is a dragon language magic that can be used only by high-ranking dragon species to paint over the entirety of nature and the laws of the world with their own will.

 I had remodeled my vocal cords, lungs, and mouth into those of my previous life. I changed the part of my throat into the dragon species and concentrated the magic power in my mouth, and spit out the compressed and amplified magic power.

 Along with dragon language magic, dragon breath is one of the greatest weapons of the dragon species. And I blew that breath out at Georg.


 The sharp teeth of the dragon species are lined up in my wide-open mouth, and a pure white radiance overflows from the depths of my mouth, and a white mist-like breath extends into space in front of me.

 All the fragments of light scattered in the air and the miasma in the air were dissipated, and my breath gained momentum to swallow Georg’s huge body.

 In response, Georg protected himself with the shield on his lower left arm. Furthermore, the surrounding space suddenly distorts as if a shimmer were created, and the distorted space further twists and accumulates in front of Georg’s shield. By drawing in and compressing the surrounding space, Georg created a thick shield of distorted space.

 As long as space itself is used as a shield, it forms an invincible defense that no blade can ever penetrate unless it has the power to act on the space.

 However, it is the breath of the true dragon species that burn through time, space, all matter, and all spiritual things.

 Although my body has been degraded by my reincarnation as a human, my breath, which was once the highest of the dragon species, still has the power to burn through space and time.

 As proof of this, the multiple distorting space shields that Georg deployed were destroyed from the moment they were touched by my light mist breath.

 Just as all of the spatial shields were about to burn up, Georg swung the swords in his upper arms forward, and a rift appeared in the distorted space.

 As the rift slowly widened, Georg leaped his body without hesitation. Without a moment’s pause, there was a tremor of space-time above my head.

“I was waiting to leap here!”

 I immediately stopped radiating my breath and looked up above me. My eyes, glowing with seven colors, caught sight of the space above me being sliced open and Georg’s huge body falling from behind it.

“Your head is mine!”

“It’s not a cheap head to give to you.”

 In a second, slashing through the air, Georg’s great sword drew three trails towards me. Each blade had a swiftness, destructive power, and sharpness befitting a demon who was a dependent of the god of war.

 However, I was able to fully grasp the transformation of the body into a dragon and the way in which the Draconic Magic was put into it. I will go for the counterattack. And from my throat, which is still dragonized, the roar of a dragon raging in battle spills out.


 A single strike from my Dragon-Claw Blades. With that, Georg’s sword from his upper left arm, which came to crush the right half of my body, was shattered to pieces from the middle of the blade.

“Nuuuu, not yet!”

 And then, I used my left arm, which had been completely transformed into a dragon, to knock away the large sword on Georg’s right upper arm, which fell like a meteorite.

 The dragon claw on my left arm drew five trails and cut Georg’s greatsword into six pieces. In addition, I flipped my left arm, aligned my five fingers, and cut off Georg’s upper right arm from the elbow with the dragon claws lined up like a sword.

 And the third strike. The sword on Georg’s lower right arm was drawn backward and thrust out with a force that scattered the purple light.

 With an even faster strike, I cut off the wrist holding Georg’s greatsword. The right hand, still holding the sword, spun around in the air and flew away.

 Even faster than the blood spurting from the severed right elbow and wrist, Georg, without regard to the pain, struck at me with the shield on his lower left arm.

I swung my Dragon-Claw Blades, which I had regained a grip on with both hands, straight at Georg’s shield, which filled my field of vision.

“My entire spirit……”

 The shield, the hand holding the shield, and the top of Georg’s huge body from the top of his head to his crotch begin to shift vertically along the trajectory of my dragon-claw blades swung down in a single vertical line. Slowly after that, the black blood begins to overflow like water oozing out.

“Couldn’t reach it!”

 The black blood falls like a waterfall, soaking the earth, and Georg’s body, which was cut in half by my strike, falls on its back, splitting in two.

I exhaled gently.

 The technique that had dragged me into the demon world had been triggered by the demon world gate, the life of the Entete Forest that had been sucked up so far, and Georg’s own soul.

 Now that Georg has fallen, the technique has failed, and in a short time, the area around the gate will be returned to the Entete Forest.

 The destruction of the gate will come after returning back.

 I approached Georg’s head, which had fallen on its back. It’s not just the body that’s been cut in half, but the soul as well, though there’s still a little bit of life left in it.

“Oh, that……, was ……, very …….splendid. I……knew…..I was……no match for you.”

“You too have shown great determination and fighting spirit. Your determination and fighting spirit were no less than Aldes’s.”

“Ohh, oh, coming…..that…… fr…….from…….to…me. I am flattered …… by the compliment, however.”

“However, you must pay for the cruelty of killing the innocent people of the mortal world. O fallen God of War, consider the blade I wield as the blade of the forest people whose lives you have taken.”

“Th……I ……, know …… that ……, well………….”

 Before Georg could say his last words, the light of his life was extinguished, and his body turned into particles of light mixed with black and white and disappeared into the miasma of the demon world.

 I paid my respects to the last figure of the fallen god of war, sheathed my long sword, and mourned.

The people of the Entente Forest, whose lives were taken by Georg and the others, I have avenged you with my own hands. Therefore, please allow me to pay my respects to Georg at this moment.

—-Part I end—

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