Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-2

Chapter 3 ──── Profusion of Evil Flower Spirit

Part II

“Let me give you a treat. My fog doesn’t just suck the life out of things, you know. It can also be used in this way.”

 The blue mist began to swirl and concentrate in Rafarasia’s right hand, palm facing upward, and Diadora perceived acutely that the mist changed its color from blue to red in a matter of seconds, and that an immense power was beginning to develop there.

 She instantly understood the source of the power, and her white face took on a new color of hatred. In all her life, Diadora had never felt so much hatred.

“You, is that the life you sucked out of everyone?”

 Rafarasia clapped her hands and applauded the blood-curdling words that came out of Diadora’s lips.

“Correct. I can take the life I’ve sucked out of you and turn it into the power to destroy and release it to the outside world like this, you see? Life, along with the soul, is the most powerful thing in this world. If you turn it into the power to destroy, this is what happens.”

 Rafarasia’s turned her right palm from the sky to Diadora, and the red crystal of life energy that formed a sphere on her palm shot out to Diadora at light speed.

 Diadora twisted the thorns of the black rose that extended from her black hair around one of the rocks, and by pulling her body at high speed, she succeeded in avoiding the energy ball that emitted an enormous force to the surroundings.

 The life energy ball that landed on the ground where Diadora was standing a moment ago made a roaring sound like a hundred lightning bolts were dropped and made a huge hole in the land.

“What do you think? Isn’t it pretty amazing? Your friend’s life might have been mixed in with that one. Shouldn’t you accept the power of your precious friend’s life? There you go. Let’s go next!”


 When Rafarasia held her small hands together in front of her flat chest and opened them on both sides, a number of glowing life energy balls of light appeared.

 And from between her hands, the life energy ball shoots out again, drawing many red trails in the sky. Overtaking, exceeding, and intersecting in midair, they closed in on Diadora from all sides in a complex trajectory, as if each one were a living being with a will of its own.

 Diadora swiftly ran her eyes in all directions, and when she realized that there was no space to avoid them, she immediately used a whip made of several bundles of thorns to strike one of the energy balls that was closest to her.

 The thorns, which were filled with Black Rose Spirit magic, had some of their tips torn off as soon as they touched the energy ball.

 Because the conscientiousness of the thorns was cut off just before the thorns were flung away, there was no pain returned to Diadora, but the shock wave created by the flicking of the energy ball struck her cheek.

“Oh, so you can at least play. But you can’t take all the lives if you just play one and look like that. Normally, I would tell you to give up and die quietly, but that would be no fun. …… Well, first of all, let’s cut those long legs in half. That would be good!”

“You can say that all you want!”

 Diadora, who is still surrounded by energy balls, suddenly brought the index and middle fingers of her left hand together and lifted them upward in a gesture.

 If Rafarasia had looked at Diadora at this moment, she would have noticed that a thorn had slipped through her glossy black hair and into the ground.

 It was hidden from Rafarasia’s view, but she immediately turned her gaze to it when she sensed a vibration coming from the ground.

 The ground cracked with a small sound, and dozens or hundreds of sharp-tipped stinger extended out to skewer Rafarasia’s entire body.

 The thorns of the black rose that had been stretched out beneath the ground somehow spread out in all directions, and now the threat was laid bare.

“Did you think I couldn’t suck it up while I was letting life energy out? What a shame~!”

 The sting of the black rose turned to dust from the tip as Rafarasia draped a blue life-sucking mist around herself.

Depending on its use, the black rose skewer could kill an army of ten thousand at once, but Rafarasia didn’t even get a scratch.

 Rafarasia smiled triumphantly in front of the sting that crumbled into dust one after another. But Diadora’s ridiculous voice shook her ear.

“Yes, it’s a shame for you too. Even if you’re proud of your life energy attacks, it’s meaningless if it doesn’t hit.”

 The life energy balls that surrounded Diadora were also skewered by the countless stingers that stretched out from the ground, then popped off and disappeared.

 The shock waves generated when the energy balls burst were blocked by the multiple layers of stingers that stretched out like armor to protect Diadora. For Diadora, she originally extended the stingers through the roots from under the ground to prevent the energy ball from hurting her, not to hurt Rafarasia.

“You’ll only extend your life a little by doing that. The more you resist, the more time you will spend in pain. It’s annoying, but I want to give you as much pain as I can, and that’s a real problem.”

 Once again, countless red spheres of condensed life energy appeared around Rafarasia, illuminating the surrounding area in a ghastly red glow.

 The energy balls pulsate like a heart, sucking in the sunlight, wind, and even the miasma of the demon world that erodes the mortal world, and each time it does, it grows slightly larger and increases the power it contains.

 What a brutal and cruel nature of Rafarasia, who uses even her own homeland, the demon world, as her own food. And there is no doubt that Diadora, who suffers the hatred and rage of this, will die a horrible death that she can’t help but turn away from and cover her ears.

“First, I will cut off your legs to stop you from moving, then I will rip off your hands and you can crawl on the ground like a caterpillar. Then I’ll take my time with you. You’ll be my toy until I get tired of you.”

 The energy balls that had been floating around Rafarasia like human souls wandering in this world all attacked Diadora at once.

 A new energy ball was created from the edge of the release, and a constant barrage of bullets was stretched between Rafarasia and Diadora.

 The dense barrage that couldn’t be prevented by the same stingers as last time seemed to touch some part of Diadora’s bewitching body this time.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be your toy. Don’t worry. I will not treat you like a toy and I will destroy you immediately.”

 When the energy ball was right in front of Diadora, dense darkness suddenly covered her body.

 It was a deep darkness that sucked in all the light, even if it came in, and never allowed it to shine through. No, rather than darkness, it would be more accurate to describe it as blackness, or black light.

 The blackness that hovered around Diadora like a highly viscous fog swallowed up the Energy Ball from the moment it touched her.

 Rafarasia understood what Diadora had done and her eyes flashed with disdain as the life energy ball disappeared and the surrounding miasma and magic power were sucked into the black-light one after another.

“You really are annoying, you know that? What, you are doing the same thing as me when you are a flower spirit of the mortal world?”

“Black is the color that swallows everything. Black is the color that exists at the end of mixing everything together. The rose with black petals is a Magical Flower that devours those with all colors except its own. I had sealed it away as a power that I would never use to live in this forest, but since I’m dealing with an evil spirit like you, there’s no need to spare it. I will suck your filthy life as well as the lives of everyone you have sucked, so be grateful.”

“Ahahaha, you’re right. Then, let’s have a match to see who can suck the other’s life first. I’m the one who’s going to win, though!”

 Rafarasia dared to take up Diadora’s challenge, stopped turning her life into destructive power, and let the life-sucking blue mist rush out of her small body again.

 Diadora also released a black light that engulfed everything from her rich limbs, and they both released mist and light to suck the life out of the other.

 As the blue mist absorbed the black light and assimilated it, the black light also painted the blue mist and dyed it black.

 Through the fog and light, the two were sucking each other’s life as if they were exchanging it. The back-and-forth battle continued, and the two colors of light, blue and black, illuminated the surroundings, giving them a strange glow.

 The surrounding earth and wind, as well as the magic power, spirit, and ether that resided in space, were sucked into the clashing surface of mist and light. The battle between Rafarasia and Diadora was in itself a battle that greedily devoured all things around it.

 The battle between the two, in which both sides were grinding away at each other’s lives, created a state of antagonism for a while, but it was Diadora who bent the knee first.

 Perhaps it was the difference between those raised in the harsh demon world and those raised in the rich mortal world, but the blue mist gradually swallowed the black light at a faster rate, and the two colors that illuminated the world suddenly began to grow bluish.

 Once the balance was broken, it didn’t take long for the scales to tip.

 When Rafaraisa, realizing her advantage, smiled with pleasure and torment and increased the momentum of the mist, Diadora’s black light was overpowered and the blue mist filled the entire area.

 In the midst of the blue mist that would take away your life if you touched it, only Diadora’s surroundings were illuminated by the black light, and that was the only place where life other than Rafarasia’s existed.

“Well, it wasn’t much to talk about. That last bit of your struggle is over. I guess your last stinger is over now. The small fries you brought with you are too busy dealing with the demon soldiers. It looks like they don’t have time to help you. That’s right! Once I’ve broken your arms and legs, I’ll tear them down one by one in front of you. I’m sure you’ll look very good if I do that. Fufu, fufufufu, that sounds wonderful.”

 Rafarasia smiled ecstatically at her words and the scene she had envisioned, and Diadora slowly opened her mouth without becoming agitated or shining her black light again.

 Her lips were glossy vermillion, and her words were spun without hesitation. Her tone, without fear or anger, made Rafarasia’s nerves tingle.

“You’ve sucked up so much of my life. Isn’t your body full of it?”

“Fufu, yeah. Of all the flower spirits’ lives I’ve sucked in this forest, yours is the deepest, with the strongest hatred. It’s very tasty. I might even go easy on you so you don’t die and make you my meal.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear it was palatable. It’s the last thing you’ll taste in this world, so enjoy it as much as you can, even though there’s not much left.”

“Ara, are you out of your mind? How can you possibly beat me in this situation? Do you really think that someone will come to your aid? Do you expect that human man who interfered yesterday during the battle to come to your aid? After that, I will take good care of him together with you, so you can look forward to that time.”

 Diadora laughed softly and pointed to her right cheek. This is where the wound was made last night on Rafarasia’s cheek.

“He is not an easy man for you to deal with. By the way, isn’t there something wrong with your cheek?”

 Diadora’s point was spot on, and Rafarasia involuntarily reached out her right hand to her scarred right cheek. The moment she and Diadora started sucking on each other’s lives, a faint itch and tingle began to form under the skin of her right cheek.

 The itch had rapidly intensified the moment Diadora had pointed it out, and now it felt disgusting as if tiny insects were crawling under her skin.

“What-what is it? K-Kyaa, what, what is this pain?”

 The itching and tingling did not subside, and Rafarasia involuntarily held her right cheek with both hands. At that moment, with a small cracking sound, thorns with countless small stings began to break through the skin and spread across her face, mainly on her right cheek.

 The thorns, wet with drops of Rafarasia’s blood, are black. A black rose blooms here and there on the thorns, sucking Rafarasia’s blood. It was a black rose that swallowed up all the colors and painted them over.


 When Rafarasia grasped the thorns in her small hands to pull out the black rose that bloomed on her face, the countless stings grew out at once and skewered both of Rafarasia’s hands.

 Furthermore, it sucks the blood from the wounds, and thorns and roots grow inside the body from the wounds, ripping the flesh and breaking the blood vessels to start sipping Rafarasia’s blood and life.

Thorns grew from behind the eyeball of her right eye, and thin roots popped out of her throat, nostrils, and ear canals, filling Rafarasia’s upper body with black roses.

“Why, a rose is blooming …… from inside my …… body!”

“Didn’t I put a scar on your cheek during the battle yesterday? At that time, I implanted a small, really small, black rose seed in your cheek. If not on the outside, then on the inside.”

 Penetrating Rafarasia’s white throat from the inside and penetrating her thin fleshy thighs, the thorns and roots of the black rose covered the entire body of the evil flower spirit, and a human-shaped black rose object was being created.

 It’s not only the pores of the body that are being pierced, but also the skin and flesh of the entire body, and Rafarasia, who is being completely humiliated, let out a pained voice in a broken voice.

 Her mouth is filled with black roses, and the mere movement of her tongue is punctured by countless stabs, forcing more bloodshed.

“That’s righ-that’s, right, I noticed …….”

“To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure if I could get through to you. But thanks to you sucking my magic and life, it seems to have worked. Since it’s my seed, the best source of nourishment is my own magic and life. See, the thorns are already entangled in your heart. Soon it will suck out your life and the black rose will bloom. At least be the food of the black rose, scatter your life, and give back the life you took from this forest and from everyone.”

“Ahh, no, no, no. I ……. I’m the princess of the flower that blooms, by sucking all life,……, mana,……,…………. ah, ahhh, ahhhh, my life, my life is ahhhhh ………… ah …… ah …… ……”

 The final scream that came out of Rafarasia’s throat, as if squeezing the last of her life out of her, reached its peak and then lost power with a horrific drop. Finally, all of Rafarasia’s life had been sucked up by the black rose.

 Rafarasia’s entire body was covered in black roses with countless large flowers as if there was a statue of a black rose that barely looked human.

 Finally confirming that she had completely sucked the life out of her bitter enemy, Diadora collapsed to her knees.

 She had forced herself to remain calm while Rafarasia was alive, but the amount of life that had been sucked out of Rafarasia’s body before the seed that had been embedded in her body sprouted was not a small amount, and it had severely weakened her body and soul.

 Her long black hair and white cheeks were wet from the cold sweat that poured out of her, and her breathing became ragged.

 Resisting the urge to collapse and fall asleep, Diadora looked at the wall of magical flowers surrounding her.

 The wall was still standing even after the death of Rafarasia, who had created it, and the clamor of the battle between the wood elves and the demon soldiers could be heard through the wall.

 It wasn’t too difficult to break down the wall of magical flowers that were no longer being supplied with magic by Rafarasia. But it would take some time for the exhausted Diadora to recover enough strength to break the wall.

“I never thought I’d have to wear myself out like this. I think I’d lose to a sapling wood guy right now.”

 Still, she managed to recover enough to be able to talk lightly about it, and as she wobbled to her knees and stood up, she suddenly saw some shadows in the sky.

“It’s the demon soldiers!”

 Some of the demon soldiers, perhaps sensing Rafarasia’s death, climbed over the demon flowers and moved to take the life of the weakened Diadora.

 More than a dozen Zelts leaped into the air. The demon soldiers, who looked like flat-footed lizards, spread their blade-like fingers wide and attacked Diadora.

 In the face of the foreboding of the end of her own life, Diadora was about to shut her eyes when a winged figure suddenly intervened from the side, blocking her view.

 The figure, with six wings outstretched from its back, muttered this and cut down all the demon soldiers.



 Diadora couldn’t help but mention the name at the sight of a man who shouldn’t be here.

 Doran watched as the Zelts he had cut down disappeared into tiny particles, and then looked back at Diadora, who had taken cover behind him, and gave her a small smile.

“Why are you here? You went with Christine and Serina, didn’t you?”

“I came to check on the situation over here after I had defeated Geren and Gheorud, but it was a close call. It looks like I made the right decision coming here.”

 While Doran was answering Diadora, he lightly poked the ground with the tip of his long sword, and a magic circle emitting rainbow-colored light was drawn around the point where the tip touched.

 As soon as it appeared, the rainbow-colored magic circle began to emit clean and mellow magic power and life force inside the magic circle. Diadora’s body and soul were instantly filled with energy and her wounds were healing.

“It is a protection and healing formation. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard anymore.”

 She had been looking at Doran with surprise as he grew six wings on his back, but suddenly a soft light appeared in her black agate eyes, and her bewitching lips formed an innocent, childish smile.

“I know I said you were strange last night, but I didn’t think you were this strange.”

 The tone of her voice, which sounded like she was teasing him, or even amused, made Doran feel a sigh of relief in his heart, even though he had been somewhat defensive.

 He had unknowingly avoided the amused gaze of the black rose spirit in front of him.

“Are you talking about this?”

 He lightly moved the wings on his back, which had been folded up. Diadora did not hide her curious gaze as the wings made a rustling sound.

“Yeah. There is that, but I’ve never thought of a human body with a dragon’s soul. Since I’ve never even seen a real dragon, and to meet a dragon reincarnated as a human before that would be even more unusual.”

“I can’t deny it, but surprisingly, it’s not impossible that you too were a dragon in your previous life or the life before that, merely because your memory has been purified. This is what reincarnation is all about.”

“Well, I don’t know. By the way, I wonder how long it will stay like this.”

 Diadora poked at the invisible wall of the formation with her right index finger.

 Her eyes, which seemed to suck in her soul, were narrowed to half-lidded, revealing a childish side unimaginable from her usual bewitching appearance.

 Doran relaxed and smiled at Diadora’s unexpectedly innocent gesture.

“It’s better to stay where you are until you recover from injuries and regain your strength. I’m going to finish up this with Georg.”

“I would say I’m coming with you, but I don’t think I can keep up with you with those wings. If you could carry me, I could go with you?”

Diadora then gently reached out her hands to Doran’s cheeks and whispered sweetly to him, like a seductress who visits a man’s bedside in the dark of night.

 It may not have been Diadora’s intention to do so, but because she is not a human being, but a master of extraordinary beauty, she is as glamorous and bewitching as if she were using a charm spell.

 Her hands were so thin and soft that they could easily be broken with just a little effort, and Doran felt as if he were holding a rose in his hand. The other party was the Black Rose Spirit, so that impression was probably not wrong.

“I’m sorry, but it’s easier for me to fight Georg on my own. I’ve already eradicated the demon soldiers that Rafarasia was leading by hitting them with [Energy Rain] when they came here, so there’s no danger for now.”

“Yeah. I’m sure that’s true if you say so. Judging from the fight earlier, it seems that Doran will not lose against any enemy, so let me worry about something else. Don’t use too much power and destroy the forest, okay?”

 At Diadora’s joke, Doran’s face broke into a smile that he could clearly see. It was unusual for him, he thought.

“I’ll be careful. If I offer to help and then become a destroyer myself, I’ll be the one on the other side. Now I must go.”

“Yes, I wish you good luck, Doran.”

“Thank you.”

 After breaking the surrounding walls and the Demon World Gate that Rafarasia was guarding, Doran left Diadora with only words of gratitude.


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