Person With Inferior Ability Vol.2-Chapter-5-Part-1

{Chapter 5} Reunion with Peers

Part I

 Hiroto arrived at Miramar.

 It took six hours by air, once to the airport of the country next to Miramar, where he met the local guide, a middle-aged man named Gwen, who was requested by the agency, and from there it was another nine hours by land without rest.

 The border between the two countries was very tight and he was a little nervous, but he was able to get through without any problems. From here, Hiroto headed to Yangra, the second-largest city in Miramar, the meeting point for the request.

 There he would meet up with Shitenji Mizuho and Marion Mia Shurian to discuss the future direction of the mission.

 For him, Mizuho and Marion were his classmates in the rookie examinations, and he knew them well.

 But …….

“I don’t think Shitenji-san and Marion-san will remember …….”

 Hiroto muttered to himself as he looked out the window at the unplotted countryside in his car on the rough road.

 Immediately, he shook his head and slapped both cheeks.

“No, it’s the usual thing! I’ll just start over from scratch!”

 He said and put all his energy into his eyes.

 Gwen, the driver, as well as the guide, saw Hiroto in the passenger seat and thought he was nervous, so she spoke to him in Japanese with a slight accent.

“We’ll be there soon. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you get to your destination.”

“Thank you very much. Gwen-san.”

“Miramar is definitely in turmoil, but it’s managed to keep the peace. It’s not as safe as Japan, but it’s not that bad either.”

“Oh, I see. I wonder if that’s because the people of Miramar have a calm temperament.”

 Hiroto had heard about the situation in Miramar from the agency beforehand. He had also done some research on his own, but only on the Internet level. From the little information that he had, he learned that Miramar was in political turmoil and that there was no telling when it would turn into a civil war.

 Therefore, what Gwen, his guide, told him was surprising.

“Well, that’s partly because of Prime Minister Guaran.”

“Eh? Prime Minister Guaran is from the …… military government side?”

 Hiroto asked suspiciously. The current chaos in Miramar is primarily due to the corruption of the military government led by General Kariguda.

 Thanks to Guarang, who is the number two on the military regime side, …….

“Yes, it is. Although Guaran has been keeping a close eye on the democracy movement, his modus operandi has always been to suppress such public gatherings in advance. So they haven’t managed to cause the worst of it.”

 It is true that once the gathering of the people goes out of control, the military regime will surely mobilize the military for security reasons. If that happens, the worst that can happen is that blood will be spilled.

 Nevertheless, Gwen said that Guaran had risen to his current position because of his reputation for leading the military to quickly overthrow a large-scale democracy movement that had actually taken place three years ago.

 He said that the incident was still fresh in his mind and that the resentment against Guaran among the citizens had not disappeared.

“Now, Guaran seems to be venting his anger to some extent by holding meetings with representatives of the pro-democracy movement. He is a very sharp man. He has also built a facility to house children who have lost their homes because their families were separated due to poverty. And he’s making a big appeal for it, trying to calm the people down.”

“Fumu ……, if it’s for the military regime, then he’s a very unpalatable politician.”

“Well, it’s pretty obvious. Kariguda never does anything that is not for his own benefit. Everything he does is aimed at legitimizing and consolidating the military regime. Guaran is Kariguda’s best dog, you know.”

 Gwen’s face contorted in displeasure.

 Gwen was introduced as a soldier of the Mathew faction.

 Guaran, the trusted follower of Kariguda, Mathew’s greatest enemy, must be an unforgivable target.

 Certainly, this is something that someone with a clear head would do in order to maintain power. However, no military regime has ever done such a thing before.

 Considering this, it seems to Hiroto that this Guaran is a little different from the previous military leaders. What is the true face of this Guaran?

“Guaran is a money-grubber, collecting funds from various sources and keeping them in his own pocket. There are rumors that he’s even dipping into the money for military equipment. Even Kariguda is paying him handsomely!”

 Gwen said with disgust as if to throw up.

“Ahh, I see. …… He’s a tough guy. Maybe it is Guarang who is behind the assassination of General Mathew,…….”

“No, it seems that Karigda is directly in charge of it, according to my colleagues. For Kariguda, General Mathew, who is more popular with the people than himself, is unacceptable. But Guarang remains cautious about this matter.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Guaran seems to think that it is better to avoid getting into trouble with General Mathew’s group for now. If the assassination is successful, there will be no one left to coordinate the resistance. Indeed, the country is just barely keeping its peace without chaos because of the presence of General Mathew, the banner of the Resistance.”

“That means that …… Guaran does not want chaos in Miramar either. But it’s only natural, isn’t it? No one likes to see their country in chaos, right?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s for the good of the people.”

 Gwen partially corrected Hiroto’s statement.

“Guaran is a cunning man. If the country is in turmoil, it is not easy for him to take advantage of it. If that’s the case, the goal seems to be to prevent General Mathew from expanding his power any further, while at the same time appealing to the legitimacy of the military government and gradually reducing the power of the popular faction.”

“You mean he thinks that by doing so, he will be able to secure his own position?”

“That’s right. In exchange for the people’s freedom and prosperity, he wants to protect their luxury and enjoyment and promote his own accumulation. For that purpose, they do things with a great deal of appeal, even if it is just to gain popularity with the people.”

“I see. ……”

 Hiroto thought to himself that this country is not so simple after all.

 While this conversation was going on, the surrounding countryside was ending and gradually opening up. It seemed that the car carrying Hiroto had arrived in Yangra and was entering the city.

“But the problem we’re facing now is the assassins that Kariguda has hired. Those monsters are not something we can fight. Domori-san, please take care of General Mathew. He is our beacon of hope. We’ve been lobbying bloodily to be invited to the UN, even though our lives are threatened. Somehow, until the day of that speech!’

 In the end, Gwen’s earnest request made even Hiroto look curious.

 A mature adult is bowing to a high school student like himself. It must be a very urgent matter. Besides, having a lot of topics to talk about kept him occupied along the way.

 Hiroto also bowed to Gwen and nodded his head with a smile.

“Of course, I will do everything I can, Gwen-san. Even though I look like this, I’m good at guarding people and I know the battlefield well. I can’t say for sure, but you can count on …….”

“Ooh, at your age, you also have battlefield experience ……. That’s very nice!”

 Others would be suspicious if he were to say something like this to the people around him, but he thought it would be fine with Gwen It was also meant for reassurance, but in reality, this was not a lie. The battlefield that Hiroto was referring to was not the one in this world, though.

 The car carrying Hiroto turned onto the widest road in the city and stopped in front of one of the biggest buildings in the city.

“We’re here. This is our destination hotel. Your friends should be able to meet you inside.”

 Gwen then entered the hotel ahead of Hiroto and was talking with some guards.

 Hiroto also got out of the car, took out his sports bag, and looked at the streets in front of the hotel.

 It gave him the impression of an Asian city with its miscellaneous but powerful atmosphere.

 Miramar is neither a large nor wealthy country, but it is the second-largest city in Miramar. The city seemed to be functioning well in its own way. It has electricity, gas, water, and sewerage.

 After waiting for a while, Gwen and someone who seemed to be a senior officer of the guards came out from inside the hotel.

“Are you Domori Hiroto-sama? I am Tientan, the head of security for His Excellency Mathew. I will now take you to the room where Shitenji-sama and Shurian-sama are currently being escorted. His Excellency Mathew is currently in a meeting, so I will take you there afterward.”

“Ah, I understand. Thank you very much.”

 When he answered that, Gwen smiled.

“Then, Domori-san, I will stay here. I’ll drive you when you need to move again.”

“Thank you very much, Gwen-san. Then, I look forward to working with you again.”

 So saying, Hiroto parted from Gwen waving his hand.

 Hiroto was led by a soldier named Tientan to the room where Mizuho’s group was staying. When he got on the elevator, the soldier guarding the front of the elevator saluted him and he hurriedly bowed his head.

 Inside the elevator, he was silent along with Tientan, who didn’t waste time talking.

 Now that he was here, Hiroto was getting nervous about meeting Mizuho and Marion.

(What should I say first? Nice to meet you? No, that’s weird and ……)

 The electric light indicating the floor of the elevator went up to 5 and then 6.

(Well, it’s been a month! What’s this? Since I am forgotten, I shouldn’t be saying this.)

 The elevator stopped at the 12th floor, and Tientan gestured for him to come in. Hiroto got off the elevator without being asked and followed Tientan in the direction he was heading.

(It’s better to just say hello. I’m Domori, and I’ve been sent here this time. It’s nice to meet you! Well, this should do it. If anyone asks, Were you in the rookie exam? I am quite overshadowed! My presence is thin. Yeah, let’s go with that.)

 Thinking about this, Hiroto began to feel sad.

 He was being overshadowed by himself. ……

 When Tientan came in front of the door where Mizuho and the others were, he looked back at Hiroto and …… startled him.

 Hiroto was dejected, his face shadowed with tears. It’s a little scary.

 However, this is a trained soldier. He knocked on the door without mentioning the details.

“Shitenji-sama, Shueian-sama. Domori-sama, dispatched by the Ability Users Agency, has arrived.”

“Come in.”

 A voice that sounded like Mizuho replied.

Hiroto hurriedly wiped his tears, straightened his face, and walked into the room that Tientan had opened.

 The room was simple and without any unnecessary objects, but it was quite spacious.

 Hiroto looked around the room and felt a little nervous when he saw the two girls.

 Mizuho was sitting at a table on the far right of the room with a teacup in her hand, and Marion was sitting on the sofa next to her with a teacup in her lap.

 Mizuho and Marion turned their heads toward him and their eyes met.

 Hiroto felt indescribably happy and yet lonely.

 However, Hiroto remembered what he had decided to do after the exam.

 If he ever met these two people again, he would start from scratch …… and let them know about him again.

 And this time, no matter what happens, he will be a good friend that they will never forget.

 With his mind made up, Hiroto tried to give the safe greeting he had thought of earlier.

 Then Mizuho and Marion put down their teacups and approached Hiroto.

 They must have come to greet him as well.

 For some reason, their faces seemed to be tense, but Hiroto thought that this was how it should be at first since the two of them were strangers to him.

“Ah, I am Domori, the one who was sent here this time. It’s nice to meet yo…… boohoo!”

 In the middle of the greeting, Hiroto suddenly received a strong slap from Mizuho and Marion from both sides, causing both cheeks to burst, and his brain shook violently.

“…… na …… What’s that for?”

 Two girls holding rank A gave him a splendid slap at the same time, and he fell backward into a pitiful pose, not knowing what it meant.

“Ha! I, why did I do that!? Hey, are you okay!?”

 Mizuho shouted as if she was surprised by what she had just done.

“Oooh, why did I do this? I-I’m sorry! A-Are you okay?”

 Marion also looked confused, as if she didn’t understand herself.

 The two girls are extremely flustered in front of Hiroto, who has collapsed, rolling his eyes.

 Seeing the chaotic scene of two girls suddenly knocking down their comrades who had arrived, and now apologizing to their fallen comrades, even the calm and collected Tientan began to sweat from his forehead.

 Tientan hurriedly saluted in silence and left the room.

 Or rather, he ran away.

 After closing the door, Tientan left the room muttering, “Japanese culture amazes me. …… It’s beyond my understanding.”

 After Tein Tan left, the girls in the room were still in a panic, confused by the fact that they had beaten up Hiroto.

“W-what are you doing, Marion! Earlier, you said that the one being dispatched would be a rank D and would be nervous, so we should welcome him gently!”

“Mizuho-san too! You said you also don’t have any memory of Domori at all in the rookie exam, thought that he wouldn’t have much strength. Saying that we should ease his tension at first and make him work hard!”

“uu! But, Marion, aren’t you overdoing it with all that spiritual power?”

“Mi, Mizuho-san too! If it had been a normal person, it would have been a blow that would have gotten him off!”

“I-I just don’t get it. For some reason, when I saw this guy’s face, all of a sudden ……”

“As soon as I saw this guy’s face, I was like, ……”

“I was so freaking pissed!”

“I was so mad!”

 The moment Hiroto arrived at his …… place of assignment without being prepared, he was knocked out by a strong slap from the two girls and lost consciousness with the most pathetic face ever.

 Now …… the three of them are sitting there with a delicate air.

 When he woke up, Hiroto was sitting at a table with a map of Miramar spread out in front of Mizuho and Marion. After that, Hiroto woke up a while later and immediately received an apology from the two of them. Even Mizuho, as expected, apologized honestly.

 After hearing their apologies and their excuses such as “I don’t know why, but when I saw your face, I suddenly got angry ……” and “It was a mistake”, Hiroto accepted their apologies for now.

 However, Mizuho and Marion were still looking at him uncomfortably.

 It was because although Hiroto accepted the apology, he still had an uneasy expression on his face.

 Indeed, it had such an impact and destructive power,…….

 Hiroto put the two ice towels that Marion gave him on both cheeks and kept quiet.

 Mizuho and Marion glanced at each other awkwardly.

 Neither of them knew why they had slapped this boy on the cheek as soon as they saw him. Even Mizuho, who was somewhat of a man-hater, had never done anything like this before.

 Mizuho is a clumsy person, but she respects civility. And Marion, who is usually a calm person, was shocked by her own behavior. She can’t even remember ever hitting anyone in her life.

 The three of them are sitting in a …… delicate atmosphere.

 Now, of course, Hiroto was not amused by the fact that he was suddenly slapped, but more importantly, he was extremely hurt by the two girl’s comments, “When I saw your face, I suddenly got angry,…….”

(What is it about my face that …… makes you so angry? Is it that I’m not physiologically fit? Neither of you were like that when we met before. ……)

 In front of Mizuho and Marion, Hiroto’s face gradually formed a dark expression, as if he had reached the bottom. And both Mizuho and Marion broke out in a cold sweat when they saw it.

 Under the table, Mizuho poked Marion with her elbow to get her to talk to him, but Marion shook her head with tears in her eyes.

(Ah, but! That’s right! That wasn’t the case when we met before. …… Maybe, just maybe! Maybe they have even the slightest memory of me!)

 Hiroto’s face brightened up like a sunflower bathed in brilliant sunlight.

Mizuho and Marion were taken aback by the change in Hiroto’s appearance and turned away involuntarily, but as soon as they thought about it, Hiroto put his hand on his chin and looked as if he was thinking seriously.

(But if that’s the case, isn’t it strange that they’re angry? Did I do something wrong? What memory do they have? As I recall, at that time,……, I didn’t want you to get caught up in my power, and at the end,……, Ah!)

 He wondered what Mizuho and Marion were thinking? And when he looked at them, Hiroto suddenly opened his eyes wide with a snap.

 Mizuho and Marion were so startled that they grabbed each other’s shoulders.

(The last time I fainted I knocked them both out! So, …… no way is that the only memory they have? I did it for a good reason. But if that’s the case, even though you’re quite angry, ……)

 Hiroto turned pale, sweat pouring down his forehead as he stared at Mizuho and Marion.

 Mizuho and Marion looked at him, “W-What?’ face.

(If a man stuns a girl, it would be so ……. Let alone Shitenji-san. ……)

 Looking at Mizuho and Marion, Hiroto’s body starts to shake unconsciously.

 Mizuho and Marion were upset by the frightened demeanor of the newcomer, as they had no idea what he meant.

 However, they imagined that the sudden slap on both cheeks had been traumatic for him, and they felt more than a little guilty.

 Certainly, that wasn’t it, Mizuho and Marion also agree.

 Moreover, they are both Rank A. …… If it was a normal person, it would have been a really bad blow. ……

 Hiroto, Mizuho, and Marion all had a serious looks on their faces.


 A few moments passed, and the three of them …… looked at each other as if they had made up their minds.

“I’m sorry about that!”

“I’m sorry about earlier!”

” It was my fault!”

 At the same time, they bowed their heads vigorously.

“””ha ……………………?”””

 All three of them raised their dumbfounded faces.

 It was a …… “Why are you apologizing?” face, and they looked at each other. ……

 After that, the three of them, a little awkwardly, briefly introduced themselves to each other again, and finally began to talk about work.

—Part I end—

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