Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Thunder Prince and Wise Prince

“Oh, you know who I am?”

 The old man gave a good, “Kakaka”

 Indra Ararat, the Thunder Prince.[TN: In Hindu Mythology, Indra is god of heavens, lightning, thunder, storms, rains, river flows, and war. Also arrogant to the point of causing war and even leading to heaven’s downfall like a lot of times]

 He is the uncle of His Majesty, and was at the center of power for a time as the Prince Regent after His Majesty was crowned.[TN: A Prince Regent is a temporary ruler who is also in line of succession, rules instead of the Monarch who may be young or sick, till the said Monarch can properly rule(super short description)]

 Five years after His Majesty’s accession to the throne, he gave up his regency and returned to his enclave.

 Since then, His Majesty’s rule has begun, and the golden age of the Empire has begun.

Immediately after His Majesty’s coronation, there was turmoil in the Empire because of his young age, and He{Thunder Prince} was able to suppress it with his extraordinary skills, and at the same time as His Majesty grew up (though he was only twelve years old, the same age as I am now), he retired as he realised that it was time His Majesty’s direct Imperial rule Implementation, and, His Majesty bestowed him with the title “Thunder” and  he is now living quietly in a fiefdom as Thunder Prince.

I was surprised because I didn’t think it would show up in the Imperial City.

“You look like a very promising young man. Come on, don’t be so formal, come over here and sit down.”


 I rose and sat down right next to Indra.

 Since it was a stall, there were a lot of onlookers buzzing around.

 The woman I had just saved and my maid, Gigi, both looked confused.

 Ignoring them all, Indra took a sip of sake from his golden gourd and looked me straight in the eye.

“Since you know my name, I take it you’ve already heard of me?”

“Yes, directly from His Majesty.”

“Oh, I see. Then you understand why I’m here, don’t you?”

“…… to judge, isn’t it?”

 I chose my words carefully and replied to Indra.

“Uh-huh. And you, Boy? With the similar title as I, you’re the only ‘wise’ prince among the 17 current Princes. I know the Emperor trusts and expects a lot from you. So normally I wouldn’t need to check.”

 Indra’s words were those that would make the officials of the Ministry of Inspection furious if they heard and would impeach him.

 It is the height of disrespect for a vassal, even if he is a Prince and an uncle, to call His Majesty simply “Emperor”.

 But, well.

 Somehow, I have a feeling that Indra won’t mind being impeached, and that His Majesty won’t blame him either.

 It’s only been a short time since we met, but I kind of thought that he was “that kind of character.”

“It’s a matter about my lovely and precious granddaughter’s future, so I have to confirm it with my own eyes.”

“I understand

“That’s why I’m here, to measure your worth.”

“By the way, what happens if I don’t meet your expectations?”

“There’s nothing else to do.”

 Indra snorted and said.

“I just won’t allow her to marry you.”

“Even if it is an imperial order.”

“I don’t care. If it’s an order from the emperor, I’ll obey it, even if it’s a crazy order like running into the middle of an enemy army. But, you know, she’s my granddaughter. Granddaughter? She’s my little, cute granddaughter.”

 Indra repeated the same line three times.

 Ahh, a grandfather to his granddaughter. That can’t be helped.

“It’s not politics, it’s internal affairs, and I’m dealing with a nephew who I’ve let play on my lap for as long as I can remember.  I’ll make him stop even if I have to smack him on the head.”

“I see.”

 I thought he was interesting.

 Sometimes, among the royal family, there are people who have swung in such a direction that is hard to hate.

 Even though he is a member of the royal family, he is still a vassal in front of His Majesty, and ninety-nine percent of the time, he ends up being a polite person, like a candy cane poured into a mold. That’s what they make you do.

 Ordinary people usually shy away from it.

 But the remaining one would be a freak who can’t help it, and this is what happens.

 And in most cases, these people have no desire for power.

 So, although they may be “rude” or “disrespectful”, they are not blamed much, and in fact are often favored by the Emperor.

 If this Indra were to shout, “I’m not giving you my precious granddaughter!” it would be a normal thing to do.

“So, was I the worth you were looking for?”

“We’ll find out now.”


 The next moment, THUD!. Something struck my whole body.

 The scenery around me did not change, but something did.

 Something invisible covered my whole body and tried to crush me.

 A few thoughts crossed my mind, and I instantly came up with an answer.

 It’s the same thing I’ve always done.

 Intimidation using Leviathan.

 And now I am the one receiving it – from Indra in front of me.



 I took a deep breath, gritted my teeth and replied.

 Using Leviathan, I pushed back the pressure.


 It seems that it was Indra after all, and as soon as I started pushing back, he looked at me with a look that said, “This is fun.”

 It was tough because I was the first to receive, but once I pushed back, it was okay.

 I thought about pushing through, but decided against it.

 He’s my great uncle, and he could be my grandfather-in-law.

 It was not wise to overpower him in public.

 So I adjusted the power of Leviathan.

 I didn’t win, but I didn’t lose either.

 In a tug-of-war, I would accurately weigh my opponent’s strength and adjust the force of my pushback so that the mark would always be in the middle.

 I controlled Leviathan so as to maintain the draw.

 It was a stalemate, for about a minute.


 Indra laughed happily, looking up at the sky.

 The pressure was completely off. I retracted Leviathan’s power as well.

“That’s great, Boy. I lost.”

“Um, I thought it was a …… tie.”

“Bullshit. You completely read through my power and brought it to a tie, that’s a complete defeat of mine.”

“…… Yes.”

 I laughed bitterly.

 Even though I said that because of concern, Indra then revealed the whole thing himself.

 Oh well, his character is hard to hate.

 …… or maybe this kind of personality is what allows you to stay just as the Prince, huh.

 I somehow remembered Gilbert.

 In contrast to Indra, his desire for power was so strong that it caused him to die instead of staying as the Prince.

“I like you, Boi! Take care of my granddaughter.”

“Leave it to me.”

“Yosh! Hey, there!”

 Indra beckoned to the owner of the stall.

The owner, who, like the onlookers, had been watching the proceedings from a distance, came trotting over.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“Give me all the liquor you have in the store.”[TN: technically he says Sake]

 Indra threw a few gold coins at him.

 Far from the liquor in the store, it was more than enough to buy the entire store.

“I’m in a good mood today. Hey, you guys, it’s my treat, drink as much as you can!”

 These were his words to the onlookers.

 Unlike the royalty I knew, this was a bit too bold.



 A cheer went up from the onlookers.

 More than a dozen people jumped into the stall at once and gobbled up the drinks that the owner served one after another.

 In an instant, what had been surrounded by onlookers turned into a huge party involving them as well.

 After Indra had done this, he drank from his huge golden gourd.

“I give you this, consider it a wedding gift.”

 He took something out of his pocket and threw it at me casually.

 I hurriedly caught it and found that the ring was also made of jade.

“It’s –“

 The moment Indra was about to explain.

 In my head, I heard a voice different from Indra’s.

{{Show you the power.}}

 It was a clear voice.

 The next moment, the scenery around me changed completely.

 Before I knew it, I was standing alone in a vast meadow.

 Without having time to swallow what was going on, I heard the earth rumbling.

 When I looked towards the source of the noise, I saw a huge golden bull charging towards me.

“Show me your …… strength,” it said.

 I took Leviathan out of my bracelet and returned it to its original size.

 Then I prepared it.

“Blow it up.”

 I unleash Leviathan’s special move, which requires a charge.

 A column of water thicker than the giant golden cow gushed out, and the golden cow was blown away easily.

 And – in the corner of my vision.


Name: Noah Ararat

Minister of Justice

Gender: Male

Level: 3 / ∞

Light F+CDarknessF


My abilities had increased a bit again.

 There was ‘+C’ to light.

 That means the same as when I met Luthiya.

 As a result of blowing it up with Leviathan, I found that the golden cow – Behemoth, a name that had popped up in my head – had lost to me.

 And then the scenery returned.

 From the empty grasslands to the city where a great feast was being held.

“— Behemoth, and my partner.”

“You mean like this?”

 I grabbed the cup on the table and used the power of the Behemoth that had just become my servant.

 The cup glowed with a golden color.

“Muuh, so it lost to you already, that’s amazing Boi.”

 Indra was amazed to see that the cup was as golden as his gourd, with his eyes open wide.

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