Person With Inferior Ability Vol.1-Chapter-5-Part-I

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Chapter 5: Person With Inferior Ability Returning from the Demon World

Part I

In the reception hall, Hiroto was in his fixed position at the back end of the room, looking unavailable.

 And …… Hiroto was nervous. And this was no longer an extreme situation.

“I’m not sure if it’s the same as the …… high school exam announcement or not. I’ve never been this nervous…… “

 After hearing the results of the rank exam, he’ll think about the future.

(If I failed, I’ll ask Ichigo if he can find a good job for me. Because Ichigo has a big face.)

 Hiroto thought about it, and even though he was alone in this exam room, he felt calmer just knowing that he would have at least a few friends back home.

 The newcomers came in the next few days, and the place began to bustle with people on the fringes and attendants, just like at the holding party. A group of Huang family members entered there with great enthusiasm. This time Hideo was in a tuxedo. As soon as Hideo entered the hall, he seemed to catch sight of Hiroto and made a blatantly unpleasant face.

(Ugh, God! Here we go again, this bastard is at ……. You shouldn’t be here if you don’t like me that badly.)

“Hey, inferior ability. You’re still here? Listen, this get-together is for rank-certified people only! It”s intended to be. This time around, they just happen to be late in announcing their rank certification. Don’t have trivial expectations? Your presence degrades the dignity of the talented. Go home now, poor man.”

 He said, and then went off with a high-pitched grin, seeming to be in a better mood than usual.

“Ugh! What an asshole! Sorry for being poor, it’s not my fault for being one …….”

 Even as he said this, Hiroto looked at the candidates around him in formal clothes, and his voice trailed off as he looked directly at his worn jeans and shirt.

“No, I haven’t gotten the results yet. If I get the rankings, I’ll do my job and get paid. Then I should be able to dress up …… too.”


“Come to think of it, haven’t I ever been so meticulous about my appearance?”

“Um, Hiroto-san?”

 A face with golden hair hanging at an angle and a nice-looking face suddenly appeared in his vision, startling Hiroto.

“Wow! Marion-san! Oh, I’m sorry! What?”

“Why are you always so far on the edge?”

“Oh, hey, it’s just… It’s a little awkward. I’m dressed like this……..”

“Don’t worry about that. You look good in that outfit …….”

“eh? So, yeah, ……? Thank you. …… yeah?”

“What is it?”

“No, what can I say, I thought you were avoiding ……. See, when you talk to me, that thing is …….”

 As he said that, he pointed his thumb at Hideo and his cronies behind Hiroto.

“No, no! I’m the one who thought it would be a problem for Hiroto-san ……. In fact, I’ve already bothered you and …… and I haven’t been able to properly thank you or apologize for it.”

“Ha-ha, you didn’t have to worry about that. I’ve always been a bit of a one-sided type of person. I’m used to it.”

 Having said that, Marion laughs as she is tripped up by the innocent laughing Hiroto. So Marion begins to talk about various things with a relieved look on her face. Although not conspicuous at the edge of the hall, the two of them look like a smiling scene. Then, by chance, the two figures entered Hideo’s field of vision.

 Instantly, Hideo’s face turned into an expression as if he had bitten down on a bitter bug. Once again, he stopped …… walking to teach the lowly person his share of skills. This time Hideo’s long awaited girl had entered.

 Mizuho was accompanied by her attendants, Akira and the others, swinging her head as if she were looking for someone.

 Seeing Mizuho’s demeanor, Hideo straightened himself up and approached Mizuho, ruffling his hair. Mizuho was completely oblivious to such Hideo and saw Hiroto, who seemed to be friendly with Marion.

“Hey, Mizuho. I’d be here …… right? I mean, hey?”

 Mizuho looked unamused and strode past Hideo to the edge of the hall where Hiroto was. Hideo stood there with his hair scraped up and turned back to the girl he wanted to see as he passed by.

“Domori Hiroto. Do you have a minute?”

“Hm? Ah! Shitenji-san!”

 Hiroto retreated for a moment with a limp face, having been slammed into the wall by Mizuho yesterday.

“Hey, what …… is that attitude. Well, fine. I have a gift for you, take it. Akira, bring it over.”

“EH! What is it? A present? Shinzen-san. What kind of …… awawa is this?”

 Hiroto was taken by the Shitenji family’s attendants on either side of his arms and dragged away to be taken away.


“Oh, Marion-san, it’s fine. Mizuho-sama, you know, wanted to thank him for breaking up the fight on the first day and to apologize for throwing him off yesterday. It’s a pity she’s so clumsy. I can only put it this way, but please understand.”

“Get him out of here without talking nonsense! The party’s about to start!”

 Blushing, Mizuho shouted, “Yes, yes, yes,” and Akira and his attendants dragged Hiroto away. Then Hideo, who was completely ignored by Mizuho, sent a resentful glance at Hiroto.

“P-Present?! Mizuho-san gave it to that incompetent person!?”

 Hiroto was surprised that Mizuho called it a present, but he lamented in his heart.

(Ahh, the unnecessary resentment is amplified: ……)

 Marion watches anxiously as Hiroto is taken away by Akira and the others.

 Mizuho looks at Marion’s profile with a strange but slightly complicated feeling.

“Marion. You are a strange one. A brilliant person like you befriending such a pathetic looking guy ……”

“For some reason it’s easy to talk to him. And …… after causing so much trouble, that guy just laughed at …….”

 Marion stared at the exit door of the hall where Hiroto and the others had disappeared with a slight stain on her cheeks.

“I, I kind of know. It’s not about ability, not about competence or anything like that, but …… maybe that person is strong. He’s much more …… than I am.”

 Mizuho was suddenly reminded of Yuuto coming out to intercede in the tiff with Hideo, as well as the mess between Marion and Jean-Pierre, and the exchange with Yuuto in the hotel corridor afterwards.

“Heh, heh. I don’t get it, though. I know that’ s cheeky, but …….”

 Hiroto and the others returned surprisingly quickly, just before the time for the get-together party.

”See, Domori-kun. These things are just a matter of getting used to it. That’s right, all you have to do is be imposing.”

 Hiroto entered the hall with a light push on his back from Akira. Since he was the last person to come in as a concerned party, Hiroto attracted the attention of the attendees, but that wasn’t the only reason for the attention.

There was Hiroto entering. Right now, Hiroto was wearing a black tuxedo.

 And this one looks surprisingly good on him.

 It’s hard to tell from a normal day, but compared to his age, he looked surprisingly mature.

 Also, when he wore the black outfit, the color of his hair had a light blue tinge to it, which, combined with the gap between his sober and dull first impression, made a strong impression on people.

“Huh? Is that, Domori-kun?

“No. …… Sounds cool. Maybe I should go talk to him: ……”

 Hiroto’s face flushed at this reaction of the people around him, and he avoided the center of the hall, still trying to go to his original position. Both Mizuho and Marion ahead of them were looking at Hiroto as if time had stopped.

”Thank you, Shitenji-san. But I’m sorry for something so expensive: ……”

 With a huff, Mizuho regained her usual tone.

“What are you talking about. Because that’ s an …… apology …… for slamming …… on the wall! You know how it is when you’re the only one in plain clothes at a party. And I didn’t buy it, I asked the hotel to rent it for me. You don’t have one, do you? That kind of thing. So, people’s shame, you have to accept my apology!”

“Hmm …… well, sure.”

 When receiving Mizuho’s words, Hiroto also became more and more happy. In fact, the embarrassment of being the only one in civilian clothes is not there anymore. It is also thanks to Mizuho’s gift.

“That’s right. Thank you, Shitenji-san! I’ll take it, thank you!”

 Mizuho couldn’t help but smile at Hiroto’s overly honest joy.

“Hiroto-san! It looks great on you!”

“Oh, thank you. Marion-san.”

 Hideo watched that figure with a waning look and trembling, and all of it was converted into anger at Hiroto, including the part that was ignored by Mizuho.

“He is just a poor guy who changed his clothes for a bit!”

 Then it was time for the party to start, and the organizer, Hisae, appeared on the stage at the front of the hall. Everyone stopped talking and looked forward at the same time. Hiroto also turned his head forward with a nervous look on his face.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your hard work on the exam. Although it’s early, we’re going to hold a get-together party!”

 The participants are paying attention to a big smile on her face, but everyone is quiet with a suspicious look on their faces.

“Hmmm, I know what you all mean. You’re going to say that the exam results have not been announced ……, right? Do you guys remember that? I said during the party held for the exam. I told them that the party on the last day of the exam will be for rank-earners only: …….”

 The new candidates will have their eyes wide open. This means …….

“We apologize for the delay in announcing the rank certification. This is the second rookie exam for our institution since the commencement of the rookie exam. Ladies and gentlemen! Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that all of you have successfully obtained your ranks!”

 The hall was filled with a storm of joy all at once. It was the first time since Hiroto passed the high school entrance exam.

“Yes! Yes! This will make my life easier!”

 Mizuho’s reaction was cold, and the reaction of Hideo was obvious, but there were joyful handshakes and hugs everywhere.

“Okay! We will be announcing the results of the examinations one by one, so please come to the front of the room to receive your certificates. Detailed results for each test will also be displayed on the screen in front of you, so please check back there. So long! I’ll call you out of the top grades!”

 They were all called out one by one while their joy was still cold.

“Err, first of all, Mizuho Shitenji-san! You now get a rank A!”

 Participants cheered. More than 50% of the rank holders belonging to the institution are concentrated in ranks E and F. Moreover, Rank A is the highest rank that can be obtained in this rookie exam. In the past, in about fifty rookie exams, only four people have obtained rank A …….

 The participants, other than Hiroto, knew just how much that was.

 Hiroto clapped hard as he watched Mizuho go up on the stage to receive the certificate. At the same time, the results of the exam were being projected on the screen above. On it, it was displayed as 96 points A for written work, body art A, basic spiritual power A, perfection of legal arts and abilities A, and judgment and intuition C.

“Next, Marion Mia Shulian. You will be getting a rank ……A!”

 The audience got even more excited. Two people getting an A grade in one exam? The audience was in an uproar, having never heard of such a thing before.

 Marion goes to pick up the certificate with some embarrassment. The screen showed ninety points in writing A, body arts B, basic spiritual power A, perfection in law and ability A, and judgment and intuition B.

“Next, …… Huang Hideo-kun. This one will also get a …… rank A!”

 The participants are beyond amazed at the third person getting an A rating, and they lose their voices.

 Hideo takes it as awe for himself and walks forward, cutting the wind with his shoulder. The screen shows a hundred points in writing A, body art E, basic spiritual power A, perfection of law and ability A, and judgment and intuition C.

“That guy wasn’t just a mouthpiece. ……”

 Hiroto reviewed Hideo as such. Then Marion, who had received the certificate, came back to Hiroto. After receiving the certificate, Mizuho was surrounded by many people and was busy receiving greetings and congratulations from the other families. After that, the rank announcements continued to progress, showing how this rookie exam was an accomplished year.

 Five people who obtained rank B. …… This was the first time since the start of the exam that more than three people obtained rank B in a single rookie exam. Twenty-nine people who got rank C …… This is also the first time since the exam began.

 The only one who wasn’t called up was finally Hiroto. Waiting for the announcement with a bit of nervousness. He was last, so he was the lowest-ranked among his peers. But that didn’t matter to Hiroto. Even if it is an F-rank, as long as he gets a job, he should be able to earn a sufficient income.

 Depending on the nature of the work, the approximate average compensation for each rank that he heard the other day was very impressive, if you think about it, for Hiroto. That’s how difficult it was to obtain a rank, and it was also the reason why people with the ability to know the agency would aim to obtain a rank.

“So finally then! Hiroto Domori. You will be getting a rank ……D!”

 Hiroto couldn’t believe his ears. Rank D? Hiroto forgot to head to the front stage with an impressed face. When Marion starts clapping, everyone applauds. Hiroto comes to himself and looks around. Then, as if the greetings from each side were over, Mizuho came back and called out to him.

“See, you’re being called. Go quickly.”

“Hiroto-san. Congratulations!”

“Oh, thank you!”

 Hiroto goes to receive the certificate with a happy look on his face. Although he is at the bottom of the exam right now, his heartfelt happiness has made a good impression on all the participants, and they are all smiling.

 Hiroto shyly walks up to the stage and sees his test results on the screen.

 He was given a written score of thirty-two (just barely an F, considering many things), body art A (including consideration of the Sword Saint’s assessment), basic spiritual power D (it was unmeasurable, but it was the result of a discussion), perfection of legal arts and abilities D (probably due to good luck, but it was the result of a discussion), and judgment and intuition A (the result of a long discussion).

 Hiroto realizes that everyone’s smiles are apparently due to this display, and Hiroto turns to dry laughter in the middle. But in reality, the weight of the good impression was greater …….

“Yes, congratulations. This is the certificate. Domori, it might be a little hard to understand because everyone around you is so talented, but being a rookie and having a rank D is very impressive. Last year, the highest rank obtained was C, and there were only two of them. One of them was even the heir apparent of the Orléans family. ……”

“Oh, yes! Thank you. Huh? A trueborn son of the House of Orléans is …… no way, it”s not someone named Jean-Pierre right. ……”

“Oh, my God, you’re right. You knew? He came to visit and say hello on the first day of the exam, but have you met ……?”

“No! I don’t know! I don’t even want to know him!”

 Saying that, Hiroto felt that he could somehow understand what was on Jean-Pierre’s mind. He guessed that he didn’t like Marion, a branch of the family that was better than his own in the original family.

 Hiroto bowed deeply to Hisae and returned to the corner of his stationary position, almost making a small leap.

(Yay! I want to make good money from this and ask Ichigo to go shopping for clothes with me! (So we can fix up the house and make time to play with the class after school!

 Hiroto walked around, dreaming of such a vision of the future.

“Well then! This concludes the results announcement. As an institution, this was the best rookie test with three A-rankers, five B-rankers with eight higher ranks. And this is the first time that all of them are ranked D or higher. You all are just that! I guess you could call it the Golden Age! I hope you’re going to have a great time to your heart’s content today!”

 Hiroto is woozy and light on his feet, and thinks about leaving early to see how things are going.

 –It was that time.

Suddenly, a chill ran through Hiroto’s back.

 Hiroto looked around with a different expression, but the …… party venue is no different.

(This feeling is from the other day ……)

 Hiroto walked quietly halfway to the back end of the hall where Marion and Mizuho were.

”Hiroto-san. What’s going on?”

 Marion makes a doubtful face when she sees that Hiroto, who was greatly pleased earlier, has changed.

“Oh, no ……. Marion-san, didn’t you feel something just now?”

‘What? No, nothing: ……. What’s the matter?

“No, something not looking good like this ……”

 Hearing Hiroto’s suspicious words, Mizuho’s face tightened, and when she looked at Akira, she shook her head, “I don’t feel anything …….”

“You sure you’re not imagining it? Akira is the Shitenji family’s exploration and searching expert. That Akira says he doesn’t feel anything. Moreover, there are so many people with abilities in this place?”

 Hiroto’s expression on the other hand doesn’t relax, and only his eyes look around quickly.

 This strange air that he had felt somewhere just recently. Then Hiroto hurriedly remembers.

(This guy is the same as the one he felt at …… pavilion.)

 Hiroto’s senses started to sound the maximum alarm.

(He’s dangerous …… and no one notices it. Is that what he is, or is it an ability ……)

 He was judged to have no instincts at all as a competent person in the rookie test, but this time, Hiroto was different. Hiroto’s temperament changed and he read the situation as if he had flipped a switch.

 More than anything else, the incomparable combat experience of the people with all the abilities in this hall sharpened Hiroto’s judgment as a warrior. This is something that was cultivated in the world beyond the Domori family’s biggest and most evil management property, the Demon’s Grotto(Demon Cave).

 Born into the Domori family, Hiroto was tasked with the role of guarding the Great Hole …… Demon’s Grotto(Demon’s cave) that could shake this world and become a bulwark of this world if the situation arose.

 Because of this role, the Domori family has avoided interacting with other people with different abilities as much as possible. This is only because they do not want people to know about their path to the other side of the world.

 And …… one more thing.

 The Domori family has another important role to play.

 It is through the Demon Lair’s Grotto that one arrives at another world next to this one …… Demon Realm.

 Whenever there is a change in the other world called the demon world, the Domori family cooperates with the people living in the demon world and uses their unspeakable and unparalleled abilities to restore stability to the demon world.

 Now, Hiroto’s father, Ryoichi, was martyred for this role, and it was the same for Hiroto as well.

 Originally, the Domori family was a family of spirit swordsmen …… but without that talent, Hiroto got the power of the Sendo instead. His power was on a par with the successive heads of the Domori family, which made his master, Sun Wei, the Three Immortals, say that he was a natural talent.

 And …… the three years of his experience in the demon world.

 The untold number of spectacular combat experiences in the demon world have shaped the current Masato.

 That Hiroto has now …… led to a single possibility.

 The corpse of an outsider that Hiroto found on the perimeter of the hotel …… is the ancient race that the Sword Sage mentioned.

(That inhuman corpse is a legendary immortal …… vampire!)

 It was partly because he was at the mercy of the newcomer rank exam that he took in a desperate attempt with no room in his heart, but Hiroto was annoyed at himself for not bypassing it and not thinking about this.

 Nonetheless, if that was the case, how could two of those powerful non-human vampires be defeated?

 That hotel’s perimeter walkway …… should have been still alive when Hiroto sensed it.

 However, just seconds later, when Hiroto arrived at the scene, they had already been killed.

(In ……, that Immortal murdered them by what?)

 Hiroto’s eyes, which were busy moving, were caught by the two employees belonging to the agency who had come to report something to Hisae. No, he was drawn to them. One of the agency staff members is communicating something to Hisae with a hint of blood, but Hiroto’s eyes are focused on the other staff member standing behind him.

 Looking closely, the faceless staff member, strangely enough, slowly and quietly turns his face towards Hiroto. Hiroto’s sharp eyesight clashed with that staff member’s dim gaze.

 Hiroto didn’t miss it. That staff member’s twisted mouth moved slightly.

 The voice was inaudible ……, but Hiroto could accurately read the movement of its lips.

“You’re …… the little boy in the pavilion the other day, hmm ……”

 Hiroto’s eyes widened and he let out an angry roar throughout the hall.

“Everyone! Run!”

–Part I end–

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