Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Chapter-2-Part-II

Chapter 2: Banquet x Handing over the mansion x Potion sales = Big ruckus everywhere

Part II

The day after the end of the maid riot, Ryoji left Melta and the others in charge of the necessities of life in the mansion and told them that he would be back around the evening, and headed for his usual mine.

“Huh? Old man?”

” Look who it is, Ryoji. Thanks to you, I’m screaming for joy every day that I can mine. And the old man, you mean the head of the mine? Today’s the day to dive for the head of the mine.”

The head of the mine, who always responded to requests at reception, was not there, and another man pointed to the entrance to the mine.

“Can I go underneath as well?”

“I have been told by Yuhan-sama to ‘make it convenient’ and the mine chief has told me to ‘let Ryoji do what he wants when he gets here.’ You can dive as you please, buddy.”

“Great job, Lord Yuhan and the head of the mine.”

He gave a slight wave to the man at the reception desk and entered the mine. The tunnels were nicer than he had imagined, and they were wide and high enough.

“Alright, if I activate the interface as I proceed, I can get to the head of the mine in the shortest amount of time.”

Ryoji muttered as he activated the interface and searched for the head of the mine, and it showed the lower third floor. After searching the path to the head of the mine, the shortest route was displayed, and he began to proceed while holding the Mithril sword in his hand to deal with any hostile monsters that might attack him.

“Oh? So what’s up? You came to the lowest level. Did you get attacked by any demons on the way?”

“I took out every single one of those that attacked me, but it’s okay, right?”

The Head of Mine asked Ryoji, who had come in lightly dressed, with a worried look on his face. However, he laughed at Ryoji’s unexpected line of questioning.

“I’ll ask again, but what brought you to this level? I’ve got some work to do today to stretch the tunnels, so I can’t take care of you, okay?”

“Extend the tunnel? That was just fine. Do you mind if I help you with something to try?”

Ryoji began to talk briefly about the plan he had in mind.

“What do you think?”

“You want me to help you try that earth magic you remember.”

After hearing Ryoji’s story, the mine manager pondered with a reluctant look on his face. He wanted to ask Ryoji for his help in solving the transportation problem, but when it comes to mining, it’s a different story. Personally, it sounds interesting, so he wants to get in on it, but as the head of the mine, he cannot give his permission easily.

” It’ s a request from you, and I’ve been told by Yuhan-sama that I should do you a favor. But, as the head of the mine, I can’t just let it go to …….”

“I need 30 minutes of your time! If that doesn’t work, I’ll give up.”

“You got 30 minutes.”

After being pleaded with, the head of the mine took Ryoji’s suggestion on condition that he take him to the planned expansion and called out to the antagonists.

“You guys! Let’s take a break! Ryoji, the hero of Drugul, has something he wants to try. Give him some space in there for a little while!”

At the command to take a break after hours, about ten miners gathered around the mine manager and Ryoji.

“Mine manager. If we take a break when we’re getting into shape, we won’t be able to finish today’s work.”

“Sorry about this. Will you allow me to help out a little bit?”

When he realized that the gaze of the ten people staring at him was full of distrust of him and frustration at being interrupted, Ryoji used his earth magic to create tables and chairs, arranged drinks and snacks on them, and spoke to them.

“Sorry to interrupt your work. As the head of the mine has told you, I need you to lend me a little time. You can do what you like with the drinks and food I’ve prepared for you.”

The miners were surprised at the sudden appearance of tables and chairs produced out of thin air, and even the provision of drinks and snacks, but they were even more astonished when they took a sip of their drink.

Though the miners drank ordinary fruit water, it was so cold that it was impossible to drink it even in the city of Drugul. Unaware of their shivering state, Ryoji created a large vessel with even more earth attribute magic. He filled the even larger vessel with ice attribute magic and told the miners to use it freely, leaving the miners, who were looking astonished and expressionless, to move deeper.

Ryoji crossed his arms in the deepest part of the mine and pondered. Although he had received permission from the head of the mine, he couldn’t think of a way to mine using earth attribute magic.

“What should I do? After all that staging, I shouldn’t have to worry about it. The head of the mine is looking at me with gusto, and the miners are glancing at me. Alright!”

Ryoji placed his right hand on the spot he planned to dig and lightly closed his eyes, releasing his magic power as he solidified the image of the space moving deeper.


When he opened his eyes to a thunderous noise coming from behind him, he found himself in a space five meters wide and ten meters deep.

“Oh! You’ ve done it! Great!”

” You surprised me! But still, magic is amazing. If Ryoji ever tries something like this, we’ll be out of a job, won’t we?”

While marveling at the power of the magic, the head of the mine muttered as if he was in danger of losing his job.

“It’s okay. I can’t do that every day. I’ll be fine once I’ve seen this much. As a thank you, I will help you with today’s work. And I’m sorry to add to it, but can I have a look at the waste rock later?”

“Hmm? What are you going to do with the waste rock?”

“I want to take it home with me to practice my earth magic.”

“Oh, you can take all the stones you want with you. We’ re just as grateful as you are.”

As the head of the mine told him to, he used earth magic to expand the tunnels, and each time he did so, the miners cheered and Ryoji’s tension rose with them. When he realized that three hours had passed, the mine manager announced that the work was complete and led Ryoji to the place where the waste rock was stored.

“This is the scrap stone storage area. But still, can you practice magic with a waste stone?”

“Oh, it’s okay. With just this, I can practice earth magic on tap.”

The miner who had brought Ryoji to the scrap stone yard tilted his head at Ryoji’s response.

“Is that how it works? I don’t know anything about magic. Okay, I’ll get back to mining then, and when you’re done, you can call out to the appropriate receptionist and leave.”

“Okay. Give my regards to the head of the mine!”

Ryoji, left alone in the waste stone yard, picked up a larger stone with a lot of energy as he looked at the waste stones piled up in a voracious pile. When he used earth magic with the image of extracting minerals from a fist-sized waste stone, it crumbled down like sand, leaving a small spherical mass in his hand.

“Oh! I don’t know what kind of ore it is, but it’s done. It has a silvery glow to it, but what kind of ore is it? Let’s do a search.”

Ryoji activated the interface and appraised the ore in his hand.

Appraisal result: iron + 100 percent pure lump of iron.

“One hundred percent pure! Seriously! That’s pure iron. How much pure iron would I get out of all this waste rock if I extracted it all?”

After spending two hours casting earth attribute magic on all the scrap stones, Ryoji sat down on the ground with a tired look on his face, as if he were a quicksilver.

“It’s really only scrap stones, I couldn’t get a lot of them.”

Taking out the fruit water and snacks from storage, Ryoji muttered softly as he took a break. He couldn’t get a quantity for the amount of time he spent, so he took out the Mithril sword from the interface and used it as a reference while arranging the extracted chunk of pure iron into the shape of a sword.

“Is it about the size of a shortsword?”

Looking at the finished shortsword, he stowed it in storage, disappointed, and called out to the receptionist and left the mine.

“I need you to look at this.”

He took out a small sword made of pure iron from storage and handed it to Cozimo. Looking at the small sword he received from Ryoji, he confirmed it while making an exclamation of admiration.

“Ryoji-kun. Where did you get this from? The design is ordinary, but the iron used is very good. It’s a gem that makes me want to put it back in an ingot and rebuild it.”

“Rebuild ……. The design is mediocre ……. Chi, by the way, how much would it be …… if I asked to purchase it?”

“Yes. It’s not worth it as a shortsword, but the material is good, so I’m sure it’ll be pricey. With that amount of iron, I could pay 10 gold coins.”

Ryoji was a little bit depressed by the fact that the design had been criticized twice, but when he heard the price, he recovered a little bit.

“It was worth the effort! Then, I’ll give this to Cozimo-san, and you can use it as material for the weapon I’m requesting, which is a combined sword and activator.”

“With great material like this, it looks like it could be good. The design is in the process of being completed, so you’ll have to wait and see.”

Cozimo happily accepted the small sword while checking on the girl he was interested in.

”By the way, Ryoji-kun. I heard that my Sieve is going to be taking care of you as an apprentice maid, are you sure it’s going to be okay? She’s fine as an arms dealer’s daughter, but as a housemaid, she’s not even educated enough to be a maid, so I’m worried about her.”

“It’s okay. Melta-san said, ‘I’ll educate you exactly how to do it.'”

“That’s a relief. Sieve is my little girl, my only daughter. I will ask you to take care of her not only as a maid, but in the future as well. That’s for when she comes of age.”

Relieved by Ryoji’s story, Cozimo asked him to take care of his daughter as a father. At the abrupt request, Ryoji nodded with an ambiguous smile.

“Operation Woohoo with the scrap stone is a subtle success, but let’s call it good! I know it’s going to be ten gold pieces.”

After returning from Cozimo’s workshop, Ryoji was muttering as he looked out at his garden.

“Life in Safiria is going well without any problems. I was appointed as an honorary knight and received a mansion. Most importantly, I have three beautiful maids! Excellent! My adventurer rank is now D, so I’ve met the requirements to go to the institute. I’ll recycle the stones on a regular basis, now it’s just a matter of how to earn money. The first thing we need to do is make a potion. And I’ve already made a promise to Aurelio-san.

Ryoji used his earth magic to solidify his image of cultivating a field, and a field with a five-meter wide and ten-meter long pathway was created in the previously empty garden.

“Good, good. Now I can grow the ingredients for potions. By the way, I had no idea that potions materials were sold in flower shops.”

When he searched for the ingredients for the potion, he found a list of the materials he needed, and one of them was a flower that was sold in large quantities at the city’s flower shop. While looking at the seeds he bought from the flower shop, Ryoji was muttering to himself.

“First I have to get the flowers to bloom. But a flower doesn’t bloom just after you sow it. Shall we sing, ‘Let the buds come out quickly’ like in a fairy tale?”

Ryoji hummed a fairy tale as he stood at the edge of the field and began to flow his magic to encompass the entire field, solidifying the image of buds growing, leaves flourishing, and blue flowers blooming.

“Oh. If I keep up the momentum, it should be easy to increase potion production, right?”

It took five minutes for the magic power to continue flowing. Ryoji watched the blue flowers bloom, but he used his wind attribute magic to cut off only the part of the flower for the harvest. Then he took out a large jar from storage and put the blue flowers into the jar, filled it up with water-attribute magic and then began to mix the contents of the jar with wind-attribute magic.

After another five minutes of mixing, the blue liquid flower gradually began to shine in the jar, and after it shone to the maximum, about 80% of the jar remained in the jar.

“Good. It should be finished now. Let’s put the rest in the small jar we prepared and store it in storage.”

He filled the prepared bottle with the blue liquid, sealed it, and put it away in storage.

“Welcome home! Rioji-ku.. ……. Ryoji-sama!”

“I’m home. Tell the others to gather in the living room. And bring a cup of tea for everyone.”

Feeling refreshed by Sieve’s unaccustomed greeting, Ryoji headed into the living room.

“This is the potion I made,”

With Carena gathered in the living room, in front of Melta and Sieve, Ryoji took a few bottles from storage and handed them to them.

“What’s this? Eh? Potions? Did you make it? When? Huh? Now? When was it made?”

“Huh? I just planted a garden earlier, planted the seeds, harvested them, and made a potion out of magic, okay?”

“What? Garden? There was nothing there earlier, was there?”

“Oh! After using my magic to create a field, I managed to use my own growth-promoting magic to create a flower for the material! I did my best. Praise me! Praise me!”

Ryoji was explaining the process of making the potion with a smug look on his face, but the three people who had gathered there had three different expressions on their faces.

“Huh? Did you magically create a garden? And you magically accelerated the growth?”

“I can tell just by looking at it that it’s no ordinary potion. Is it as good as the secret potion Ryoji-sama has in his possession?”

” The same one that he gave my father to drink?”

As they looked at the potions, each of them were muttering, but on behalf of the others, Kerenarien asked a question.

”Ryoji-sama. Did you know the ingredients of the potion?”

“I had no idea! But you can get a blue flower from this seed!”

“What? This species only blooms red, you know?”

“When you grow them with water magic, they bloom blue flowers.”

“How did you get that blue flower bloom from it?

“A spur-of-the-moment realization?”

Feeling dizzy at Ryoji’s matter-of-fact talk, Carena begins to explain how great potion creation is.

“Okay! Master Ryoji, seiza! Please sit upright for a bit and feel your own weirdness! By the way, the liquid in the vial is quite concentrated. Can I dilute it?”

“I won’t know until I try it, but I think it’s safe to dilute it one hundred times and use it. If you compare it to the potions sold by the Mages Guild, I think it would be about five times more effective even if you dilute it.”

The potions were so effective that Carena almost got dizzy as she stood on the edge of her seat and began to explain.

” Is it okay? The potions are manufactured in bulk by the Sorcerers Guild and distributed to the stores. If we are going to sell the potions made by Ryoji-sama, we need to talk to the Mage Guild first or else they will complain about it.”

“Then let’s take the potion and go greet the Mages Guild as soon as possible.”

Ryoji was about to stand up, not wanting to listen to the explanation while being forced to sit upright, but Carena held up one hand to stop him.

“Not yet! Maintain seiza! By the way, if you were to sell them at Aurelio’s, how much do you plan to sell them for?”

“How about a silver coin first?”

“I knew it! Where in the world would someone sell a high-grade potion that is five times more effective at a throwaway price!”

“Since it’s a test sale, I thought it would be cheaper: ……”

As Ryoji was mumbling and muttering, Melta offered a helping hand.

“Hey, Carena. There’s nothing wrong with Ryoji-sama’s method either. Why don’t we test sell it only to the Carcano Chamber of Commerce and post the results of its use in the store? That’s all you need to sell. If it’s five times more effective, adventurers will keep buying it, right?”

“Yes, but…”

Throwing a grateful glance at Melta’s covering fire, Ryoji stands up vigorously and turns to head to the garden to work on diluting the potion. Melta calls out to him, surprised that Ryoji has suddenly started to act.

”What’s wrong? Master Ryoji?”

“I was just thinking about building a work shed. If we’re working in the house, we’ll have potions all over the place, won’t we? This mansion’s garden, you know, is so big for nothing, I thought I could at least build a cabin.

“Building a cabin? What do you mean by that?”

Figuring it would be quicker to show them than to explain, Ryoji took the three of them out into the garden and began to use earth attribute magic, imagining a room with a storeroom.

In front of the three stunned, dumbfounded and astonished faces, they saw a scene of earth rising up from the ground to form a shed.

“wha, what is this?”

“I wanted a cabin, so I made one! Are you worried about its toughness? It’ s okay! I’ve reinforced the walls themselves, and I’ve made the shelves sturdy enough that they won’t break even if Carena and the others get on them. I could probably build ten buildings if I didn’t care about durability, but I made them so sturdy that I’m a little tired?”

The four of them entered the cabin that had been completed in a short amount of time, the walls were lined with shelves, suitable for storing things, and in the center of the hut was a desk with enough room for the four of them to eat.

Sieve looked at him with respect as he happily explained, Melta looked at him with eyes that praised him for saving the cost of building the hut, and Carena looked at Ryoji with eyes that had given up on admonishing him for his haphazard use of magic.

“Well, well, well. What brings the Hero of Drugul to the Mages’ Guild?”

Ryoji and Carena were visiting the Mages’ Guild. They called the head of the guild at the reception desk and waited for ten minutes. An old man came in front of them when they were shown into the reception room. He was wearing a robe with a white beard, holding a staff in his right hand, and was a wizard just as Ryoji had imagined him to be.

(Oh! He’s a magician. He’s got a wand! And a white beard and a robe! I guess beards and robes are common to wizards, no matter how old or new or otherworldly they are!)

“Can I help you with something?”

The head of the Magician’s Guild asked Ryoji, who was silent and did not answer the question from the head of the Magician’s Guild, with a strange look on his face. Ryoji came back to himself and replied as if in a hurry.

“In my country, the wizards were mostly young people. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the sight of a skilled wizard.”

“Ho. So, there are many young wizards in the land of Ryoji-dono. That’s an enviable situation. In our country, many wizards become adventurers, and they can’t afford to have a successor, so an old man like me has to work in the front line.”

As they were having a light conversation to ask each other how they were doing, Kaleenarien poked Ryoji’s arm as if he had gone numb. Ryoji nodded lightly and took out a potion from the storage disguised as an item box and handed it to the guild leader.

“What’s this? Is it a potion?”

“The bottle the Guild Master is holding contains a potion that is five times more effective than before.”


Without thinking, the guild leader, who replied in a straightforward manner, performed magic power sensing on the potion in his hand and confirmed that it contained a magic power that was incomparable to normal potions.

”This is great. Is this the same as the secret potion that I heard was used during the battle against the bull man?”

“You know it well. It is indeed a few steps down from the secret potion. So, as soon as I can, I’ve come to ask for your permission to sell this potion today.”

“The sale of potions is not specifically forbidden. You can do what you want with it. With this potion, I’m sure the Carcano Chamber of Commerce and others would be happy to do a big deal on it.”

“In fact, we are already talking about selling it at the Carcano store. But I don’t think anyone will buy the product I made. No matter how much we write ‘quintuple effect ‘ on the label of the potion, don’t you think the scandalousness will come first?”

“Surely you can’t tell if it’s real from that label alone. If you check the contents and it’s OK, I’d consider looking at the amount, but ……. By the way, how much do you intend to sell this potion for?”

The head of the guild nodded to Ryoji’s explanation and confirmed it. As the head of the Magician’s Guild, it was because if a potion with five times the effect flowed into the market, it would be necessary to review the production volume and price of the potions made by the guild.

“First, I’m thinking of using five silver coins as a test sale. The price will be the same as normal potions, but we will limit the number of potions purchased. Therefore, I would like to ask the guild leader to give an endorsement to the quintuple potion we create, saying, ‘I guarantee the quality of this potion.'”

” Endorsement? Are you saying that you’re going to put a note in the potion created by you that ‘the quality is fine after checking it with the Mages Guild’?”

“That’s right. Selling the potions created here might reduce the sales of the potions created by the Magician’s Guild. In return, we will pay 10% of the sales to the Magician’s Guild as a commission. By the way, the fivefold potions will be sold for a single gold coin after the trial sales are over.”

The head of the guild lightly meditates on Ryoji’s suggestion while thinking about it. When the Hero of Drugul starts selling fivefold potions, sales will definitely drop. It’s impossible to predict how much it will fall, but the higher ranked adventurers become, the more they will buy fivefold potions.

If that happens, it would be more profitable for the Magician’s Guild to rename the current one as a beginner’s potion and sell it at a lower price. The sales that are supposed to be dropping can be made up for by the commission to endorse the product.

In fact, the commission income might be more profitable. However, the guild leader, who felt that the guild was giving away too much as it was, made a suggestion.

“That’s too much for an endorsement fee. So let’s agree to inspect the potions as well.”

“Is it an inspection?”

“Yes. I don’t know how much you are expecting to sell, but let’s say you have a box of fifty bottles. We will take a few bottles from it at random and inspect them. And if they are below the required magic, we will specify that the box will not be sold.”

“I see. If you’re willing to go that far, I’d better change the design to show that it’s official for the Mages Guild. It’s the best content for us. Then let’s sign the contract right away. Then, please get ready.”

Carena took out a piece of parchment and a pen from the item box and drew up a contract with the details they had discussed. She then confirmed that Ryoji and the guild leader had signed it, and just as Carena did with the previous money loan agreement, and the contract began to glow faintly and wrapped around Ryoji and the guild leader.”

“This concludes the contract.”

“Guild leader. When should I bring the Fivefold Potion to the Magician’s Guild?”

“I’ll be ready when you are. I’ll check it out myself during the first week. By the time it’s official, others will be ready.”

Ryoji left the Mages Guild with admiration for the skillfulness of the guild leader, who not only proceeded with the conversation at a thumping pace, but also thought about the future and handled it carefully.


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