Person With Inferior Ability Vol.1-Chapter-5-Part-II

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Chapter 5: Person With Inferior Ability Returning from the Demon World

Part II

[……….I guess you could call it the Golden Age!  I hope you’re going to have a great time to your heart’s content today! ]

 After finishing her greetings, Hisae got off the stage and hurriedly pulled out her cell phone, which she had been constantly ringing up in her pocket since a while ago. The incoming call showed a dozen times in a row as Kakitate-Shima.

“Hello. Did you find out anything, Shima-chan?”

[Omine-sama! Please stop the test immediately!]

 Shima’s urgent voice, which she doesn’t usually produce, made Hisae wince.

“Oh, calm down, Shima-chan. The exams are already over. We’re in the middle of a get-together party, and it’s already in the middle of the day. What on earth is more important than that? What does that mean?”

[The killer! We have located the killer of the ability users! He’ s in that exam site right now! That guy wants to suck the blood of a promising newcomer and take their abilities into his body!]

“Eh!? What do you mean by that!”

“In the possession of Edmond Stan, the last person killed, there was a list of candidates for this rookie exam. Edmond was probably planning to sell this information to other organizations and nations. We believe there is a high probability that the vampire who killed him saw this!”

“But …… then I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d already been attacked. Aren’t you overthinking it?”

[It’s confirmed information! The vampire community will soon be asking for the test to be cancelled! The story goes that all three of the assassins sent by the community were defeated. One of the survivors contacted the community at …… and the details will be communicated later! So, hurry up!]

“Nah, but the community is still slow to contact me! Why didn’t you give me a call sooner!”

[Probably the community had quite a bit of trouble locating Gaston, too. It’s obvious that it’s because of his [“positioning”] abilities. That’s where they probably used the rookie test as bait.]


[Much earlier on, the community seemed to have caught on to the fact that Gaston sucked the other person’s abilities and that Gaston was getting information about the rookie test in Edmond’s room. So they thought, if they couldn’t find it when they looked for it, they would use the rookie test as bait to ambush Gaston and eliminate him …….]

“My God! Nevertheless, if we had received that kind of call, we could have done something about it too!”

[If they contact you, there would be a high probability that the test will be cancelled. That will not be bait. They are very proud, so they wanted to clean up the mismanagement of their own people at all costs.]

“…… And, you said that the assassins have been defeated on the contrary.”

“Yes. I assume that he has been cornered in Japan there, and that he found out about the rookie test by chance there. If the agency is then contacted with this information, it will mean that they have shown good will, and their faces will not be ruined. I believe that the decision to contact the agency is made now at …….”

“This is so annoying!

“Omine-sama! We need to stop the party and evacuate and secure the participants as soon as possible!”

“Okay, okay! I will instruct them to do so for now.”

 When she hangs up her cell phone, an agency employee rushes up to Sae that day with a change in her blood.


“What now?”

“Omine-sama. The key to the exam room has been broken and the roster of new recruits and the test results were viewed by someone on PC! I ordered an immediate investigation into the perpetrators, but I wanted to give you an update as soon as possible.”

“What did you say?”

 The test results were the Agency’ s top secret. Only a select few were given the passwords to view them.

 When and where did they get it? At this point, the worst case scenario comes to mind in Hisae’s mind.

( Positional ability ……)

 No, it’s more than that now, the very fact that he visited …… at this stage.

 For what purpose? Including the communication from Shima Kakitate, …… the thoughts quickly went through Hisae’s mind.

(Waiting for the results of the exam …… and assessing the abilities of each newcomer ability!)

 Hisae gets a general understanding of the situation with her clear mind and intuition. That unidentified non-human corpse discovered by Hiroto is probably the vampire assassin …… sent by the community.

 No one would have known about the corpse of an immortal, let alone any other human outsider. Therefore, the investigation into what kind of outsiders they were was also delayed in concluding. However, when she heard that there were three assassins, it hit her.

 The remaining one was most likely …… who contacted the community with serious injuries.

 As the situation is sorted out in her head, Hisae changed her complexion in a flash. And just as she is about to raise her voice to the agency staff, Masato’s loud voice echoes through the party hall.

“Everyone! Run!”

 The hall was in an uproar due to the sudden shouts of anger. When Hisae turned her head to the owner of the voice, she could see Hiroto running to the agency staff who came to report to her with a terrific look on his face.

“Wait, Domori-kun!”

 But her voice didn’t get through, and without a moment’s pause, Hiroto slammed an upper-level right-handed roundhouse kick into the staff behind the two agency employees. Hisae also knows how good Hiroto’s body art is. It was something that changed the reputation of this boy who was even with that swordsman, who might have originally been difficult to obtain a rank. If that godspeed kick is eaten by one of the agency’s employees, there won’t be a drop in the bucket.

 But …… her worries did not materialize in a bad way. The fact is, that employee grabbed Hiroto’s right leg with one hand just before that kick hit his temple and stopped him.


 Hiroto’s face contorted. And even more astonishingly, the staffer threw Hiroto’s legs with his abnormal athleticism against the wall at the front of the hall as if he were swinging them around.


 Hisae was astonished at the unbelievable scene that occurred in front of her eyes. Hiroto’s roundhouse kick, which he and the Sword Saint had gone toe-to-toe with in physical combat, was stopped, thrown away, and then his entire body slammed into the wall.

 The suddenness of the event caused the audience to scream and the room turned into a crucible of confusion.

“Domori Hiroto!


 Mizuho and Marion had been following Hiroto with their eyes from the moment he dashed off before they could stop him.

 They were surprised to see that Hiroto had attacked one of the agency’s staff members, but they were even more shocked to see that staff member prevented himself from getting attacked and throwing him against the wall. As soon as Mizuho and Marion tried to run to Hiroto, the staff member who threw Hiroto away stood there as if he were passing by.

“Oops, well, well, ladies~. Where are you going?”

 Both of them feel unspeakable disgust for this agency official and immediately brace themselves. And as soon as Hisae stands in front of them to protect them, she immediately gives instructions to the participants and agency staff in rapid succession.

“Everyone, evacuate to the outside! Each householder must protect their master! He’s after the rookies!”

 Hisae continued without looking back at Mizuho behind her.

“Mizuho, you guys can’t stay here! You have to take that boy, too! And contact the Sword Saint. Call him back from the airport! I’ll hold him here!”

 However, it was so sudden that both the agency staff and the audience reacted badly.

 Numbly, Hisae yelled out loudly.

“This guy is Nosferak! A vampire! He’s an S-grade inhuman whose abilities suck the abilities of others along with their blood! Quickly, get out of the building!”

Nosfe…… Rak?”

“Sucking up abilities, ……?”

“Class S?”

 The people who understood the situation from the shouts of Hisae’s angry voice in the hall fell into confusion and started to evacuate the building. The S-class non-human as referred to by the agency is now synonymous with a warning that not only they, but also …… this Shinagawa one, are in danger.

 While checking out the venue with only her eyes, Hisae enters a battle stance.

 She concentrates her mind and creates a wind vortex around …… herself.

 It is a vacuum wall that combines attack and defense with the wind spirit, which is Hisae’s specialty.

“You …… are Gaston, right?”

 With a twitch, the man dressed as an agency employee responds.

“Kukuku, you’re …… excellent. And beautiful. I’d love to be your friend.”

“I decline. Gaston, just for the record, you killed Sister Sophia, didn’t you?”

 Gaston’s smile disappeared as he dressed as an agency employee, and he threw his jacket down in an exaggerated manner without answering the question. Then somehow the entire outfit changed, even though he only took off his jacket.

 Gaston is wearing a full-body jet black figure …… shirt with a large collar that sticks to his body and a crimson cloak lined with a crimson cloak.

 And although he didn’t seem to be hiding it, his true face, which had been invisible until now, was also revealed.

 The tangled, lusterless silver hair that was still stretched out. A dark, fading eye light catches us from the carved eyes between the hair. Gaston smiled thinly as he lowered the corners of his eyes, and then he began to laugh in a high, back-voiced voice.

 That movement is far removed from his tall, sturdy body and reminds people of a small animal.

“It’s so outrageous of you to say I killed her! I mean, she was already close to death, right? Ahahahaha, kahahahaha, hee hee!”

 Gaston clutched his stomach and laughed like a madman. His muddy golden-eyed pupil widened he looked as if he was in euphoria. Glaring at his sight, Hisae regretted bitterly.

“This guy is crazy. ……”

“Because, you see, that woman was going to die, leaving me behind ……. I can’t allow that to happen, can I? Because she had to be there for me all the time.

 This time, he sobbed with big tears.

“Ughhhh …… so come on, I’ve sucked blood ……. Everything! All of them! Until they are dry! Maybe then you could stay inside me? Isn’t that obvious?”

 Thinking that he was crying as he looked up at the ceiling, he suddenly turned his expressionless face to her.

“But, you know, I didn’t think that I would even have the ability of such a stranger ……. I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would come inside my body!”

 Gaston puts his hand on his face and looks at Hisae from between his fingers …… rather than examining her.

“Hmm. After stalling me and letting them all escape, ……, the plan is to beat me if you have to, and, even if you can’t, to buy time for the return of the Sword Saint.”

“Kuh. ……”

 Hisae’s face twisted and deployed a terrific wind wall in the front to protect Mizuho and Marion behind her.

“Mizuho, Marion. Hurry up and run away with Domori-kun! You guys can’t handle this one! This guy is a thousand and five hundred year old class vampire …… and even sucks the abilities of five people with their abilities along with their blood!”

“Huh!” “ Eh!”

“Understand? As you know, vampires originally have high physical abilities and powerful magical powers. On top of that, he has the abilities of five different people ……. These include the highest possible Mind reading ability in modern times. In other words, our thoughts are completely clear to him. You’d better think of him as a Demon God class combat power already! So come on!”

“But! Hisae-san alone……..”

“Mizuho, did you forget? I’m a [Demon Slayer] too. And in an hour’s time, Al and …… another [Demon Slayer] the Sword Saint will be here too. Anyway, I can’t afford to lose all of you in a place like this!”

“Hisae-san: ……. I understand!”

 Hisae turned to the front to see Marion and Mizuho running to the wall that had been knocked down and collapsed by the gaston with Hiroto.

(…… I didn’t take them down alone, though.)

“Kukuku …… is that okay? Are you buying …… time all by yourself?”

“Fu, you can read minds, but you can’t seem to understand ability!”

 A tornado broke out around Hisae.

 Mizuho, the other spirit user, sensed the tremendous sensitivity to the spirits on her back.

(Hisae-san is amazing!)

 During this time, Marion discovers Hiroto’s foot in the rubble of the wall.

“Hiroto-san! Are you okay?”

“That hurt. I got caught off guard. ……”

 Shaking his head, Hiroto got up without feeling much damage as he scattered pieces of the wall. Mizuho also rushed over and looked at Masato, who was covered in pieces of the wall, with concern.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Ah, you, how sturdy you are. Come on, let’s get out of here fast!”

“Escape? Ha, what about that guy!”

 Hiroto immediately looked around and saw that a fierce attack and defense between Hisae and Gaston was already underway. Generally speaking, it is said that spirit users are not suited for close combat. Hisae took a distance from Gaston, moving and releasing a blade of wind while building a wind barrier on herself. Gaston seems to be looking for an opportunity to jump into Hisae’s bosom while avoiding the blade with a thin smile on his face.

“Hiyahaha, it’s no use! I know when, where, what attack, and when you are going to attack, you know? Right, left, bent over, upper body, aiming at the feet, jumping and flaming bullets at close range. ……”

 Gaston intercepted Hisae as he knew he would as he dove in close.

 The interception was beyond the expectations of Hisae, and Gaston aimed at her right hand just before Hisae fired the flaming rounds, and extended his thin black hand.

“You’ll have to eliminate that wind barrier and make a hole in it yourself to release the flaming bullets, right!”


 Hisae was an outstanding rank S spirit user, but she couldn’t use multiple types of magic at the same time. Although she had succeeded a few times, she had never used it in a real battle. Gaston stepped forward as he suddenly stretched his upper body and entangled his own left hand in front of Hisae’s flaming right hand, which was emitting a fireball.

“No! Watch out!”

 Hiroto shouted and jumped into the collision point between Gaston and Hisae. Neither Marion nor Mizuho had time to stop him for his undeterred move. Hisae felt a chill and tried to jump back, but Gaston didn’t let go of Hisae’s right hand with his entangled left hand and pulled her back to him in the opposite direction.


 A dull pain shot through Hisae’s right hand. Gaston thrust his right hand, with its unusually long claws aligned, at Hisae’s throat. Then a sharp fang extended bewitchingly from his mouth.

“I wasn’t planning on having someone like you, but I’ll take your spirit user abilities too …… What! Ku!”

 Hiroto’s with his God-speed palm blade jumped in between the fierce battle, striking Gaston’s right hand.

 And the next shot was aimed at Gaston’s left hand as his hand sword connected them together. Gaston let go of Hisae’s right hand in the nick of time and flew backwards to avoid Hiroto’s palm blade.

 Hisae couldn’t move at all as she witnessed the attacks.

 Gaston, who escaped backwards, grins as he rubs his numbed right arm.

“I’m surprised at your …… that you didn’t let me notice this …… yeah? You’re the little boy from earlier ……”

 Gaston’s smile disappeared when he realized that the other party was Hiroto, and for the first time he looked uncomfortable.

“Omine-san! Are you okay!”

 Hiroto forced his way between Hisae and Gaston and turned his back on her.

“Domori-kun! Yeah, yeah, I’m fine! But you sure, you’re the one who’s going to be okay?”

“I’m fine. I’ll take care of this place, so please take Shitenji-san and Marion-san and run away!”

“What are you talking about? This is a vampire. How could a newcomer like you be able to handle that!”

“No! We can’t evacuate them all at this rate!”


 That’s where Hisae first sees the newcomers hanging around to pool at the exit of the hall. I don’t know what’s going on, but they all aren’t trying to get out.

“Why! Why isn’t everyone leaving? What the hell are those squires doing! No Squires at ……? No way! You mean that they abandoned their masters and ran off?”

“No, that’s probably what he wants you to think.”

 Hiroto glared at Gaston, who was smirking.

 Mizuho and Marion also rushed over and stood on either side of Hisae.

“Kukuku …… you’re funny. It’s really good …… that you’re so annoying. You’re not on the list of newcomers I had my eye on, though. I remember those delicious looking ladies behind you, remember? You’re a bunch of talented women who got a rank A as a rookie, right? So what’s your rank?”

 When Hiroto is asked a question, he answers with a bit of joy and a bit of embarrassment.

“I’m ra, rank D!”

“Why do you look so happy? Idiot!”

 Mizuho shouted from the side and Marion laughed in troubled fashion.

“Rank D? Ha! No wonder I don’t know. As I recall, you’re at the bottom of the exam right now, right?”

 Hisae was also on alert for Gaston while looking at the newcomers who were hanging around near the exit with a serious look. However, the fact that the vampire has a relaxed expression on his face makes it impossible to bypass the situation.

 Then, Hiroto lined up beside the inwardly uncomfortable Hisae.

“Omine-san. Please go. Probably, if it’s not Omine-san, we can’t all escape.”

 At this statement of Hiroto, Hisae narrowed her eyes and asked the truth of it.

“Do you have any idea about what’s going on ……, Domori-kun?”

“No …… sorry, I’m not entirely sure. It’s just a guess.”

 Hiroto’s words that it’s not completely accurate ……. For Hisae, she can’t imagine the situation of the newcomers who are not evacuating now at all. Even if it’s a prediction right now, Hisae wants a hint, even if it’s a little bit off the mark, Hisae thinks. Moreover, the only person who has made a hypothesis in this urgent situation right now is this boy in front of her right now. If that’s the case, she wants to cling to it now.

“Your judgment test is an A, the highest of all the test takers. Tell me if you want to take a guess.”

“…… I understand. It’s an uncomfortable feeling I remember when I attacked this guy earlier, but when I look at him, I feel like he’s an old friend. That’s why I hesitated to attack for a moment.”

“Yes, that’s one of the abilities he’s acquired [Positioning]. It’s a nasty ability that didn’t prevent his intrusion with that ability. If he’s right in front of you, it shouldn’t be that effective, but it still has some effect on you. But that’s not enough ……”

 Mizuho and Marion’s faces tighten in surprise when they hear it beside them.

“Yes. It’s not a reason why everyone can’t escape. However, I have experienced something close to …… this uncomfortable feeling before. The day before yesterday, in the pavilion where we found the bodies of two vampires …… I think it was, I felt very strongly that I had to get away from here and go home immediately.”

“…… What do you mean?”

 Hisae still didn’t understand what Hiroto was talking about now.

“It’s another guess, but if I’m right, you can go to ……. Shitenji-san. Marion-san. Do you have any idea where the exit to this hall is?”

 They said, “What?” That’ s the look on their faces.

“Oh my…! It’s got to be there…….. Huh?”

“No ……. No, it’s gone! How come!?”

 Their mysterious reaction surprises Hisae as to what the hell is going on …….

“Huh? What? What kind of ……. It’s right there. I can see it.”

“It’s okay. There’s definitely a way out in that direction. Then think about getting out of there.”

 All three of them frown at Hiroto’s words and stare in the direction of the exit that should be there.

 Suddenly, both Marion and Mizuho turn pale. Marion is so shaken up that she can barely stand. Hisae is bewildered by the urge that rises up from within her heart beside the two of them, but she struggles to resist it. Then Hiroto lightly slapped the three of them on the back.

 Instantly, all three of them snap to their senses as if they have come to their senses.

“That’s enough. Didn’t you feel like this? The newcomers, Shitenji-san and Marion-san, don’t want to leave this place, it’s more dangerous outside, and if they leave, it’s over. And Omine-san …… other than the newcomers want to get out of here as soon as possible. Didn’t you have such a strong urge to leave, that if you didn’t leave, it would be the end for you and the newcomers? And the urge is so strong that it’s uncontrollable.”

 Hisae, Marion, Mizuho listened to what Hiroto had said.

 It’s an outrageous story, but because it’s consistent with the facts, it’s understandable. People are relieved when they can understand. Therefore, it was fortunate for Hiroto that his mind didn’t wander to the question of why Hiroto was okay.

 One of the important practices of the Sendo is to understand the world as it is. It is with this moderate mind that one reaches the point of the Sendo. In other words, mental attacks and illusions were almost impossible to achieve in the master class of the Sacred Way. Hiroto, however, hadn’t reached that point yet.

“On top of that, the exits should be invisible to the newcomers and visible to the rest of them. Once you press the reminder to this point, the …… escorts and attendants will be the first to leave. And the newcomers will not be able to leave. And the result is the current situation.”

 Hiroto pointed at the newcomers who were just hovering around the exit.

“The root of this guy’s set-up ability is to twist people’s perceptions and judgments, is my conclusion. I feel strongly and I am convinced that the danger is only out there for the newcomers, and for the rest of us, if we don’t go out there, we can’t all be saved ……. And that’s exactly how he’s led to this situation.”

 Hiroto’s explanation was met with applause. The owner of that applause, Gaston, let out a vulgar laugh.

“No, you really are funny! That’s an excellent assessment of the situation. I’d say it’s almost the right thing to do. It’s an application of [positioning] as an axis. However, I wonder how you only got Rank D. Was your other abilities lacking? But you are …… hmmm? Do you have a lot of real-world experience?”

 Gaston rubbed his chin, which was cracked in two.

“I’m surprised you can’t get me to read your mind like this……. I’m impressed with your countermeasures against those with abilities to read minds(satori ability). It’s as if you’ve been in combat with the ones that possess those qualities. The only thing I can see from you is girls in swimsuits all the time.”

“Yee!” “Eh?” “What?”

 Gaston’s point causes Hiroto to gasp with an awkward look on his face.

 The gaze from the two girls, who stare at it with zit eyes, is painful.

“Hiroto-san…… was thinking about such things during the conversation just now.”

”Domori Hiroto ……. This is why the man is ……”

“You’re wrong! It’s just a countermeasure for satori abilities. I don’t like doing this ……”

“If you don’t like it, why is it a girl in a swimsuit!”

“No, I just happened to be in my room and the new swimsuit show for this summer was on TV! Whatever! That’s what I remembered in a hurry, and it was only sustained! Soooo, I’ll change that in a minute.”

“What? It’s true, it’ s a multiplication table now.”

 As he said this, Gaston cowered his shoulders and held out his hands to show them.


 Suddenly, Hisae stepped forward. Even during the conversation between Hiroto and the others and Gaston, Hisae was keeping a close eye on Gaston so as not to miss any of his openings. Then she saw Gaston, who seemed to have loosened up and opened his arms, and unexpectedly launched a melee attack.

 Hisae’s body language, which was unbelievable for a spirit user, was a unique body technique passed down in the Shitenji family.

 That body technique, which emphasizes weight transfer, appears supple and its blows are heavy. In addition, the right thrust of his right hand, which Hisae delivered, emitted high heat and turned orange, and his arm was extended to shoot through Gaston’s left chest.

 But Gaston is already gone in that place.

(Gone! Kuhn, he’ s in my blind spot.)

 Sensing danger, Hisae quickly moved to evasive action, but at that very point, her eyes met with Gaston’s at a distance of a few inches.


 Gaston gazes at Hisae with his chiseled eyes at a distance that takes their breath away from each other.

“Didn’t I tell you it’s useless? If you’re in such a hurry, you won’t be able to hit any attacks, right?”

 Gaston raised one eyebrow and licked his own lips as he looked down at Hisae. Hisae stopped moving for a moment as she was hit by Gaston’s powerful magic.

“Huh …… And hey, no matter how strong you are, your thoughts are easy to read!”

 As soon as he finished, Gaston’s pale white fist with powerful magical power on it aimed at Hisae’s abdomen at super close range. The attack was extremely panicked, to the point that Hisae, who was supposed to be experienced in combat, was about to scream.

 Then Gaston’s fist snapped to a stop just before he entered the abdomen.

 Gaston raised his eyebrows and laughed faintly, then pulled his face up to Hisae’s ear and whispered.

“You’re pregnant ……? Is the father the Sword Saint? Kukuku, you didn’t let the Sword Saint know …… that’s interesting. So you’re not in your prime. And you’ve been carrying it for three years.”

 Hisae’s eyes widen and her face changes color. Wobbling, she bends her knees on the spot and squats down to hug her own shoulders.

“Ho, I see you’ve discussed this with Sophia. That’s why you’re showing your respect for her. I suppose we’re related! But if you disobey any more, I’ll have to attack that gut as well, though.”

“Hisae-san! What is the matter with you? Damn it, you vampire, what have you done? Huh!”

 Mizuho furiously slammed the flaming bullet into Gaston’s face with precision. Gaston dodged it without a second thought and moved backwards into the distance. In the meantime, Mizuho stands in front of the kneeling Hisae to protect her.

“That’s rude …… you. You saw that, didn’t you? I didn’t do anything, did I?”

 Marion also came over and anxiously placed her hand on Nisasae’s shoulder, and Mizuho looked at Gaston with a sharp look in her eyes.

“Heh~. You have a cheeky look in your eyes. I don’t like the way you talk to me either, you know? A little girl like this needs some moxie, huh? Kukuku …… you hate men, so yeah, I see. ……”

 Mizuho’s eyes widen.

“Hoho, I’ve heard a lot of innuendos from my matchmaking partner, huh? It seems that they don’t seem to be interested in your humanity and character. The name of Shitenji is the most attractive for them.”

 Gaston scoffs, checking Mizuho’s expression.

“Kukeke …… Yeah, that would make men hate you too. No one is looking at you …… the only thing that makes you a person attractive is that you are named after Shitenji, right? Ahn?u”

“Hey! This oh!”

 Enraged by Gaston’s words, Mizuho turned to charge.

“Looks like that overly thrusting talent and ability was an annoying topic for the man!”

“Shitenji-san! Don’t let that man’s word get the better of you!”

 Immediately, Hiroto tried to stop her, but he couldn’t do it in time. That of Mizuho was no longer very much the fighting style of a spirit user. It was just an attack that was driven by emotions.

 Despite the fact that mid-range to long range is essentially the spirit user’s strongest range, she unleashed flaming fists and kicks on Gaston like an amateur brawl. Gaston mockingly avoided those attacks and suddenly took a step forward. In the blink of an eye, the spirit user’s weaknesses were easily inserted into his bosom, and a relentless knee flew into Mizuho’s gut.

“Ngh! Kuhaaahhhh ……”

 Mizuho bent her body into a crouch, drooling from the intense shock, and writhed in agony.

“Mizuho-san! You, what have you done!”

 Marion threw a vial of spiritually processed holy water at Gaston to protect the defenseless Mizuho. But Gaston dodged it without difficulty, “Oops ……”.

 Gaston’s cloudy golden eyes seemed to glow, and in a flash, he closed the distance between him and Marion and grabbed Marion’s golden hair with a blue-black hand.


“Women are supposed to be ladylike.”

Marion, whose head is still in his grasp, looks shocked as her eyes widen and her life disappears from her face, shedding tears of frustration like a child.

“You couldn’t forgive her for that, little girl, you swore badly at your mother~. The person who was protecting you the most was none other than your mother. The divine tool you have was also protected by your mother for you. …… Haha, you’re silly, to find out all that later too!”

 The strength drained from Marion’s entire body and the tears flowed down unceasingly.

 That’s when Gaston scoffed at it, and was about to bring his sharp, fanged mouth close to Marion’s neck. ……


 Gaston’s vision was blurred.

 Gaston was blown away from the scene. Gaston himself could see that his cheekbone was shattered and his cervical vertebrae dislocated. The shock of the impact, as if he had been hit by a dozen tons of steel balls, sent his body gliding like a bullet from the front of the stage to the back of the venue, where the exits are located, and he used his body to destroy a large area of the wall near where the newcomers who have yet to escape are gathered.

 Then he found that one side of the hall’s original door and pieces of the wall flew apart with a roar.

 Suddenly, the wall right next to the one they are in makes a violent crashing sound, and numerous screams from the newcomers as it collapses into pieces.

 Even Marion, who should have just …… been saved just now, doesn’t know what happened as well.

 And without being able to see what was going on around her, Marion dropped to her knees and nodded in place.

 He pointed out something that Marion never wanted anyone to know about.

 It was something she had been blaming herself for for a long, long time.

 Tears still continued to flow from Marion’s eyes as they overflowed, and the marks on her cheeks didn’t seem to disappear.

 Marion’s teary eyes slowly lifted her face without effort to adjust her perspective in front of her eyes.

 The only thing she could see was the boy’s two feet in front of her, although her vision was not clear from the tears.

 That …… always kind, easy to talk to, but a bit unreliable boy must be there. Marion desperately wipes away her tears and manages to look up with all her strength.

(Oh, I …… don’t want Hiroto-san to see my face like this. No doubt he’s looking at me with concern.)

 Then, forcing a look of okay, Marion looks up.

“…… Huh?”

 For a moment, Marion even thought that she was mistaken.

  Because the expression on that boy….. Hiroto was exactly the same as that of a War God with a warrior’s spirit, clothed in an angry expression. And that face is not looking at Marion.

 Hiroto’s face is facing the area where Gaston is, which was blown to the back of the hall with his right leg.

 Then, Hiroto raised his voice with high spirits.

“Marion-san, get a grip! Now you’re going to do as I say.”

 Hiroto’s powerful voice seeped into Marion’s weakened heart.

“Marion-san, take Shitenji-san and run away. You should be able to escape from the hole that bastard made. Then you can call out to everyone else and take them away! I can handle this one.”


 Marion replied instantly and did as Hiroto said. What about Hiroto? For some reason, she didn’t think it was the case. No, Marion thought it was perfectly natural for her to do so. When instructed by Hiroto, she strangely felt courageous. Then he ran up to the squatting Mizuho.

 Next, Hiroto called out to the still stunned Hisae.

“Omine-san! While you’re at it, get out of that hole opened by that psycho’s body! The newcomers are taken out, even if it means yelling at them. Once outside, the mental restraints should be lost. Because if the organizer, Omine-san, says it, everyone will listen!”

 Hisae, who had lost her will to fight and was poking her hand out, responded with a jolt. Hearing that voice, her mind and body mysteriously calmed down. And when she looked up at Hiroto from below, she felt like it was her mission to do as he said.

“I-I get it! But don’t take it too hard. Because the Sword Saint is heading this way right now.”

–Part II end–

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