Person With Inferior Ability Vol.1-Chapter-4-Part II

Chapter 4: Rookie Rank Examination – Ability and Evaluation

Part II

The exam proceeded, and one after another, the candidates were called in. One of them was Marion, who hadn’t spoken to him at all since the incident with Hideo and Jean-Pierre. Hideo didn’t seem to be very good at body arts, saying, “Body arts are meaningless to my abilities!” And he barked exactly like a champion.

 To his surprise, Marion was much stronger than her appearance would suggest. She was slick on the offensive and stubborn on the defensive. It was enough to make that Sword Saint groan. Seeing this, Hiroto was also amazed at Marion’s amazing defense.

(That Marion-san’s defense is amazing. That defense probably feels like it’s a tight fit with the person’s feelings. The strength of her mind and body are in sync with each other, I’m sure).

 Finally, it was Hiroto’s turn and he said, “Well then……’re the last one to take the test. Go up to the martial arts field,” urged Sword Saint. Even though he was competing with so many people for a short period of time each, he wasn’t disrupting his breath or breaking a sweat at all.

 As expected of a combat-type SS rank, which is currently said to be only five people. In other words, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is one of the strongest people in the whole group of people with abilities, the Sword Saint. As soon as Hiroto walked up to the martial arts hall and stood in front of the Sword Saint, he immediately understood what it meant that the Sword Saint was said to be one of the strongest people with abilities.

( Of course he’s strong…….)

 Then Sword Saint smiled in front of Hiroto and made a smiling face that the other candidates did not see.

“Hey, Hiroto-kun. Looks like you did a good job again yesterday.”

“Eh? Umm… what are you talking about?”

Hiroto was puzzled. The candidates around him were talking of what as well? He asked quizzically. Hiroto had an idea of what Sword Saint was referring to, but Hisae had told him not to tell anyone that he had found an inhuman corpse in the hotel grounds the day before. I couldn’t tell her.

 In fact, Hisae’s expression was hard. Perhaps noticing this, Sword Saint also nodded widely.

“No … it’s nothing. Actually, Hiroto-kun, I’m just curious about you. I’m impressed by the fact that you are a well-built young man for someone of recent times.”

 Sword Saint walks up to Hiroto with a smile on his face and puts his hands on both of Hiroto’s shoulders and lightly taps one of his shoulders in a friendly manner. The examiners around them are surprised at this kind of behavior of the Sword Saint.

 It’s as if he’s declaring that he’s my favorite.

 The newcomers look on enviously and questioningly. Hideo and the others looked at the situation hatefully and formed a hard fist, “Why the hell did it have to be that guy…….”

 With a smiling expression on his face, Sword Saint spoke out in a voice that only Hiroto could hear.

“Hiroto-kun. I’m saying this because I think you have a right to be heard. They were the ones from yesterday, but we still don’t know who they are. After all, they’ve lost everything but their clothes. All we have is the remnants of their powerful magic and the identification in their wallets.”

 Hiroto stared at Sword Saint in surprise.

“According to that … they’re just ordinary citizens. A Russian and a Belgian.”

” Citizens? How is that a…?”

“No, I don’t know yet. The agency is looking into it now. It’s not many, but there are some people outside of those people. But then, you know, that kind of narrows it down for me. What kind of people they are.”

“…What kind of people are they?”

“They are magic-centric, and they blend in with human society. And yet they are so inhuman that they have skills that even the examiners and I can’t detect, they are hidden from view. A race that has existed for a long time and has been feared by us humans.”

“An ancient race? Is that … reported to the … agency?”

“No way. That’s just speculation, my own. That’s not what I’m telling you, though. I’m surprised. You can sense them. No one, including me, Hisae, a rank S… and the other examiners, even noticed.”

 Hiroto looks at Sword Saint, who was smiling at him. He doesn’t know what he’s trying to say. And why would he say that to him…….. At this time, Hiroto felt the creepiness from Sword Saint for the first time.

 Sword Saint moved away from Hiroto with his expression intact and confronted Hiroto once again.

“Come on, Hiroto-kun! Let’s get the exam started.   Hmmm, well, …..yeah I’ ve been invited to be a guest on this rookie test.  To say this is the end of it would be a bit of a trick.  ”                                                                                                                                          

 Sword Saint looks up after a thoughtful attitude.

“Alright! I’m going to try to make a special end of it and get serious, too… I guess?”

 That statement by the Sword Saint sent a shock through the hall. The candidates also looked at each other and Mizuho couldn’t help but stand up. The organizer, Hisae, also unclasped her arms and looked stunned.

 Everyone’s reaction was uniform. That means that that swordsman is serious about doing it, even if it’s only a physical technique. Then, … it would be no test at all.

“Hey, Al! What are you talking about…”

“It’ s all right. It’s only for three minutes. Hiroto, if you can hold out for three minutes, I will consider your body technique test assessment, okay? You also mentioned that your strongest ability was body arts… not bad, right?”

 Feeling left out despite being a party to the matter, Hiroto was about to say something but said, “Well then, let’s get started! ’Hiroto-kun,’ said Sword Saint, without saying a word, as the exam began.

 Hiroto was puzzled. And now, he could feel an overwhelming fighting spirit from the Sword Saint in front of him.

 Hiroto could see that the hall was being swallowed up by the extraordinary fighting spirit of the Sword Saint.

 That fighting spirit emanating from the Swordsman would be enough to make most people lose their will to fight.

 However, in a sense, the current victim, Hiroto, was caught up in a single word in his mind.

 That was………the word ‘assessment consideration’ by the Sword Saint.

(Assessment consideration……..assessment consideration! My high school life! My home restoration!)

 The examiners and the candidates forget to breathe and watch them. Some of them even began to feel sympathy for Hiroto. But………in an instant, that atmosphere disappeared.

 That is………an oppressive feeling coming from Hiroto. The atmosphere that Hiroto wears suddenly transforms.

 It is different from the Sword Saints, a power that they have never felt before.

“….What? That guy…..”

 Mizuho muttered to herself. Even Marion, Hideo, the other candidates, and the examiners who had come to watch, could see the astonished look on their faces. Hiroto doesn’t seem to be frightened at all in front of the Sword Saint.

 However, this is different from the bluntness of a young man who overestimated his own strength. That’s not the face everyone thinks of as being that of Hiroto Domori. The face of Hiroto is that of a warrior who has run through many battles that the newcomers have never seen before. Looking at the Hiroto, the swordsmen loosen their cheeks slightly and both take a stance.

 Hisae gasped and looked at him as he was drawn in, and then huffed.

 ”We have to stop this ridiculous test.”

” Hey, you two…!”

 But ironically, that served as a signal to start the test.

 Sword Saint moved. Or rather, he seems to have moved, that’s all one can say. Despite the fact that they were watching him up close, everyone lost sight of the figure of the Sword Saint for a moment. But that doesn’t mean that he was moving too fast.

 There was no initial movement, and it was natural. Therefore, it was simply impossible for anyone to predict his or her next move.

 In contrast, Hiroto could accurately see the Sword Saint’s right elbow going from below him to his vest.

( Suddenly to the vital point!? It’s a trap to get behind me if I can avoid it!)

 At the moment of the collision, Hiroto stepped forward. To be precise, he slightly shifted the central axis of his body and used his left hand to pacify Sword Saint’s elbow, and then slammed his sword with his right hand directly into Sword Saint’s lower part of his arm. The shockwave created by the collision between the two men caused everyone to narrow their eyes, and now that they have collided, the surroundings can see them.

“Offense and defense coincided……..”

 Sword Saint smiled wryly with his sharp eyes. Hiroto’s sword to Sword Saint was caught by his left elbow.

 Their eyes meet at close range.

“You’re good at it, Hiroto-kun. I’m a swordsman by nature, but I’m confident in my physical skills as well. Well, if I hold a sword, it’s a foul. It can’t be helped that it’s like this.”

“Mmm! ……..Odd. I’m not essentially a physical arts specialist either.”

“Hoho … you say. I just don’t like to be overconfident.”

 Their eyes glow bewitchingly, and they give a rootless smile.


 The candidates, who had lost their voices due to the movement of the two’s first attack, overheard their conversation with their eyes open wide and said, “Surprisingly, isn’t the Swordsman……. very popular?” 

“Huh. That part of you hasn’t changed…….Al. Totally, men………”

 Hisae pressed her forehead with her right hand as a headache came over her.

                                                                                                                                                    “Hiroto-kun………it wasn’t a good idea to lie after all. You promised to do it for real, right?”

“No, sir. The promise was to take the test assessment into account!”

 What followed, starting with this conversation, was unimaginable to the participants.

 Everyone there couldn’t take their eyes off of them for a moment. And most importantly, everyone was even confused in their perception of Hiroto. A boy who is only a rookie is competing with that Sword Saint, even if it is limited to physical techniques.

  Hiroto’s movements toward the rigid but totally seamless Sword Saint are like a dance.

 The examiners were especially speechless. The examiners couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

 It wasn’t that they had ever seen the battle of the Swordsman. The only one they had would be Hisae.

 But they know, with their experience, what it means……..SS rank…….meaning.

 That is……..a crown that refers to those who are allowed to hold up the strongest.

“That’s Domori……..Hiroto?”

 Mizuho couldn’t sit down and lined up next to Marion, who was standing on a stick at the front.

“Gah, that guy, he’s an inferior ability person who can’t even use his spiritual power…….”

 Hideo grunted hatefully with an expression of having seen something unbelievable.

 In the midst of all this, the heart of the party, the Sword Saint, was dancing abnormally.

(Kuh, how difficult to fight! You are more than I imagined. I am seriously starting to want you!)

 The examiners and the candidates have become mere spectators. However, even the inspectors are unaware of the fact that a higher level of offensive and defensive attacks are being carried out between the parties involved.

 The weight of each offensive attack was greater from Sword Saint’s, but Hiroto’s attacks were more anomalous than the outside world may have seen. He intentionally showed attacks that had preliminary movements and launched a series of attacks that did not have the initial intent of the attack. However, the opposite was also true.

 Just like that, Hiroto’s attacks are transformative.

 Hiroto avoided the Sword Saint’s right fist on the outside while keeping his own back close to the Sword Saint’s body. The Sword Saint’s eyes widened at this bold move. Hiroto spun himself around with his body close to the Sword Saint and placed the palm of his hand on the Sword Saint’s rear”.


 It was just his palm against it……… However, the Sword Saint felt a cool, cold sensation on his back. At that moment, a tremendous shock ran through the Sword Saint’s back.

 But………it was rather Hiroto who had a surprised expression.

(Huh? Will it blow up? Oh, my God! My close contact has been broken by the palm strike!

 Even though the shock echoed through the five body parts of the body, Sword Saint stayed on his feet and swung his heel heel up against the chest of Hiroto while facing backwards. Hiroto was forced to hear a dull buzzing sound echoing from his right chest.


Hiroto was blown backwards…….but he regained his position in the air and landed without difficulty. 

Then, his gaze crosses with Sword Saint who turned around.

(Hiroto-kun also wears a protective shell and protective membrane…….. The quality seems to be different from mine, but…….

( I feel my kinetic energy dissipated!)

 Sword Saint and Hiroto glare at each other. The hall was silent.

 Sword Saint huffed and released his stance and…….grinned.

“It’s a little past three minutes, isn’t it? Well, Hiroto-kun. I had a lot of fun. I almost forgot it was an exam. Well then, let’s finish the exam……..shall we?”

“Yes … oh, hey! More importantly, promise! Assessment consideration for the promised test!”

“Haha. That’s right. I’ll take that into consideration.”

(And … now isn’t that going to be taken into account for other tests? I mean that in a good way, of course.)

 Sword Saint looked at the examiners. The examiners looked at each other and were discussing something. The reason is that there were many controversies among the examiners regarding Hiroto.

 Although the written test is the lowest score for an examinee in terms of results, the answers to the questions were surprisingly written with the correct answers. Of course, some questions were not understood at all. However, the percentage of correct answers increased when it came to advanced demons, creatures, and other non-human questions of the Demon God class.

 And the controversial thing was that although the correct answer was given, there were many unnecessary answers. For example, “What is the special characteristic of a certain magical beast with a certain magical attribute?” However, this answer has more characteristics and weaknesses than the model answer.

 The examiners were all made up of face-men with combat experience of A rank or higher. The examiners included many things that would make them hugely impressed by Hiroto’s answers. The examiners had noticed and wondered about some of the things that had happened during actual combat.

 Because of this, the examiners had gone so far as to examine Hiroto’s answers with each other. However, as a result, the examiners had to deduct points because the answers were not model answers.

 Also, the examiner, Ela, said, “I can’t measure his spiritual power,” she said.

“It’s not like he’s controlling it to produce spiritual power. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like that before, but it just felt like something that couldn’t be used in combat. And that guy took his body out of the mark without a cue, and that feeling was something I’d never felt before. I don’t think that was spiritual power.”

 And he explained it in a way that was incoherent for everyone.

 And the result was…..

 —- …was unmeasurable.

“Yes! Then the body technique examination is over. Techniques and abilities will be reviewed in the evening. It’s the toughest test you’ll ever take, so be sure to rest and relax and don’t neglect your preparations.”

 The buzzing hall was settled by Hisae’s deep, clear voice. Both the examiners and the candidates left the hall to have their own lunch. Hisae casually followed beside Sword Saint and left the hall together.

“Al. You seem to be so obsessed with that boy, who is he? A newcomer who can go at it so much with you in the physical arts. Domori I have never heard of such a house and I’ve never met anyone like that.”

“Haha, maybe I’m too old for that? No, don’t stare at me so much. I don’t know, really. He’ s just a kid I’m curious about. That boy…..”

 Hisae looked at the profile of Sword Saint, but she sighed and looked forward.

 After the morning’s physical examinations, all the candidates were in their usual lunch hall.

 In contrast to the bustling surroundings, Hiroto was still eating lunch alone. In fact, there’s a part of me that wants to talk with him, but it can’t be helped since no one will take me up on it.

“Huh~. I don’t feel like I have any place to be. I can’t wait for it to be over and I want to go home. Besides, that guy………he’s really going to take the assessment into account, right?”

 There’s a little time before the next exam. Hiroto stood up to go get some air outside.

 Mizuho, Marion and the other examiners were casually watching him.

 In fact, everyone seems to be secretly interested in Hiroto, but they are not comfortable talking to him.

 That was especially true for Mizuho and Marion, for whom heroism was a significant factor, nonetheless.

On this day, the exam for the afternoon session would be ‘Perfection of Law Techniques and Abilities’. It is also the test that the candidates put the most effort into, as it is the highest allotment of the exam.

 The perfection of law and ability is a measure of the accuracy of each person’s unique ability.

 No matter how much power you have, you can’t use a car with poor operability, and the same can be said for your abilities.

 On the other hand, even if the car has no power, it is a good car if its operability, duration and durability are high.

 This is the test that measures such things, and since this test cannot be measured by a single examiner, almost all examiners participate. In addition, since the abilities of the examinees are diverse and cannot be dealt with by a standardized test method, an easy to measure situation and environment is prepared, and in many cases, a simulated battle is also held.

 Hiroto checked ” Anywhere possible” on the form given to him during lunch to write down his preferred test venue, and checked “Mock battle” in the measurement method section.

(Well, in my case, it is basically all close combat.)

 When Hiroto arrived at the same vast hall as the body art exam ten minutes before the start of the exam, he was taken aback by the outfits of the other candidates. Everyone in this exam is dressed in formal attire according to their own style. It was a bit of an ethnic expo, as there were newcomers from various families from all over the world.

 Some people have legal tools, magic tools, and weapons of some sort, which apparently turn out to be necessary for exercising their abilities. All items necessary for the expression of abilities and the maximum use of those abilities, and all items brought in by contracted outsiders have been allowed for this test.

 Items increase abilities, and these items are also included in the ability test.

 For example, even though the sword saint himself is a person with non-standard abilities, holding the Love Sword Excalibur will increase his fighting power several times over. That’s what is included in the measurement.

“It’s the last one, huh? Isn’t this on purpose? Maybe in order of grade?”

 Hiroto looked at the order of his exam and grumbled to himself. There were some who went to an outside venue, but most of the examiners, including Hiroto, had to take the test in the main hall of the hotel.

” Even so, I didn’t know it was okay to use weapons and even items.”

 For a moment, Hiroto stared at his hands. The hands covered by the thick skin are too rugged for a boy’s, and they clearly belong to someone who handles a sword.

“No, let’s not. It’s only obvious if I expose myself too much…”

 And now, the fourth test, “Perfection of Law and Ability,” which is the crucial part of the exam, has begun.

 The environment was prepared according to the questionnaires that the candidates had submitted beforehand, and they would reveal their abilities one by one. Hiroto observed the abilities of the candidates with his own eyes. Some of them have an extremely rare inherited ability, which surprised Hiroto.

 There are many people who go into a trance and handle the bow of a demon, someone who uses colors to manipulate emotions, and someone who forms a contract with an outsider.

 And when the test came to the end, the examiners were extremely excited.

” This year’ s newcomers are amazing. If this continues, this will be the first time in the history of rookie exams. I knew about Mizuho-chan, but Huang Hideo, Marion Mia Shurian…….. At that age, this ability……’s truly terrifying.”

 Even Hisae, who was herself a rank S outstanding ability and an executive of the institution, couldn’t hide her surprise and admiration.That’s how outstanding these three were among this year’s outstanding recruits.

 Hideo manipulated the Huang Family’s inherent ability of lore 【Possessed One】, and when he summoned a high-level divine spirit 【Ku Folin】, which was unthinkable for someone of his age, he had it possessed, perfectly synchronized with him, and wielded its power. Wearing the Rafael’s Vestments of the Orléans, Marion has defeated nine low grade evil demons summoned for testing purposes in just five minutes, unharmed.

 Both of their abilities were as accurate as those of a seasoned expert.

 A special mention must be made of Mizuho.

 She is from a prestigious spirit user family, and she was able to control two of the four spirit systems of earth, water, fire and wind at the same time, and in a real battle.

It is common knowledge that even high-level spirit users would only exercise one lineage at a time. There are only a handful of spirit users who….. have acknowledged the simultaneous use of multiple types, and this is certainly true.  Moreover, they are all at the head of various spirit user families throughout the world. And this girl, who is only a rookie, is able to use them.

 This was the Shitenji family’s treasure, the next generation spirit wielder Shitenji Mizuho, whose abilities were attracting the attention of the world.

“Then, this is the next and last one. Uh, Domori Hiroto-kun, come forward. Domori, you wish to have a mock battle. I’ll summon a mock opponent for the mock battle, please be ready.”

“Oh, yes. I understand.”

 Dora, Ela’s twin sister, who was an examiner for the spirit test, starts to summon up. It may be natural, since they are twins, but the difference between Dora and Ela’s appearance is hard to discern except for the fact that they are both dressed and their hair is black and white. It’s a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you’re looking for.

 During this time, Hiroto began to raise his senki in preparation for battle.

(One more step … higher and higher, and higher and higher…)

 The other candidates note the manifestation of Hiroto’s abilities, which they have never seen before.

 Hiroto’s ki was sublimated and increased to possess a spiritual power. That power seemed to be different from the one in the body art exam. From the outside, Hiroto looked exactly the same as the ordinary person. However, everyone could sense a strong, powerful presence from the normally unreliable-looking young man.

 Candidates who have not yet cooled down from the surprise of the Physical Arts test are attracted to Hiroto’s appearance.

 It was the same for the examiners.

 The head and organizer of the Japan Branch, Omine Hisae, also begins to take an interest in the boy.

“That’s……..what the hell. I saw that he was listed as a natural gifted person. Could he be one of the mutated ones as well?”

 Dora, the examiner who was prepared to summon, looked at Hiroto’s figure in front of her with mixed feelings. Then, she recalled the conversation she had with Sword Saint just before this exam.

”Ehh! That boy Domori’s mock fight and he’s going to summon a rank B class demonic beast? Hey, Sword Saint!”

“Yeah, do me a favor. About five of them? Is that okay?”

“Five! You’re killing the new guy! What do you think you’re doing! It’s true that I’m surprised at your bodily skill abilities, but this is more like a real battle, even if it’s a simulated battle!”

” It’ s okay. Worst case scenario, you can return them, and if you don’t make it in time, I’ll intervene.  You, our most famous summoner, could easily handle five of them, couldn’t you? It’ s all right! I’ll take the blame if anything happens.”

 Dora glanced at the Sword Saint with a sidelong glance. Noticing her gaze, the Sword Saint nodded with a smile on his face.

( For goodness sake! I don’t care what happens!)

(Sigh! Over the dark places! Thou shalt be the one to shoot the wretched eye of the wicked one! Summon! Manticore!)

 Mizuho and Marion turned their eyes away at the name of the demonic beast that Dora had said to summon.


 The other candidates and examiners rolled their eyes as well, wondering if they hadn’t misheard… but they had to see that reality in front of them.

“Manti…? A Manticore? Manticore! Why the hell did you call a high level demon!? Eh……2, 3…..5 of them!?”

“Dora! Are you mad!”

 Hisae screamed.The one that appears is a lioness-like figure, with a face halfway between a man and an ape monkey, nearly a hundred fangs and a giant scorpion tail.  The five manticores crawled into the hall and then stared at Hiroto from the air.

 A scream went up from the waiting room where the students in the hall were sitting for their examinations due to the misfortune of the demonic beasts.

Scream came from the waiting seat where the examinees in the hall were sitting at the horror of the demon beast.

“What? What? Is it so dangerous?”

 Hiroto circulated his ki circle all around, wondering how much he was dealing with based on everyone’s reactions.

 Those manticores touched that sennki circling around Hiroto, which was spreading out around him.

(I see. But…… I can do it!)

 The surroundings begin to be more confused than the calm candidate himself. The organizer, Hi Sae, stepped forward as soon as possible.

”Domori-kun! Don’t look them in the eye! Run! Aha!

 Just as Hisae stepped forward, her arms were suddenly grabbed from behind and she lost her stance.

“EH!? Al, what are you doing! Hey, if we don’t do something like this, not just him, but all the newcomers!”

“Just wait and watch.”

 The Sword Saint looks forward.

“Uh… um! It’s okay to start the exam! Let’s get started!”

 Hiroto gallantly jumped into the middle of the five Manticores, as if he would have confirmed it out loud.

 Mizuho and Marion quickly stepped forward to protect the other candidates and prepared for the contingency, but they couldn’t help but scream at this seemingly outrageous action by Hiroto.

“Idiot! You have to circle around from the outside and deal with each of them individually!”

“Hiroto-san! No!”

 The five demonic beasts all barked in unison as they fiercely attacked the well-dressed prey that jumped in.

 In the blink of an eye, the five Manticores’ huge bodies rubbed out Hiroto’s figure like a feeding ground for the ravenous beasts. Everyone witnessed the situation, which could be considered a tragedy.

 The smoke with the stench from the Manticores’ mouths was scattered around them, making their vision difficult to see, and the foul smell and the devastation of the examinee, Hiroto, made some of them nauseated.

“It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault!”

 Dora herself, who had summoned them, crouched down with tears in her eyes and her head in her hands.

“Gh, my God. Al, why did you stop me! Dora! Release the summons now. And call the medics!”

Dora’s shoulders twitched as she held her head in her hands as a signal for the pale Nisasae’s instructions.

”Hurry up, Dora! Are you listening to me?”

“What? Eeeeeeee? Well, that’s……..already.”

 As Sword Saint’s mouth quietly loosened, the smoke around him gradually disappeared and his vision opened up.

 Then there was……..the figure of Hiroto, standing in the center of the five dying Manticores.

 It was completely different from the picture she had expected, and Hiroto removed the palm strike he had given to the forehead of one manticola. The five Manticores were each convulsing and breathless.

 All of them gasped, wondering if this boy had defeated all the demonic beasts at that moment.

 However, when they looked closely……..

 Other than the four Manticores that Hiroto seemed to have defeated, their huge bodies were so intricately intertwined that the demonic beasts seemed to have attacked each other. One had stabbed the other one in the chest with its venomous scorpion tail, while one had bitten deep into the carotid artery area of the other one.

 They seemed to have tried to attack Hiroto, and in the melee that ensued, they seemed to have lost their momentum and ended up fighting each other.

 In addition, the manticola that Hiroto seemed to have defeated was also seen with a heavy wound on its side that was probably not from Hiroto’s attack.   One hero who was happy to see this tragedy crunches his mouth and spills out, “What a lucky……. good guy” Everyone really thought so too.

 Regardless of the outcome, Hisae was heartily relieved to see that Hiroto was safe, and Marion and others fell to their knees on the floor when they saw that Hiroto was safe.

 Mizuho, who was beside her, was relieved and at the same time made a wannabe fist with a blue streak on her forehead.

 Hiroto noticed the atmosphere around him and appealed to everyone a little disheartened.

”Um, I took one of them down…….with my hands……..”

 Immediately after that line from Hiroto, Marion popped right in from the immediate vicinity! Hearing the sound ” Huh?” He turned around in the direction of that sound.

 There………the figure of Mizuho, who reminded me of Durga, the goddess of rage…..

”Hi-ro-to-Do-mo-ri Oi! You bastard! Are you trying to die? Diving into the middle of the enemy! How many lives would you need to live if you’re fighting a battle like that without any real power! Realize that this time you were miraculously lucky!”

 Running up to Hiroto and grabbing his chest, Mizuho screamed with her face red as she raised it to the heavens.

“Eh? Huh? Why are you angry? I mean, you know, I took them all down, right?”

 Hearing Hiroto’s tense lines…….Mizuho’s anger completely crosses the threshold.

“I am saying! That was just luck…!”

“Huh? What’s happening? Woohoo! Goboha!”

 Mizuho used her spirit-enhanced arm strength to throw Hiroto away in the manner of a back throw. 

 In the midst of all this, Sword Saint checked the dying demonic beasts as if he were inspecting them with a serious face.

(Such a point … you jumped into..  How could you act after instantly seeing through the low intelligence of the other party…….)

 A heavy hand landed on the shoulders of the supremely serious-looking Sword Saint from behind. ”Hmm?” And the Sword Saint is surprised.

And then … a voice that seems to crawl out of the abyss came into his ears.

” I heard it……..Al. It looks like this is your doing……..”

 Sword Saint turned around in a hurry. There he sees the head of the branch, a strong figure in the Japanese branch…. He could see Dora standing behind Hisae, shedding a lot of tears and holding a large bump on her head.

“Ah! No, Hisae! Of course, if it comes down to it, I’ll be the one to leave…”

“Al? You know what my position is in this rookie test, right? I have a duty to ensure the safety of these precious newcomers……..?”

 ”Your smile is cute, but very scary… gevevev!”

 A fist goes into his stomach.

”Uggh. Hi, hisae hey…… Wait!”

 Continuing on, the chest and arms were grabbed and Sword Saint was lightly thrown off his tall body against the same wall that Hiroto had been slammed against. The sound of a violent collision with the wall…….. And then Sword Saint slips down beside Hiroto upside down.

 He saw a shameful face and a pathetic looking Hiroto lying on the ground in his vision.

 Sword Saint ran out of power when he said, “Boy…….we are similar……maybe.”

 A beautiful woman, lined up with Shitenji, a beautiful girl, who was zealously breathing in front of the fainting Hiroto and Sword Saint.

 At the sight……..needless to say, a potential fear was planted in the hearts of everyone there.

The third day of the exam. The place was a conference room in a hotel. Right now, the examiners for the rookie exams were sitting around the table, all sighing in distress as they looked at the materials and screen.

“It’s still this boy that’s the problem…….”

 It was now the afternoon of the last day, and the examiners were all together.

 The rookie exams had already completed the entire process and were being finalized for rank certification.

 In truth, it wasn’t that difficult a task. The grading itself is done for each subject, so for ninety percent of the candidates, their certification ranks have already been determined.

 Adjustment is to find out which rank the examinee in between the ranks should be settled to.

 However, that was also finished, leaving one person……..

”Domori Hiroto. Looking at today’s morning’s ‘Judgment and Intuition’ test……. the ability to adapt and judge to environmental changes due to Ela’s illusions was astonishing. But intuition, which relies on spiritual and magical power, is completely useless. I’ve never seen such an examinee… no, a person with abilities before.”

“There’s no doubt that the results of this rookie exam are a historic year, though.”

 It is said that people with abilities have a keener sense of intuition than ordinary people. The reason for this is because they have a wider perception of the world than ordinary people due to their spiritual and magical powers. This is also known as the so-called sixth sense.

 Ordinary people are said to have used the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch since ancient times, in other words, to judge the situation. Nowadays, academics say that people have more than five senses, but institutions apply the ancient ones.

 Since people with abilities have a strong sixth sense, one of the purposes of this test is to measure this sixth sense. For example, if you prepare two boxes for an able-bodied person, which one has the ball in it? A simple experiment such as “What is the meaning of the word?” gives more than 90% correct answers.

 This sixth sense is very useful for people with abilities to deal with oddly shaped extrapersonal or supernatural phenomena. This is because all the jobs that people with abilities receive are unforeseen circumstances from the point of view of ordinary people. It is often difficult to judge by what you can see.

 However, the grading method for this ‘Judgment and intuition’ test is to see if you make the best decision in the end, so even if your intuition is bad, if your judgment is good, you will get a high score as a score.

 In Hiroto’s case, measuring this sixth sense would result in him scoring well below the average of people with abilities and no different from the average person. However, when he actually measured his judgment on the test, he showed an astounding percentage of correct answers. Therefore, could it be a coincidence? And the test was redone, which was unusual only for Hiroto.

“Why is it just me? It’s not fair! What’s the score on that one? It would have worked!”

 Hiroto hesitated, and the examiner thought inwardly that he was right, but ordered the test to be redone.

 Once again, Ela activates Illusion and creates a labyrinth in which many traps are placed.

 The test was to escape from it as quickly as possible, but even in that redone test, Hiroto got the best results. He could easily see through the traps and find an escape route without being caught by the decoys.

 His clearing time was also far faster than the other candidates.

 There was a moment of silence for the examiners.

“Ah, just to confirm……… The result of Domori Hiroto’s exam, the written test was a 32-point failing grade, but the content needs to be examined. His physical skills were ranked A without question, and there is a possibility of higher than that. Basic Spiritual Power is an A if judged as it is, but it’s out of the scope of measurement since there’s a chance he can’t use it. The perfection of his abilities is ranked A based on the results of the mock battle, but I’m not sure if this is due to his ability or not. Judgement and intuition are A-ranked based on the results.”

“However, even though he had good luck in the mock battle, he still defeated a single B-class demonic beast by himself. Considering that his physical techniques with the Sword Saint were evenly matched, it’s possible that it’s not just luck…”

 They all look down and up, as if they have a headache. The examiners who are here today are very busy. Most of them will not participate in the get-together party after this conference and will return to their home countries, and many of them have forced their schedules to accommodate this rookie exam.

 Therefore, they did not expect to take so much time in the final stage, and everyone is getting a little frustrated because they have another job to do. Then Dora and Ela, who have the same face except for the fact that their hair is white and black, speak out at the same time.

“Ah! I don’t know what’s going on here! I’ve never heard of this guy!”

“Isn’t that enough? Unranked. Let’s just settle for the place where he was just a body art idiot!”

 All the examiners looked at the organizer.

 Hisae has been quietly watching the debate until now, but she decides she’s run out of opinions and opens her mouth.

”Ela and Dora, it can’t be that way, can it? It’s true that based on the test results, it’s hard to say that this boy’s rank recognition will be easy….  For whatever reason, he has the ability to deal with a B-class demonic beast. If that he was moved as an ability outside of the agency’s certification…….”

“”Uh! That certainly complicates things.””

“He’s still young and has plenty of room for growth in the future. If that’s the case, it’s better to have some control from the agency.  Besides………”


“This is………in my opinion. It’s possible that the content of this test did not measure him…….. Well, there’s nothing wrong with his human nature, and I’ll use my organizing authority to draw a conclusion here. Is that alright?”

 They all nodded. They all didn’t have a solid answer to begin with. Besides, there was certainly a feeling of regret to leave that boy out of the ranks.

 Sword Saint, who had been silent the whole time, gave a small smile as he looked at Hisae.

“Natural ability……..?”

 Once the meeting was over and the newcomer’s exam, which was now only a rank announcement, Hisae felt a bit relieved, she headed to her room at the hotel. Beside her, the Swordsman Alfred Arkwright was also there.

“Hisae. Then I’ll leave you here. Thank you for having me here, I enjoyed it very much.”

“How dare you. You didn’t like it at first. And if you didn’t do your job properly, the agency was going to give up on you for good. You were even said to be missing.”

 Sword Saint smiles bitterly. In response, Hisae looks at Sword Saint with a serious face.

“Al do you know anything about that boy? Your obsession with that child from the beginning was not normal.”

 Sword Saint silently stared at his former lover without changing his expression, and Hisae stared back into his eyes as well.



The boy could be a wielder of the Sendo.

“No way!”

“No, I don’t know. There are many things that are unnatural for a Daoist. In fact, he also has spiritual powers. I’ve never heard of such a Daoist, and there’s a good chance I’m wrong. To begin with, those of the Immortal Daoists are not at all involved or interested in the institution.”

“Oh no but then, no wonder you can’t measure it on a test like this.”

“Hisae. I want you to keep a close eye on him. There’s a good chance I’m wrong. He”s too different from what I’ve heard. It’s no wonder that he’s a natural gifted person in that sense. But if he’s a Daoist he’s a valuable sample. He’s very important for us to know about the mysterious Daoist, even if he’ s the same ability.”

“All right, fine. But that doesn’t make the boy any less special. It’s still uncertain, and most importantly he was faithful to his rookie test. You can’t treat a kid like that as a sample.”

“Yes. So be it.”

 With a smile, Sword Saint nodded heavily, and a staff member of the ability agency came from behind the two of them at a small run to report to him.

“Sword Saint. Your car is ready to take you to the airport.”

“Okay I’ll be right there. Then Hisae I’ll see you later.”

 Sword Saint followed the staff without saying anything more.

 At this time, Hisae tried to raise her voice to Sword Saint.

 But she couldn’t call out to him……..

 Then, Hisae rubbed her own abdomen with her hand as if it was important while looking at the back of Sword Saint.

 When Sword Saint was out of sight, Hisae lowered her eyes, turned on her heel and headed to her room when she received a call on her cell phone. The caller was her secretary, Kakitate Shima. She had attended a meeting on behalf of Hisae at the London Branch just before this examination about the murder of Sister Sophia Sutherland. The contents of the meeting were reported to her from time to time, but even after the meeting was over, Hisae had let her continue the investigation at her discretion.

” Omine-sama. Something important has come to light about the culprit. It seems that the recent disappearance of the ability users is still related to the vampire who is the culprit.”

“What? So it was still that guy’s doing. But why are all the ability users…”

“Apparently, it has something to do with the killer’s abilities. With a high probability, the killer vampire seems to suck out the abilities of those with blood-sucking abilities as well. I wonder if that’s the reason he targeted those abilities…….”

“‘No way! I’ve heard that each vampire has its own individual abilities and weaknesses, but I’ve never heard of such a thing…”

 Vampires are known to be a highly individualistic species. Their general susceptibility to sunshine, crosses, garlic, pure water, etc., is only the information of one individual who threatened human society long ago. Also, they don’t need to suck blood to survive.

 They are a race with a wide variety of personalities, weaknesses, and abilities, and one piece of information may not be able to be said for all vampires.

 But there is only one thing … one thing that can be said for all individuals.

 It’s just that they are called immortals; they are powerful extrahumans who are beyond human understanding.

“Yes. It’s true that vampires have been confirmed in records from hundreds of years ago that vampires can suck out memories, knowledge and appearance along with blood, but this kind of ability seems to be rare.”

“What about from the vampire community? Anything to report?”

“No, ma’am. But the community seems to feel responsible, too, and they’ve sent out a search team, and if they find out anything, they’ll report it to the agency as soon as they can. To date, there have been five victims, since four of them are ability users who belong to the agency.”

“Hmm, so what’s this Nosferak guy’s rating?”

“The community says the name is Gaston, and the existence is in the thousand and five hundred year class.”

“A thousand and five hundred years class! Not a quasi-Demon God class. Moreover, if he’s sucking out the abilities of an ability holder, he’s effectively considered a Demon God class…….. What are the abilities sucked using blood sucking ability?”

“Yes, the ones that have been confirmed are few of the actual combat-type ones, with Sister Sophia’s satori ability being the first to be confirmed. Famous victims include John Larkins, a member of the London Branch, who stops thinking for the purpose of confusing his opponents [pending], but the only thing that’s troubling is the [positioning] in it.”

“It’s Edmund Stan’s! That nasty little bastard got him?”

“Yes. This is the ability of Edmund Stan, an unaffiliated ability user whose main purpose was to infiltrate and obtain information. He was attacked in a hotel in Dusseldorf a week ago. This ability feels like it’s natural to be there no matter where you are, so no matter what organization you infiltrate, you won’t be suspected. Because of this ability, the vampires seem to have a lot of trouble searching for it. Originally, vampires should be able to recognize each other when they get close to each other, but because of this ability…….”

“A positioning ability on top of his mind reading abilities? That’s troublesome….”


“I’m sorry, Shima-chan. Can you continue to investigate? I”ll just have to finish the rest of the certification process and get-together party here too. I’d like to give one of the flowers to Sister Sophia’s grave, and I’m even tempted to put my hand directly on the culprit…”

“………I understand. Actually, I have an idea, and I’m going to meet with someone. I can’t say who it is, but if I talk to that person, I might be able to get some information from him.”

“All right. I’ll have my phone on me at all times. Please contact me.”

 Hisae hung up the phone and walked out to instruct the staff to prepare for the get-together party.

 At the same time…….in the conference room of the rookie examination office, the test result files of the rookies saved on the agency’s laptop were being opened.

“Kukku, even the characteristics, usefulness and risks of the abilities are carefully described? As I thought, the analysis of abilities is better understood by those with abilities…….”


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