Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 61

Title also means Ruby Reincarnation(Ruby Tensei) so this one sounded fun.

Chapter 61: Ruby Tensei

 At night, I was riding a horse-drawn carriage along the main street of the capital.

 The capital of the most powerful empire on the land is so prosperous even at night that it is called the Nightless City.

 As I gazed at the prosperous streets at night, I suddenly noticed Shirley’s tense face.

 She was strolling with me alongside the carriage, and she had a very grim look on her face, almost like determination.

“What’s the matter, Shirley? Are you nervous about something?”

“Y-Yes. I will protect His Highness’s safety at all costs!”

“What’s with the sudden determination? Brother Oscar has invited me and Brother Henry to a small banquet today. You don’t have to be so nervous.”

“That’s why I’m here, sir.”

 Shirley became more and more enthusiastic.

 One of the guests at the night stall on the main street dropped a dish and broke it.

 Shirley turned around quickly and put her hand on the hilt of her sword and was about to jump out.

 I can see that her nerves are unnecessarily overstimulated. The reason is still unknown to me.

“What do you mean, that’s why?”

 Shirley looked at me and answered in a stifled voice.

“Everyone understands the current situation. The next emperor will be either Henry-sama, Oscar-sama, or Noah-sama. The next emperor will be one of these three.”


 I didn’t answer.

 The reason why I didn’t even make a gesture is the same reason why Shirley suppressed her voice.

 On the other hand, her voice was a whisper at first, but as she spoke, her speech became more fluent, though her voice remained low.

“There is no way that Oscar-sama, who is involved in this, would just invite Henry-sama and Noah-sama to a banquet ……. We must be vigilant.”

“I see what you mean. But if that’s the case, it’s okay.”


 I made the statement in a very light tone, which startled Shirley, and she was caught off guard.

“B-But why?”

“After the incident with Albert and Gilbert, His Majesty is very sensitive about the usurpation of the imperial throne.”


“Brother Henry, Brother Oscar, and me. It’s narrowed to us three, or so it would seem from the side. That’s why we can’t fight it out. Not outwardly, anyway. At least, there’s no way they’ll do anything to us tonight by calling us out like this. In fact, if anything were to happen, Brother Oscar would protect me and Brother Henry at the cost of his own life.”

“I couldn’t think of anything like that. …… You’re right.”

 I smiled at Shirley.

“In fact, it is now.”

 I said.

 Shirley’s eyes widened in surprise, “Eh?” Shirley’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Carefully look around you for signs.”

 At my suggestion, Shirley’s sharp eyes began to search for signs of her surroundings.

” This is …… protecting from a distance, is it?”

“That’s right.”

 I chuckled.

 Oscar’s men have been following us from a distance ever since we left the Thirteenth Prince’s residence.

 I myself am reasonably competent, with my most trusted knight, Shirley, by my side.

 Even so, it’s still a cautious, distant escort.

“W-When did you notice it?”

“Right after we left the mansion.”

“T-That long ago!? It’s amazing …… I didn’t notice it at all.”


 Shirley’s nervousness and over caution were moderately relieved.

 I looked straight ahead from the top of the carriage and thought.

 Although I hadn’t told Shirley, I could read Oscar’s intentions to some extent.

 I told Shirley that’ nothing was going to happen tonight’ for a reason.

 It was not the reason why Oscar had dared to suggest that the three of us get together.

 From His Majesty’s point of view, the best thing would be for the three of us to get along well, as we are so tightly knit that even the casual observer can tell.

 If the three of us are at odds with each other regularly, there will be worries about who should be left with the throne.

 Depending on the level of the quarrel, it would not be surprising if we concluded that it would be easier to leave the throne to someone other than the three of us.

 But if we were close, that wouldn’t happen.

 That’s what Oscar is trying to create.

 As proof of this, when I suggested Rice Cake for defeating Galwan, Oscar gave his full support and encouragement.

 His character is often compared to that of the fifth brother, Mile Ararat.

 Both of them are reputed to be mild-mannered and good-natured.

 Oscar, on the other hand, always seems to be up to something, even if he seems to be friendly.

 That’s why he’s doing tonight’s thing, too, knowing that His Majesty’s ears are going to be very attentive, and he’s even calculated that his secretly escorting me will be known by His Majesty.

 That’s why nothing is going to happen tonight.

 As expected, I and my two brothers.

 For the first time in a while, we gathered together and had a peaceful dinner, regardless of national affairs.


 The next day, Alan, the antique dealer, came to the mansion.

 I welcomed him in the living room, instead of the reception room, sitting down.

“I’ve got what your highness wanted.”

“The jewel?”


“I see – but you don’t look too happy about it. Something wrong?”

“Actually, it’s …….”

 Alan took out several boxes of jewels and laid them out in front of me with a bitter look on his face.

 When I opened the lid of the box, I found a number of jewels inside – almost identical in appearance.

 There were a total of six beautiful red rubies.

“What’s going on?”

“It was an error on my part, sir. When I sent a messenger to get them as soon as possible, saying that they were what His Highness wanted, the word got out and he was offered similar ones in competition.”


“At least five of them are fake. ……”

“Ahaha. Things are just things, all six may be fake.”

 I said with a laugh, and Alan seemed a little relieved.

 The jewels were originally supposed to be “held in hand at birth,” which raised eyebrows.

 There’s a good possibility that it’s a fake.

 Alan, who had been embarrassed by his mistake, was a little relieved when I laughed it off as a joke.

“I thought I’d wait until I could do something about it, but I didn’t have the ability to tell the difference. ……”

“Fumu, …….ah”

“Is there a problem?”

“There it is, the real thing. Here it is.”

 I picked up all of the rubies in turn and looked aside as I held one of the six.

“Were you able to tell?”


 I was looking at the corner of my eye, not at the jewel.

 My status, always in the corner, had changed the moment I held the jewel.


Name: Noah Ararat

Minister of Justice

Gender: Male

Level: 15 / ∞

Light E+CDarknessE+C


Although only slightly, the “+” in HP had increased by one level.

“Ho, what is the difference between this and the other five?”

“…… Watch this.”

 The emotions conveyed by the jewel appeared in my mind, not as words, but as a picturesque scene.

 To make it happen, I pulled out my leviathan.

 I flung the leviathan straight up, and it dropped to the ground in a circle.

 With a swoosh, I extended my arm and broke into the Leviathan’s falling point.


 Alan gulped.

 The Leviathan, spinning in circles, hit my arm – it bounced off and then stuck into the ground.

“W-What happened?”


“The ruby …… from earlier? It’s a little chipped.”

“This is how it works. It’s supposed to protect the Lord from injury or illness.”

“I’ve never heard of such a gem. Your Highness, you’ve seen right through it.”


“But …… it’s a pity, then.”

 Alan looked into the ruby and murmured with a look of disappointment on his face.

“It will be damaged when it substitutes the injury……, which is great, but this is just a one-time use.”

 That’s true.

 Besides, hearing the word ” damaged ” made him think that it would be a waste to let Ruby’s substitution take effect.

 Thanks to the ruby, the ” + ” in HP went up one level.

 Rather than being damaged during the substitution, I thought it would be better to keep it.


” Is there a problem, sir?”

“This is …….”

 Another image poured into my head from Ruby.

 I read the image, then thought about it.

 After I had completed the simulation in my mind, I placed the Armor Ring on.

 With the ring, I created a mass with the same appearance as the ruby, and then pulled out the Leviathan stuck in the ground, crushing the ruby.

“Aah! W-what the !?”

 Alan was astonished.

 However, I stared at the new one I had made with my Armor Ring and looked at the status.

 There was no change in my status, which meant that the Ruby – or whatever it was – was still intact.

 Then I slashed myself again, harder this time.

 Then, what I made with my Armor Ring shattered.

 Naturally, my body was unharmed.

“M-My God! Were you able to mass-produce that Ruby?”

 I explained to a surprised Alan.

“Not exactly, I just provided a new vessel for the Ruby to possess after it substituted for me.”

 As I said this, I made more with the armor ring.

 The same one as Ruby’s, again.

“And that means you can use …… as many times as you want. ……?”


“W-Wow, …….”

 Alan was speechless with surprise.

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