Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Water Seller in Desert

While waiting with Jean on the location, his subordinates who went to catch the mastermind behind the assassination attempt returned.

A man about thirty years old and dressed like a Knight.

That man knelt in front of me and Jean, then bowed, and reported.

“We rushed as per His Highness’s instructions and captured five people.”

“Were you able to catch them alive?”

 Jean asked, leaning forward. His response was something that was more concerning now.

“Yes. …… Somehow, when we raided the place, all the criminals had collapsed. When I investigated, I found that they were all paralyzed by an unknown poison.”

“Poison? Don’t tell me they committed suicide!”

 Jean stretched himself even further.

 It was a natural guess, but the knight shook his head slowly.

“No, it wasn’t a deadly poison, it was just a poison that rendered them immobile.”

“Why would such a thing ……”

“Yeah, I was the one who did that.”


 Jean looks at me in surprise.

 I linked the Ring to the Apophis and made it materialize.

 A metallic, dull-colored snake appears in my palm, with its tongue lolling out.

“As the Third Vizier knows, during the rebellion in Almeria before, I took out the mastermind remotely.”

“Yes. I remember hearing about it and going over the details many times.”

 Jean said that it was such an incredible event.]

 I nodded and added.

“It’s the same thing, I remotely poisoned him with this Apophis while I was showing him the way. I paralyzed everyone present because I feared they would commit suicide if word got out.”

“I see! That’s great!”

 Jean’s eyes sparkled, and he looked impressed.

“And by the way…”

 Before he completes the sentence, he looked at the knight.

“Are they saying anything?”

“Well, sir, as you say, they …… are all screaming and grunting ”kill” at us.”

“What does that mean, Your Highness?”

“It’s the same thing, the poison. After paralyzing the body, the poison was injected with an effect that made the whole body itch continuously. The effect is …… like a mosquito bite all over your body, but you can’t scratch it at all.”

 When they heard my explanation, Jean and the Knight shuddered at the same time.

“There are many who are trained to endure pain, but not so many who are trained to endure itching, an itching that cannot be scratched.”

“As you say, sir, you’re absolutely right. Well, His Highness certainly brought the ‘itch’ into it.”

“And so it is.”

 I turned to the knight again.

“They’ll tell you anything now. Go ahead and interrogate.”


 The knight bowed to me once and then looked at Jean, his master.

 When Jean nodded slightly, the knight got up and left.

 I made some small talk with Jean and waited.

 I was certain that in the current situation, he would tell us everything in no time.

 My prediction was right on the money.

 In less than an hour, the knight was back again.

 He was on his knees in front of us, just like before.

“How did it go?”

“Yes, they told me everything. And I believe they are telling the truth.

“Fumu. So, who sent them?”

“The Rushi kingdom, sir.”


“Yes. The plan was that if the Rushi Tsar’s emissary died in the capital, the empire would be in trouble.”


“I see. Rushi Tsar is a traitor to the Rushi Kingdom. That way, the Empire could make things easier for the Rushi Kingdom.”

“You are right, sir.”

 It was a simple matter to understand.

 Not only the knight who actually interrogated him but also Jean and I both felt that it was true.

“Just keep interrogating him, just in case. Don’t kill anyone right away.”


“And ……, Third Vizier.”

“What can I do?”

“Prepare more guards for Ivan. Get him back to the Rushi Tsar at all costs.”

“I understand, sir. Leave it to me.”


 The next day, I left the mansion and came to Cobalt Street after a long time.

 People are treasures.

 On the other hand, there are also “treasures” within treasures.

 In order to look for such treasures, I spent the morning touring Cobalt Street.

 But I couldn’t find any treasure at all, and finally, I came to Alan’s store, where I always go.

“I’m sorry, sir. The treasure that His Highness is looking for is not quite …….”

 Alan said with an apologetic look on his face.

“No, that’s fine. Treasures are not that easy to find.”

“Thank you, sir. ─ Well, if you don’t mind having something new, then it’s not that much of a problem.”

“Something new?”

“Yes. There is a story that an interesting baby has been born in a town called Sorel, a short distance from the capital.”

“What’s so interesting about it?”

“Well, he was born holding a jewel.

“…… eh?”

 What a story. …… It’s an eyebrow-raising story.

 A human baby is born with a jewel in its hand.

 In short, it’s a story about a pregnant woman who created a jewel inside her body.

 Like a pearl oyster.

“At the moment of birth, the jewel illuminated the room in a dazzling light. Everyone is speculating that this is a very good omen.”


 Though it was eyebrow-raising, I was interested.

 It’s a good omen, Alan said.

 The meteorite that erased my “+” a while ago was also offered to me as a good omen.

 A good omen, huh?

 I thought for a moment and asked Alan.

“Do you think you’ll be able to get your hands on that gem?”

“Eh? Yeah, well…”


 I reached into my pocket and took out a leather bag.

 And gave Alan all the money I had brought with me when I left.

“I’ve got 1000 Reens, so get it for me. If it’s not enough, just tell me.”

“Leave it to me!”

 Alan thumped his chest and answered confidently.

 He left the store, saying he would be back.

 I was about to leave Cobalt Street and return to the mansion.

 Then, I paused.

 What entered my eyes, or rather my consciousness, was a brand new store.

 It was a store with a slightly different structure than a normal store.

 I could smell the scent of food wafting from inside.

 Although I could tell it was food, I couldn’t tell what it was, it was the first time I smelled it.

 I was curious to know what kind of place it was, so I walked in.


“What kind of establishment is this?”

“Customer, is this your first time here?”

 The man who greeted me, dressed as a shopkeeper, answered with a confident look.

” The owner of the restaurant is from the Rushi Kingdom, and we serve authentic Rushi cuisine.”

“I see. Two meat dishes and two vegetable dishes, please.”

“Yes, sir! This way, please.”

 I was shown to my seat and took a bite of the food that was served.

 Most of the food was stewed in a greasy, warming way, probably because it was from a northern country.

 The taste was strong, but not bad.

 At the same time, I tried to find out the name of the restaurant while I was eating.

 Yesterday and Today, I was a little confused when I heard the name “Rushi Cuisine”, but the people at the restaurant were not hostile or malicious at all.

 They just seemed to be businessmen, and I was just too concerned about them.

 In other words, there was nothing wrong with it – until I finished the food.

 I was about to pay the bill and leave the restaurant when I decided that my taste buds were satisfied and the restaurant was fine.

 I realized I was penniless.


 I remembered that I had given Alan the money I had gone out with today just a few minutes ago.

 That’s why I don’t have any money on hand and can’t pay for the food.

 The shopkeeper, who had been smiling earlier, raised his eyebrows when he saw that I hadn’t been able to find any money in my pockets or pockets.

“Hey, kid, you aren’t planning to just eat and run, are you?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

“Then pay up. It’s exactly one reen.”


 This is a problem.

 I thought of a solution, wondering how I should pay.

 However, the other party was apparently very impatient.

 He didn’t give me time to think.

“If you can’t pay, I’ll turn you into the local guards.”


 That’s not good, that’s unbecoming of a nobleman.

 I was getting more and more embarrassed when a man spoke up from behind me.

“I will pay for that child, too.”



 The clerk and I both looked at the man who spoke to us.

 He looked like a good-natured man.

“It should be 2 reens with mine, right? Here.”

 Then he handed the clerk two reens.

“Yes, pleasure doing business with you.”

 The shopkeeper took the money and put a sales smile on his face again.

 As long as he got paid, anything was possible, he was the epitome of a businessman.

 I turned my body to the man who had taken my place.

“Thank you for your help, I was saved.”

“Don’t mind me, I sometimes forget my wallet too. It’s a little frustrating when that happens.”

“…… yeah, I was in such a hurry. Please tell me your name and I’ll pay you back as soon as I get it.”

“My name is Relic. I live on Tyler Street.”

“Relic of Tyler Street. All right.”


 From behind, this time, I heard a familiar voice.

 I turned around and saw Shirley coming towards me.

“Shirley, good timing. Do you have any money on you?”

“Eh? Ah, yes! This is about it. ……”

“Let me see. ……”

 I looked at the leather bag Shirley had taken out. There are roughly 500 reens in it.

“I’ll borrow it for now and return it to you when I get back to the mansion.”

“Yes, whatever Your Highness commands.”

 Shirley said and held out a leather bag to me with both hands.

 I took it and handed it to Relic.

I handed him the whole thing – all 500 reens.

“It was a big help earlier. Thank you.”

 Relic looked at the leather bag and looked puzzled like he didn’t know what was going on.

 I pushed the leather bag to Relic.


 I left the store and walked with Shirley.

“Y-Your Highness…”


“I was listening to the exchange between your highness and that guy earlier, but isn’t it a bit excessive to borrow 1 reen and pay back 500 reens? No loan shark would go that far. ……”

“That’s a Water Seller in the Desert.”


“If I collapsed in the desert, I’d be happy to pay 500 reens for a bottle of water that normally costs about one reen.”

 That’s how much Relic had helped me.

 I could have announced myself as the Prince there.

 However, that should have been said upfront.

 It would be very damaging to the name of the nobleman to say that he was the Prince after being accused of being a runaway eater.

 That would be an improbable act.

 Depending on the nobleman, he may even feel so ashamed of it that he may commit suicide.

 That 1 reen that Relic lent me is worth that much.

“Even if the favor you received is just a drop when you return it, you return it as a spring.”

“I see, ……, that’s an excellent example!”

 Shirley looked at me with a great deal of admiration.

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    “If I collapsed in the desert, I’d be happy to pay 500 reens for a bottle of water that normally costs about one reen.”

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