Episode 58: Perhaps Everyone is, In Their Own Way

“Fuu ……, there’s so much to do as a member of the management committee.”

“It can’t be helped, I guess. But we should be grateful for the flexibility they’ve given us.”

 Amelia’s game had ended without incident, and we were doing our jobs as management committee members.

 Clarice and I were mainly in charge of cleaning up.

 The field of battle is a square of cobblestones, which of course are often broken by magic. The teachers use magic to gather them in one place, and we, the management committee members, take care of gathering them in a room on the first basement floor.

 In addition to that, we are also responsible for cleaning the players’ waiting rooms. Although not much garbage is produced, we do this every game to provide a good environment for the players.

 This is a surprisingly difficult task, and Clarice and I were rather flustered as it was our first time doing it. …… After a while, we finally got used to it.

“Okay, ……, that’s good.”

“Aah. Looks like the next game has already started. Next, we’re going to go into the waiting room to clean up, and then we’re going to watch the game.”

“…… Fuu. We’re kind of super busy, aren’t we?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean because in the morning we work as vendors. And then the next thing you know, we’re working as management committee members. …… Well, we’re mainly cleaning. And after that, there is Amelia’s support, right? It’s a tight schedule. ……”

“That’s true, I suppose, but …… is it hard for you? If that’s the case, I’ll take on a little extra work for you. ……”

“No, that’s not what I meant. ……! It’s just a thought that occurred to me. ……”

 We were currently on our way up from the basement floor to the upper floor to the players’ waiting room.

 During this time, Clarice talked to me about this, and I responded by asking her if I had put a lot of strain on her …….

 If you think about it, the management committee’s work is still the same, but the vendors and the Amelia Cheering Squad are the ones that I forced her in.

 I feel really sorry for the burden that these have put on you,……, but it seems that that is not what Clarice was trying to say.

“T-That …….”

“Are you trying to tell me something?”

“I haven’t told you …… why I volunteered for the management committee, have I?”

“That’s right…… you didn’t.”

 I’ve heard why Clarice is not participating as a player.

 She wanted to be a hunter rather than a magic swordsman,……, but I haven’t heard why she volunteered for the management committee. I didn’t ask too much at the time, but apparently, she was willing to tell me. Her reasons.

“You see, as I already said …… Ray, I’ve always had this personality. And the Cleveland family is an aristocracy in its own right.”

“…… I understand.”

“And, well, …… it’s hard to make any friends. I’m sure it’s a big part of my personality problem,……, but even when I joined the Academy, I was a bit out of place in class. So I wanted to volunteer for the management committee and try to get involved with as many people as possible.”


“So thanks to that ……, I was able to meet Ray and everyone else. …… I’m usually too embarrassed to say this, but… I’m not usually shy about saying this, but I’m actually very grateful to Ray for …… that …… T-thank you.”

She said this with her face slightly turned downward. I couldn’t help but notice that her cheeks had a hint of vermilion on them, not quite red, but embarrassed. But,……, that’s how it was, huh.

 Clarice also took action on her own, wishing to change.

 I don’t know the details of her past, but she must have had a lot of conflicts. However, she acted pretentiously and tried not to show her weakness. Her usual sternness maybe her own way of getting by.

 By doing so, she tries to maintain a certain distance from people. But Clarice wanted to change, she wanted to have a chance to do something about it, so she ran for the steering committee and now she is ……, or …….

 What a ……, what an admirable thing to do……..

 I wiped my eyes when I felt a warmth in my chest.

“Uu,……,uuUUU, Clarice,……, you are also one of the angels,…….”

“Wai!? Why are you crying ……!?”

“U …… so …… sorry. It’s just a matter of time. I was so moved by the beauty of her heart and the courage with which Clarice stepped forward. ……”

“No, not at all, and a matter of time, you say. …… We’re not even that much apart! But I’m really grateful to Ray for his help,…….! I just wanted to say that! Ah, but don’t get the wrong idea! No, that …… is not a misunderstanding, but ……! Aaau, it’s really embarrassing …….”

 Clarice put her hands on her cheeks, and her cheeks were still bright red.

 Like Elisa, Clarice has also been trying to overcome her own conflicts,……, and she has been trying to do something about it.

 Perhaps we are all like that.

 We are, probably all in our own way. We all have our problems and struggles, but we keep moving forward. But we have friends now. Irreplaceable friends. That’s why I’m really glad to have come to this school, I thought to myself.

“Here. Here’s a handkerchief and a tissue.”


 I took the two and wiped my pathetic face. I feel like my tear glands are a bit loose these days, but I don’t have the heart to not be moved in the face of such goodness, so I guess it can’t be helped.

“By the way, I’ve been thinking…”


“Is …… Amelia, okay?”

“In what sense?”

“Aah, ……, so I guess Ray is aware of that too.”

 Clarice asked, looking a little more serious.

“She’s in top form when it comes to the physical and magical side of things. It’s no mean feat that she survived Ainsworth-style boot camp.”

“…… That was just disastrous. It was really scary to watch from the …… side because Amelia was so scared and ran away. ……”

“But she got over it. …… I want to say that she’ll be fine, but that’s not what Clarice is trying to say, is it?”

“Uhh. Amelia, she …… sometimes pushes herself too hard, or sometimes she becomes like a different person, you know?”

“Yes, she does.”

 It seems that not only I but also Clarice had noticed Amelia’s problem. She continued to talk, her twin-tails hanging down a bit.

“Me. I’ve known Amelia since I was little. Of course, I know all the three noble families well. Rebecca, Ariane, and Amelia. The three of them were often compared to each other. Who’s better among the three noble families, and so on. Aristocrats are very picky about such things. So, Amelia …… was said to be inferior to Rebecca and Ariane, even though she was the eldest daughter of the Rose family, the top three noble families. Of course, compared to the other nobles, Amelia is amazing. But actually, those two are even more amazing.”

“I see. …… that’s what happened, huh ……”

“Yeah. So I was watching Amelia from afar at a party or something. I didn’t have the courage to talk to her, but she was so …… beautiful and cute that I couldn’t help but notice her. But you know, Amelia seems to be smiling, but she’s not. I don’t think it’s …… changed since I was a little girl.”

“But I think …… that Amelia now seems to have regained a little bit of herself. ……”

 Amelia sometimes seemed to be really laughing from the heart. It was easy to tell from her dazzling smile.

 But it quickly fades away.

 It was as if she knew she shouldn’t be like this, and she immediately tried to build a wall.

“Uhh. That’s what I think, too. Especially when she’s training with Ray, Amelia seems to be a bit more herself, or laughing sincerely at times. Of course, it’s the same when she’s with us. But when she’s with …… Ray, she seems to have a look in her eyes as if she’s searching for something, wanting something.”

“…… I see. So that’s how Clarice sees it.”

“Yes, …… I understand the pressure of being an aristocrat. In order to prove this lineage, people say many things about me. Fortunately for me, my family doesn’t place much importance on such things, and I don’t pay much attention to what people say because of my personality. …… Amelia, on the other hand, always lived under pressure that I can’t even imagine, so… …”

“You’re worried about her?”

“Umm. ……”

 I’m sure it’s not just me and Clarice.

 But also, Evi and Elisa were looking at our drill with concern. They were worried about Amelia.

 And when the Amelia Cheering Squad was formed, everyone in the Environmental Research Club wore various costumes with Amelia in mind.

 What Amelia is going through may be really harsh and painful. But we are the ones who want to help her. I’ve come this far …… in the hope that I can be a boost for her, but …….

 I’m not sure if I’m really helping Amelia.

 I’m still confused. Was this really the right thing to do?

 I wonder if I’m making the same mistakes I made in the past. From time to time, I suddenly find myself thinking about such things.

 But …… I decided to move forward even so. Like Master did in the past.

“Clarice. Only Amelia knows what’s in her heart. She might hit a big wall in this tournament. But we’ll support her. She’ll be fighting alone in front of that huge crowd, and we’ll support her.”

“Uu…… Umm! That’s right! Ray too, well, like usual!”

“Right, I wonder. ……”

“Umm! You’re a little weird, but you’re kind to everyone! So let’s cheer for her together! I’m going to do my best too!”

“Aah. Sure.”

 The two of us smiled at each other, and we continued our work.

 Kind …….huh

 I’m sure I’m comparing her to myself. It was like looking at the lonely self of the past. This is why I have come this far to help Amelia because I think so.

 If I can give Amelia what I wanted in the past someday,……, I have acted on that thought.

 If that is kindness, does that mean I have regained my humanity?

 I wondered if I could be a support to someone else, like my Master and everyone else at that time.

 Will I be able to …… be there for someone else instead of being self-satisfied?

 With these thoughts in mind, I continued on my way with Clarice.

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