Vol6-Chapter 96: It was rather easy

By a cliff of a quiet like, I was hanging a fishing line.

Although as a shut-in, I might be scolded for enjoying the outdoors, my mother was concerned about me and said, ‘Why don’t you get out in the sun once in a while?’ so, please forgive me.

There was a covered resting area a short distance away, with a round table where Charu’s group was gathered.

It seems to be a round table meeting.

 I am secretly listening to their discussion.

 Incidentally, a stone giant is sitting beside me, holding his knees, and he is also hanging a fishing line.

 He is a member of the round table, but he is accompanying me. How kind.

So, speaking of today’s topic of discussion at the round table, 

“The Queen has joined hands with Numbers. What does this mean!?”

Charu’s energetic voice caused the members to become excited.

“Seems like she’s afraid of us. Fufufu, she’s scared,” said Frey, as usual, missing the point.

“Can’t we at least try to find a peaceful solution to this problem?” Iris sounds so serious.

“Maybe they have found some kind of mutual interest?” Riza was calm.

“Hahaha. Frey-sama, our existence is a secret.” Johnny added.  

Professor Tia, who was the only one among the group who could make a good judgment, added, 


She’s picking her nose!

I see… she’s keeping her serious reasoning to herself, and letting Charu and the others have fun with it. This person can read the air. Surprising.

 But that doesn’t mean she didn’t participate at all.

“So, what do you think, Charu-kun?”

Charu answered quickly while everyone was paying attention to her.

“First of all, the Numbers have the unusual idea that they, the chosen aristocrats, have to boost up the country that has been deprived of them from now on. As for the Queen, they hate her because ‘she is the one who has ruined the kingdom’.

“Eh? Ah, Um, well, that’s true.”

Charu’s speech was slurred. What anime have you been watching lately?

“Also the Queen is under the misapprehension that ‘ I’m the best in the world!’. Even though my brother is the best.”

Perhaps Charu is so innocent and pure, she says things like that so bluntly. If that person were here, she would be furious.

“I believe that the Queen also feels a little bit uneasy about the Numbers. Probably.”

“Uh-huh, you seem to understand the situation correctly.”


My sister was happy with Professor Tia’s compliments.

“So, the two incompatible sides joined hands. Why would that be?”

 Charu’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

“Somehow! For some reason or another, I have a feeling there must be some imminent threat that could shake the world, You see? ”

She’s excited already. So cute.

“I see, it’s possible!”

 Frey, Riza, and Johnny nodded their heads.

Iris casts a skeptical glance, but for someone who doesn’t read the air, she’s unusually quiet. She’s grown up, hasn’t she?

“Fumu fumu. This means that the Numbers that were the current target of the attack have now joined hands with Thunder Princess. Moreover, someone who threatens them is likely to appear. What should we do?”

“Special Training!”

 Charu shouted without a moment’s pause.

“Our ultimate goal is to defeat the huge dark organization that has been conspiring with Numbers and the others. But before that, there are many obstacles. I think we need to raise the level of our strength.”

“Ummm, certainly.  Liza and I cannot show our true strength in this form. But even in our original form, there are limitations.”

“But it’s also not that easy to raise your magic level,”. 

 Iris interrupted.

“Yeah. Iris-san, you have just recently increased your level. Please give us some tips on how to do that!”

“eh, yeah, that’s not something I did, …….”

Iris grew flustered. She dug her own grave. Yes, it was me who did something. And I didn’t inform them of it properly, either.

Now, Professor Tia stood up.

“Well, I am not a combatant, so I’ll leave you to it. If you decide on a training method, I will advise you accordingly.”

 She said, and quickly left the place.

“First, let’s look for the waterfall!”


The discussion proceeded hilariously.

 I was listening to the discussion, staring blankly at the completely unresponsive fishing line.

“Hey, you caught anything?”

 I heard a voice behind me and turned around to see Professor Tia, who had come here for some reason.

“Nope, I couldn’t. I haven’t put any bait on it.”

“I see. Must be to concentrate on eavesdropping.”

 Professor Tia sat down beside me.

“Thank you for going along with Charu’s group for some reason.”

“That suddenly went downhill. Well, although it makes me smile, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time.

 Heh, I thought she might complain, ‘I don’t like it because it cuts into my research time!’ so I thanked her first. Quite surprising.

“Charu-kun has a strange sense of humor. Besides having a high maximum magic level, because of your overprotectiveness, you probably cast various kinds of magic on her, didn’t you? I don’t know the details, but I think they are interacting with her in some way, and she is sensing a disturbing ‘atmosphere’.”

“Oh, so you think the ‘global threat’ is real?”

“At the very least, since the Queen, who is one of the best in the world at looking down on people, is working with a bunch of students, there must be something going on.”

 That’s because I told her ‘do it’.

Is this person getting tainted by Charu? If so, so be it.

“So what about you?”

“About what?”

“Special Training.”

“I won’t do it.”

A shut-in lives in a world far removed from hard work.

Not that you need it. Putting aside the threats to the world, if things go badly, they could be facing off against the Thunder Princess. Even with your protection, they will certainly have to improve their own strength if they are to have any chance of making it to that level of competition.”

“Well, we would like to avoid situations where the special training doesn’t produce any results, right.”

I don’t want Charu to be discouraged.

“Isn’t it possible for you to do it? Like when you did with Iris-kun.”

 Professor Tia smiles wickedly. And I squinted behind her.

 Several thin tubes were extending out.

 Thirty-six in all. Of these, 33 extended all the way to the ground, and 3 of them were disconnected off in the middle. Also, 1 of the 3 tubes was longer than the other 2.

This tube, it seems, represents the very concept of Professor Tia’s magic level.

 Iris could not raise her magic level any further because one of the tubes was entangled with the others. When I untangled it, all of a sudden the other tubes grew rapidly and the magic level went up all at once.

 I stared at Professor Tia’s long tube that didn’t extend all the way to the ground.

“Kya-ow ow ow ow!? Uhwaaa!”

Professor Tia twitched like a fish on land, and finally, her small frame jumped.

“W-W-What did you just do!?”

 Uhmm, that was rather easy.

“I forcefully stretched the tube and attached it to the ground.”

 As a result, her current magic level went up by one.

TN: Lol, this guy can do anything.

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