Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Three arrows

With Ziz’s wings, I soared high into the sky.

The flapping wing with pale phosphorescence looks fantastic and beautiful even to me, the one who is controlling it.

 It is a natural feeling for a human being.

 If someone else had been flying in the sky with such wings of light on their back, I would have thought they were an angel who had descended from the heavens.

 There was another fantastic and beautiful sight.

 The sky was clear.

 On the ground, it would be hot and humid, so hot that we would have to bring out the ice we stored underground during the winter.

It was such a clear sky as far as the eye could see, but there was one part a few kilometers away that was different.

 A rain pillar.

 A cumulonimbus cloud had formed in one place, and from there, the rain was pouring down in torrents, looking like a pillar or a curtain.

 The rainfall was so heavy that one could have mistaken it for a storm.

“Amazing, Livyathan,”

 I muttered, and slowly descended to the ground, flapping my wings.

A young girl was standing in the garden of the detached palace of the 13th Prince’s former residence.

 She looked to be about 10 years old.

 Her shiny golden hair was far beyond her height and hung like a waterfall on the ground.

She has all the requirements of dignity, and her eyes are full of light, looking very thoughtful.


 The soul of the awakened Water Demon Sword manifested in human form.

“I saw it, it’s raining. Quite amazing. The rainfall was enough to supply a month’s worth of water for the Imperial City in a single moment, wasn’t it? It’s a pity there are no reservoirs there.”

“It is only because of the Lord’s strength. The stronger the Lord is, the more power I can exert.”

“Is that how it is?”

“That rain is the Lord’s power itself. If you say it is great, then the Lord is greater.”

 I see.

Then if I become stronger,…….

 I was thinking about flood control for a moment.

Livyathan said with an even stronger gaze.

“I will not fall behind Bahamut. And I will continue to do my utmost for the Lord.”

“Both you and Bahamut are my treasures. However, if you feel so, you may compete with each other to increase your power for my sake.”

“–I understand!”

Livyathan replied strongly with thoughtfulness and reason reflected in those eyes.

I wondered if its awakening had changed its character a little.



 I heard a maid scream from behind me.

 When I turned around, I saw my maid Gigi, on her bottom, looking frightened.

 Looking closely, I saw an ongoing stain spreading across her skirt.

She must have leaked in fear – I see.


 I turn around and quiet Leviathan.

“Gigi is my maid, you should know her face since she came in later than you.”


 Complete change.

Far from the intellectual air of a moment ago, Livyathan now said with a furious expression.

“It’s insolent to talk to Lord suddenly.”

“Whenever someone addresses me, it’s usually sudden. Unless someone suddenly appears in front of me at the same time.”

I chuckled.

Even if Livyathan thinks properly, it is Leviathan. 

Just like Leviathan.

 She was as young as she looked and looked like a selfish child.

“Anyway, my maids are carefully selected to some extent, and they are all people who feel indebted to me. There is no need to be so intimidating, it will interfere with my use of them.”

“…..I understand.”

Leviathan retracted the intimidation.

 Gigi was relieved to see it.

“Go change your clothes,……, but first, what was the matter”

“Ah, ……, Y-yes.”

Gigi reported, but she was still scared.

“Do-Don-sama is here.”

“Send him through here.”


Gigi hurriedly left the place as if to run away.

In her place, the fourth Vizier, Don Oates, came.

“As expected of Your Majesty”

“About what?”

“Even a mad dog like that would be a loyal dog in your hands.”

“You saw what just happened, huh.”

“No. I just felt it from a distance, that’s all.”

 That’s too much, Livyathan.

I told Livyathan, who didn’t think it was too much and was wary of the Don.

“You can go back. I’m going to talk with Don now.”


Livyathan didn’t say anything, just accepted, undid the manifestation, and went back into my bracelet.

“So, what is it?”

“A letter came from Governor Gabelle reporting to you.”

“Phil Mohm huh. Let me see–what’s this?”

Don didn’t present an envelope, but a long, thin tube.

 When I took it, I could see that there was a rolled-up piece of paper inside.

“A painting? ……No way.”

 For a moment, I had a bad imagination.

Most of the paintings sent to me like this are bribes–I am the emperor, and they are offerings.

 Such paintings are usually expensive.

 Gabel State.

 Not long ago, I saw the Governor taking bribes and distributing gold in one of the salt tax cases.

The man I took it from at the time, but just before that, he was a slave.

He shouldn’t have the money to send paintings.

 Don’t tell me …… this soon?

“Please rest assured.”


“Apparently, it was his own handiwork.”

“By …… Phil Mohm?”

 Don nodded clearly.

So it’s not an antique gift?

 If so, what is it?

Wondering, I took a piece of paper from the tube and opened it.

 Then, there was an amateur’s drawing, completely disregarding the techniques of painting.

 Although it was an amateur drawing, I could somehow understand the scene.

 There were two pictures.

The first picture was of someone offering a gift to another person.

The second picture is of the recipient kicking the ass of the sender.

“…… hmm.”

“A little later, then, we got this one from Zoe. Given the timing, I thought perhaps they were related.”

This time he held out a box.

 Fuwawa’s box.

The box I gave Zoe to use as a snitch.

 I took it and unlocked it with Fuwawa.

Taking out the envelope inside, I opened it and read what was inside.

” …………. I see….”

“What was the content?”

“Another party was trying to expand its market reach there, and they tried to hold onto Phil Mohm, but they were turned away in a rather embarrassing way, apparently.”

“I see.”

“And since Phil Mohm couldn’t read or write, he reported back with drawings he’d made.”

“I see. I admit that he is loyal to …… His Majesty, but isn’t it bad that he can’t even read and write? Zoe is close by, and to assist him more–“

“No, let’s just leave it at that. I took up Phil Mohm. If he fails, I’ll just have to clean up his mess. I’d rather cherish the heart of a man who was born into slavery, who is not blinded by gold, silver, or treasure, and who has sworn his allegiance to me.”

“I understand. Then, I will only keep a close watch on the situation.”

“Umm. I’ll leave it to you.”


 Returning to my study in the Palace, I called Henry.

 Across the desk, Henry bowed reverently to me as usual.

“You wanted to see me, Your Majesty?”

“I’m about to strike Kuruge’s Galwan entirely.”


Henry’s expression stiffened, and he fell to his knees on the spot.

“It’s fine. It’s not your fault.”

There is a reason why Henry did it.

Before I ascended to the throne, there was talk of a rebellion by Galwan of Kuruge when I first came to the territory.

 His Majesty at that time – my father – asked my opinion, and I recommended Henry, the Minister of Military Affairs.

“But ……”

“It’s okay, get up. It is not your fault. You did a good job of bringing us to a stalemate with that kind of budget. If it weren’t for you, the rebellion would have spread and we would have been forced to recognize their independence.”

“Your kind words are wasted on me.”

“It is also the reason why I have tapped into the salt tax this time. Henry, what is most important in defeating the frontier?”

“Logistics, sir.”

 Henry answered immediately without any hesitation at all.

The tone of his voice carried the weight of someone with experience.

“Yes, logistics. I am not being conceited, the Empire is huge. Even if we lose a skirmish with a rebellion of Galwan’s caliber, the victory in the big picture is unassailable. But, you see, for the Empire to reach its full potential, we need to keep supplying the food needed to move a large army.”


Henry nodded, then I stood up, folded my hands behind my back, and walked through the study as I spoke.

“Up until now we’ve only been able to fight the war on the fly because of budget shortfalls, but now that the salt tax thing is taken care of, the treasury is at its best right now. We will invest all our resources at once and pay them off.”

“Please leave it to me. If Your Majesty is willing to go that far and if I can’t defeat …… Galwan, I will never step on the soil of the Imperial City again.”

Henry knelt and bowed his head.

If he’s willing to step in on his own, well, that’s fine.

“And so Your Majesty.”


“Something to keep Turbaif in check.”

 Henry knelt down and only raised his head.

As expected, he’s been the Minister of Military Affairs for many years and was quick to suggest what needed to be done.

“Oh, I’ve already made a move on that.”

“With all due respect, …… what is it?”

“I heard that Turbaif has three sons. Three sons, each of them distinguished in valor, wisdom, and virtue. I hear they are known as the Three Arrows.”

“Yes. And I hear that all of them respect their father and are therefore very close to him.”

“That’s problematic.”

After all, I don’t want to deal with Turbaif as long as he’s alive.

“I’ve gotten father’s approval to marry off the 17th, 18th, and 20th sisters.”

 The seventeenth, eighteenth, and twentieth Princesses.

 The Princesses who match the age of the other three will be given into a political marriage.

“T-That’s ….. is it necessary for the empire to take such a low stance with fear? I agree with political marriage, but only one would be enough.”

“I have to uproot Galwan, and we can’t afford a two-front battle any more than we usually do. It would be laughable if he escapes by leading us into a trap when we have him cornered.”

“Bu-but ……”

“In your eyes, this diplomacy seems like we’re the one kneeling, right? That’s all the more appropriate …… for now.”

“…… as expected of you, sir.”

 Henry was surprised and bowed again.

“Turbaif ….. I am sending you three Imperial Princesses as well,…… and I hope you’ll refrain from any indiscretions in the future,…….”

 I looked up at the blue sky through the window with my hands folded behind my back.

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