Vol6-Chapter 95: Queen’s Warning

Queen Gieselotte who appeared out of the blue was no longer herself.

Theresia tried to control her confusion and calmly grasp the situation.

(No way, a resurrection using a human being as a substitute. ……)

 It was not impossible. In terms of feasibility, it would be the most likely candidate because the conditions would be rather loose.

 But that would be like abandoning the human body and putting the spirit into an insect.

It should have been excluded as an option because the power would be extremely limited.

Therefore, no one would try it, and almost no one has tried it, so the impact was immeasurable.

“Then, what happened to Queen Gieselotte?”

She questioned as she sat down at her office desk, to the one looking down at Theresia half-heartedly.

“Ara, I didn’t realize that your first question was about the host. Have you grown close to the heart of a human being?”

“You want to talk, don’t you? Then answer the question.”

“Fufu, I am scared. Don’t glare at me with such murderous intent.”

To avoid being disturbed by her ample smile, Theresia braced herself.

“The spirit of the host is safe. It should be in a dreamy state right now. My ‘true self’ will only come out when the spirit is completely destroyed.”

“Is that so. I am relieved. So, if I remove you from her body, the queen will return to normal, right?”

“If you can do it, go ahead. But my spirit and the host’s spirit are half-melded. Do you think that by forcibly removing it from her, she will remain sane?”

It’s dangerous to take her at her word. But if she was not acting, it was clear that the queen greatly influenced her.

“That’s right, you can’t touch her. I was prepared for you to attack me without question, and I encouraged you to do so, but you’ve really gone soft, haven’t you, my dear?”

“I’ll admit it, ……. But it’s also the main reason I don’t feel so threatened by you right now. Even the Thunder Princess isn’t enough to hold the one who is called ‘God’.”

“I don’t deny it. And this body has some serious problems.”

For unknown reasons, Gieselotte smiled pleasantly and jumped down from her desk.

“Here, look look.”

 The next moment as she put her hand on the crude collar.


Her neck snapped.

As soon as she removed the collar, she caught the head with one hand as it jumped upward.

“Wh-Wh-Whaaaaat the hell is that!?”

Theresia stood up with such force that her chair bounced off the floor.

And the one with her head in her hand smiled carefree, like a little girl.

“Isn’t it amusing?”

“This is no time to be amused! Wait a minute. Can you talk? And blood, there’s no blood. ……”

 The severed surface was black, with no bone or flesh visible.

And the head on her hand was still giggling and joyful. The head was completely severed, but it was no different than if it had been connected.

“It seems as if the neck was severed and at the same time, the severed surface was magically modified. It was as if they were connected, even though they were severed.”

“How is that possible…”

 Is it really possible? But in fact, her neck is in its current state due to a magical effect.

“It’s basically a barrier. But only according to modern magical theory.”

 The head on the palm of her hand looked at the severed surface of her neck.

“The cut surface is covered with a thin magical membrane of almost zero thickness. And the two membranes are adjacent to each other in a different space-time than here. Theoretically, it could be an application of transition magic.”

“Ridiculous ……. Are you saying that you are in a state of constant activation of the transfer magic?”

“The function is different, so you can’t compare it to transfer magic itself.  It is the body that supplies the magic to maintain this magic in the first place.”

“Even that. ……”

“There’s more, you know? The severed surfaces are given a special effect that causes them to repel each other. And this collar has the effect of reversing that. In other words, if you don’t wear this collar, your head and body will remain separated. Quite nasty, don’t you think?”

The reason why she seems to be enjoying herself while saying this is probably because she is not interested in Gieselotte’s body itself.

(Then we should consider the queen as a mere stepping stone to resurrection.)

She didn’t know what she was thinking, and it is unlikely that she would answer if we asked.

If that is the case, what she should find out now is…

“Who performed this magic on a person as great as the Queen?”

Gieselotte must have it in her memory.

“Shiva. You know, that Black Warrior.”

She was not surprised. He was the only one, or rather, the only one in this day and age who could manipulate magic outside of modern magical theory.

 The true identity of this man is still unknown.

 But he certainly possesses magical power far beyond that of ordinary people.

(Don’t tell me, she’s trying to acquire his body and spirit as well……!?)[TN: lol… Good luck on that]

Just as she was about to get buried in my thoughts, the queen’s head was held out in front of her.

“Fufu, I wonder what you are thinking about? I’m very curious.”

 Gieselotte lifted the edge of her mouth in a grin but then changed her expression to one of boredom.

“But alas. Time is running out, it seems. It’s about time that guy came to take a peek. Hmmm, I see he’s trying to get through the gap in our barrier. I wonder if he’s bold or cautious. ……”

She put her head back in place as she fitted the collar.

“Lastly, I’m going to tell you what you need to know. Don’t tell him about me, please. Since you are also the same kind, only you can recognize me. That’s why I came all the way down here.”

“What are you saying—-“

 Gieselotte thrust an icy stare at Theresia.

“I am telling you not to let that man know about my existence. Otherwise, I will wipe out this academy that you cherish so much, as well as this Royal Capital.”

She turned around and smiled cheerfully at Theresia, who was absolutely mortified.

“It’s not that difficult, is it? All you have to do is keep your mouth shut.”

“You think he won’t notice?”

“He’ll find out sooner or later, I’m sure. I don’t underestimate him that much. I’m just trying to buy a little time.”

Gieselotte turned back. And as she walks to the door, she said

“I’m doing this for your own good. Don’t think that guy is on your side.”

“What do you mean, ……?”

 Gieselotte turns her head and says pleasantly, 

“Don’t you realize it at least a little bit? You are a treacherous woman, a ‘god-slayer’.”

Gieselotte walked away with a devilish smile on her face.

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