Vol6-Chapter 97: Target, lock-on

 I was reincarnated in a world where magic is the key to success.

 The maximum magic level is fixed from birth, and although there are exceptions, the current magic level can be raised to that level with effort.

 I can visualize the concept of magic level. It looks like a tube extending from the back.

 As a matter of fact, not only can I see it, but I can move it if I cover it with a barrier, although I cannot touch it directly.

Just now, I extended one of Professor Tia’s tubes and attached it to the ground, and behold. The magic level had gone up by one.

“My level suddenly went up, so I wondered what it was ……, why didn’t you tell me first! Don’t use me as a test subject!”

 Professor Tia is very angry.

“I didn’t think it would work.”

“You know, it’s not a question of success or failure. It is not a trivial matter to tinker with the fundamental part of the people who live in this world, such as the magic level. In fact, I’m feeling extremely hot right now, and yet I can’t stop shivering because I’m so cold, and my head is spinning.”

Her eyes are dizzy, too.

“I’m sorry. It was thoughtless of me. But I couldn’t do it myself, and all of the tubes my artificial eye saw were connected to the ground, and there was no one else around.”

“I don’t see any sign of remorse!”

She’s right to be angry. But I am remorseful, you know?

“But with side effects like that, it’s no use to Char and the others.”

“Fufufu, it is too early to conclude from a single trial. Now that we know it can be done, let’s verify it on several occasions.”

She was shivering while hugging herself, but she was very motivated even though her expression was blue. This person is pretty much the same.

“Well, now let’s pull it out and see what happens.”


 I tried to pull out the tube that I had just attached to the ground, but it just kept growing and growing, with no end in sight.

 It seems impossible to pull it out.

 Incidentally, Professor Tia was doing a strange dance while making strange noises.

“That’s why! Don’t try it on me!”

“Then, who should I try it on?”

“Well, if your magic level is low, you won’t be able to withstand the sudden increase in magic power, so in that sense, I don’t think an ordinary person would be suitable. It is preferable to have a certain magic level and someone who has been training magic regularly.”

 Fumu fumu. But then it’s like, …….

“Yes, the students of the academy are just right.”

“Why do you sound like you’re having fun?”

She’s a teacher, right? Is she really okay with experimenting on her students?

“Well, in your case, I’d be hesitant to try it on a fellow student. You might even feel a sense of guilt toward a student you don’t know.”

“I have that feeling, too.”

“Umm. So, you know, there are some. Some people are more than capable, who are willing to be experimented on, and who are not bothered by being treated badly.”

I thought for a moment, Who would be so convenient? .

“Ah, there is. These people are so wacky …… that they want to change the world for their own reasons.”

 The Numbers. Those strange people who become even more interesting when the constant particle is added.

“But wouldn’t that make them more powerful as a result?”

 They’re trying to ‘raise the level easily and quickly’ themselves.

“That’s fine. Their maximum level of magic is not enough to be a threat to our team, and if we can find a way to reduce the physical and mental burden of the experiment, it can be applied to us as well. Besides–“

 Professor Tia smiled and said, 

“The stronger the opponent, the more she’ll burn, right?”

 Well, Char is going to be pleased.

“But I don’t want her to get injured by any chance>”

“You’re being overprotective. Well, you’ll just have to take care of that. As usual.”

It’s true, but you can never be too careful.

 The most effective number is Alexei, who is the “1” person.

 His magic level is [30]/[37] and both are high. I had a direct encounter with him in class, and even I was able to handle it then, but in a real battle, I’m an unknown quantity. Even Rias’ magic level is [24] at the moment, you know.

I shouldn’t tinker with Alexei-senpai’s magic level. He shouldn’t be made any stronger. I guess.

 The other ten (not including Char) have a maximum magic level of around 30, and their current magic level is mainly in the 20s, with a wide variation. I believe only one of them was [18] or something like that, …….

“Do you know that Zara something, the top student? She’s a Yandere-flavored, kind of a douchey-looking schoolgirl.”

“Hmmm… ……? Ah, the daughter of the Marquis Yessel.”

I didn’t think she would get the message from that.

“Even though he’s a marquis, he hasn’t been blessed with an heir recently and his power has weakened considerably, I think? Although I am not familiar with that area, there must be a difference in power between them and Marquis Hafen.”

Hafen…… ahhh, that noble senpai’s house, I remember.

“But she left an impression. She’s a prodigal who claims ‘I entered the school to get a good man’. Umm, let’s start with her. Yosh.”

” ……. Don’t you dislike her?”

“No, not really. I like the type of people who have a clear goal and push forward with it. Even if it’s just to scavenge for a guy. But she once said to me, when we first met, “It seems that marriage is out of the question,” and she was so pathetic. It’s not like I want to get married!”

You sure hate it, huh.

Well, let’s go with Zara-senpai for now.

I don’t have any personal grudge against her, so I have to be careful not to burden her in any way. But in the end, her magic level will go up and she’ll be happy, right?

“Fufufu, I’m looking forward to it. First, let’s strip her down, restrain her in mid-air, and fiddle with the tubes and stuff. We can experiment with magic and watch the prodigal woman cry out as her bodily fluids drip from all over her body. Yay!”

 It seems that it is my role to restrain this person. I still wonder why someone like her is still a teacher.

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