Vol 6-Chapter 85: I’m fully prepared

 I heard that my little sister Charlotte-chan has been transferred to the country’s top magic academy (the same place as mine).

“That’s news to me?” 

“Well, if she hasn’t told you, then I guess so.”

 Professor Tia matter-of-factly responded to my question.

“How did that happen?”

“Didn’t she mention it when she joined us to explore the Olympus Ruins?

 Was it? It was.

 I recall saying something about letting Charu’s skills be known and letting her skip a grade to enter the academy eventually. Charu also wanted to do that.

“But isn’t that too sudden? She’s still a child.”

 I was expecting her to be qualified to take the exam next year or something like that.

“Fumu, is that how you see it? Well, you’re too modest in your self-evaluation, but you’re also too lax in your evaluation of others.”

“I feel like a fool.”

 Professor Tia shrugged her shoulders with a sigh.

“It’s the other way around. The absolute strongest people are the ones who are indifferent to themselves and others. That’s what makes you stand out.”

 I cherish Charu, don’t I?

 As if reading my mind, Professor Tia replied as if her discontent had shown on her face.

“Of course, you do care about Charu. But you don’t know exactly what she’s capable of.”

“I do know that she is amazing.”

” In her case, it goes beyond ‘amazing’. In terms of academics, she’s way ahead of where I was when I was in school. And she is still developing, so terrifying is not even a word to describe her.”

 To be honest, I don’t know what to make of Professor Tia.

“So it is possible that she could overtake Iris as the top student of the year?”

“Umm, I wonder? Iris herself is a bit out of the ordinary. They are already competing for the top position in the school.”

 Wow, Iris is really something.

“It’s also strange. Charu was educated as a nobleman, a gifted student, and was also taught by the demon race, so it makes sense, but Iris was raised in a monastery. Where did she get that much knowledge ……”

 Professor Tia frowned. I’m not interested in this, half-year or so, she has raised her magic level by three, so it is expected that in a year’s time, she will be able to approach the top of the grade, Prince Rias. If you consider the qualities, Charu was allowed to transfer because they expected more from her practical skills.”

 Hehe, Charu is amazing, isn’t she? Well, her qualities far exceed those of the nasty queen.

“In fact, when it came to transferring, the overwhelming majority of people said, ‘You should train in practical skills’.”

“But she’s going to be working with Professor Tia, a researcher.”

“Fufufu, this is all in my favor. Yeah, yeah, it was a good decision to get you.”

 It’s because I’m here, I guess. But I don’t want to ruin Charu’s potential because of me. I should tell her secretly later.

” I’m going to tell you something you might not want to know. She should be with you, and that’s the best thing for her and what she wants.”

 So, should I move to the training room or something suitable for Char?

“That’s why! Don’t look like you’re thinking of something bad. The only place you can happily shut yourself away is in my lab. I can give you practical advice.”

 Is that what I look like? I’m a little shocked because I was pretending to be a cool guy.

” Well, I understand the reason why Charu was able to transfer at this time. But why was she keeping it a secret from me?”

“Maybe she wanted to surprise you.”

“I see. She’s a cute one. And Professor Tia was the one who ruined the girl’s little dream.”

“That’s a big misunderstanding. So, please, don’t stare at me.”

 Let’s hear your excuse.

“If you heard her confession without knowing it, you may not feel so surprised, right?”

“No, I wouldn’t. ……”

“No, definitely not. ‘Ohh, really?’ That’s the only reaction you will get. Absolutely!”

 I tried to imagine it.

 Yeah, I think my reaction will be something like, ‘Oh, really?’

“So, now you know what you have to do, right? It seems that you’re not in the mood for anything today, so I’m going to leave now. Please take a day to think it over and decide on an ostensible research topic.”

 It was too much trouble, and I wanted to throw it to Professor Tia.

 I’m not sure if my thoughts were showing on my face again, but Professor Tia smiled and left.


 I was lazing around in the living room of the shut-in house, watching anime.

“Brother! Would you like to join me for lunch?”

 Charu-chan appeared.

“Ohh, is it that time already?”

 It’s really comfortable to spend a lazy day after all.

 Riza didn’t come along, probably because she didn’t want to go through the mysterious space-time.

 Charu came up to me smiling with her school bag on her back.

 She wanted to go to the same school as me, so she and Professor Tia had been working on it behind the scenes, I heard. And today, she was trying to surprise me by telling me that she had started school.

 However, she didn’t show any sign of wanting to say anything this morning, or even now.

 You forgot this, didn’t you? You completely forgot about my surprise confession, didn’t you?

 I do not think that just waiting is the right thing to do as an older brother. So, I’ll try to lead her to it.

“Now that you mention it, Char, you weren’t at the castle today, were you? Where did you go?”

“Yes, starting today, I started–! That’s right!”

 After struggling, she straightened her back and told her story firmly.

“I’m going to be attending the same academy as you, brother. I also joined the same laboratory as you!”

 My sister exclaimed loudly.

“W-What! That’s amazing, Charu!”

 I said with great surprise.

“We can’t be together in class, but we’ll be in the same study hall. From now on, we’ll be together all the time♪”

 With joy in her heart, she smiled.

 I want to spend all my time in this shut-in house. …… Whatever.

 I can picture Professor Tia’s smirk on her face.

“Yeah, we’ll be together all the time.”

 I also responded with a smile–.

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  1. That’s really wing-bro of Tiaretta to nudge Haruto like that. I’ve reassessed my opinion of her.

    From “nutcase academic (w/o conscience)” to “nutcase academic (with conscience)”.

    A doctoral thesis and TPS report is required for further evaluation. In triplicate.

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