Person With Inferior Ability Vol.3-Chapter-3-Part-2

Sorry about the long gap.

Part II

“It’s boring without Hiroto.”

 Shiro was rolling around on the tatami mat that Goukou had cleaned for her, wearing a T-shirt and hot pants, looking like a cheerful middle school girl.

 Inside the house, even the pillars had been completely cleaned, and Hiroto would be surprised when he came home.

 To put it another way, perhaps he didn’t need to accept the request so desperately? One could say that.

“Right~ Without Hiroto, there’s no motivation.”

 Next to her, in jeans and shirt, Kiyoko agreed while cradling a bottle of wine. It was unusual for her not to be wearing a kimono, but it looked good on her, and the shirt accentuated her large breasts. In fact, she has been reading women’s magazines and doing a lot of research.

 The other members of the group are also free to do their own thing, but they look somewhat lonely.

 Sally is sitting on her side in a one-piece dress with a slit, reading a book, looking like a goddess in a Greek sculpture. And when she takes her eyes off the book, she lets out a sigh with a gentle expression.

By the way, the book that Sally was reading was a book that she borrowed from Kiyoko. [Whoever realizes it wins! Thoughts on Increasing Girl Power ~ From Man’s Perspective, Girl Power Means Elegance~].

Gen was working in the garden, expanding the well, and his sturdy-looking body was covered in dirt. And Ugaron was helping him with it.

 Next to him, Goukou was training with his spear, radiating a tremendous spirit, reminiscent of the famous general Lan Ling Wang, who was said to have excellent eyesight.

 In the midst of all this, Susan clutched something carefully to her chest from the porch and tried to pass through the living room where Shiro and the others were.

 Susan, with her slender, eye-popping red hair, was as expressionless as ever.

 Kiyoko noticed Susan raising her eyebrows.

“Uhm? Susan, you look happy. You…… what are you holding?”

 When Kiyoko asked Susan, her expressionless face widened a little, and she stopped, hiding something behind her back.

“……… it’s nothing.”

“That’s suspicious. …… What is that thing you just hid behind your back?”

“…… it’s nothing.”

 Susan replied with a blank expression and her usual flat speech.

“For that matter, what’s so obvious about your expression that you’ve lost your temper?”

“…… It’s nothing.”

 She replies in the same expressionless, flat tone. Sally, who has finished reading her book, joins in.

“That’s right, Su-chan, your voice is really hoarse. It’s definitely weird.”

 Susan’s face was expressionless.

 Shiro, who was lounging around looking bored, raised her upper body and pointed at Susan.

“Yeah! Whenever Susan hides something, she always raises her eyebrows!”

 Even though her expression seemed to be completely unchanging and her tone of voice flat, everyone seemed to be able to understand Susan’s subtleties.

 Then Kiyoko grinned and stood up with a nasty grin on her face, and Susan freaked out expressionlessly.

“What? Susan. You look like you’re about to cry. ……”

“Su-chan. What are you hiding?”

 From behind her, Sally with a sly smile puts down her book and approaches Susan.

“…… It’s nothing.”

“Let me see, Susan.”

 Shiro, who was also near, approached Susan, with her hands clasped together.

 Susan was surrounded by Kiyoko, Sally, and Shiro from three directions.

“…… It’s nothing.”

 Susan hugged what she had to her chest and shook her face from side to side.

 In front of her, who had lost her way of escape, Kiyoko gave a signal to Shiro and Sally with her eyes.

“Let’s finish this!”

 The moment she said that the three people surrounding Susan jumped on her at once.


 Susan tried desperately to resist, but she was outnumbered. In the end, it was a matter of time before she was subdued and Kiyoko took something from Susan’s stash.

“What’s this?”

 Kiyoko opened it up to see what Susan was holding in her hand. And for Susan, she was desperately trying to reach for it, even though she was seized.

“What what?”

“What is it?”

“T-This is!?”

 With a surprised expression, Kiyoko was staring at the piece of cloth.

“This is Hiroto’s!”


“That’s Hiroto-san’s stuff!”

 It was a T-shirt that Hiroto had casually taken off inside the …… tent.

 And since it was worn part-time at a construction site, it was soaked with Hiroto’s sweat.

 He had left it in the tent to wash, but he was busy preparing to leave for Miramar, so he left it there.

 Kiyoko ……  unconsciously nuzzled her face into the T-shirt in her hand.

“It smells like Hiroto~”[TN: These women are scary]

 With an ecstatic expression on her face, she rubbed her cheeks against the t-shirt, and then it just disappeared.


 The next thing she knew, Shiro was lying on the tatami mat with her face buried in the T-shirt.

“It’s true! This smells like Hiroto!”

 When Shiro was happily hugging the t-shirt like a cat pawing at it, Sally took it away from her and rubbed her cheek against it as if it were very important.

“Ahh ……, it’s soothing. I want this.”


 These were Sally’s casual words, …….

 However, this ignited the hearts of the four non-human ladies.

 The four of them, who are usually as close as sisters, silently take their respective stances like knights who have met a strong enemy.

 While they have the appearance of beautiful ladies, and beautiful girls, the four of them were releasing quite the killing intent. ……

 They have a seamless stance and concentration on each other.

 A few seconds passed, but to these four, it felt like tens of thousands of hours.

 It was at this time that Gen, who was working on expanding the well in the garden, found an even better source of water than before.

“Ohh! Now Master Hiroto will be very happy! Ugaron!”

“Uga! Uga!”

 Gen then swung his thick, log-like arms over the large, hard bedrock that lay above the water source. Normally, heavy machinery would be used to break it up, but Gen didn’t care, he slammed his fist into it in one fell swoop.

 The rock shattered into pieces, and clean water gushed out from between them.

“Ohh, this feels so good! Ugaron.”


 As Gen and the others rejoiced, the water became stronger and stronger, spewing out onto the ground like a geyser, engulfing Gen and Ugaron.

“Ahh? Whoa! Hyaaaaaaaa!”


 When they heard Gen’s and Ugaron’s screams, the four non-humans women who had become like the champions of the end of the century opened their eyes. Kiyoko then sharply reached out for Hiroto’s T-shirt, but Sally ducked like a weightless feather.

“Oh, come on! Give it to me! Sally!”

“I don’t want to. I’ll sew it into my underwear later. And someday I’ll put it gently back on my handkerchief.”

“Hey! You’re gonna …… do the same thing as me, you little pervert!”

 Shiro snuck up like a panther from a low position and took the T-shirt from Sally.

“You’re both perverts! I can’t give this T-shirt to such perverts!”

 Shiro tried to leave the veranda with the t-shirt in her hand and jumped into the garden with a supple movement. However, as she jumped, Susan snatched the T-shirt from the sky.


“…… You can’t have this.”

 Susan flapped her magnificent red wings from her slender back and expressionlessly hugged the T-shirt.

 And Susan expressionlessly put her hands on her bisque-doll-like face, …….

She did Akanbe.[TN: It’s the eyelid pulling taunt that you do while sticking out your tongue( Didn’t find any English equivalent so if anyone knows, comment it)]

 When Kiyoko, Sally, and Shiro saw that.

“You can’t escape!”

“I won’t let you go!”

“Give it back!”

 Kiyoko and Sally also ran out into the garden and the four of them faced each other again.

 The four of them grinned fiercely at the same time.

 An invisible fighting spirit surrounded Kiyoko and the others, and the space around them began to shimmer.

 Then changes occurred in the four of them.

 From Kiyoko’s back, a thick tail emerged from her jeans, and blue flames leaked from her lips.

 Then, beautiful, dazzling, clean, and pure white wings sprouted from Sally’s back. Moreover, in her hand, she holds a large Death Scythe that exceeded her height.

 And as triangular white ears popped out from Shiro’s head, a strong vortex of wind enveloped her surroundings.

 And Susan was as always staring at it expressionlessly.

 There is no option for Susan to retreat here.

 Susan’s eyes turn red. Gradually, her red wings changed shape …… and became crimson flames themselves.

“Fufufu …….”

 Kiyoko smiled fearlessly.

“Look at this. Thanks to Hiroto’s spiritual power, I can generate so much power. I suggest you all wrap up your tails and offer that T-shirt to me.”

“You’re the only one with a tail right now! Besides, it’s the same for us!”

“That’s right.”

“I’m not giving you …….”

 The four of them stared at each other.

 Gen and Ugaron were still rolling around on the water spouting from the well beside them.

“Let’s go!”

“I’m coming!”

“Take this!”


“Fuu, really, you guys are …… hah!

 Goukou suddenly appeared in the middle of the four people who were in a tense situation, and with an unnoticeable movement, he thrust out his spear and caught Hiroto’s t-shirt from Susa in the handle of the spear.



 He sighed and picked up Hiroto’s T-shirt from the handle of his spear.

“Wait! Goukou, please give it to me!”

“Please give it to me!”

“Goukou, give it here!”

“……, it’s mine.”

 Goukou then spreads out Hiroto’s t-shirt, which has become a source of strife, and holds it out in front of him so that Kiyoko and others can see it, and gives a sad look.

“Look at this …….”

“””Ah, the T-shirt!”””


 Hiroto’s T-shirt was burnt by Susan’s flames during the fight between the four of them earlier, and it was also cruelly stretched and unraveled in places.

“What would the Lord think if he saw this? Let alone if he knew that it was the result of a fight. ……”


 The four of them instantly became calm after Goukou said so, and they turned over …… with a sense of shame.

 Kiyoko’s tail hung down helplessly, Shiro’s ears fell to the left and right, and Susan and Sally’s wings shrunk down small.

“W-What should I do~, Hiroto will get angry~”

 Shiro expressed the feelings of all of them, and all four of them clutched their heads and regretted their actions earlier.

 Shiro looked up at the tall Goukou with tears in her eyes.

 He sighed and looked around at them.

“It’s no use telling lies. You should honestly tell the lord and apologize to everyone. Our Lord is a merciful person. If we all sincerely apologize, he will not be that angry.”

“…… Uh-huh.”

 As Shiro nodded still uneasily to Goukou, the other three returned to their original appearance and turned over …….

 Kiyoko scratched her head as if she had done something wrong, and Sally grasped her hands in prayer with moist eyes.

 It’s hard to tell, but Susan was also staring listlessly at the T-shirt.

“””” Haah~””””

 The four of them let out a deep sigh at the same time.



 And the water that gushed out of the well weakened, and Gen and Ugaron fell from the sky.

“Ouch! Ouchhh!”


 As Gen and Ugaron stood up, unable to catch themselves and falling from their backs, they noticed that their friends were acting strangely.

“Huh? What’s wrong with you? Everyone looks so pale. ……”


 Gen and Ugaron, who were sturdy, seemed more concerned about their friends’ condition than their own.


 Kiyoko and the others turned down and kept silent.

 Gen and Ugaron, who could not understand what was going on, tilted their heads, but without reading the air! He reported with a big smile on his face.

“Everyone, take a look at this! We’ve expanded the well, you know? Also, we found a good source of water. With this much water, we can easily run a bath! Well, Master will be very happy now! I’m sure he’ll praise us! Right, Ugaron.”

“Uga! Uga!”

 Gen and Ugaron were overjoyed in front of the four depressed people. When Goukou heard this, he looked at the well that Gen and Ugaron were talking about and was impressed.

“You did a great job. If we can make a bath, our Lord won’t need to go to the public bath. Surely the Lord will be pleased with …… your good work, Gen, Ugaron.”

“That’s right! That’s right!”

“Uga! Uga!”

“Umu, in that case, I will repair the bath with wood. I will make a fine bath to relieve the Lord’s fatigue.”

“Ohhhh! I’m looking forward to Master’s return!”

 Gen and the others were talking to each other with lively expressions of accomplishment and fulfillment.

 Besides them, beautiful girls and beautiful women were laying on their lifeless faces and looking at each other with hollow eyes.[TN: it really says bijo and bishojo  separately]


 Kiyoko and the others were looking at Gen and Ugaron and Goukou’s achievements with their dead fish-like eyes. There was a clear invisible line separating the confirmed group that Hiroto would be angry with and the group that would be complimented when he returned.

 The four non-humans, beautiful women and beautiful girls, only stare at Gen and the others’ elated expressions like a professional boxer who has been blanked out.


 Then, Kiyoko suddenly looked up as if she had a flash of inspiration.

“That’s right! We’re going to do something too!”

 Shiro, Sally, and Susan, startled by the loud voice of Kiyoko, turned their faces to her.

“W-What’s the matter? Kiyoko?”

“I was startled.”


“So, we have to do something to make Hiroto happy!”


 All three of them widened their eyes at Kiyoko’s suggestion.

“That’s right! Kiyoko, that’s brilliant!”

“Very good idea.”

“…….(nod nod)”

“Fufufu, if we do that, this t-shirt matter will be wiped out and hopefully we’ll get some praise from Hiroto too.”


 The dreams of the four grew bigger at Kiyoko’s comment.

 Shiro and Susan visualized Hiroto saying thank you and patting them on the head.

 Then they hugged Hiroto and asked him to pat their heads some more.

 Kiyoko and Sally visualized Hiroto approaching them with a hot look in his eyes. Hiroto then said, “It’s your reward,” and gently put his hand on their shoulder, while his other hand went around their waist.

 And then, Hiroto forcefully pulled …… them closer.

“Huh? W-What happened? Everyone …….”


 Gen and Ugaron looked curiously towards Kiyoko and the others who were fidgeting with red cheeks.

“I don’t understand …….”

 Goukou also tilted his head and crossed his arms when he saw the four of them doing this before he knew it.

 The four breathless individuals came back to themselves in a huff, Kiyoko and Sally suppressed the nosebleeds that were about to come out, and Shiro and Susan fluttered their hands to cool their burning cheeks.

 And when they looked at each other and nodded vigorously, they told Goukou and the others about Kiyoko’s idea.

 They wanted to do something that would make Hiroto happy.

 When he heard that, he nodded his head.

“In that case, I would like to help you. Please allow me to assist you.”

“I’ll help you as well! Of course, you four can also act as our assistants!”


 When everyone agreed, Kiyoko’s expression became more serious.

“So, the question is …… what should we do to make Hiroto happy, right?”

“Hmmm… I guess so.”

 Everyone thought seriously about what she said.

“Hiroto-san is quite capable of doing everything by himself.”

“That’s true. Our Lord is a multi-talented person despite his appearance. He has mastered both housework and manual labor. ……”

“Well~ because Gen and Goukou repair the house to a certain extent, other than that, ……”.

“””””” Hmm … “”””””

 Kiyoko, while puzzled over what to do, turned her attention to the tent where Hiroto lived…

“That’s it! There might be some clues in there.”

 She then unzipped the entrance of the tent and went inside. The women followed her in.

“Wonder if there’s anything in there?”

 Saying so, she looked around the tent. Shiro and the others looked for hints as to what would make Hiroto happy.

 Susan then poked Kiyoko.

“Uhm? Something wrong? Susan. Have you found something?”

“…… this.”

 Susan took one of Hiroto’s personal belongings and showed it to Kiyoko.

“Hmm? This is his school bag.”

“Hiroto is a high school student, right~”

“Yes. He looks so cool in his school uniform.”

“But what’s wrong with it? Susan.”

“…… Hiroto, gone for a week.”

 Susan said, pointing to the bag.

“Uhm, that’s right, wasn’t it for work at Miramar? In a foreign country……. ah, I see.”

“What’s wrong? Kiyoko?”

“Maybe Hiroto took an unauthorized day off from school to go to work?”

“……(nod nod)”

“But what about it?”

 Sally, who was not familiar with human society, tilted her head.

“You can’t graduate from school if you don’t have a certain amount of attendance. So, for Hiroto to be absent for a whole week this time is not really a good thing.”

“I understand. But, how long is he allowed to be absent before he can graduate?”

“I don’t know that much either, but ……. I don’t think he wants to miss school.”

“Ah, that’s right! Hiroto said he was barely able to enter the school. Maybe he wanted to enter this high school! But he said he needed money for living expenses, so he probably had no choice but to go to work.”

“……(nod nod)”

“Then why don’t we go to school instead?”

“That’s right! I thought about that too. Isn’t that what Susan was trying to say?”

“…… Yeah.”

“I see! If we do that, he won’t have to be absent from school, and …… I’m sure Hiroto will be happy!”

 They all agreed.

 When Kiyoko and the rest came out of the tent, they explained this idea to Goukou and the others.

“Hoo, ……, that’s a good idea.”

“Ohh! I’ll help you!”


 With everyone’s consent, they moved to the living room of the house to have a strategy meeting. There, they decided to transform themselves into Hiroto with Kiyoko’s transformation technique and go to school by themselves for a week.

 The goal was to make Hiroto happy and get his praise.

 In the discussion, it was decided that everyone would attend school one day at a time, and the order was decided by rock-paper-scissors. As a result, Goukou was to take the lead on Monday, the first day.

 Also, Ugaron was excluded because no matter how many times he tried, Kiyoko’s transformation technique didn’t work and the technique was canceled out.


—Part II end—

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