Vol 6-Chapter 86: My sister is an Evangelist

Morning homeroom at the start of the week. Class A, where the elite of the elite gathered, was filled with a tense atmosphere.

 Today, on this day. A transfer student is coming to this class.

 If the transfer itself is unusual, the fact that it’s just a short time after the entrance ceremony makes it the most unusual of all.

 Furthermore, the other student is only eleven years old and is the treasured child of a Margrave who has been shrouded in mystery until now.

 Although their qualities far surpassed those of the Thunder Princess, many people were skeptical.

 However, this person is said to be the younger sister of Haruto Zemphis.

 What kind of person is she really?

 Except for the two, everyone was waiting with bated breath for her appearance.


“Everyone, my name is Charlotte Zemphis. I would like to start my studies with you today. I am a young person, but I would appreciate your help.”

 Her smiling and adorable greeting immediately melted the tension.

 When homeroom was over, a crowd gathered around Charlotte.

“So cute! You’re only eleven, aren’t you?”

“But you’ve been in the Olympian Ruins, right?”

“You siblings are amazing together.”

“You’re already at magic level 20, right?”

“Already third in this class? Are you a good match for that brother?”

 Everyone was fascinated by her loveliness, but what interested them most was her ability.

 Charlotte sat up in her chair and stretched her back, shaking her head.

“No, I’m not nearly as good as my brother. After all, my brother is very, veeeeery amazing!”

 Even though the praise was completely unconvincing and vague, the way her eyes lit up was full of conviction. Everyone was in an uproar.

“He’s really something else after all.”

“He’s even exempted from attending classes.”

 Even in the most elite of elite classes, it is rare for a freshman to choose to take an extremely difficult class. This is the reason why few people have actually witnessed Haruto’s abilities in class.

 There were only two people who felt it firsthand. One of them said

“Fuh, it’s no secret that Haruto is incredible, huh”

 Charlotte reacted to Rias’s exasperated voice. She rushed over to meet him, who was watching her from afar.

“I’m sorry for the delay in greeting you, Prince Rias.”

“I thought Haruto had stopped coming to class, but I didn’t expect to find you here.”

“Do you like my brother?”

“No no no nono, I don’t care about Haruto!”

“You’re a real-life …… tsundere.”

“What’s that?”

 Well, he’s a relative, but it’s not surprising that classmates are surprised that she’s talking to Prince Rias, the next king, as an equal.

 On the other hand, the other person who knows Charlotte, Irisphilia, said

“Don’t ask me. ……”

 The other person who knows about Charlotte, Irispilia, was surrounded by a crowd of students(mostly girls) and was being asked a lot of questions about Charlotte.

 Charlotte was the center of attention in class.

 In the high-level “Attribute Theory I” lecture.

“…… Calculating this complex attribute ratio with mental arithmetic? What kind of crazy education have you received?”

 The professor in charge, Ortria Belkham, said while adjusting her monocle.

“Big Brother can answer the moment he sees it though.”

“T-that’s so, he’s that good at math. ……”

 It’s a big misunderstanding. Haruto has Mija’s crystal (modified) in his eyes, which he created with his barriers, so he doesn’t need to calculate.

“That understanding of auxiliary attributes is amazing, too. It’s as if you memorized Weiss-Owl’s entire thesis.”

 Charlotte is the mysterious genius researcher Weiss-Owl herself, but Belkham has no way of knowing.

“If it’s big brother, he can tell at a glance what kind of auxiliary attributes you have.”

“What an insight! Gununu …… I still want to welcome him to my laboratory …….”

 Belkham misunderstood again and ruffled her hair in frustration.

 In the afternoon, Charlotte did not stop in the practical class.

 With the bloomer-type gym uniform that Haruto made for her, she surprised everyone by showing off her high ability in magic shooting.

“Ohh! What a way to carry yourself!”

 The instructor in charge, a muscular man wearing a tank top, took notice.

 In the class on magic and physical arts, she was twirling around and dodging Rias’s vicious attacks.

“Ummm. It’s not only the accuracy of the body strengthening magic, but also the perfection of the body handling.”

 Because she has been chasing after Frey, a demon, every day.

 Rias breathed hard and shouted in anger.

“Damn, don’t keep avoiding me, fight back!”

“It’s a little difficult for me. Prince Rias doesn’t have a chance. ……”

 She had not learned how to punch, kick, or throw herself around in the first place.

 A tank top instructor enters the conversation with a pose that shows off his pecs.

“Opening is something you aim for, but it’s also something you make, no?”

I see, Charlotte recalled her chase with Frey.


 Charlotte’s feet slipped and her small frame slumped.

 It seems very intentional, but Rias dared to go with it.


 Charging forward relentlessly, he tried to hit her.

 Charlotte kicked the ground with one foot and spun around. Lowering her stance, she slipped through Rias’s rush and took his legs.


 Rias lost his balance, but he was able to endure it, but Charlotte pushed him down forcibly and applied a joint technique.

“Damn, you used a strange technique like Haruto’s. ……”

 This is something she learned from street-fighting anime. It was a technique that was successful many times with Frey, who was caught off guard.

“No no, it’s far behind my brother’s technique.”

 Charlotte released the technique and shook her head.

“In the first place, brother has an overwhelming power that makes him unbeatable, so he does not even need physical techniques. Still, there are times when you have to get into a fight to distract your opponent by showing the difference in strength even under the same conditions.”

 Of course, Hurt has no such intentions. He is the kind of guy who doesn’t hesitate to take you by surprise when he can. The only reason he does it is to please his audience – for dramatic effect.

“What ……. I didn’t know he had such deep intentions.”

 The Tank Top Instructor is impressed with Charlotte’s abilities and raises his biceps in admiration.

 No one knows that the existence of a super little girl who brings up Haruto at every turn will cast a shadow over Haruto’s life as a shut-in at school.

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