Vol 6-Chapter 84: My sister is my classmate?

  I am free. 

Somehow I’ve managed to get exemption from classes and will probably be eligible to graduate in about two years.

I still have to be active on the school campus, but I’m sure I’ve gained a great deal of freedom.

 So there is no problem at all with lazing around until late in the morning. I’m already awake, but I’m also allowed to laze around in my futon.

 By the way, I have left a copy android, Haruto C (as I call it), in my room in Professor Tia’s research building. I’m supposed to be on campus…

 That’s why I was lazing around in the bedroom of my hikikomori house in the Margrave territory.

“Brother! Good morning!”

 The door was opened with a bang, and a cheerful voice echoed in my brain.

“Good morning, Charlotte. You are full of motivation from the morning.”

 It was not sarcasm. I would never say such a thing to my cute little sister.

“Yes! Indeed, I’m burning with fighting spirit today!”

 I raised my body and looked at Char.

 Her small body seems to have an aura of “greatly motivated” emanating from it.

“Hmm? That appearance…”

 She was wearing a uniform that I had seen somewhere. And she was carrying a school bag on her back that she had begged me to make for her.

 Is it some kind of cosplay?

 A blue-haired girl peeked out from behind Char.

“Good morning, Haruto-sama. Do you have to go to school today?”

 Riza had a job to follow me as my attendant at the academy. But now that I am exempt from classes, that is no longer the case.

 Char answered on my behalf.

“Big brother is busy with his research on ancient magic. He will go to Professor Tia later. Right? Brother.”


 To put it bluntly, I had no business in that place anymore. So, I replied in the form of a question, but Char seemed satisfied, saying, “See” So, I did not deny it.

“Then, brother, I’m going to be late, so I’ll be leaving. See you later. I’m off!”

 Charlotte greeted cheerfully and returned back.

“Ah, Charlotte-sama, wait. You can’t go alone.”

 Riza hurriedly followed her.

 I wonder where Charlotte is going? That child has been educated in the castle as a gifted student. …… Ahh, that’s right. 

 I’ve been slacking off a lot lately, playing investigative games for fictional organizations and exploring ruins, so maybe my mom got mad at me. Sorry for being a disappointing brother.

 While apologizing in my heart, I wrapped myself in the futon again. I love my futon.

“Hey, hey, I’m here. Here I am!”

” Please return back …….”

“You’re a dexterous man, chasing me off in your sleep, aren’t you?”

 It’s a hassle, but I wake up. There was a tiny person wearing tiny glasses.

 Although she looks so young, her long name is Tiarietta Russiyanel, and she is a professor in the laboratory to which I belong at the university.

“How did you get here?”

 I thought the only ”Everywhere Door” that could take me to and from the academy was my room in the research building, right? What’s the copy doing!

“When I asked Haruto C where you were, he let me through.”

 That bastard betrayed me! No, he put me in charge. Well, I would have done the same thing. I’ve been telling this person a lot of my secrets, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

“So, what are you here for?”

“To ask you out, of course. Even though you’re exempt from classes, you still have to make some achievements. I mean, isn’t that what you’re supposed to be doing, working on ancient magic?”

 The smirk on her face annoyed me. She knows I want to stay indoors.

“I got two years, so why start working hard now”

 I’m the type of person who doesn’t finish my summer homework until the very end, only finishing the important ones on the last day and leaving the rest to chance.

“I did my best though. I feel like I owe you a lot for this incident. Will you pretend it never happened?”

“If you don’t mind.”

“That’s not allowed!”

 Then don’t ask me so pushy.

“What kind of research do you do, anyway?”

“Various things. In addition to the various and wondrous barrier magic you control, the investigation of the demons you’ve captured is already beyond my capacity alone, and the most important of all is the concept of magic levels. To be frank, two years is not enough.”

 The magic level concept is …… feels like a thin clay pipe coming out of your back. And I forgot all about the Demons.[TN: I think he meant that he only vaguely remembers]

“Well, I respect your wishes. The location can be here …….”

 Professor Tia said as she walked out of the bedroom. I had no choice but to follow her because I didn’t want the place to be as messy as that research building.

 We moved to the living room.

“This is not a good place to do research. There are no materials, no supplies, nothing.”

“Sufficient for a shut-in.”

“I wish you would turn your obsession to research, but…?”

 Professor Tia stuck to the window.

“What’s that!? Is that a Knight Skeleton? And there’s a gigantic golem over there. Many other monsters are walking around, but where the hell are we?”

“Spare me the trouble of explaining, but the demons that Frey brought with her, live here.”

“Can you please not cut it short?”

 It’s tedious, but it can’t be helped. I told her about the people who appeared with summoning magic before.

“You interfered with the summoners? And hijacked the summoning spell, huh. You’ve always been reckless, haven’t you?”

 Now she had one more thing to study. Is this also a trend that I have to help with?

“Don’t make such an obvious face. Researching ancient magic can be beneficial to you as well, you know.”

“Which is?”

” Understanding the magic you control opens up a world of possibilities. If you wish to live an elegant shut-in life, there is no harm in doing so.”

 Besides, Professor Tia grinned.

“It would be a pity to neglect Charu, wouldn’t it?

“She has to study at home, you know. No need to keep company.”

 Professor Tia said something strange to me as I shrugged my shoulders in disbelief.

“What, you haven’t heard yet?”

“About what?”

 This time, Professor Tia shrugged her shoulders and said something strange again.

“She’s transferred to the institute. And of course, she chose me for her lab.”

What is this woman saying?  I wondered.

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    1. Yeah, it’s Char, I read Charu in manga, if I remember correctly and found it’s a better nickname than just Charl(it even reads as a boy’s name), and simply Char.

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