Vol 5-Chapter 83: Beginning of life as a shut-in at school

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“””” Cheers♪ “”””

 In the meeting room in Professor Tia’s research building, a victory celebration party began.

“As expected of my brother. I can’t believe you got a perfect score in all of your written exams. ”

“Hahaha, I think I did pretty well.”

 I went to bed early the day before and was not tired at all.

So I was in great shape on the day of the written exam.

 No matter what measures were taken, it was easy to get through the holes in the barriers constructed by the mere mortals out there by making full use of surveillance barriers and communication barriers.

 By the way, I didn’t solve any of the problems on my own. There were many that I could have done, but just in case.

 Mmm? Riza looked exhausted. Yeah, you did a good job. Thank you.

 So, the Headmaster went to the House of Lords to explain the situation, and I was granted an exemption from all classes. You did it.

 See, Char looks so happy.

“Ufu, ufufufuu♪ hahaha♪ hmmmm~”

 But isn’t she a little too happy?

“Char, did something good happen?”

“Yes, it’s not as good as my brother’s recognition of his abilities, but something very good has happened to me personally!”

 Personal good things …… don’t tell me!

 She has a boyfriend!?

 N-no, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t panic. Isn’t Char just an eleven year old child? But then again, this is a different world. It’s a civilization where modern Japanese common sense doesn’t apply. In Japan’s feudal era, you’d be forced into a political marriage, right?

“W-What is it ……?”

 I asked fearfully.

“I’m sorry, brother. I can’t tell you right now.”

 Introduction is going to be on the occasion!?

 It’s a lie ……. Just the other day, you were saying, “How about your second wife!” …….

 Who is it? The guy who fooled Char.

 Char has almost no encounter with anyone. Huh!? No way, Rias? That bastard made it appear like he was reforming, but it was actually a ploy to entrap Char!

 I’ll never forgive him!

“What’s the matter, dear brother? Your face looks scary. ……”

 N-Not good.

 My reasoning almost collapsed at the thought of having someone take away Char.[TN: This siscon!]

 That’s right, a big brother would want his sister to be happy.

“No, it’s nothing. Char, stay happy.”

“Yes, I’m very happy♪”

 But, as a matter of fact, in any world, if you wanna become a boyfriend, the minimum requirement is to defeat the older brother first. Of course, I don’t intend to compete with him head-on, fair and square. I mean, as long as he’s unscathed by my surprise attack.”

 Let’s find him before she introduces him and attack him on a moonless night.

“By the way, Haruto-kun, didn’t you call Iris-kun?”

 Professor Tia is here with me and Char, while Riza and Frey are serving and snacking on food.

” Maybe she’ll come back later, I think? It seems that she’s going to the Headmaster’s office again.”

“Again? I heard that the fake holy weapon has been settled under her ownership, but is …… it still in dispute?”

“I wonder about that?”

 Speak of the devil.

“Sorry for the delay.”

 Iris arrived. The one she’s leading by the hand is…

“Oh? Mel is back too, huh.”

 Mel-chan, the mysterious lost child. Her white hair, brown skin, and red eyes are her charming points.

 She seems to have been kidnapped by the demons, but she seems to have no memory at all, and she didn’t open up to us very well.

 So we left her in the care of the headmaster for mental treatment.


 Mel-chan was looking around anxiously. But when her eyes met mine, she said,


 She hugged me tightly. …… Mama?

“I was surprised. So Mel-chan was my brother’s illegitimate child.”

“I didn’t know that either.”

 It was a shocking development. But it’s strange. I’ve never had a baby in my past life or this life. I mean, I’m a man, so I can’t be a mother, can I?

“How is that possible?”

 Professor Tia calmly replied.

“It seems that the Headmaster has treated her to make her forget her memories instead of recalling them.”

“I don’t get it.”

“If it’s a painful memory that you never know when you might remember it, it’s better not to remember it at all. Although I think it’s a bad idea to keep any truths she might know in the dark.”

 Did she hypnotically seal her memories? I don’t really know the ethical pros and cons, but more importantly.

“So why am I your ‘mama’ so to speak?”

 Please give me the reason.

“First of all, it’s hard to conveniently erase only the painful memories. I believe that most of her memories from before she met us are gone.”

“Fumu fumu?”

“But there are some things that you just can’t forget. I guess Mel’s mama was one of those things. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where her mother is at the moment and she’s not there in front of her.”

 So what would she do?

“I think her intense desire for her mother has led her to connect Haruto-kun with her mother in the process of bridging the gap with reality. See, you’re the one who saved Mel-kun after all.”

 This is where Iris intervenes.

“The Headmaster’s view is generally the same as Professor Tia’s. She also said that her belief in Haruto as her mother would improve over time to some extent.”

 People’s memories are strange, aren’t they?

“I understand the situation for now, but what do I do with this?”

 Mel-chan clung to me and refused to leave.

“You’re gonna have to take care of her, I guess.”

 Ehh? I could only make a disapproving sound inwardly. Because it was in front of my sister.

“So, Frey, Riza, take care of her as if she were me.”

“Understood my lord. If she’s Haruto-sama’s daughter, she’s our lord as well.”

“I’ve never raised a child before, but I’ll do my best.”

 Did you guys hear what I said? She is not my child, okay? I’m not explaining because it’s too much work.

“That’s why. I’ll find your mother sooner or later, so make yourselves at home here.”

 As I stroked her white hair, she turned her red eyes toward me.

“Um, thank you, Mama.”

 She smiled for the first time. I don’t feel like we are communicating at all.

 Anyway, my plan to stay at school was successfully accomplished. Isn’t this the first time that this kind of plan has succeeded properly?

 Now I’ll spend about two years shut-in at school until I graduate, and then I’ll be able to live comfortably in my paradise, the shut-in house.

 The future is bright.

 My face naturally broke into a smile.

“Nyufu~♪ Ufufufufu♪”

 See, even my little sister is getting excited about my new life.

 Yeah, that’s right.

 Let’s find this mysterious boyfriend and threate—- I mean have a sincere discussion with him.

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