Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 75

Chapter 75: There are only possibilities

However I want, huh?

 I looked at Raymond, who was kneeling, and thought for a moment.

“Do you respect your father?”

“‘Eh? …… Yes, that’s, you know.”

 He was surprised by my question, but there was no doubt that he was proud of his father, and Raymond quickly returned to a straight face and nodded clearly.

“You’ll inherit your father’s title as it is.”

“–! Thank you very much!”

“What I want you to do is to continue to expand your territory.”


 Raymond’s face became puzzled again as he gave me another ‘Eh?’.

 He has the bewildered look of a man who has been tossed around.

“I mean that you should act as a bandit and continue to expand your territory.”

“If I may be so presumptuous, …… why do you suggest such a thing?”

“Are you aware that your kind of approach is unusual?”

“…… Yes.”

 Raymond glanced at the corpse of his companion that he had cut down, and noticing the gaze, he gave a small nod.

“It’s easy to incorporate you guys into the government army or something, but then your territory becomes a void. The newcomers might do the exact opposite.”


“That’s why I’d rather have you. Then you can expand your territory by pushing out those who do things differently. ……?”

“I see.”

 Raymond nodded, huffing.

 It seems that he understands what I’m trying to do.

“We are doing this as a government army, but we are still a bandit organization.”

“Smart, that’s what it is.”

“By your will.”

“And I will give one honorary knighthood a year. You can decide which of your men will receive it.”


 The minions kneeling behind Raymond were buzzing.

 They all looked very happy.

“I’ll supply you with provisions. I won’t say don’t do anything at all, but don’t loot too much.”


“I’ll give you this, too, in case you want to make a direct appeal to me.”

 I gave him a Fuwawa box that I had prepared in advance.

 As the emperor, I tweaked the exterior of the box a bit.

 I used the emperor’s coat of arms and made it a little more luxurious.

“Once it is locked, no one but me can open it. Be careful with it.”

“For giving me such a thing ……, thank you very much!”

 Raymond was so overcome with emotion that he rubbed his head against the ground some more.

 By all accounts, it was a figure of heartfelt admiration for me.


“It’s amazing. Your Majesty.”

 Shirley, who was now alone with me again on the wagon, said in an impressed voice.

 Raymond’s case has been settled, but since we’ve come all this way, we decided to look around a bit more surreptitiously, so we parted ways with Raymond and Sheryl, and drove the cart down the street.

 Shirley, who had watched the whole thing earlier, was extremely impressed.

“Is that so?”

“Yes! Restoring the honor is one thing, but to have it passed down is as good as it gets.”

“It’s a long-cherished wish of most noblemen, the idea of hereditary succession.”

 Aristocrats are not afraid of death (although they can become impatient).

 What they fear is losing their honor and status.

 The nobleman who has built up his position with his own hands, even if only a little, will wish to inherit that position.

 The son of a Prince is usually not a Prince.

 The Emperor is the only one who can inherit the throne.

 To inherit the throne means to be something equivalent to the Emperor.

 I know this very well, having been a Prince.

“I see. That’s why you did it, isn’t it? You are indeed the best, Your Majesty.

” Really, huh”

“He was a clever man, and the way he was acting, he wouldn’t hesitate to give up his life if his majesty ordered it. Your status has risen again, hasn’t it?”[TN: She meant by his stats]

 As my first knight, Shirley was also one of those who knew the details of my “+”.

“Yeah, it went up.”

“I knew it! It’s amazing how your power rises with the …… people you follow, and more and more I believe that you were born to be the Emperor.”

 It may be so, it may not.

 But there is no doubt that I have the aptitude for it.


 We drove the carriage for half a day.

 When the land was dyed by the sunset, we reached a large village.

“There’s a lot of activities going on here.”

“Yeah, some sort of festival?”

 From a distance, it looked like a village, not a city.

 In a city, it would be bustling with activity on a daily basis, but in a village, for better or worse, the daily routine is usually peaceful.

 However, the villagers were moving around quite noisily.

 If it were a village, one would first imagine a harvest festival or something.

“Maybe we’ve come at a good time.”

“It may be.”

 I nodded and entered the village.

 At the entrance, Shirley stopped a villager and asked, 

“Excuse me, do you have an inn here? And if not, is there anywhere else we can stay for the night?”

 The person who stopped him was a middle-aged woman.

 She took one look at us on the carriage.

“Are you a merchant? I don’t have that much to say. But, there’s an inn about half a day’s ride north of here, you can stay there. If you leave now, you’ll be just in time.”

“Haah, …….”

 Shirley was puzzled by what she saw.

 It is quite unusual for a village like this to say they have nowhere to stay.

“There is something–“

 I opened my mouth, but the woman didn’t even listen to me and walked quickly towards the back of the village.

 She seemed to be in a hurry, as if in a dire situation.

“What should we do, Master?”

 Not knowing if there would be anyone else around, Shirley changed the way she called me again so that I would not be recognized.

 At the same time, she seemed to have noticed something as well.

“What do you want?” That woman had that kind of expression on her face when we asked.

“Let’s see what happens.”


 Shirley nodded and composed herself.

 As the carriage continued on, we could vaguely see it in the distance.

 A simple platform had been built in the open space of the village and was set up like an altar.

 On top of the altar, a young girl lay bound hand and foot, gagged and bedraggled.

 The residents of the village are gathered around her.

 One of the residents, an old man with a cane and a trembling gait, stepped forward.

“All of you. Today, at this time. I dedicate Raina to our god Kala.”

 The villagers were silent, listening to the old man’s speech.

“I’ve known Raina since she was a child. She is like a daughter to me. However, she was violated by a stranger. We cannot leave such an unclean body in the village. Therefore, I offer her to the God Kala to purify her soul.”

 The old man said, then turned and faced the altar.

” O God Kala… Please cleanse us of our filth!

“””O God Kala!”””

 After the old man’s words, the villagers shouted in unison.

 I got the gist of it. It’s disgusting.


” I got it.”

 I said to Shirley and jumped out of the carriage.

 The villagers noticed me and tried to stop me, but I ignored them and continued on my way.

“Halt that ritual!”

 I stood in front of the altar, shouting loud enough for all the villagers to hear.

“Who are you?”

 The village headman stared at me, trembling.

” It doesn’t matter who I am. I demand that you stop this ritual right now.”

“You’re a stranger. Stay out of it.”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“What do you know about it!”

“Will you be responsible for the destruction of this village!”

 The villagers are shouting at me.


 The old man told me in a quiet but insistent tone.

“Look at the mountain behind you on the right.”

“The mountain?”

 I turned and looked at the mountain he said was behind me.

 In the sunset, I noticed a peculiar shape.

“It’s missing, isn’t it? That’s the mark of the god Kala, who chewed it up.”

 I understood only after he said that.

 The strange shapes on the mountain seemed to be the marks of a giant creature that had chewed them up.

“That’s why you make offerings to such monsters, so as not to anger them?”

“Oh, ……, how dare you!”

 The old man staggered as if he were dizzy, probably because his belief in this “God Kala” was called a monster.

 But it didn’t matter.

“The act of sacrificing a human being is forbidden by Imperial Law 351, which–“


 Before I could finish, there was a huge sound and the earth shook.

“Here they come!”

“It’s God Kala!”

 The villagers all turned pale at once.

 When I turned my head to follow his gaze, I saw a huge monster behind the altar.

 It was some kind of dragon, but it had two long necks.

 Its eyes seemed to be blazing with fire, giving it a very atmospheric look.

 As it approached the altar, its gaze drifted to the girl lying on the floor.


 I ran up to the altar.

“Stop it!”

 I ran further up the stairs, overcoming the old man’s restraint.

” Anything I can do?”

 I asked as I ran up.

 Leviathan answered most strongly.

“All right, then, you. Leviathan!”

 I pulled out a water demon sword from my bracelet.

 Running up to the altar, I jumped over the trembling girl with her eyes tightly closed and pounced on this God Kala.

 It opened its huge mouth and tried to chomp down on me.

“Too late!”

 I twisted my body to dodge the bite–a flash!

 With a leviathan, I chopped the two heads off.

 Boom …… Booom!

 The head falls off, and the torso falls to the ground without power.


 I burned the body with flames, just to be sure.

 Whether it was cramping or stiffening, I couldn’t tell, but the dragon’s corpse was engulfed in flames and rapidly becoming charred.

 I put Leviathan away and returned to the altar.

 And then I helped the still shivering girl up.

“It’s all right now.”

“…… Eh.”

 The girl still didn’t know what had happened.

 But when she saw the corpse of the god Kala in flames, she was so surprised that her eyes widened to the point that her nape of the neck split open.

 I picked the girl up and walked down the altar with her.

 The villagers, including the old man, were puzzled.

“We’ll be taking this girl.”


 At night, in the girl’s house.

 There were three of us, me, Shirley, and the girl.

 I sat down and listened to the girl’s story while drinking the tea that was served.

 The first half of the story was a common one.

 There was a monster near the village, and it was revered as a local deity.

 The second half was a disgusting story.

 A young girl is “defiled” by a violent attack by an outsider, and she offers it to the “God” to be cleansed.

“I see, now I understand the story.”

“Thank you for helping me, …….but”

“You mean you can’t stay in the village anymore?”

 This kind of thing is familiar, it’s all too common.

 I can understand the girl’s concern.

“Come with me, I’ll give you a job.”

“Are you sure? I’m defiled.”

“I don’t care about that.”

 Being violated doesn’t change anything.

“Thank you very much, I’ll do anything and work very hard.”


 For now, let’s spend the night here and leave the village in the morning.

 We can reveal our true identities in the morning.

 Shirley spoke to me.

“Have your abilities grown, Master?”

“No, not yet. But that’s enough for now.”

 I moistened my lips with an almost tasteless cup of dry tea and continued.

“People are treasure and possibilities.”

“I see.”

“As long as you’re alive, there’s nothing but possibilities.”

“……, it is indeed!”

 Shirley was puzzled for a moment, by the way, I said there was nothing but possibilities, but soon her eyes lit up with emotion.

“Well, tomorrow…”

 As I said this, I reached for my tea out of habit.

 Even though I knew it wouldn’t taste good, I reached for it out of habit, and – to my surprise…

 Just before I did, the teacup was quickly replaced.

 The tea had been lukewarm earlier and was getting cold, but the girl quickly replaced it with a hot one.

 I picked it up and looked at her.

“Ah, you don’t like it hot?”

“…… it’s fine.”

 I chuckled.

 Apparently, the girl has a talent for hospitality – the kind that makes you comfortable.

 While still smiling I turned to Shirley.

“See, it already is.”

“Yes! That’s my master!”

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