Episode 71: Birds Flying in the Sky

The Magic Swordsman Competition has come to an end.

 The finals of the main competition.

 Unlike the previous Lucas Frost matches, Rebecca-senpai was not defeated by a mere swing of the sword.

 But even so …… Rebecca-senpai could not win.

 I knew about it. Senpaid possesses the magic eye of future prediction. It was easy to understand this from the battles so far.

I had experiences fighting many times with magic eye holders, and of course, I had also fought with a sorcerer who had a magic eye of future prediction. So Rebecca-senpai’s was of a very high standard, but …… Lucas Frost was still better than her.

 The swordsmanship he showed at the end.

 I saw it and remembered it clearly. The signs were there, to begin with. There was a possibility I had in my mind.

But that technique was …… to be able to use that secret sword, it must be so.

“You are …… the Ice Blade Magician of this generation, aren’t you?”


 After the finals of the main tournament were over, I was alone cleaning the waiting room when Lucas Frost appeared.

 I had a hunch. I was sure he would come to me.

“To my surprise, I didn’t expect that the Sorcerer of the Absolute Sword has been inherited as well.”

 I told.

Without any hesitation, I told him.

That’s right. Lucas Frost is one of the seven great sorcerers, the sorcerer of the Absolute Sword.

Although he has the title of the Sorcerer, it is nothing more than a decoration. His essence is simply his overwhelming swordsmanship. Among them, the Absolute Sword Sorcerer possesses about ten special sword techniques called secret swords.

The Absolute Sword Sorcerer has never appeared on the stage, and the only sorcerers who know of him are probably the top-ranking sorcerers.

And I’ve met a previous Absolute Sword, but he was a man who didn’t like to be involved in the public eye. He was a man in his fifties, and like him, he had long black hair tied back.

 I had also seen some of his secret swords, and they were definitely the same ones that Lucas Frost had used in the final of this main competition.

He was grinning fearlessly and leaking a slight killing intent.

“Do you still recognize it?”

“Yeah. Looking at the secret sword, there’s no way I wouldn’t notice it.” 

“Fufu…… as expected. I knew you would recognize it.”

“Why did you enter the tournament? If you’re the sorcerer with the ultimate sword, you have no business being in the Magic Chevalier.”

“I wanted to show you.”

“What do you mean?”

His beautiful feature, which is not like a man’s face, suddenly loses their expression.

Then, he tells me coldly.

“I wanted to fight the Ice Blade.”


“I want to show that the strongest sorcerer is the Absolute sword.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes. That’s all. That’s why I won in this year’s Magic Chevalier.”

“You want me to compete next year?”

“That’s right. But please make sure that you heal ……..your Sorcery Domain outburst. “


“Otherwise, it won’t be possible to fight seriously.”

The Absolute sword said what he wanted to say and then turned back. 

“Well, see you next year. I’ll be waiting for you at this Magic Chevalier.”

I stared at him as he left.

The sorcerer of the Ultimate Sword.

They are also known as the most powerful in melee.

However, even so,……, the Ice Blade is the strongest sorcerer.

Master’s accomplishments are indisputable. That’s why I thought.

In order not to let the master’s achievement go to waste, I will not give up my position as the strongest.

“Next year…….”

 I muttered in a whisper.

Next year, I don’t know what will happen to my sorcery realm outburst. I don’t know that either. But hopefully,…… I also want to fight like everyone else in the Magic Chevalier.

That’s what I wished —


 The next day, the closing ceremony was held.

 We watched Amelia receive her award there. It seems that even with magic treatment, she was unable to fully heal, and although she had bandages everywhere,……, Amelia’s face was bright and cheerful.

 The winners, runners-up, and third-place finishers were then presented with their awards.

Incidentally, Albert was unable to fight due to injuries sustained in the fight with Ariane and was officially declared a forfeit.

He was actually trapped by the Shinigami, but …… that matter had already been resolved.

 Abby called me into the same room as before last night and told me what had happened. By the way, Carol and Master were not there for some reason. According to her, they were reflecting on the situation or something.

“Ray, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call you out again so suddenly.”

“Abby-san, you calling yourself …… does that mean you’re done with it?”

“Yes. Things have been taken care of. I’m sorry to have bothered you, too.”

“No, that’s all right, but the students who were …… taken prisoner were ……”

“Everyone’s fine. They didn’t want to kill anyone, they just wanted to kidnap. Not a single student was harmed.”

“I see. That’s a relief.”

“For once, Carol’s abilities came in handy.”

“Did she use her dominion?”

“Yes. After all, she is still the best sorceress in the world.”

“Yes, that’s true. I admit that.”

“Well, a summer vacation date? Do your best.”

“…… that was a deal with the devil, but I’m a man of my word.”

“Lydia was worried about various things,……, but Ray is also at that age. You should take the responsibility for yourself. When it comes to you, she forgets herself. Yesterday, I had to lecture the two of them for running wild.”

“Ha-ha-ha …… I see.”

 Apparently, Master and Carol were stiffed by Abby-san. After that, I heard the details of the reaper case, the cleanup, and other thinly veiled talks, and that was it.

 Then, as I was leaving the room, Abby-san gently asked me a question.

“Ray, did you enjoy the Magic Chevalier?”

“Yes. It was a great memory. I hope to enjoy it again next year with everyone.”

“I see. Compared to the past, you have changed.”

 The smile on Abby’s face was genuine.

“Is that so?”

“Oh. Ray has always been like that, but he has become a kinder, gentler person.”

“…… I’m sure that’s because of what my friends have taught me. And I am sure I will continue to go on with everyone.”

“Yeah,……, that’s right. From now on, enjoy your life at the Academy. Although it may be a favoritism to my people, if you have any problems, please feel free to tell me. I will help you.”

“Thank you very much.”

 With that, I bowed and left.

 That’s all for last night, and now we are all in the middle of watching the closing ceremony.

 Next to Amelia was an even more battered Ariane. She was supposed to have difficulty attending the closing ceremony but had come out here with Amelia’s help. Both of them were bandaged and looked painful from the side.

 But I didn’t think so.

They were just on the stage, laughing together. I don’t know what they were talking about, but I could tell that their smiles were sincere.

“Congratulations, Amelia!!:

“Amelia-chan! Congratulations!”

“Congratulations, Amelia!”


Everyone in the cheerleading squad congratulated her.

Perhaps she noticed us, but Amelia smiled and waved at us.

After the awards for the rookie competition were over, it was on to the awards for the main competition. The awards were handed out starting with the third-place finisher, and next, it was Rebecca-senpai’s turn.

 Even though she lost to Lucas Frost, she fought hard until the end. Her wounds were apparently shallow, so she came out to the closing ceremony as she was. Rebecca-senpai was not radiant, but she was standing there with a resolute look.


On the other hand, Lucas Frost, the sorcerer with the Ultimate Sword, just stood there with a blank expression on his face. He was receiving his award as he was, not showing even a trace of a smile.

 Finally, Abby’s words brought the competition to a close.

“The Magic Chevalier has successfully completed. The winner of the rookie tournament was Amelia Rose. The winner of the main competition was Lucas Frost. Congratulations to both of them. It was a great battle for both of them. But the rest of the matches were also excellent. I was very impressed with the high level of competition, although you are a student. And thank you to everyone who participated in this Magic Chevalier, to the management, and to the spectators. It was another great competition, and I am very happy to have been a part of it. So, see you next year. I look forward to seeing you here.”

 And with that, the Magic Chevalier came to an end.

Leading up to and during the competition, I had accomplished a lot and gained …… something important.

I decided to enjoy the competition …… with my friends and continue on …… with Amelia. Touching her heart, …… I was able to accept my weaknesses.

 People cannot live alone.

Therefore, we live by supporting each other.

Until now and in the future, I will continue to move forward together with those I hold dear…

 A bird in a cage.

 That would be the most appropriate way to describe Amelia Rose.

I know that more than anyone else.

Never leaving the cage, having wings torn off and just lying on the ground.

 But I …… was able to fly away from that cage.

It was because everyone was there.

 And …… Ray touched my heart.

He taught me the meaning of life, the meaning of finding it for myself.

 So I, Amelia-Rose, am no longer a caged bird. Instead of being in the aristocratic cage, I will live with …… everyone in the sky, in the frame of this world.

 As such, I am now writing a diary. It is something I started to record who I am from now on, and who I have been.

 Right now, I’m writing about what happened after the competition was over.

{Congratulations, Amelia(chan), on your victory!}

 A victory celebration.

So I was celebrating with everyone at a restaurant in the city. Everyone in Amelia’s cheerleading squad was celebrating with crackers in their hands. Ray told me that it was a private party today and that the president of the Environmental Research Department had arranged it.

“Come on, Amelia! Let’s eat a lot!”

“Uh uh! It was amazing, Amelia-chan!”

“Yeah! Amelia’s got great muscles, too!”

“I don’t think …… muscles have anything to do with it, but ……. thank you, guys.”

I smiled brightly.

It’s not a fake smile like the ones I have worn in the past. 

 I knew from my talk with Ray that everyone …… knew. They knew that I was faking it. But they didn’t say anything, and now they are just celebrating with me.

 I am really, really grateful.

 And when I think of that, my tears start to flow. Oh my God, I really have been crying a lot lately. But this time, they were tears of joy.

“U……guys…… everyone t…… thank you…….”

 As I was crying with emotion, Ray, who is sitting next to me, hands me a handkerchief.

“Amelia. Use it.”

“Yeah…… ugu…… thanks…….”

 Ray talks to me as usual. But I was somewhat …… embarrassed. He’s the same as always, but I still feel kind of …… strange. It’s strange, but that’s all I can say right now. What in the world is this?

“Amelia-chan, that was amazing!”

Elisa said with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Uhm! Thanks!”

From there I told everyone about various things. My fight in the finals, how important it was to fight Ariane, and how happy I was to beat her.

 I was able to tell them all of that …… and everything about myself.

 I even apologized to everyone. For things, I couldn’t trust until now. But they laughed and accepted it.

I really thought …… that I had found such wonderful friends.

“Amelia. There you are.”

“Ray …….”

Everyone was in the restaurant now, and it was a blast.

For some reason, Clarice was drunk halfway through the night. Next was Elisa, Evi, and then the Environmental Research Department, who for some reason also started to drink, so all hell broke loose. When Elisa said it was hot and started taking off her clothes, I inwardly thought,  Yes! But there were men in the room, so I protected her to death.

Those boobs are mine! I won’t let anyone have them!

By the way, there was some talk about having a sleepover during the summer vacation. We’ll definitely take a bath together then, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Guehehe …….

 And that’s enough digression.

Now I was sort of …… outside to cool off. There was just a balcony on the second floor of the restaurant, so I was there, enjoying the cool breeze. Just then Ray came in.

“Amelia, once again, congratulations on your victory.”

“Uh-huh. Thank you.”

There was silence for a while.

 But I didn’t mind it.

I was able to calm down just by being with Ray.

But when I think about that time,…… I feel so embarrassed,…… or I think about it now,…… it was like a confession,…… or…………….. Even …… skipping over that, was more like a word of engagement  …….

No, I understand. I know, of course, that those were just words of friendship. Neither Ray nor I felt that way. We just promised that we would move forward together from now on.

 But when I look at Ray’s face after that, I wonder if it’s just my imagination. …… No, I’m sure it’s …… just my imagination! Yeah!

 So I talked to him very calmly, yes, as if I was talking to a friend. I’ll talk to him like I’m talking to a friend. Calmly, calmly.

My body must be feeling warm because I was with everyone.

“Ah, by the way, did …… Ray knows about my abilities?”

“No, I didn’t know precisely. However, during that training, I thought …… you had a tremendous amount of talent …… and unique sorcery lying dormant.”

“I see,……, but still. That talent may be innate. But it’s also the result of my hard work,……?”

“Of course it is. Unique sorcery is not a domain that can be arrived at without any effort. It’s the proof that Amelia has been working hard all this time.  So, congratulations. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Thank you, Ray. Thank you so, so much. ……”

 Without Ray, I would have been a caged bird all my life.

 But because of him, I was able to become who I am.

 I’m so grateful to Ray.

“Hey, Ray.”

“What’s up?”

Naturally, I held his hand gently. There were no further words needed, and he accepted them.

We feel each other’s body warmth, confirming that we are both alive here …… and I bask in a brief moment of happiness.

“Well, you know…”

“What is it?”

“It’s summer vacation, do you want to come to my house?”

“Amelia’s parents’ house?”

“Uhm,……, you know. I told mother about Ray. Ah, I didn’t tell her you being the Ice Blade, okay? But I told her that …… I made a good friend and she told me to bring him along,…… so, you know, I’d be happy if you came too.”

“Of course. Summer vacation is also still free. Please let me visit your place.”


 I am not alone anymore.

I thought so again.

Looking at the sky, the brightest star was shining.

I wished to live a shining life …… like this star, under this world.




“Oi! Amelia! Come on!”

“Uh! Wait a minute!”

 I wanted to write more, but I think this is enough.

At that moment, a breeze comes in through the window.

It flutters through the pages and the …… diary closes.

 And there was a picture of a large bird flapping its wings in the sky.

I decided to buy this diary because of its design.

 I am no longer a bird in a cage.

Because I know that I am a bird that takes off into the sky.

 I look up at the sky through the window.

It is a beautiful, clear, summery sky. The cicadas’ chirping and the simmering heat are all part of this summer.

Until now, I had always hated summer. And I hated myself. I hated it.

 But now I love summer and myself. I love everyone.

“Amelia! Let’s go!”

 I hear Ray’s voice.

We all promised to go to the city to hang out today. Since everyone would be going back to their parents’ houses in a few days, it seemed like a good time to go.

“Wait! I’m coming!”

With that, I headed toward where everyone was waiting.

 At that moment, I heard birds chirping.

 I turned around and saw a bird soaring in the sky through the window  …….

I am sure that I, …… will be like that bird, flying into this great sky from now on.

The bird in the cage gained wings to flap freely and fly high, soaring endlessly through the sky…


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