Episode 72: Chapter 2 Characters and Other Settings

This is the setting material for Chapter Two. It is just a summary of information from the main story, so it is not mandatory to read it. If you want to move on to the extra chapter right away, no problem, just go ……! Thank you very much.

◇ Chapter 2: New Characters

  • Carol Caroline (female)

Age: 29 years old.

Appearance: Flashy pink hair. It is curled neatly and smoothly vertically. She has a mole under her right eye. Her height is 163 cm.

Profile: She was active in the Royal Arnold Military, in the Operations Command in support of the Operational Mobility Unit. Now retired, she works as a researcher. However, since she had some free time, Abby asked her to be a teacher at the academy. She is an old acquaintance of Ray’s but appears to be seriously trying to approach him as she is surprisingly concerned that he doesn’t like her. She is one of the seven great sorcerers, also known as the ” Sorceress of illusion”. Her essence is ‘domination’. Her sorcery name is “Domination”. Although she is one of the best sorcerers in the world, she is not respected by other sorcerers and the sorcery society because of her difficult personality. Currently, she is looking forward to her date with Ray. She and Lydia are surprisingly close, though one would expect them to be on bad terms. By the way, she is not very fond of Abby.

  • Clarice Cleveland (female)

Age: 15. She is a first-year student.

Appearance: Twin-tailed blonde hair. She has an extraordinary obsession with her twin tails. Her height is 154 cm and her body is not so big. Although she pretends not to care, it is a secret that she tries to improve it through gymnastics and other means.

Profile: The eldest daughter of an upper-class aristocrat, the Cleveland family. A girl who loves twin tails and is loved by them. She has never had any friends and has been alone most of her life, but when she meets Ray and the others, she makes her first friend. Although she is usually stubborn, she is a kind girl at heart. Her dream is to become a hunter. She is currently struggling with various problems, but she is thinking of asking Ray for advice. She hopes to have a lot of fun with everyone during the summer vacation.

  • Ariane Olgren (Female)

Age: 15 years old. First-year student.

Appearance: Platinum hair with vertical rolls. She is tall at 175cm. She has excellent proportions, but they are acquired rather than innate. She actually loves junk food, but she restrains herself from eating it ……. She looks forward to her cheat days.

Profile: The eldest daughter of the Orgren family, one of the three great noble families. She has known Amelia since childhood but felt that she had left her behind as she was moving away from her. From that point on, she has worked hard to be a role model for Amelia and to become a noble who is proud of herself. Although she was the runner-up in the rookie competition, she congratulates Amelia on her victory. Recently, she has been concerned about Ray, the man who changed Albert and Amelia. She thinks he is not an ordinary person, including his cross-dressing. ……

  • Tiana Algren (female)

Age: 8 years old

Appearance: She has platinum vertical rolls and a hairstyle that mimics Arianne’s. She is 125 cm tall. Likes frilly clothes these days.

Profile: Ariane’s younger sister and the second daughter of the Algren family. She has recently become quite active and often goes out alone. Although the people at home are worried about her, she goes to many places calling it an adventure. Recently, she has taken a liking to Lily and hopes to see her again someday. She also has a good talent for sorcery. It is said that in the future she will become a magician comparable to Ariane.

  • Maria Bradley (female)

Age: 14 years old.

Appearance: She is taller than her older sister Rebecca at 172 cm. Her hair is semi-long, falling forward. Her bangs are cut at an angle, leaving only one eye visible. There are a large number of piercings on her ears. They extend not only to her earlobes but also to her cartilage. The piercings are apparently a hobby of hers, but she seems to be the object of a lot of animosities at her parents’ house.

Profile: Rebecca Bradley’s younger sister. She has bright red eyes and pure white hair and skin. She has congenital leukoderma, which is said to be a result of sorcery. She doesn’t have any health problems, except that tanning is strictly forbidden. At this point, her relationship with Rebecca is not that good, but she has actually come to all of Rebecca’s matches at the Magic Chevalier to cheer her on. She fell in love at first sight with Lily, whom she met at the Magic Chevalier, and came to adore her as an older sister. She had originally planned to go to another academy next year, but she is absolutely determined to enroll at Arnold Academy of Magic.

  • Rex Hale (Male)

Age: 18 years old. Fourth-year student

Appearance: He has cropped black hair. He is 195 cm tall and muscular. His physique is the best on campus.

Profile: He is the head of the Environmental Research Department. However, he is actually a member of a family that is in charge of the kingdom’s intelligence agency. Until now, he has been supporting Ray from the shadows. However, even if he wasn’t the Ice Blades, he wanted to do well as his senpai. But it is still a mystery how he is able to procure all kinds of supplies so quickly.

  • Lucas Frost (male)

Age: 16 years old. Second-year student.

Appearance: Long black hair pulled back in one bun. Height: 165 cm. He has a neutral face and was overwhelmingly popular with women at the Magic Chevalier.

Profile: A second-year student at the Melcross Magic Academy. He won the main competition of the Magic Swordsman Tournament in his first appearance, thanks to his overwhelming swordsmanship. He is also the “Absolute Sword,” one of the seven great sorcerers of this generation. He came to the competition this year to show off his abilities, hoping to fight against Ice Blade. He possesses ten secret swords, and currently only the eighth secret sword, ” Lingering Darkness,” is revealed publicly, but no one knows its true meaning.

◇ Chapter 2: About Sorcery

  • Unique Sorcery

The term “unique sorcery” refers to the sorcery that can be used only by specific sorcerers, rather than general-purpose sorcery. It is classified into four types: wide-area interference, physical interference, conceptual interference, and mental interference.

Wide-area interference and physical interference unique sorcery can also be classified into two systems of seven types of sorcery, basically the same as ordinary sorcery.

→Two systems: internal code, and external code

Seven types: high-speed sorcery, remote sorcery, chain sorcery, delayed sorcery, material change, large-scale sorcery, large-scale chain sorcery

On the other hand, conceptual interference and mental interference are completely different kinds of sorcery, and since few sorcerers possess them, they are classified as unique sorcery.

  • Materia Field

The area covered with Prima Materia exists in humans. A thin membrane covers the human being. Although ordinary people also have this, the quality area tends to be dense (thick) for sorcerers. The higher the rank of the sorcerer, the thicker it becomes. Because of the presence of this Material Field, it is more difficult than usual to invoke sorcery on a human being.

→Examples of the Materia Field

It is theoretically possible for Ray also to use the anti-materia code to target humans and reduce their very existence (since humans are also composed of Prima Materia). However, it is practically impossible because of interference by the Materia Field.

Also, if Amelia’s Causality Butterfly is to be incorporated into the process by targeting sorcerers, the difficulty of code construction jumps even higher, since it requires intervention by the materia field. It is perhaps the highest and most complex code of sorcery that exists in this world.

Therefore, the pressure on the sorcery realm is extraordinary for a Causality Butterfly that incorporates a sorcerer as its target, and it quickly leads to a sorcery realm outburst.

  • Summary of Causality Butterflies

A unique sorcery of the concept interference system that manipulates the law of cause and effect mainly through the actions of the butterfly it creates. It intervenes in the law of causality, in other words, the very concept of causality that exists in this world. It is possible to intervene in the causal relationships that were originally supposed to exist in this world, to cause them to break down, and even to overwrite them by connecting them to other causal relationships. It is overwhelmingly strong against physical interference magic. Its effectiveness depends greatly on Amelia’s condition. Currently, it can only interfere with the law of cause and effect, which produces results from causes, but the causal reversal is theoretically possible. Originally, the causality butterfly is a unique sorcery that manipulates all causality laws. However, this is impossible for the current Amelia.

The activation process must follow the four processes of the Four Causes Theory.

Mass cause is the material of causality. This causal law produces butterflies, which are the main source of butterflies.

Form Cause is the blueprint. This is the process of incorporating the mental image of the causal law to be activated.

Action cause is the action (cause) to manipulate the causal law. It is the butterfly’s action (flapping its wings, moving, blowing up).

Objective cause is the causal law itself that is to be triggered. These three processes are followed, and finally, the “result” is established in the world.

To incorporate these four processes into the code, the sorcery domain is quite compressed. It is a unique sorcery that can only be realized with a sorcery capacity like Amelia’s.

  • Details of the Causality Butterfly

Butterfly of Causality is powerful because it is a concept interference type of unique sorcery that can manipulate the law of causality, but its fuel consumption is extremely bad. It lasts just barely five minutes. Including intervention in the realm of materia targeting sorcerers, the activation time becomes even shorter. If the causal butterfly is overused, the sorcery realm will run out of control and cause self-destruction. This is because the process of the Four Cause Theory is complicated.

Causality Butterfly is a sorcery that interferes with concepts, but since it is only a sorcery that uses the Prima Materia, it can be nullified if it is Ray’s anti-material code. If Amelia were to face Ray’s absolute Materia field, it would not be possible to specify to him the causal code to be activated.

As for attacks, the causality butterfly must always go through the butterfly, and the attack itself is limited to small-scale attacks such as explosions. Therefore, it is impossible to make powerful sorcery a must-hit. This is because there is not enough capacity for other sorcery. However, when it comes to defense, it is possible to make any attack result in “no hit”. It is almost invincible. In terms of combat, it is a unique sorcery that shows its true potential in defense.

  • The Anti Materia Field.

This is a unique sorcery used by Ray White. It is an area centered on oneself, within a radius of five meters, where unspecified substances or phenomena are stopped by deceleration and fixation, and then rendered ineffective by reduction.

It is a dual domain, divided into a perceptual domain and a nullification domain.

The perceptual realm can expand to a radius of up to 50 meters. There is no need for the person to perceive the opponent’s sorcery or physical attacks, and everything is handled automatically. Therefore, there are no blind spots. Even if a surprise attack is made from the darkness, everything is nullified. What is different from normal reduction is that reduction requires the specification of coordinates and the activation of the anti-materia code, which can be used for topical sorcery, but does not cover everything. Therefore, it is sorcery created to compensate for this in this area.

The processes of deceleration, fixation, and reduction are combined into a single code theory, which is held in the brain as a mental model, and the burden is reasonable for the constant activation of sorcery.

  • Demonification(Ogre)

This is a unique sorcery that concentrates the Prima Materia around the body and the material areas covering the limbs to significantly enhance physical abilities. Since it is completely specialized for physical use, its destructive power is outstanding. However, the defenses other than the limbs are weakened, so it is important to be on guard.

  • Ogre (Demonification): Shintira (Raiden)

Converts the Prima Materia covered all over the body into electricity. The internal code raises the body’s physical capabilities, and from there the external code envelopes the entire body like an aura. The aura can be given attributes. Currently, Ariane can only activate Raiden.

  • The Eighth Secret Sword: Lingering Darkness

One of the secret swords owned by the Absolute Sword Sorcerer. Details are unknown at this time.

  • Magic Eye

The magic eye is an unusual ability caused by a sorcery factor. It is something that is fixed in the eyes. It is said that it is almost impossible to acquire it after birth. There are many types of magic eyes, but not all of them are complete, and some are still considered a mystery. Rebecca’s eye for predicting the future is not only possessed by a few people, but it is also difficult to control, and in the past, some people wore eye patches for the rest of their lives. However, as people’s aptitude for sorcery increases with each passing generation, Rebecca gained complete control of her magic eye when she was in her teenage years.

TN: With this chapter 2 is officially officially over. Now on to the character 3.

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