Episode 70: The End

[AN] Third person’s POV


At last, the final round of the Magic Chevalier of the main competition has arrived. The hype was even higher than the final of the rookie competition, and there were already quite a few people standing in line to see the final.

Above all, Lucas Frost was in the finals of the main competition.

He has been the dark horse of this tournament and has won all of his matches with only one swing of his sword until now.



 The two faced each other in silence.

Everyone agreed that Lucas Frost was a quiet man. Even amid so much media coverage, he simply spoke little. He never exchanged a word with other competitors, even before the match.

As usual, his long black hair is pulled back in a knot, and he is touching the sword at his waist. The sword is what is known as a “tachi,” or broadsword, and it is quite long, with a blade over a hundred centimeters long. It is also unusually long, even for Lucas’s small body for a man.

 Rebecca stares at him.

But as she observes him, Lucas also looks into Rebecca’s beautiful eyes.

“…… Rebecca Bradley. I’ve been looking forward to fighting with you.”

“That goes for me as well.”

“……I’m sure you’ll entertain me.”


 After saying this, Lucas reaches for the hilt of the sword at his waist.

 He is already fully prepared for battle.

Rebecca was a little taken aback that he was talking to her like this, but she too turned her attention to the match.

“Then …………. let the match begin!”

 Abby announced so, and the final match of the Magic Chevalier began.

A moment later, Lucas’s beautiful black hair looms in front of her. And a dazzling flash of light is reflected in Rebecca’s eyes as she gazes into the shiny black hair.

” …….let’s begin.”

 Lucas was the one who muttered that. He flicked his blood-stained sword and scattered it on the ground.

 Rebecca, on the other hand, was holding her right shoulder with her left hand while falling backward.

 A red mark was spreading from her right shoulder, which had been cut shallowly.

“Haa……a……a……a……a……a……a…. …hah……”

─ ─ I avoided it. I was able to avoid it but …….

 This overwhelming swordsmanship. Seeing it from the side and actually being attacked by it were as different as the heavens and the earth.

 Even so, Rebecca avoided it.

Her eyes had turned gold. And around her eyes, there were remnants of the golden Prima Materia fluttering about.

“I see you had …… Magic eye.”

 Lucas muttered in a whisper.

That’s right.

Rebecca had acquired a unique ability amongst sorcerers. In particular, she possesses what is called a magic eye.

A magic eye is a unique ability that is caused by magical forces. It is something that is fixed in her eyes.

It is said that it is almost impossible to acquire it later. The inherited magical eye is a characteristic of the Bradley family.

 The Bradley family is famous for its family lineage with a magic eye. However, having a magic eye does not necessarily mean that it can be used effectively in battle. Some sorcerers have even been engulfed by the mighty power of the magical eye.

 Rebecca is one of them, who, in her teens, has maximized the ability of the magic eye and brought it under her complete control. That is the true nature of Rebecca, the champion of last year’s Magic Chevalier.

─ ─ If it wasn’t for the magic eye, for this future-predicting eye, …… there would have been absolutely no way to avoid it. …… Besides, it’s scary …… that I can barely keep up with him even with my future-predicting eye. …… I can’t believe that even this magic eye can’t capture it perfectly. ……

Rebecca’s true potential.

It’s a battle using the magic eye. The future-predicting eye is literally a magic eye that sees into the future.

 Depending on the conditions, she can see two to five seconds into the future. Therefore, Rebecca, who is a balanced type, can fight even at a very close range.


 After swinging his sword, Lucas returns it to its scabbard.

 And then he step backs deeply and looks at Rebecca’s figure again.

─ ─ What, what is he thinking?

 As Rebecca ponders this, Lucas mutters something to himself.

 It may have been a soliloquy, but it certainly reached Rebecca’s ears.

“If it’s you, I think you can afford this.”


─ ─ There’s no doubt he’s trying to play some trump card …….

 Of course, Rebecca’s magic eyes can read through even that. The future prediction eye is Rebecca’s trump card and absolute ability. So I was sure that she would be able to …… dodge the next one as well.

” …… I see it.”

 The future that she could see.

To respond to this, Rebecca creates ice walls one after another. It is to defend against the attack of the opponent. As long as he doesn’t get into super close range, she can still fight.

However, Rebecca’s idea was shattered.



 That’s impossible. It can’t be. How could the future as seen by my vision be changed?

According to her vision of the future, Lucas could not be there. But now he was behind her. Rebecca turned around quickly, and from there, she set her future vision to its maximum output, but …….

 The last thing she heard was Lucas’s faint voice.

“─ ─ Eighth Secret Sword, Lingering Darkness.”

Blade Draw.

Without hesitation, Lucas drew his sword.

 The future that Rebecca saw was a dazzling light and a jet-black darkness.


When the two appeared in her vision at the same time, Rebecca was floating in the air. Then, the rose that had been fixed to her chest was neatly severed in half.

 It was as if time had stopped.

The audience, the commentary, and the audience were all mesmerized.

By his overwhelming swordsmanship.

” ……. Thank you very much.”

 After slowly returning the drawn sword to its sheath, Lucas bowed and turned …… on his heel.

 At the same time, the hall was filled with explosive volume.

“I-It’s settled! It happened in an instant! The winner of the main tournament of the Magic Chevalier is …… Lucas Frost! The dark horse of the tournament has finally won the tournamentt!”

As soon as the commentator said this, the hall was filled with applause and cheering.

 Rebecca just sat there stunned, staring at the rose that had been cut open with an expression of …… disbelief.

 Lucas, on the other hand, leaves the venue with his usual expressionless face.

 But some of those who were watching this match noticed.

The true identity of the sorcerer who wielded the mysterious sword …….

“Ladies and gentlemen! A big, big round of applause!”

The winner of the rookie tournament was Amelia, who had acquired the unique sorcery of the conceptual interference type.

 The winner of the main tournament was Lucas Frost, who boasted overwhelming strength until the very end.

Lucas Frost was an unprecedented winner, using only the internal code and swordsmanship, without using any sorcery of any kind.

 In this way, this year’s Magic Chevalier ended on a high note.

 That’s right. On the surface…

“Well, then. It’s about time~☆ Ahhhh. This tournament is over.”

“This stupid pinky is really noisy. I’m really surprised she got hired as a teacher at the academy, Abby.”

“Oh, God! Lydia-chan always says things like that to Caro-Caro☆ But the truth is that she really loves Caro-Caro☆ You tsundere!”

“Abby, can I kill this stupid pinky ……?”

“Hold it, Lydia. It’s not the time for this.”

“Well, yeah. ……”

 Abby Garnett.

 Carol Caroline.

 Lydia Ainsworth.

So why are these three together?

The three of them had now come to the lowest level, the third basement floor, which is further underground where Ray had just had a battle.

And since Kara has other matters to deal with, Abby is pushing the wheelchair for her right now.


“Even so, it’s been a long time~☆ Since the three of us got together! I’m so happy~ fufufufu☆”

“Carol. Shut up for a minute. It’s about time.”

When Abby said that, Carol replied with a grin.


They arrived at their destination. And there was only a dim light on, and the rest of the place was used as a storeroom.

But …… their target has already been confirmed to be here.

“Carol, it’s time.”


 Carol snaps her fingers, and a masked person appears at her side.

“Everyone here?”

“Yes. Over here …….”

When the man got down on his knees and spoke this way, a shock was felt all at once in this place. The sorcerers lurking in the shadows are so shaken that they are exposed.

“What ……?”

“W-Why is the …………. boss …………!?”

“W-What’s going on……?”

“..I-I don’t understand …….”

Emerging from the shadows were four more masked figures. They were wearing large robes and each had a different pattern on their masks. But the reason why they are in such a hurry …… is because the being also known as the boss suddenly headed towards Carol.

Originally, the plan was to take out the seven great sorcerers here or flee immediately. The combat preparations were already complete. Even the preparations they have made for this place are perfect. The barrier with delay magic had also been constructed.

But something unexpected happened, and the Reapers were shaken.

“Fumu fumu. It’s just as you said~☆ Well done!”

“Yes. Thank you for the grace.”

“All right. Let’s do the rest together! Capi☆”

 Carol’s eyes fixed on the four of them.

Her tone and behavior seemed to be still a joke. However, her eyes are like the darkness that reflects no light at all, and she just stares right through them.

“……Carol is useful after all. Lydia, can you manage it?”

“Who are you talking to? It’s already done.”

“Fu. I didn’t need to expand my realm, huh.”

“I told you so. Abby didn’t have to come.”

“Well, I am, anyway. Well, Carol. Are you ready?”

“Yes, yess☆”

Sensing the unusual atmosphere, the four masked individuals were already in the position to flee. Originally, they had planned to follow the boss and bring back the students they had secured here, mixed in with the end of the tournament.

 However, the boss’s presence can only be seen as a betrayal.

 Also, the reapers here knew. No matter how hard they tried, there was no way they could win …… against these three. They had information. They had prepared. Even their magic was well understood,…….that was what they thought.

However, their true strength was not known until they were …… face to face with them. A sensation of intimidation on the skin. All three of them have already entered their battle stance, and the density of the Prima Materia overflowing was quite high.

That’s why it’s an escape strategy.

They are professional in combat, but they were also good at the art of escape,……, but they were all stuck in place.



“What the hell is this…!”

“C-can’t move!

“No way, this is ……!”

 Lydia Ainsworth.

She has indeed retired from “Ice Blade Magician,” but it does not mean that she cannot use sorcery. In fact, she can still use “deceleration” and “immobilization,” the essence of her sorcery, so it was easy for her to immobilize her opponents in place.


Even if it is against a group of world-famous sorcerers called Shinigami.

Lydia, who was the world’s most powerful Ice Blade magician, still has abilities that are as close to her active days.

“Lydia-chan, did you really retire~? That’s an amazing feat~☆”

“Well, compared to the heyday ……, it’s not as good. But for small fry like these, it’s no big deal.”

“Fufufu, maybee~☆ Now then. Everyone, show Caro Caro what’s inside,……,.”

Unable to move, the four were unable to let go of consciousness, nor could they harm themselves, and allowed Carol to approach, but at the …… moment, a dagger was fired from behind at Carol’s neck.

But it went right through her and into the ground. 

“Ah ha~☆ There you aree~☆”

Carol smiled. At the same time, the sorcerer who shot the dagger was immobilized and could no longer …… move.

“Now then. That’s everybody〜☆ It’s over so quickly!:

“Well,……, if this idiot Pinky would change her words and behavior, she would probably attract many admirers”

“Don’t say that, Lydia-chan. I’m the only one who can handle this ability.  That’s the reason behind the academy’s invitation.”

“Ray wouldn’t like it, though. ……”

“Well, even with that, Carol is the best sorcerer in the world. It would be the world’s loss if it weren’t used.”

“That’s true, but …… can’t you do something about this crazy behavior?”

“Give it up. We have known one another for a long time.”

“That’s true, too. ……”

“EE! You two are tsundere-san~☆”


The reapers were simply stunned by the three who were chatting on the spot.

Their goal was to take away the excellent sorcerers from the Arnold Kingdom to the Empire. To achieve this, they had come this far after careful planning.

Everything was going well with the plan.

There was one fool along the way who wanted to fight with the Ice Blade of this generation and went out of control,……, but even allowing for that, everything was perfect.

Even with that, how could it be happening like this in front of them?

They couldn’t help but think.

“All right. Now, Carol. You take care of the rest.”

“Yes yees ☆”

 Carol snapped her fingers and ran the code at once.

<<Prima Materia = Encoding = Material Code>>

<<Material code = Decoding>>

<<Material code = Processing = Control>>

<<Embodiment = phenomenon.>>

“─ ─ My mysterious world of the very cute me.”

 Then, all six of the reapers who were present fell down as if they were puppets whose strings had been broken. Their consciousness had already been swallowed up by Carol’s world.

 Carol Caroline.

 She is famous in the world as a researcher and a sorceress of illusion. Among the seven great sorcerers, she is the most famous. Because of this, people think that Carol is good at illusion sorcery, but …… that is not the case.

Carol’s essence lies in the interference with the sorcery realm by means of codes.

 To define it in magical terms, it is ‘domination’.

To begin with, illusions are created by interfering in the opponent’s sorcery realm itself. Therefore, it is possible to make the other person hallucinate and even brainwash them.

My mysterious world of the very cute is a unique kind of mental interference sorcery, and if you take it properly, …… you will literally have no choice but to become a puppet.

The sorcery that controls the entire magical realm of the magician and even intervenes in his or her consciousness is Carol’s essence.

This is the power of Carol Caroline, who ranks at the very top of the seven great sorcerers.

“But this stupid pinky ruled the boss on the first day of the tournament, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did. I too was surprised at the quirky report …….. just …….”

“Ah, …… that’s. ……”

“This fool forgot about it and only remembered and reported it when she was being lectured. ……”

“I-I’ve apologized for that many times! I’m sorry, Abby-chan!”

That’s right. In fact, after helping Ray and his team cross-dress, Carol caught an obviously suspicious sorcerer.

 Using domination, of course. But, she had forgotten about it as she had thrown him into the room of the inn at random.

 After this fact was discovered, she manipulated the boss of the reapers to gather all the remaining reapers here and round them up.

It was revealed that the condition of the kidnapped students was to take them alive and bring them back without harming them, so they let the reapers wade in …… until now.

 There were some irregularities along the way, such as Ray having to fight one of the reapers, but it generally ended as Abby had planned.

As they were talking, Cara, who had been standing behind the three of them for some time, called out to them.

“Everyone, we will take care of the rest. ……”

“Oh. Kara? Then, let’s leave it to you.”

The Hale family arrived just in time to join Cara, so the three of them left the cleanup to them.

“Ahem! Caro Caro, you’re super helpful, aren’t you 〜☆”

“While the sorcery is certainly the best in the world, but……, how could she get into the academy, …… really? This idiot pinky is very moody. No matter what I ask her to do, she basically refuses.”

“There were a lot of conditions. But when she found out that Ray was there, she immediately agreed.”

The reason why we invited Carol to the academy in the first place and let her participate in the Magic Chevalier like this is that she is so overwhelmingly powerful with this ability.

In fact, there are not even 10 people in the world who know Carol’s true nature, therefore, if they fight her for the first time, defeat is inevitable. Once the sorcery is invoked, there are almost no sorcerers in the world who can resist Carol.

 Carol Caroline.

Her words and deeds are problematic, but there is no doubt that she is one of the best among the seven great sorcerers.

 But still,…… this behavior is also something that no one can control without a doubt.

“Now then~. Summer vacation is in full swing now☆ Ac-tu-al-ly, Caro-Caro, and Ray-chan are going on a date! He promised! Tehee☆”

“What!? You don’t dare! Are you going to lay a hand on my Ray ……!?”

“Mou, he’s not Lydia-chan’s anymore! It’s perfectly normal!”

“Y-You! There’s no way this is normal! Shall I freeze you right here ……?”

Lydia loses herself when it comes to Ray. She immediately snaps and glares at Carol seriously.

 But Carol can’t back down here. Up until now, Lydia’s protection has been too hard, but now it has eased up considerably. So, the condition of the exchange with Ray was that they would go on a date for a day.

“Fumph! I won’t lose! Ray-chan’s virginity is mine!”

“What  ……? Ray will only date people I approve of! I won’t allow a stupid pinky like you to have it!”

“I’m not a stupid pinky! Super cute, Caro Caro! Rey-chan will definitely find my adult charms attractive!”

“What? Who’s young, an almost 30-year-old hag, …… I’m going to kill you ……?”

“Auntie,……, now I am angry! I’m going to tell everyone that Lydia’s been stalking Ray!”

“What ……!? I’m not stalking him! This is love!”

“Oh no, no. Overprotective parents are disgusting! Lydia-chan is really a …… bad person. When it comes to Ray-chan… Ppppp ……!”

“Kill you ……, I’ll definitely kill you …….. ……”

“Come at me! I’ll get back to you!”

With that, the two began to engage in a full-fledged battle with sorcery.

Carol, who is currently one of the seven great sorcerers, and Lydia, who is a former seven great sorcerer but still as powerful as she was in her prime. The two used to fight a lot, but when they fought with sorcery like this, there was no doubt that it would have a huge impact on the people around them.

“Hah,…… good grief……………”

Needless to say, the two of them were lectured for several hours afterward by Abby, who got really pissed off. The two of them, who could not be mad at Abby alone, sat on the spot and accepted the sermon in spite of their displeasure.

Thus, in a true sense, the Magic Chevalier came to a successful conclusion.

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