Episode 66: What We Must Protect

“Amelia, have you calmed down?”

“Yeah. Thanks for t-that ……, Ray.”

“I am also glad I could be of help to you.”


She looked shy as her face turned red and she said so while averting her gaze from me.

 Amelia and I were still intertwining our fingers and holding hands until now,……, but it is no longer the case.

It was because the third-place match of the main competition was over. Also, the rookie tournament was ostensibly canceled due to Albert’s injury. Therefore, the time was ahead of schedule.

And the game was understandably over by the flaccid atmosphere and the loud cheers.

 We have one last conversation before the match. And to push Amelia’s back.

“Amelia. It’s the finals now.”


“Ariane will be strong.”

“……, Uhmm. She will be.”

“I’m sure it will be scary to face that unique sorcery. It’s completely specialized in the physical arts. If you let your guard down even a little bit, you’ll be taken out at once. But, you’ve overcome the battle with me, you can find a way out.”

“…… Uhmm.”

“Amelia can fight. You can stand up to it. I taught you everything you need. And ……”


“No, only you will know what happens from here on out. When the time comes, you’ll understand the meaning of my words.”

“…… I see. Ummm. If Ray says so, I guess so.”

Her hands were still trembling when I looked closely at them.

I gently grasped Amelia’s trembling hand once again. And then, gently wrapped her hand and conveyed the warmth.


 ”It’s okay. Amelia. I will be watching. And your days of training with me will definitely pay off for you. So, I believe in you. I know you’ll win.”


Her face turned bright red after her tears, but she no longer …….. looked gloomy. And now she had a radiant expression on her face, looking spirited.


 At the moment, I feel a presence. A very slight presence. Rather, it was a killing intent. Maybe that is what they are doing so that only I can feel it because…… Amelia didn’t seem to notice it.

 But is this an invitation? No, I could only assume so.

—I see…they came at this time………

 At the same time, I remembered my conversation with the president yesterday. Regarding the reaper lurking in the background of this tournament.

“Is Albert missing?”

“Ah. After he was taken to the infirmary, it seems that his whereabouts are unknown. What is more certain now is that they are clearly targeting the nobility.”

“I see. …… then Albert is ……”

After that match, he was taken to the infirmary and was abducted there, huh?

I couldn’t just allow that to happen. He thought that he was fighting with all his heart and energy. And as if to trample on those feelings, the existence that is harming the magic swordsman competition is unacceptable.

But there is no use in letting the emotions get the better of us. First of all, the situation should be handled calmly. Besides, Master and the others are working on it. Let’s trust them.

First of all, I should check what I can do.

“Ray. Listen calmly. The kidnapped students are probably still here somewhere. They’re most likely gathered in one place. And they will probably be taken away at the end of the competition. Well, Dean and the others are dealing with that.”


“That’s why we have to prevent future damage. Perhaps …… the ones most in danger at the moment are the three nobles and Clarice Cleveland.”


“Yeah. The Cleveland family is considered the closest to the three great nobility among the high nobility. In fact, Amelia Rose and Clarice Cleveland have quite a few guards. But Ray spends a lot of time with them, doesn’t he?”

 I heard the details of Clarice’s house when I visited my master’s house.

 It seems to be a much larger aristocratic house than I would have expected.

According to them, it would come in next to the three largest noble families. That means that like Amelia, Clarice is also a young lady from a large aristocratic family. And I was told that that alone was reason enough to be targeted.


“So that’s why I want you to be on the lookout as well.”


“AH. I trust you, Ray. Let’s work together. We’ll be working behind the scenes, but just be on the lookout. You never know what might happen.”

“Yes. I understand.”

Judging from yesterday’s conversation, this is definitely an intervention by the Reaper. It is …… risky to jump into a place that is clearly inviting. However, there is no option not to go here.

 From here on out, it’s the final.

 The players and spectators are waiting for it.

 I wouldn’t go if I didn’t have to.

Thinking about this, I told her again, 

“Amelia, I’m sorry. It looks like I’m going to be a little late for your match …….”

“? Because of your work as a member of the management committee?”

“Ah. Something like that. But I will definitely come and watch. And burn the image of your courage in my memory. So please wait for me.”

“Fufu …… I might win before Ray arrives, you know?”

 She smiled.

 It was different from the one before. It was Amelia’s true heartfelt smile.

I thought it was genuinely beautiful. 

“If you can say that, then you’ll be fine.”

“That so ……? Am I going to be okay?”

Amelia gazed at me with an upward glance. I thought she wanted something from me. She remained silent for a while and then, perhaps deciding to …… speak her mind, she said, 

“Once more. Can I have one more hug ……?”

“Of course.”

When we closed our distance from each other, we hugged each other’s bodies, gently wrapping Amelia in this time. I can feel the warmth. Hear her heartbeat. All of them were transmitted.

 We are certainly alive right now. We can feel each other like this. Without exchanging a word, we imprint our presence on each other.

 And then, almost at the same time, we quickly let go of each other’s bodies.

“I’m off.”

“Yeah. Make sure you win, Amelia.”

“That’s right. You know I will!”

“With Amelia now, I’m sure you’ll get there.”


Amelia smiled and left the place with ease. The back she had now was the widest I’d ever seen her.

That is the appearance of a person full of confidence.

 So I’m sure she’ll be fine.

 Amelia, as you are…… you will surely reach that place. You’ll get there.

 You are no longer a caged bird. Now you have wings to fly.

“Fuuh… …… Well…”

 I guess I’ll have to go, too.

With that in mind, I headed down to the basement where I felt a sense of discomfort.


 On the way to the basement. The place clearly smelled of death. There was no special magical factor. But based on my previous experiences, I sensed that there was something here that had a death in its veins.

 I have already released some of my abilities, I just need to get in close.

As I was walking carefully, ……. I saw a familiar face in the corner of my eye.

“Clarice!? Why are you here!?”

Clarice is supposed to have an escort. I had confirmed this with the director beforehand. But now she is completely alone. The magician who was supposed to be lurking in the rear has completely disappeared.

─ ─ ─ Don’t tell me …… they are already killed by the enemy ……?

Although I was pondering this, Clarice speaks to me as usual. She herself did not seem to be aware of this unusual situation.

“Ray! Was Amelia all right ……?”

“Yeah. She’s fine. Just a few minutes ago, she was safely on her way to the finals.”

“I see. Well, that’s a relief.”

“But why are you here? I thought there was no work for the management committee.”

“Eh? I heard from a senpai that there was an urgent management committee member’s job. He asked me to go to the basement for a while. I was told that it would be over soon. ……”

“…..I see. So that’s how it is. ……”

 This is definitely an invitation. But I can’t figure it out. Why did they do something that would make me aware of it? Why not just lurk like they have been doing up until now? Why choose this time…….

 Without time to ponder, I sense the presence of magic.

 It spreads to cover this underground space and then closes completely.

“Wide-area interference, ……, they’ve set it up huh.”

“Eh!? Eh ……? Suddenly it got dimmer!? The power’s out!?”

“Clarice, ……, do not leave my side.”

“U-Umm! But is this …… something to do with sorcery?”

“Yeah. It’s a wide-area interference type of sorcery. This space has already been isolated from the outside world.”

“Isolated from the outside world? Is there such sorcery?”

“There is. But for now, please be quiet. ……”

“Uh…… yeah……”

Perhaps she also sensed something unusual in the atmosphere, and she silently followed along.

If it’s true, then Clarice should escape from this place. However, even as I was talking, the other party’s wide-area interference magic was activated. No doubt, they must have anticipated that Clarice and I had joined up.

We were also clearly isolated from the outside world, as I could no longer sense the prima materia outside.

 Further in, we came to an open space.

This is where I usually work.

 A familiar space.

 But now I noticed that there was only one person standing alone in the center of it.

 It was dark around him, but I recognized him by the faint light that was still on.

 He was about 160 centimeters tall. He was wearing a large robe with a hood and a mask. The mask, with its reddish-black pattern, was familiar to me.


“What do you want?”

“…… you, Kill.”

“You want me, ……”

“That woman, take along……”

“I see. Aiming at us, after all.”

 The voice sounded as if a puppet was speaking. Clarice was shivering, perhaps because she was afraid of that eerie voice.

“W-What do you mean,…… you’re going to kill Rey and bring me back,……?”

She sensed it. The other party was dispersing its murderous intent, and Clarice also understood it.

“Ray, we have to run! This is not something we can handle!”

Clarice pulled my arm and tried to go back immediately, but …… this is already the place where the other party’s domain is deployed.

I don’t know the specific name, but it would be a pain to escape outside, of course, it is possible with the anti-matter code, but now that …… Clarice is here, it would be more difficult to escape in the opposite direction.

 So there is no avoiding the fight anymore.

“Clarice. I’m sorry, but it looks like we’re going to have to fight back.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

“I know Ray is strong, but this is bad. I know! So come on!”

“Clarice. I’m not going to lose. And I can’t let this guy get away with this.”

At that moment, I fully released my internal clock.

 The other party threw a dagger at me while I was in the middle.

 I guess they don’t want to even give me time to get into a full combat stance, but I’ve already made my preparations. All I have to do now is to carry things out properly.

 I really want Clarice to stay right here, but considering the characteristics of the enemy, it would be quite dangerous to leave her alone.


“Clarice! Don’t talk for a while! You’ll bite your tongue out!”

 I picked her up with just my left arm and ran the code at once.

<<Prima Materia =encoding=Material code>>

<<Material code = decoding>>

<<Material Code = Processing = Deceleration = Fixation>>

<<Embodiment = matter.>>

“──Ice Blades”[TN: Hey guys, since the anime title came out I decided to write Ice Blade Sorcerer from now on]

 In my right hand, the Ice Blade manifest. And firmly gripping it,

I strike down the dagger thrown by the enemy and freeze it with the Ice Blade. I did this to prevent the leaked toxic liquid from coming into contact with my body.

—My body movement is not so bad. And the code runs better than before.

 After calmly analyzing my current situation, I run across the ground with Clarice still in my arms.

 In this darkness, the enemy probably has the advantage. However, I have also experienced night battles.

 I calculate their position backward from the location of the projectile. Of course, since they are moving from time to time, I also rely on the sound of their movements to fight in the dimly lit space.

Holding an Ice Blade in my right hand, I release another Ice Blade floating in the air toward my opponent. The number of Ice Blades already exceeded fifty. For me now, I can probably control about a hundred of them while fighting.

“…… Kuk!”

 It wasn’t a perfect hit, but it seemed to be a slight one. 

 The ice blades were avoided, and only a block of ice was created on the spot. However, this place is already filled with numerous Ice that I have generated with my magic.

That shows that no matter where the enemy is if they are around that Ice, they will be able to sense the Prima Materia even more. Even more so with the humans, can’t miss the faintest hint of it.

“—There it is.”

 Behind me, and above.

 I plunged my Ice Blade mercilessly into the face of the enemy there. However, the mask must have been magically enhanced. As the mask is destroyed, the blood drips from the opponent’s forehead and stops.

“Gooooo …… ugh. Goho …… after all, you are still the Ice Blade sword ……. …….”

 His voice, unlike the previous one, was not mechanical. Perhaps the mask had incorporated magic to change the voice. The voice was destroyed, and now it was completely plain.

“After all, that means you knew. Grim Reaper.”

“Kuku……kuku. You know about me, too? But …… this tournament, didn’t really matter to me. The woman was ordered by my superiors to be secured,…… but there are four of the seven great sorcerers and the most powerful Ice Blade. Kukuku…… you can’t help but kill …… …… Kukuku……… It’s boiling, my blood’s boiling. Kukuku…….”

Got it. That gaze at that time. It was definitely this guy.    

They probably knew about me right from the start of the tournament. Perhaps that’s how they created a situation where I had no choice but to go out and now I’m here.   

Then, the enemy lightly waved off the dagger he was holding.

Looking at that gesture, I judged that this guy was used to killing.

 But …… the four of the Seven great Sorcerers? There should only be three of them here: me as the Ice Blade, Abby-san as Scorching Heat, and Carol as Illusion. Who is the other one?

 The questions are endless, but there is only one thing to do.

“Let’s see if you’re ready for that, Reaper.”

“Kukku……Kukku. Let me know the strongest in the world, Kuku Kuku …….”

 Clarice, in my arms, was completely stunned by the conversation. “That …… Ray is the Ice Blade? From the Seven great Sorcerers,…… that Ice Blade?” she muttered, but there was no time to answer that question now.

Because this is completely a fight to the death. One mistake can lead to death. This guy would never let it get away. It is obvious that he will kill without hesitation, without mercy.

 I know this is a nostalgic feeling, but now is not the time to feel that way.

“That’s …….”

 I look at the weapon that the other guy has taken out, and I have a hypothesis. I think it’s a kind of magic sword because it’s entangled with the ominous Prima Materia.

 The sword itself is endowed with magical abilities, and these abilities are permanent. Normally, sorcery can be given to tools, but it is almost impossible to establish magic in the tool itself.

It has been a long time since I’ve seen one of these, but I don’t know anything about dagger magic blades.

First of all, it is necessary to calmly determine what kind of ability it has.

“Kuku. Kuku. …… Kuku. ……”

 An echo.

 The other party’s voice echoes. And I completely lose my sense of direction. Which is in front of me and which is behind me? No, I don’t even know which is left or right. I don’t even know if I am standing or sitting on the ground.

 I still have the sensation that I am holding Clarice in my arms, but that is all I know.

 All the lights have already gone out.

 Without being able to see anything, and with their sorcery in effect, I couldn’t invoke the anti-matter code. To invoke that sorcery, it is essential to specify the coordinates. Of course, it is possible to activate sorcery without specifying the coordinates, but the resulting sorcery just disappears immediately in a disorderly manner.

 In this darkness, it is not possible …… normally to use sorcery properly.

However, I’m sure that the other party is able to do so. Originally, it belonged to the world’s most prestigious assassination organization, the Grim Reaper.[TN: Shinigami might sound cool]

Fighting in the dark is probably something he’d rather do.


 I don’t know where that voice came from. In this reverberating domain, it is impossible to understand anything by relying on sound. Relying on the five senses is impossible. So, just don’t rely on the five senses.

 I then run a new code.

<<Prima Materia = Encoding = material code>>

<<Matter code = decoding>>

<<Material code = Processing = Deceleration = Fixed = Reduction>>

<<Embodiment = Phenomena>>

“-Anti Materia Field.”

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