Episode 67: You Will Surely Spread Your Wings To The Sky

 I deployed the Anti-Materia Field.

“There. ……”

As soon as it recognizes the location of the opponent, I immediately thrust the Ice Blades one after another into that spot. Naturally, the enemy will avoid it and run along the wall,……, but I can perceive the whole situation at hand.

Then I went round to the destination and thrust the Ice Blades into it, and used it as the starting point to invoke the Ice Flower Blossom. The Ice Blades then transformed into the shape of a flower.

The Ice Flower bloomed one after another. And it surrounds the opponent.

 There is no escape.

My domain continues to capture him completely.

“Wh …… what’s going on ……you can see me …….!?”

“No. No, I can’t see you.”

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!”

 The impatience was real. I could sense even the pained expression on the face.

And in desperation, he unleashed a flurry of daggers. I already knew that all of them were coated with poison. By running an internal code, it was released at an unusual speed but …….

Once it entered the Anti Materia Field, it was all drowned out.

“….Let’s calm down. It’s okay,…… I, I can win,…….”

Mumbling to himself, he tries to regain control of the battle.

As expected of a professional who kills for a living. He immediately suppresses his emotions and thinks to break the status quo, but …… it’s already too late.

-As soon as I deployed this field, your loss was confirmed.

After that, my Ice blades will continue to cut through the opponent mercilessly. It may not be fatal, but it surely inflicts damage.

“…… shh!!!”

 As the blood overflowing from the cut gathers into the sword, it turns into thorns and is released in large quantities.

However, once it enters the field, it is all scraped away. Perhaps that magic sword is able to manipulate blood flow. It interferes with the code from the bloodstream, and from there it manipulates the blood at will. No, not just blood. If it were under the condition of liquid, it might be good.

 But none of that matters right now.

It is time to settle this.


My opponent gasped and released the wide-area interference magic he was deploying. And then, a small number of light returns, but …… there was no need for light at this point.

 I see. The fact that he deactivated it means that he is completely committed to running away,……, but there is no way I will miss it.


The enemy moved in a straight line toward the exit, but I launched Ice Flower Blossom to seal it off.

In addition to the dagger, the opponent also threw a short needle produced by manipulating blood by the magic sword, but it all waved away.

“……… It’s no use. Your attacks will no longer reach here.”

An Absolute Impenetrable Domain(Anti-Materia Field).

It is a field that consists of two parts: the perception field and the reduction field.

The perceptual field can extend to a radius of fifty meters and is the area in which the brain perceives the Prima Materia within the field directly, without the aid of the five senses. Even if it is not a living thing, it is enough if Prima Materia is present.

The reduction field first lowers substances or phenomena that I have not specified by “slowing down,” then “fixing” them from there, activating the anti-material code at once, and then completely “reducing” all substances and phenomena.

 Both of these are automatically processed the moment they are activated, so all I have to do is to act as I feel.

To be honest, I hesitated to use this, but now there is no sign of a magic field outburst.

─ Let’s just end it like this.


“Be quiet. You’ve lost. You understand that, don’t you?”


“Oops. I know you’re trying to kill yourself, but …… it’s too late now.”

There is no change in his appearance. However, my opponent can no longer move his body and just grunts as it is.

“Ahhh ……aaaaaaahhh…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“I have already taken away his bodily functions. Your body can no longer move.”

And just like that, the enemy slumped to the ground. The moment he entered my anti materia field, I had mixed a certain code into his sorcery.

The name of the sorcery was Fine Ice Sublimation.

It is my unique sorcery that generates fine ice inside the body and erodes it from the inside. I analyze the opponent’s sorcery using the anti-materia field. From there, I traced the opponent’s sorcery and incorporated my own sorcery into the code.

I expected my opponent to run away quickly and in this way, so I had already deployed this sorcery, but it seems to have worked.

“Ugh…… such…… density…… ugh……!”

Clarice, who was in my arms, was hit by the density of the Prima Materia, and when I lowered her gently to the ground, she slowly sat there, dizzy.

“Are you okay, Clarice?”

“Yes,……, I’m okay. But that …… Ray, you’re ……”

“That’s right. I am the Ice Blade Sorcerer of our time.”

“I see. Well,……, it makes sense when you say it,…… Ray is one of the seven great sorcerers,…….. I see,…….”

“……Sorry. For not saying this sooner.”

“Do others know about this?”

“Amelia, Elisa, and Evi already know. And my Master…… the previous Ice Blade Sorcerer.”

“Ha,…… I thought you weren’t just an ordinary person …… given what you’ve been saying and doing ……. but ……… that’s what you were huh”

Clarice clutched her chest in a bit of pain.

“You Look nauseated? Are you okay?”

“Yeah,…… sorry,…… I got hit with the Prima Materia,…… I’m going to take a little break… …”


Looking at the situation, it’s not life-threatening. She must have been hit by the very dense Prima Materia.

 Then I gently put Clarice down on the spot and I feel the presence of another human being,……, but it was someone I knew well.

“Ray, are you done?”

“Yes, President,……. It’s over.”

“I’m sorry. It looks like a wide area interference was deployed. …… I’m late, but did you do it?”

“Yes. But I didn’t kill him.”

“Looks that way. Well, we’ll take care of the rest. You’ve got someplace to be. Amelia Rose is still fighting. There’s still time.”

“Really, ……!?”

 Amelia is still fighting?  I can feel my heart trembling knowing that fact.

“President. Please take care of Clarice.”

“Yeah. It’s okay. If it’s this much, she’ll be fine in no time. Go for it, Ray. Amelia needs you.”


 And I started running.


 I just ran, thinking that I wanted to see Amelia as hard as I could, I wanted to burn her image into my eyes.

Right now, I wonder what she is thinking about as she fights. I wondered how Amelia was doing …….

 I ran with all my might. And then I saw a little light and …… I came to the upper level of the spectator area, there.

 I looked down the field and there was Amelia, lying on the …… ground.

Her entire body was burnt out, with noticeable black marks, and she was bleeding. Still, Amelia did not avert her gaze from Ariane, who was standing in front of her.

 And Ariane was not unscathed. She, too, had noticeable scorch marks.

 They had both been wounded and fought their way to this point. However, Amelia’s eyes showed a slight hint of resignation.

 Her fighting spirit, her will to fight, has faded.

 She must have fought hard all the way to this point.

She had stood up to Arianne, who was considered to be the strongest of all the competitors, alone, in this huge crowd, with all her might, and with all her strength.

 Even though her heart was about to break, Amelia was still fighting, she was still fighting …… to get herself back on the path.

Even though she was shaking before the fight, Amelia did not give up, and she made it to this point. This was both her battle with Ariane and her battle with herself. Amelia continued to fight hard …… without losing herself.


 I only had one thing to do…

 There’s only one thing…

“Ameliaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Get uppppppppppp!”


 My voice, filled with all my heart, cut through the silence of the hall.

And in her eyes, the will to fight …… returned.

 The burning red, crimson butterflies overflowed from her back. They spiral up to the sky. The scene was fantastic and unrealistic, but I truly thought it was very beautiful.

The endless butterflies, burning bright red, were the fruit of her efforts up to this point.

 It is not a fake. She wasn’t …… faking it all along. She was just lost. Just like me.

It was not a pretense, it was a process that …… would one day become real.

 But that time is over.

 Amelia, you are not a caged bird. You have wings to soar into the sky.

 So, I am sure that you will be able to fly freely and to the highest sky.

 That moment. Out of nowhere, a bird takes off into the sky.

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