Episode 59: Ariane’s True Worth

 It’s the fourth day of the Magic Chevalier.

 The first round is finally over today. Both the main competition and the rookie competition hadn’t had any upheavals, and it seemed that the players who were predicted to win were winning in order.

 Rebecca-senpai won the first round of the main tournament on the second day without difficulty. And Albert won the first round of the rookie tournament held yesterday. His magic factor is one thing, but his muscles are probably his greatest asset. His swordsmanship using his internal code was outstanding.

 And while the players were winning in order, the attention today was quite high. The first match of the day was the final match of the first round of the rookie tournament. That alone would attract a certain amount of attention, but …… this time there was more than that.

 The one who will be playing is Ariane Olgren.

 As the top candidate for the rookie tournament championship and the eldest daughter of the three major noble families, there is no way that she will not attract attention.

 Her opponent is a female student named Erma Kalus from the Melcross Magic Academy. I already have information about the students in my head, so I know about this student as well.

 The students of the Melcross Magic Academy tend to be of the sorcery type. Although they use swords, it’s more for self-defense and they fight mainly with sorcery. And Kalus is definitely one of them.

“Ariane Olgren, huh …… Ray, I believe you know her?”

“Yes. I’m her friend. And I have already seen her fight.”

“So who do you think will win?”

“We won’t know for sure until it begins, but …… I can’t imagine Ariane losing at the moment. ……”

 Currently, Evi and I are sitting in the back, waiting for the game to start. On days when Amelia Cheerleading Squad is active, the president reserves seats for us, but on days when Amelia doesn’t have a game, we take our own seats.

 So it’s no wonder that we are seated in the back. I really wanted to be in the front row to watch the fight, but I could do nothing about it.

 Incidentally, Elisa and Clarice are currently working as vendors at the store. After that, I’m going to switch places with them and ask them to take a break. It would be wrong of me to force them to work so hard.

 When this game is over, I’ll be back to work as hard as I can.

“Oh ……, look at that.”

“Ahh. Now let’s see what happens in Ariane’s first game …….”

 As the two players enter, the live commentary begins.

“Two players have entered the ring! This matchup will be the final match of the first round of the rookie tournament! It’s a match between the first-year student of the Melcross Magic Academy, Erma Kalus, and the first-year student of the Diom Magic Academy, Ariane Olgren! Well, it’s finally here! Ariane Olgren, the eldest daughter of the Olgren family, one of the three major noble families. The attention is high, and she is already the leading candidate for the championship. …… What do you think, Garnet-sensei?”

“Fumu ……, I guess so.”

 As usual, Natalia Ashley-senpai is doing the actual show, but the commentary changes every day, so today was Abby-san’s day instead of Carol’s. On Carol’s day, there’s a lot of excitement, but the excitement seems to be so great that it’s hard to keep things moving.

 However, Abby-san is a mature person with a sense of propriety, so she won’t end up like that idiot Pink.

“Kalus is a sorcerer type. Well, a typical type from the Magic Academy of Melcross. But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate them. There have been tournaments in which the magic-type players have been able to hold their own against their opponents. But …… Algren is a balanced type, but more of a swordsmanship type. She is the type that excels at close quarters combat. The victory or defeat will probably come down to whether you let your opponent into each other’s territory or not ……. It should be an interesting match.”

“Thank you for your excellent commentary! Well~ the director is brilliant and wonderful! Yes! It makes it easier for us to proceed!”

 After the introduction of the players, Carol, the referee, called out to them. As usual, she explained the rules. By the way, some people wonder if Carol is good enough to be a referee …….

 There’s no doubt that Carol is an idiotic pink, but she also has outstanding practical skills. In addition to having a title as a researcher, she is actually a …… really good sorceress. Otherwise, she would not have been able to become one of the seven great sorcerers.

 Well ……, it is inevitable that the skill of magic is not proportional to personality.

“Then the game begins ……☆.”

 Carol’s voice echoed through the venue via the microphone, and the match began.

“Ahhhh! Kalus does not draw the sword at all! Instead, trying to use magic without moving a single step!”

“Maybe …… is laying down delayed magic,……, but this is a crimson explosion of large-scale chain magic, which is advanced magic,……. This is very difficult magic to use. ……”

“Eh, large-scale chain magic?”

“Yeah. But I can’t figure it out. Olgren is not moving at all.”

“Indeed! Why isn’t Olgren moving? If this continues, a massive chain of magic will be triggered!”

 That’s what the commentary said, but I also thought it was extremely true. If I were to fight Kalus, I would immediately bring the fight into close combat, since I had information regarding the magic type. To be honest, if I could get into super close range, I would win.

 However, Ariane smiled fearlessly and stared at it.

 It was as if she was waiting for her opponent to finish building their magic. Large-scale chain magic is very powerful magic, but it takes time to activate. It is normal not to trigger it. …… What is Ariane thinking?

“Hey, Ray. Why isn’t Ariane Olgren moving?”

“Well, …… I can’t figure it out either, but from the look on her face, I’d say she’s confident. And is there anything that can deal with that massive chain of magic ……?”

“What kind of magic is that?”

“Crimson explosion is a massive blasting area on the ground. It is similar to delay magic, but due to its large scale, it belongs to large scale chain magic.”

“In other words, it’s a very large minefield?”

“There no doubt about it.”

“Eh ……, that’s bad, right?”

“It’s bad. To be honest, it’s pretty nasty when it’s triggered.”

 I don’t understand it all either. If you are focused on winning, Ariane should have moved immediately.

 And, maybe the installation of a large chain of magic has been completed, Kalus has unleashed magic from there to Ariane using high-speed magic,…….

“W-What’s going on here!? Olgren, she’s rushing in! It’s a rush! She probably used an internal code to strengthen her body! And she’s rushing in with great force!”

“I see. …… This is …….”

 Then I realized. Why did Ariane have to fight like this? And I understood that she would be …… Amelia’s greatest enemy.

“Woo …… is that okay?”

“Well, you’ll see.”

 Ariane plunged straight into the crimson explosion. It would look like a foolish person plunging himself into a minefield.

 Then, one after another, the crimson explosions were triggered. Unlike material magic, phenomenal magic requires a certain amount of skill, but its power was perfect. I have to take my hat off to them for being able to handle such a large-scale chain of magic.

 If you were to take a hit from this, you would not only lose the rose, but you would probably lose consciousness.

 Blasts occurred one after another as if roses were blooming everywhere.

 If you look at it from above, you can clearly see that it is truly breathtaking. One after another, explosions occurred in succession, and black smoke dominated the venue. There was still no sign of Ariane, but there was no way she was going to stop here.

 Besides, …… it’s probably already been settled.

“Wow, wow, wow! A series of explosions! This is a tough one, even for the great Olgren!”

“No, …… she won.”

“You mean ……?”

“Look there.”

“Ah! W-W-Whaat!!! Olgren! She’s still standing! There’s not a scratch on her body! The distance between them is already less than five meters! The distance is already very close!”

 And then Ariane went straight into her opponent’s chest and swung her sword from the bottom to the top in a low posture. At that moment, Kalus’s rose was neatly split in two and scattered to the ground.

 The match was over.

“It’s decided! What a surprise! Olgren easily passed through that sea of explosions, and with a flash! The match is over! The winner is Ariane Olgren!”

 The venue erupted. The crowd goes wild, probably the loudest they’ve ever cheered.

 Ariane responds to the applause by raising her right hand in a relaxed manner. I guess you could call it a champion’s demeanor.

 What’s even more remarkable is that Ariane is not only completely unharmed, but she doesn’t even have a burn mark on her body.

“W …… Woah …… s-seriously …… the mental strength to go through that, but to be unharmed…. …”

“Probably, the principle is that she covered his body with the Prima Materia. Breaking through it like a defensive wall and flashing it. But still …… that skill, and the mental strength to carry it out. That’s impressive.”

“Can Amelia win ……?”

“She can win. I believe so.”

 This was a declaration of war by Ariane. Amelia also demonstrated to Ariane, but this time she demonstrated to her.

 Whether it is a large chain of magic or not, I am powerful enough to defeat it head-on.

 That’s what Ariane showed off.

 It was a battle that reflected her personality, and in a way, it was typical of Ariane.

 And so the first round of the rookie competition finally came to an end, but …… we were captivated by the presence of what could be called a Dark Horse who would appear in the main competition.

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