Episode 51: Early Morning on the Day of the Tournament


 I woke up quickly. It’s just before five o’clock.

 We were finally on our way to the Magic Swordsmanship Competition. Starting today, the two-week battle to determine the strongest Magic Swordsman among the students will begin.[TN: I will use Magic Chevalier マギクス・シュバリエ furigana for Magic Swordsmanship Competition]

 Amelia, she……..can she face herself?

 I’ve done all I can for Amelia. You may say that I did the best I could. But it was only on the physical and magical side. I still don’t know what’s in her heart.

When she completed her final exam, she just cried.

 I never heard the reason for her wailing. She has moved forward. But still, I had the feeling that her mind was still controlled by something ……. So, that’s why

I think that in this Magic Swordsmanship Competition …… Amelia will also grow as a person …….

 It’s not too late to step into her shoes.

 There is no meaning to it if she doesn’t move forward on her own.

“…… Good.”

 After I changed into my uniform, I packed up my things. As for the overall flow of today’s event, the organizing committee will meet at six in the morning, and then we’ll go into the venue and get everything ready.

 The entrance to the venue opens at 9:00 a.m., the opening ceremony at 11:00 a.m., and the games start at 12:00 a.m.

 In addition, during the entrance time, I will be selling grilled corn with the Club President. The name of the product is “Devil’s Corn”.

 When I visited Master’s house, I asked for a large quantity of the product, brought it back, and gave it all to President. Master also said that she would come to watch the game that day, so I hope she will enjoy the corn.

“…It’s nice weather”

 I decided to leave my room early. I was thinking of watering the flowers in that flower bed I made before I arrive at the venue.

 As I walked along with a large backpack on my back, I saw a familiar person in front of the …… flower bed.

 It was Rebecca-senpai, with her lustrous black hair in full swing, smiling slightly and staring at the flowers.

“Good morning, Rebecca-senpai. It’s a beautiful day.”

“Ray-san. Good morning. Yes, it’s a very clear and …… beautiful day.”

 Her smiling face was resolute and unchanging.

 I’m pretty sure Rebecca-senpai is scheduled to play in today’s third game. That’s why I think it’s okay to take it a little slower …….

“You are early, senpai.”

“…… Well, I woke up early so.”

“I see.”

“Actually, I’m a little nervous. …… I’ve already participated in the Magic Chevalier twice now, but I can’t get used to this nervousness.”

“I see. …… that’s right.”


 She smiled as she swept her silky black hair back.

 She was just the same. Just beautiful and tranquil, she seems to exist there. But even such a person can get …… nervous.

 And when I looked closely, I saw that her body was trembling a bit.

 Rebecca-senpai is one of the three aristocrats, the head of the gardening club, and also the student council president. She’s almost perfect, yet…… similar to Amelia and Albert. After all, participating in Magic Chevalier is probably a great deal of pressure,…….

 It may be the same no matter who you are.

“Ah…..Ahahaaa……Sorry about that. I’m a little nervous and anxious. …… it kind of embarrassing.”

“Senpai. It’s a natural reaction for anyone to have, …….”

 I approached slowly and grasped both of Rebecca-senpai’s hands as if to wrap them around.

“Ah, …….”

“It’s okay. I’ve been watching your games as a member of the management committee. I know that it sounds cliché, but I believe that you can make it to the top again,…….”

“……, is that so?”

“Yes. It may be a heavy pressure to be anticipated in this way,……, but I will burn that image in my mind whether you win or lose. So please do your best.”

“Ray-san is …… kind.”

“Kind …you say. I used to be told like this when I was anxious.”

“From your parents?”

“No. I have a master. That person…used to do this”

“Is that so”

 I let go of her hand.

 Her body was no longer trembling.

 When she looked up at the sky, it was clear. The sky is the kind of sky that is peculiar to summer, and it is clear and …… endless.

 And there wasn’t a cloud in the sky today. You can say that it is a perfect day for the tournament.

“W-Well, you know,……, can I be selfish about one thing?”

 She was looking up at me, staring through my eyes. I could see that her face was a little red and she was embarrassed. ……but what was the selfish thing she said, though.

“Please don’t worry. You can say anything you want.”

 She said, wrapping her hair around her fingers.

“C….can I touch your biceps?”

“My Biceps, you say?”

“It’d be …… nice if you could squeeze it. ……”[I don’t know the exact word]

“Of course.”

 When I squeezed my arm, she reached out and gently touched my arm.

“Wow, …… you’ve got great muscles after all. ……”

“Are you interested in muscles, by any chance?”

“Ah, …… well, I was actually interested in …… you because everyone said you were amazing. ……”

“I see. Then you can touch me as much as you want.”

 In order to meet this request, I put more effort into my muscles. I pumped up and enlarged this bulk to the point where it wouldn’t just tear off my uniform.

“Wow. ……! That’s amazing ……!”

“Hmm ……, isn’t it?”

“You’re funny, aren’t you, Ray?”

“Is that so”

“Yeah. I’m so energized!”

 Rebecca-senpai took her eyes off my arm, smiled, and showed her own biceps. Of course, she doesn’t have a lot of muscle mass, so it’s not something that stands out. But by acting like this, I wonder if she is trying to show me that there is nothing to worry about.

“You’re cute, senpai.”

“Eh!? I-Is that so, ……?”[SMOOOOOOOOOTH]

“Yes. I think it’s very cute, honestly.”

“T …… thank you.”

 I thought that behavior was genuinely cute. Senpai then blushed again but smiled happily.

“Well, I’ll take my leave now …….”

“Okay. Good luck with your work as a member of the management committee.”

“Yes! Also, we’ll be selling corn in front of the venue around the time the doors open, so if you’d like to try some, please do.”

“Oh, my. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’m going to be selling it myself.”

“…… Ahh I see. So that’s why you have that package. I’m looking forward to it.”

 After saying goodbye words to each other, I headed for the main gate of the school.

 Even though I had a conversation with Rebecca, the time was only 5:35. Some of the management committee members had already gathered, but they were few. In the midst of all this, I spotted the twin-tails I’d seen so many times.

 Perhaps she was nervous today, but her beautiful, translucent golden twin tails were fluttering and swaying.

“Good morning, Clarice.”

“Oh, good morning Ray ……, what’s that big package?”

“Hmm? Ah this, my change of clothes and all that. We’re going to be staying over there for the next two weeks, right? I need to prepare for that.”

“Oh, yeah. …… You’re always so out of the standard……”

“Well, as they say, you can never be too prepared. By the way, Clarice’s costume is included in this package. Please be assured.”

“Ahh, ……, that’s right. The size is adjusted to fit, but …… yes …….”

“When we get there, I’ll give it to you.”

“Yeah. …… Well, Okay. …… Yeah. ……”

 The twin-tails looked down.

 I, Clarice, and Elisa are going to help sell corn as a vendor. At that time, Elisa and I discussed a lot and made three outfits. Of course, I helped. Clarice was reluctant to go to ……, but she agreed. I also asked for the help of a special advisor.

 And the finished costume was …… perfect.

 This is something that we can really look forward to. As much as I was looking forward to the Competition, I was also looking forward to this one.

” It looks like a lot of fun.”

“……Mmm. You know what I mean?”

“Well, if you’re that excited, yes. Your eyes are shining right now.”

“I’ve never been to a festival like this before. …… I have to admit, my heart is dancing.”

“I see.”

“Aren’t you looking forward to it, Clarice?”

“No. ……It’s not that I’m not looking forward to it. ……”

 It was an indecisive manner. I wonder what’s wrong with her.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Well, it’s …… the first time I’ve done something like this with a friend, and …… I don’t really understand….”

“First time? You said you had a lot of friends. ……”

“Ah, …… T-that’s right, …… no, that’s enough …….”

 Clarice huffed, looked at me closely, and said.

“…… I’ve never really had any friends before.”


“I was shunned just because I’m from the Cleveland family, an upper-class aristocracy. …… and I have this personality, too. …… I got a little sulky. …… So, you know. …… This is my first time doing this too!”

“…… I see. You were trying to look good,…….”

 She was trying to look good. Certainly, Clarice has a lot of stubbornness, or perhaps a tendency to be stubborn. But frankly speaking, I was genuinely happy to hear her say it. I should also tell her about my past one day. …… I should face that honesty.

 And Clarice, looking up at me with a sharp look, told me.

“W-Was that bad?”

“No. I’m glad you told me the truth. And we’re the same, in that it’s new for both of us.”

“Well, ……. Thanks to Ray for everything, though. ……”

 The last part of his voice was muffled as if she was talking completely to herself. But I have relatively good eyes and ears, so I was able to pick up the voice.

“I see. I’m glad to hear that.”

“I was whispering, but you heard me!”

“I have good hearing.”

“Ugh …… embarrassing ……”

 Her face had turned red and her twin-tails were pointing upwards. I said to her again.

“Thanks to having met Clarice, I’m going to be able to enjoy this Magic Chevalier even more.”

“Hmph! Don’t take this the wrong way! I-I am not particularly …… particularly …….”


“No, I’m …… having fun too! Is that bad?”

“Not at all. Then let’s have some fun together!”


“All right, let’s go!”


 And so, we quickly moved to the venue where the Magic Chevalier was to be held.

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