Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Luthiya’s Growth

 The next day, I woke up in the morning and found myself in the garden, in an Azumaya.[TN: Azumaya is a traditional arbor or summer pavilion found in formal Japanese gardens. “

 The ‘Azumaya’, as it is also called, is a structure with no walls, just four pillars, and a ceiling on top of them.

[Like this one]

Image result for Azumaya gardens

 A cool breeze blew through the Azumaya, and with Zoe, the maid, by my side, I let Leviathan and Luthiya do mock battle.

 I linked the Armor Rings to create altered bodies, and let them fight.

 The Water Demon Sword and the fire ring were both very powerful, so we did it in a garden vestibule instead of inside the mansion so as not to break anything.

 They fought ten times, and Leviathan won all ten times.

 Both of them were highly skilled, but Leviathan was more dominant.

 But that’s not the point.

“It went up.”

 I mumbled, my eyes shifting from the two figures after the battle to the status in the corner.


Name: Noah Ararat

Minister of Justice

Gender: Male

Level: 3 / ∞

Light FDarknessF


My level went up by 1 again.

 Just like yesterday, I let Leviathan and Luthiya do mock battle.

 This time, my strength has gone up one level, to E.


“Understood, Master.”

 Zoe nodded, closed her eyes, and cast a status check spell on me.

 It has been more than six years since she entered my residence.

 She’s learned a lot of things because she’s been indebted to me and wants to return the favor.

 One of the things she learned was the status check spell.

 The magic she cast on me brings up my status instantly.


Name: Noah Ararat

Minister of Justice

Gender: Male

Level: 3 / ∞

Light FDarknessF


 As usual, it’s completely different from what I can see, there’s no “+” after it, so it looks sum? Well it is displayed like this.

“Wow, …… your level really went up without you fighting. …… I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

“This is the result of these figures fighting.”

“T-Then. If they fight all the time, will your level go up endlessly?”

“It’s not that simple. The experience required to raise a level decreases the more you fight the same person. It took one fight to get to level 2, but it took ten to get from 2 to 3.”

“Ahh ……”

“If I let Leviathan and Luthiya continue to fight like this, I’ll get to level 4 over 100 times. If you’re patient, that’s fine.”

“I see. …… it’s a shame.”

“Well, now I understand something else.”

“Understand what?”

“I’ve learned that it’s better to collect more like Leviathan and Luthiya because even if it takes 100 times, with 200 of them it’ll only take a second.


When Zoe convinced, I let Luthiya and Leviathan fight again.

 It’s not nearly as effective anymore, but I still let them try.

 It’s quite helpful.

 Watching Leviathan and Luthier fight.

 I know what they are capable of, and it’s great to see what happens when they use it, and from a third person’s perspective.

 So I let Zoe serve me while I watched them fight endlessly.

 So far, Leviathan was winning all the battles.

 Luthiya is not weak as far as I can tell, but in comparison to Leviathan, a notch or two lower.

 That’s why it was overwhelmed.

 At the same time, I was able to understand Luthiya’s personality.

 Unlike Leviathan, who is a loyal dog, Luthiya is a competitive one.

 Even though it’s under my control, as soon as it loses, it immediately appeals to me with the emotion of “next”.[I am keeping it gender neutral]

 And I let her do it endlessly.


 It found an opening in Leviathan’s movements after deflecting an attack.

 It was stunned after the attack was deflected.

 I can also use Leviathan’s techniques, so I could clearly see the gap.

 At the same time, I knew that Lutiya would not be able to exploit it since I could also use its ability.

 Unfortunately, Leviathan would win yet again by overcoming this gap.

 Just as I thought this, Luthiya’s movements changed.

 Though it lost its balance completely, it was able to regain it by blowing out flames to kill its momentum.

 And then used the hand wrapped in flames to deliver a full swing hammer punch to Leviathan.

 Leviathan’s body was severed in two and then burst into flames.

 Luthiya had won.

 Luthiya, who hates to lose, directly conveys the emotion, “I did it! I’ve done it!”.

“Nice work, Luthiya. You’ve really overcome yourself with that.”

 A feeling of joy flowed from Luthiya.

 At the same time, I saw a status move in the corner of my eye.


Name: Noah Ararat

Minister of Justice

Gender: Male

Level: 3 / ∞

Light FDarknessF


 My level and ability remained the same, but the “+” in fire went up.

“You’ve grown more than I thought.”

 Clap, clap, clap.

 From behind me, I suddenly heard the sound of applause.

 I turned around to see Brother Henry being led towards me by the new serving-maid (Evelyn’s Successor).


‘As expected of you, Noah. Even though the ring has a will of its own, it still manages to grow.”

“Where were you watching from, brother?”

 I chuckled.

“For a while now. It’s because you’ve been doing something interesting.”

“Is that so.”

 As I laughed again, he walked into the room and sat down across from me.

“More than that, anything I can do for you, brother”

“Yeah, actually, the nest of monsters managed by the Ministry of Military Affairs has matured.”

 The nest has matured.

 It was a phrase that I learned after I was born into the imperial family as a prince, something I didn’t remember from my previous life.

 A man of the imperial family, a prince, cannot go into battle without the emperor’s permission, to prevent his untimely death.

 That’s why I was still at level 1 until yesterday.

 And in order to prevent accidents in the actual battle – the first battle – there is a “reasonably safe” hunting ground, a monster’s nest that has been prepared in advance.

 That is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

 Well, it seems that it’s ready.

“His Majesty has granted me permission. So I shall divine your first battle.”



 He then took out a seamless box and handed it to me.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a box from a famous fortune-teller. When you open it, it will tell you what you need to know. This time, it’s designed to tell you the strength you need for your first battle.”

“I didn’t know there was such a thing.”

“We have to be very careful in this area.”

 My brother’s face became serious.

“If we have too many men accompanying us on the first battle, it will be a disgrace. And if there are too few, the danger will be too great. That is why we divine the appropriate number.”

“I see.”

“By the way…”

 Brother’s expression changed dramatically, and he smiled mischievously.

“That’s 10,000 reens a piece.”

“That’s expensive.”

 My sense of money has become more sophisticated since I became a Prince, but I was still surprised by this.

 If I were a con man, I would have laughed it off, but the person who brought it to me was Brother Henry, the Fourth Prince, Minister of Military Affairs.

 It would be an item worthy of the high price of ten thousand leens.

“What should I do with this?”

“Anything. Open it and you’ll find the answer inside.”


 With that, I applied force to the box, pushing and twisting it.

 Then the seamless box came unraveled like a thread.

 The thread disappeared further and further, and a piece of paper remained.

 I grabbed the paper and read the words on it – mmm.

” what is…… mmm.”

 My brother, who stood up and looked at the paper, was also surprised.

 The only thing on the paper was the number “1”.

“Does this mean that ……just 1 person is enough?”

“That’s what it means. …… you’re amazing, Noah.”

 Perhaps because he had brought the box with him, my brother was convinced that the result of the fortune-telling was my ability.

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