Episode 45: Overwhelming, Gratitude! ︎

 Amelia seemed to be talking with Master about something, but after they returned in a short while, we1 all enjoyed the meal together.

 Cara-san is not just good at making cakes. She is perfect in every aspect of housekeeping. That’s why this lunch was so much better than the regular school cafeteria, and I really enjoyed it.

“Fuuuh……, that was good.”

“That was reallty something! I’ve never had food this good in my life!”

 While Evi was excited, Elisa and Clarice also talked about the meal with a satisfied look.

“W-Well……. it was delicious!”

“Yeah…… it was really good!”

 Meanwhile, Amelia looked somewhat absent-minded, and I was a little worried.

“Amelia? Are you not feeling well?”

“Ah! No, I’m just tired from the …… training, you know?”

“I see. Well, it can’t be helped, you know.”

“But I’m fine! I’m ready to go  …… after this.”

 Yeah. The event that awaits us after this is the one that everyone is looking forward to. No, Clarice was complaining about something, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy it once it starts.

 After chatting for a bit, we decided to go outside.


“Oh! It feels good!”

“Ah. I’m glad the water is this cool in the middle of this summer.”

 Evi and I had changed into our swimsuits and had come to a nearby river. We just put our feet in the water, which was shallow at the moment. At the far end, there is a waterfall, and at the deeper end, you can even go for a good deep swim.

 And maybe there are fish in it, but the water in this river seemed to be very clear. With the  sun shining through the trees, it was the perfect time to take a dip.

“But Evi ……  you’re looking sharp today.”

“Fu…..I can say the same about you too Ray. That bulk sure is something unimaginable from such a slender body.



 We were naturally facing each other and posing. And the aim is of course to pump them up by doing so. As someone who loves muscles, I do care about looking good.

 Even though Evi and I bought swimsuits for today, we both wore boomerang pants. The reason is that if we wore regular swimsuits, the cut of our legs would be hidden. A lover of muscles has to express all this.

 That’s why I chose these inverted triangle boomerang pants as my swimsuit.

 There was no time to lose looking at each other.

 Funu…… these cuts looks good today too.

 As the two of us were having a muscular conversation, the ladies started arriving one after another.

 At the front, I saw Master, who was being pushed in a wheelchair by Cara-san. Master was wearing a pareo-type swimsuit, with a bright blue bikini on top and a polka-dot pareo on the bottom.

 Cara-san, on the other hand, was wearing a competitive swimsuit for some reason……. No, she is beautiful, but I wondered if she had ever competed before. She’s always been a cool person, so she’s still a mystery to me. ……

“Oh! Both of you look sharp!”

“Ha. Master looks beautiful as well.”

“I think you’re beautiful too!”

“Fufu. Of course you do. But when Ray and Evi line up, it’s spectacular. Truly sculptures of muscle.”

 We were happy to be praised, and we continued posing, but……  we could hear Clarice’s loud voice behind us.

:What? Eh! Are you Ray, for real?”

“Isn’t it obivious?”

“I understand if it’s Evi, but …… what’s really going on with your body?”

“Huh. I’m quite a lean type.”

“No, no, no! You’re not lean at all! You’ve got too much muscle!”

“Thanks for the compliment. And Clarice, you look great……”

“Are you …… being sarcastic?”

“No. It’s a genuine compliment.”

“That’s fine, but hmph!”

 When she turned her head to the side, her gorgeous twin-tails also swept beautifully.

 Clarice wore a so-called school swimsuit. The dark-blue color is, I believe, the one designated by the school.

 She said she couldn’t prepare because of a sudden invitation, but her swimsuit was still beautiful.

 Her legs stretched out smoothly, and her limbs were long for her height. Her skin was pure white, without any trace of sunburn.

 She must have taken good care of her skin every day.

 I genuinely respect this aspect of women.

 The next to arrive were Elisa and Amelia.

“Ugh ……, I’m so embarrassed …….”

“Don’t worry, Elisa. You’re super cute! Guhehehe …..”.

“I am especially scared of you, Amelia!”

“It’s okay. …… It’s just a little bit. Just the tip! Guhehee ……”

“Waaaaahhhh! I’m really scared!”

 Elisa comes towards us, shaking off Amelia, whose nose is fully extended.

 Although her green hair was pulled up and she was wearing a jumper,……, her bikini-type swimsuit was clearly visible when she ran. The top and bottom of the swimsuit were pure white, which seemed to reflect Elisa’s pure white inner self. If I had to describe her, I would say she was an …… archangel.

 Elisa ‘s eyes were filled with tears. But there is one thing that gives it an overwhelming presence.

 It is too great to look directly at.

 But I can’t help but feel as if my gaze is being drawn to this …… sensation. Even I can’t resist this temptation,……, and Elisa’s look is now one of violence, one that could trigger war.

 I do not dare to mention what.

 If a man were to say it, it would be the height of tactlessness. That’s why my and Evi’s motions were the same.




 And pray.

 Simply just worship.

 Thank you world. Thank you for creating an archangel named Elisa.

 We worship with such praise.

 The two upright macho men were taken aback by the overwhelming presence. This bulk of ours is also just dust in front of this presence.

 This is what Elisa’s is, and it brings …… everything to nothing.

 It can start a war, but it can also end it.

 It is a Ragnarok, a Apocalypse, Dystopia, and Utopia that encompasses such contradictions, and is …… God itself.

 No, the Archangel Elisa was this very universe.

“Eh? W-What’s wrong with ……?”

“God is here………”


 Archangel Elisa, in a panic, was also wonderful. And we are once again grateful for the “overwhelming presence” of the Archangel Elisa, which shakes with the slightest movement. …… The world, thank you …… for making Archangel Elisa manifest in this world.

 A few tears came to my eyes. …… Oh, I’m so glad I’ve lived …….

 As I worship with Evi like this, Clarice next to me stares at Elisa.


“Eh ……?”

“They’re huge! Please share it with me!”


 Perhaps overwhelmed by the event, Elisa could only say, “Fueeee……”. But that’s also a good thing. In front of the Archangel Elisa, everything is good. This “Fueeee” is also the breath of an archangel. And that’s exactly what heals any wound in the blink of an eye.

“Fufu …… kufufu…… Elisa is cute, Clarice is also cute …… ah, how wonderful …… guhehe …….”

 Amelia, who came to the scene mumbling to herself, had her crimson hair pulled up in a bun, and her supple limbs accentuated the good balance of her body. Her proportions were well-balanced with lean muscles, probably due to her recent training. Amelia is also a kind of ultimate. Her swimsuit, the same color as her hair and the color of crimson, is very beautiful. Her bikini type swimsuit, especially her upper body, is as wonderful as the Archangel Elisa.

 And Evi and I worshiped Amelia again.

 Thank you for all the swimsuits in this world.

 Thank you. An overwhelming, gratitude ……!

 For something that radiates such presence, we …… simply pray with respect and awe.

“Hey guys! I don’t have it!”

 I glanced over at Clarice as she raised her twin-tails to the sky, and Evi and I followed her gently.

“It’s okay, Clarice. Everyone grows differently. Don’t be in a hurry.”

“That’s right! I’m sure it will with the right time!”

“No, don’t worry about posing, you can worship me too!”

“Clarice. ……”

“W-What……. I’m not freaked out by a little muscle!”

 I walked up to Clarice and put my hand on her little shoulder.

“Can’t do that. I simply can’t do that, because I can only do that when it is a sincere compliment. Even if it’s a lie, it’s not allowed. So we wish you all the best. I’m sure Clarice will be an even better woman in the future.”

“…… Well, if that’s the case, then fine! I-I really don’t care about that!”

 Clarice turns her head to the side, her face turning red. Then Amelia, who had been sneaking up on her from behind, hugged her.

“Aaaa!? Amelia! What’s wrong with you?”

“Guhehe,……, Clarice’s body is also nice,…….”

“EH!? Who are you ……?”

“Guhe, Guhehee, …….fufufu…”

“No, Noooooooooooooo! I sense a crisis! I feel like I’m in danger eeeeeeeeeeee!”

 Amelia, who has obviously become a different person, attacks Clarice mercilessly.

 She touched her body in a sticky manner, and even though Clarice tried to escape, the body techniques I taught her completely solidified Clarice, and she smiled and enjoyed her body.

 Well….it may be okay because they are of same sex.

“Fumu…..Apparently Amellia is interested in women’s bodies?”

“Umm …… yeah …… I was ouched a lot too …….”

“I see. But Elisa. You are beautiful. In front of your angelic beauty, heterosexuality and homosexuality will be irrelevant.”

“…… Oh, thank you …….”

 Elisa turns her face as well as her whole body red and looks down. As she does that, Master shouts loudly.

“Hey Ray! Compliment me too! I’m beautiful too, right!”

“Well, …… Master is beautiful, but…”

 (Since she is a gorilla inside, it would be unreasonable to compare her to Archangel Elisa.)

 When I whispered this, Master used her magic on me. She did it in no time at all.

《Prima Materia = Encoding = Material Code》

《Material code = decoding》

《Material Code = Processing = Deceleration = Fixation》

《Embodiment = material》

 It was a pretty serious one, and as if to pierce my brain, a huge icicle appeared in front of me. I immediately understood the code used for the magic. This is serious stuff. It is the full display of the abilities of the previous generation Ice Blade Magician.

 Should I avoid this? No, I should use the anti-matter code!

 But…….I can’t make it tim. No, this is… death.

 And I run my own internal code seriously, jumping into the river, and jumping back. Just in time. I avoid the attack at the very last moment.

 I stare at my …… master, dripping cold sweat and droplets of water from my hair.

“What? Who’s a gorilla? I’m going to kill you. …… huh?”

“Master is a beautiful person with no hidden agendas!”

“Is that So?”

“It’s true!”

 I show my teeth with a grin and produce one of the best smiles that I have ever shown. I’m sure I’ll never be able to surpass this fake smile in my lifetime. …… I was so proud of myself that I felt I was in danger.

 And so we enjoyed our time by the river.

 But, master was serious when she attacked me. No, …… seriously, ……. I vowed once again that I would not say anything unnecessary from now on.

This chapter sure was funny, well for me, don’t know what you guys think.

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