Episode 46: And then to training …

Master suggested something to me.

“Hey. Ray.”

“Yes. What can I do for you?”

“Come here.”

“? Understood.”

 Master had been smiling and watching us playing in the river for a while, but for some reason she called me over. Then she tells me something in my ear.

“I see. …… But Master is also a bad person.”

“Well, since you’re teaching her, she’s kind of an indirect disciple of mine.”

“…… I understand. I’ll tell everyone about it.”

I said so, and walked back towards everyone.

“Hey guys. Why don’t we all go to the place with the waterfall?”

“There’s a waterfall?”

“Umm. You want to take a dip, don’t you, Evi? It’s a waterfall.”

“Ohh! That sounds like fun!”

 Evi was getting excited, and Elisa and Clarice were also smiling strangely, as if they were on a high.

“Waterfall! I like the sound of that!”

“Y…… Yes! I’m also a little interested in ……!”

 Amelia, on the other hand, is pondering with her hand on her chin, looking strangely difficult.


“Is there something, Amelia?”

“No, it’s nothing,……, but I have a bad feeling about it,…….”

“It’s probably just your imagination.”

 Well your intuition is pretty on par,……, but for now, we’re all going to head towards the waterfall. The waterfall is upstream, so it’s not too far away.

 Master and Cara-san followed us, lined up next to each other.

 We shortly arrived in front of a large waterfall. It was like a bucket of water pouring down from the sky, and even though we were far away from the waterfall, there was so much water splashing down on us.

“Okay. Let’s go, Evi.”


 So, Evi and I proceeded to get hit by the waterfall. We sat down on a rock just below the waterfall and continued to bathe our whole bodies in the overwhelming force of the waterfall.

 A large amount of water poured down on us, concentrating mainly on our heads, shoulders, and backs. It was just like training. However, if we clear our minds, even the fire will be cooler. In other words, if you calm your mind, this waterfall is nothing but water.



 We who have been cultivating our mentality through muscle training on a daily basis can easily become one with this waterfall and accept the water. We are now at one with …… this nature. Some life form in the nature. It’s just a part of life in nature that is receiving the water,……, and that’s all there is to it.

“Phew ……”

“That felt pretty good! My muscles are happy!”

“Fufu. Yeah, it was just what I needed for this burning bulk.”

 When Evi and I returned a short time later, the three girls were staring at us with surprised eyes.

“Eh …… are you both okay?”

 It was Clarice who asked us that. She asked us with her twin-tails hanging limply. Perhaps she wants to try it, but is worried.

“Oh. It feels good, right?”

“Yes, it does! It feels surprisingly good!”


 As Clarice was hesitating, perhaps still afraid,………… it was Elisa who came out in front. Is it a sign of determination that she has a strangely manly face?


“Elisa, no way!”

 The Archangel Elisa stepped forward with her overwhelming presence. That overwhelming presence makes me and Evi involuntarily flinch.

“Mu…..Elisa……you can do it.”

“Heh …… my muscles are trembling”

 Elisa’s overwhelming presence, which she won’t elaborate on in detail, is holding hands with Clarice as they head into the waterfall. Amelia, on the other hand, was looking at the situation with a serious look on her face.

“Ah, Elisa.”

“What’s wrong? Ray-kun?”

“I think, you need to fasten your swimsuit.”

“AH………th-that’s right.”

 Elisa fastened her swimsuit with magic, embarrassed with a bright red face. Otherwise, the momentum of the waterfall will strip the swimsuit off. If that happens, what awaits in this world is …… Ragnarok. The gods will start an apocalyptic war for Elisa. I warned Elisa not to let that happen.

 Apparently, I’ve saved the world. …….

“…… Don’t you have to say anything to me?”

“No, judging by the type of swimsuit you’re wearing, you should be fine.”

“…… I’m annoyed that you guys are looking at Elisa with so much respect, rather than …… looking at her in a disgusting way!”



 Evi and I maintained our right to remain silent on Clarice’s point.

 She’ s got a point. What we have for Elisa is more than just a sexual aspect. It’s more like worshipping the Archangel Elisa …… as a supreme being.

 It’s not that Evi and I have had any particular conversation about it.

 However, as men, we can communicate at least this much without words. And we have muscles. It was a piece of cake to have a physical conversation.



 And both of them began to be hit by the waterfall.

 For some reason, Elisa has a handsome face and is meditating on the waterfall with her body. Clarice, on the other hand, was saying, “Ababa, ababa, ababa!” But she’s slowly getting used to it, closing her eyes and becoming one with nature.



 Both of them were feeling the nature and were completely at one with it.

 Of course, we weren’t the only ones who saw this and didn’t move. Our pectoral muscles twitched, and we moved back into the waterfall alongside them.





 The four of us were just like nature. We were the world. No, it was the universe itself. We were carrying this great nature itself in our bodies. When we meditated, the vastness of the universe spread out before us. And the Archangel Elisa was smiling as she embraced the earth within it.

 I see. So the heart of the universe was Elisa.

 I was mysteriously enlightened by being hit by the waterfall.

“Phew, …… that felt good.”


“Y…… Yeah! I’m glad I tried it. ……”

“It’s surprisingly good!”

 The four of us shared the joy of being hit by the waterfall. But there was one person missing. The only one left is ……, and if one looks closely, one can see that she has been restrained by his master through magic.

“Ray, I’ve secured the escapee for you.”

“Thank you very much. Master.”

 Although Master’s lower half is paralyzed, her sorcery is still kicking. And Master’s essence is ‘slowing down’ and ‘fixing’. It was easy for her to hold Amelia in place and immobilize her. Rather, in her military days, she had secured a large number of soldiers who escaped in this way.

It had been a long time since I had seen this. I felt nostalgic, but I approached Amelia, who was now trembling and shaking.

“Well, Trainee Amelia.”

“Hi….hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! H-Human beings will die if they are hit by a waterfall like that!”

“I had already said that response was Ranger!”

 As if to say no questions asked, I raised my voice as usual. Amelia seems to have already engraved it in her mind, and she reflexively replies.


“That’s why you’re going to do an hour-long training with me under waterfall to clear your mind.”


 Then, I dragged trainee Amelia to the waterfall. And as I did so, Amelia looks at the three people who are staring at her and begs for help, with her voice cracking.

“G-Guys, help me ……!”

“It’s okay! You’ll be able to manage it!”


“That’s right! It feels really good!”

“It must feel good with those muscles! But I’m just a weak girl!”

 After being kicked out by Clarice and Evi, the last thing she wants is the mercy of the Archangel Elisa.

 But then again, even angels aren’t always kind …….

“Eh, Elisa…… if you would …… be kind enough to help me, wouldn’t you……?”


 Elisa, who has a serious look on her face, smiles and tells Amelia.


“There are times when a woman has no choice but to go …….”

“What door did you open!?”

“It’s okay! It’ll be fun!”

“Liar, noooooooo!”

 Amelia’s cries for help echoed in vain, and she was dragged away by me.

“Trainee Amelia. Rest assured, don’t worry. You’ll feel better soon.”


 Then, as Evi, Clarice and Elisa saluted us, I returned the salute and headed straight into the waterfall.


 The sound of Amelia’s sorrowful voice also echoed through the air.

 But, of course, it doesn’t end here. This is where the real training begins. We have come all this way to the river. There was no way to not utilize it.

“Okay. Let’s do a 50 km long swim. Although the river is short, it will be no problem to swim back and forth. It’s deep enough, and the current will be a good load.”

 Then Master came up to me with a smirk on her face and made a further suggestion.

“No, Ray. It’s 100 kilometers.”

“Mm ……, that’s right, Master. So, Trainee Amelia, let’s go for a 100km swim!”

“Stop it, stop it, stop it! Don’t bully me, you master and discipleeeeeeeeeeee! Stopppppppppppp ahhhh!”

 And so, Amelia continued her training today without incident.

This chapter sure was funny, well for me, don’t know what you guys think.

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