Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Chapter-4-Part-2

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Chapter 4: Minor uproar during Purchase, Major Uproar during Adventurer Rank Up

Part II

” Melta-san. Can I have a moment?”

Melta, who was preparing dinner, came to the workshop with Ryoji, leaving Sieve to do the rest of the work.

“What’s the matter? I have dinner to prepare, so you know, I don’t have much time to spare?”

“I won’t take up so much of your time, don’t worry. I’ve made a weapon specifically for you, Melta-san, and I wanted you to test it out.”

When she received the bow and held it up lightly, it felt so comfortable in her hand that it seemed like it was made just for her, and it was much lighter than the bow she had been using for practice.

“It’s a very light and short bow. Carena told me that the longer bows fly farther and are more powerful, but was it because I was given a short bow because my skills weren’t yet in line with it?”

“This short bow is made entirely from scratch by me, so don’t worry. It’s short, but I made the performance as good as I could, and I worked hard on the design. Also, the strings are very solid, so it won’t break in the middle. And even if you exclude the fact that it’s a short bow, I think it can be drawn lightly.”

While answering Melta’s questions, Ryoji continues to explain the short bow.

“This short bow has a number of modified magic tools attached here and there in addition to the normal process. For example, the part that holds the string has been modified with a ring that assists in the power, and the part that holds the arrow has a ring that accelerates and concentrates the arrow. The arrows also have all the attributes I possess. Guess what? If you hold a magic stone in your hand and use an attribute magic, you can give it an attribute. If you attack with this arrow, it will burn if the attribute is fire, or freeze if the attribute is ice.”

Melta looked at the bow she received cautiously. From the fact that it’s lighter and more comfortable in the hand than a normal short bow, it is apparent that the materials used to make it have been very carefully selected. Moreover, just like the statement that magic tools are used in abundance, it is full of magic power, and the design is also decorated with a design suitable for a royalty and nobility to have.

And in this world, the arrows themselves are not given attributes, and Ryoji didn’t realize that the attributes that Ryoji gave to the arrows were what turned the common sense of weapon manufacturing on its head.

“How is it possible to give an attribute to an arrow? The design of this short bow is great, and it’s a gem that I’d like to decorate, not use…….. It’s a really great short bow, thank you very much for it! I’ll take good care of it. By the way, Ryoji-sama. How much did it cost you to make this short bow? Wouldn’t that be pretty expensive?”

“Hmm? About a hundred gold pieces? But don’t worry! I used a cheap ring for the magic tool, the wood I’m using for the bow is the kind I found in the forest. And since I designed and made it, there’s no charge for creating it!”

Ryoji was flustered when he saw Melta’s expression and tried desperately to cover it up.

“Ryoji-sama, seiza now.”

“What? Is Melta-san following the same pattern as Carena-san? Maybe we can register the seiza as a template?”

To Ryoji, who was mumbling, Melta lightly put her hands on her hips and began to explain.

“A beginner adventurer’s weapon doesn’t cost a hundred gold coins. Where would a beginner have a weapon with an amount of money that would take ten years to earn!”

“It’s because I don’t want you to get injured, Melta-san. Besides, we want you to move up in the ranks as soon as possible.”

Melta, who sensed Ryoji’s gaze, which worried about her despite her sultry tone from her seated position, couldn’t say anything else and decided to change the subject.

“Ahem. I am grateful for the weapons that you made while thinking about me. By the way, are you planning to make armor as well?”

“Of course! I’m glad you understand me! I’m going to try to make it light and sturdy for you, Melta-san, and I’m going to get your armor made of mithril!”

When Ryoji misled her with a big smile instead of giving her a detailed amount of money, Melta decided to continue lecturing him.

“My feets are numb and twitchy……..”

Crawling back into the living room, Ryoji requests a cup of tea from Sieve as he massages his feet.

“What wrong? errr no……. Is there any problem? Ryoji-sama.”

While receiving the tea from Sieve, who hurriedly corrected her language, he explained with a wry smile.

“I made a weapon and armor for Melta-san, but it’s expensive! She got mad at me. I was on a two-hour sermon course earlier.”

“A two-hour sermon course? I would have thought it was nice of Master to provide that much for her, though. By the way, how much did it cost you?”

“Right? I thought Melta-san would be happy about it. There’s only about two hundred and fifty gold coins at stake!”

“Yes, so ……. EHh? Two hundred and fifty gold pieces? Just for the price of weapons and armor? Not a magic tool? Why! Why is it so expensive?”

Sieve, who had unintentionally returned to her natural way of speaking, asked Ryoji, who had lightly told her the amount of money, with her eyes turning monochrome.

“I used a few magic tools and some good materials to make it look better, but was it a bit high?”

Although Ryoji’s attitude as he speaks in a carefree manner almost makes her dizzy, Sieve teaches him the market price for weapon armor.

“High? The price of a short bow is about five silver coins. And there are many people who can’t buy armor. Even for those who can buy it, it would be nice if they could pay one silver coin. Adventuring is a profession where many people are pushed to the edge.”

Looking at Sieve, who was completely forgetting about the honorific language and explaining, Ryoji had a complicated expression on his face as he realized that it wasn’t the image of the adventurer he had envisioned.

“I’ll complete it without weighing myself in the end, though.”

When they arrived on the outskirts of Drugul, Ryoji said as he handed Melta the bow and armor.

“I’ll be happy to use the armor you prepared for me, but as a simple question, how much did it cost you?”

Ryoji muttered quietly to Melta, who asked the cost while happily receiving the bow and armor, without making eye contact with her.

” In total, 250 gold coins.”

“Eh? I think I misheard it. I was told that the short bow is about 100 gold coins. Is the total number of gold coins about 110?”

“Two hundred and fifty gold pieces.”

“What? Did I just hear you say “250 gold coins”?”

“Yes, 250 gold coins, that’s right! I mean, it’s a mithril outfit and a defensive bracelet. And I bought a pair of shoes that make you faster! So the whole thing came to 150 gold coins. It was surprisingly expensive. Dad worked hard.”

At Ryoji’s words, Melta froze, looking at the armor handed to her in a daze.

(Mithril’s outfit? Defensive bracelets? Quickness shoes? They’re all top-notch, no less than fifty gold pieces, right? 250 gold coins is a lot of money, but with this equipment, it’s a reasonable amount of money. Is it okay to spend such a large sum of money just on me? How much would it be if I added the ring I got as a sign of my engagement?)

“Hey! Melta-san! Come back!”

Melta, who had been thinking for a while while while holding her armor, came back to herself when Ryoji called out to her.

“I can only thank you so much for doing so much for me. I’ll be able to rank up as soon as possible and be useful to Ryoji-sama. It pains me that you have been so good to me, but the amount of money spent on the rings, bracelets, bows, and armor that you gave to Carena, Sieve, and me is quite a bit of money, is it alright?”

Ryoji tilted his head and thought for a moment at the question from Melta, but he said it vigorously with a refreshing smile on his face.

“If it’s that much, it’s a fine amount of money, it’s fine! There’s still plenty of room for more.”

Equipped with the bow and armor handed to her, Melta didn’t look like a rookie, but rather that of a skilled adventurer. Ryoji thoroughly enjoyed Melta’s appearance just as a feast for the eyes, and headed to the destination he was aiming for.

“I went down the glowing path and there was this huge tree right in front of me. That was a tough time for me. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was sent over here.

Ryoji was talking nostalgically as he touched the wood, but when he came to himself, he chuckled.

“Come to think of it, it hasn’t even been a month. There’ve been so many events since I arrived here in the city of Drugul that it’s numbed my senses.”

“The past month has been a raging one for me too. I didn’t expect to go from being a guild receptionist to a maid, to being engaged, to being an adventurer, holding a bow and arrow in the woods.”

There was an air of harmony as they recalled the events of the past month, but it was broken by Ryoji’s calm voice.

“Melta-san. Prepare for battle! I see three enemies. I’m pretty sure they’re mushroom ghosts in this place.”

Ryoji speaks to Melta, who takes out her bow and arrow impatiently, telling her of the battle and trying to calm her down.

“It’s okay. No matter what happens, I’ll protect you. If you spot the mushroom monster, just relax, take aim and shoot it.”

Melta, who was told by Ryoji with a smile, “I’ll do my best to protect you”, calmly recalled her practice with Carena. Then she aimed as she turned the bow and arrow and took her hand off the drawn string.

The arrow that Melta fired made a light sound and pierced the mushroom monster’s body. The arrow that penetrated finally stopped when it pierced the other one that followed. After confirming that the two bodies had stopped moving, Ryoji cut both of the remaining ones off with his mithril sword and spoke to Melta.

“Taking down two of them at the same time is amazing! This is the first real battle I’ve ever had, and it’s a very good job~!”(TN: he says batchigu= just right, excellent)

“Verygood~? I’m not sure what that means, but it means there’s no problem, right? Even so, this is not the power of a short bow. I guess this is the effect of using a magic device. But I can’t stop trembling because it’s the first time I’ve defeated a monster with my own hands. The adventurers are truly amazing. Next time I do reception work, I’ll try to be a little nicer to the adventurers.”

Nervous from her first battle, Melta was breathing heavily as she realized the performance of her short bow and how hard the adventurers’ days were.

It had been five hours since Ryoji and Melta had entered the forest. They took a few breaks, but other than that, they had spent all their time fighting, and the number of battles had exceeded thirty. This place seemed to be nothing but mushroom monsters, and it turned out to be the best place for beginners to practice.

“After all, it’s only a mushroom forest, so only mushroom monsters appear here. I’ve gotten used to fighting the slow-moving mushroom monsters for a while now.”

“You know! But this place is really only got…… mushroom monsters. Ehh? Is this place called the Mushroom Forest?”

Hearing the name of the forest for the first time, Ryoji begins to convince himself of the reason why the number of mushroom monsters killed is over four digits.

“Well, let’s go home now. Kalenarien and Sieve will be worried about us. The next one will be the last battle, and we’ll use the arrows with the attribute on them. It’s a test, let me try it out. Can I borrow your short bow?”

Ryoji took out arrows of each attribute from storage and borrowed a bow from Melta and fired an arrow with the fire attribute granted against the mushroom monsters that were approaching him.

What Melta’s eyes came to see was Ryoji taking out an arrow from the item box and shooting a bow against the mushroom monster with a carefree attitude.

The arrow that was released hit the mushroom ghost, and with a roar, it burned up vigorously, and the mushroom monster crumbled down to charcoal.

“A-Ahh……. This isn’t good. You can’t sell it if it turns into extinguished charcoal. The only thing that helps is that the magic stone is fine, but it’s not worth it.”

“That’s right. It would be too much for an adventurer to use, even from the standpoint of securing materials.”

While looking at Ryoji, who was taking out a magic stone from a mushroom monster that had been turned into extinguished charcoal, Melta also shared the same impression. After consultation, it was decided that as for the attribute granting arrows, they would become the fertilizer for the chest in storage.

“Welcome home! Ryoji-sama!”

“How was your achievement today?”

Carena and Sieve welcomed Ryoji and Melta who came back. Ryoji pointed his two fingers up after being asked by Carena about the results.

“Twenty bodies? It was less than I expected.”

“Two hundred bodies! Melta-san took them down almost single-handedly! Voila! Isn’t Melta-san awesome!”

Carena, who heard the number of subjugation, turned her eyes to Melta. A powerful nod that came back.

“Really 200 bodies? It can be understood by Ryoji who is out of the standard, but from the perspective of me as an educator, I think that its unreasonable considering Melta physicality ?”

“Do you know, Carena-san? I prepared a bow and armor for Melta-san! Melta-san. Show it to Carena-san.”

Surprised by the lightness of the short bow handed by Melta, Carena begins to confirm from the adventurer’s point of view. Not only the lightness, but also the design, the ease of pulling the strings, and the feeling that it fits in the hand, I guessed that it was a work of a famous craftsman.

“It’s a master craftsman’s work. Not only the design but also the performance is wonderful. With this performance, even though Melta is a ghost of mushrooms, it’s no wonder that he was able to subdue 200 bodies. By the way, who’s working now? Is it a work packed with innovative attempts that you have never seen before? “

“Fufufu. He asked me a lot! This is my own work, and I have taken in all the magic tools!”

“Eh? Ryoji-sama’s handmade? Not a master craftsman’s work?”

While looking at Ryoji’s chest, Carena was worried about whether she could be impressed by his versatility or be amazed, but she suddenly wanted to confirm her interest.

“By the way, how much did it cost? I’m curious about the line” Full of magic tools “.”

“DoCostEvenMatterForSuchProgressAndStremght? ItsFIneYouKnow”

“Why is it a single word? Maybe it costs 10 gold coins? Don’t say it’s 50 Gold Coins?”

“Not Bad! Just a shy bit more, 100 gold coins! Yeah, if you only count short bow that is!”

“Haah! Seiza Right now! Also I’ll have you answer about the cost of armor later!”

Carena began preaching to her future husband who was likely to spend inexhaustible money, even though she was dizzy with the declared amount.

The city of Drugul was in a fuss, up and down. This was because Ryoji, the hero of Drugul, had once again accomplished a great feat.

For the first time in the guild’s history, Ryoji had risen to the second rank, taught the garrison army how to grant attributes, and started selling five-times effective potions in partnership with the Mage Guild. In addition, there was the announcement of the engagement of Carena and Melta with Ryoji, the two main receptionists of the Adventurer’s Guild. In the past month, Ryoji has had no shortage of topics to talk about, to the point where the town’s informants have been screaming with joy.

This time, however, many people had a negative opinion of the fact that he had registered his fiancée as an adventurer, even though the condition for upgrading to C rank was to train future adventurers.

“It’s absurd to register an amateur as an adventurer. Would you go that far?”

“What kind of fiancé would let Melta-san be a hunter?”

“If you think you can do anything because you’re doing well, you’re going to get hurt.”

The adventurers had been whispering behind their backs, but whenever they heard Ryoji and Melta’s reports of the completion of requests and the number of subjugations, they were amazed at the speed of completion and suspected cheating, and followed them.

However, once it became clear that there was no cheating, the backbiting died down, and they became the focus of open praise and curiosity about how to efficiently complete requests.

“I think you’re the first person to rise through the ranks at such a pace, aren’t you, Melta-san? That’s my precious future wife!”

At the guild’s reception desk, Ryoji was in a good mood as he spoke to Melta. In a situation where a lot of people were listening in, Melta was told in a loud voice, “My precious future wife,” and she turned over with a bright red face in embarrassment.

There was an indescribable atmosphere between Ryoji, who was happily watching the embarrassed Melta, and the adventurers who were listening to see if they could get any hints.

“Damn it! Now you’re showing off.”

“What the hell! I thought I was going to hear a secret, but all I got was a flirt show!”

“I’ll curse that only Ryoji’s food will rot!”

“Hey! Let’s go get a drink!”

After spitting verbal abuse at Ryoji with bitterness in their faces, the adventurers went to a bar attached to the guild. Marcos, who was watching the situation, approached him with a wry smile on his face.

“Don’t be so cruel as to drive them away.”

“It’s okay. I’ll pay for their bills.”

Ryoji’s reply was met with a dumbfounded look, and he asked an interesting question of his own.

“I’m not sure what kind of training you’ve given Melta. She has risen through the ranks at an unbelievable rate. You know you’ve broken the all-time record by a wide margin?”

“That’s natural! I did by best with that in mind. Power leveling is a piece of cake for me! Of course, Melta-san’s hard work is the best part.”

Ryoji began to explain about power leveling. They’ve received and accomplished a lot of subjugation requests. Taking advantage of her characteristics as a hunter, main focus was on long-range attacks. Marco tilted his head at Ryoji’s explanation.

“I don’t know what that PawarRebering means, but what you just said is something anyone would do, right? You can’t get two ranks up in ten days just by doing that. If you have any other secrets, tell me. It’s between you and me.”

“Well, I’ll tell you a special one Marco. Maybe anyone can do it, but not everyone can.”

“What’s with that contradiction? What do you mean?”

Ryoji began to reveal the truth when he approached Marco, who was becoming more and more puzzled, with an impersonal look on his face.

“The first step is to prepare 250 gold coins.”

“What? What are you talking about? Huh?”

“Then, you will use the 100 gold coins to make yourself a short bow. Then, process and attach the Strength Ring and the Acceleration and Concentration Rings to the short bow. And more! Spend 150 gold pieces to buy mithril gear, defense bracelets and speed shoes.”

“Hey! No way. ……. Wait a minute!”

“And last but not least, this is important! Prepare 20 bottles of the Uchino family’s special secret potion. If you divide it into two portions and drink it twice a day, you will get ……. A mysterious power up! You will be able to fight all day long. If you continue for another 10 days, you can get it at ……. you know what! F-rank Melta-san will be created!”

Marco squeezed out his voice while holding his temples as he explained to Ryoji with a smug look on his face and even put his chest out.

“….The hell is that? Did you use the power of money and secret medicine to forcefully complete the request?”

“That’s right, Marco! It’s exactly that!”

“You’re an idiot. A big fool. What do you think if you spend that much money? Will you be able to make a living? Even if you start a potion business, it won’t bring in money right away, you know. If you spend that much money, you’ll be broke in an instant.”

“Don’t worry! The money I’ve spent so far isn’t that much. It’s just pocket change!”

Recalling the old story that heroes are often strange people, Marco felt that he had acquired a wonderful person who could move not only the city of Drugul, but the entire country, but he tried not to show it on his face as he spoke.

“By the way, did you start selling potions?”

“You can buy some too, if you want.”

“Aurelio has already asked me to buy some prototypes. It’s not as good as the potion we got in the Cave of Trials, but it’s very effective.”

“So, you’ve bought it. I’ve been looking for someone to experiment …… with my new potion.”

“You! You just said “experiment”! Don’t use a married man as an experiment subject!”

“It’s fine! I’m just experimenting with flavoring the potion! By the way, there’s honey flavor, orange flavor and barbecue flavor.”(TN: it says Yakuniku which is Japanese dish of Grilled Meat similar to Korean Barbecue or you can say it’s Roasted or Grilled meat)

“Why is there a barbecue flavor?”

“Just went with the flow!”

With a wry smile at Ryoji’s answer, Marco agreed to be a part of the experiment.

—Part II end–

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