Episode 43: Self-introductions

Master was more beautiful today than ever.

 Today she was wearing summer clothes, and her arms, which could be seen through her short sleeves, were pure white and looked translucent. Also, her hair was up, and she wore it neatly in the back. To say the least, she is quite good looking. Just the beauty is …… well, it’s amazing.

 But …… I am sure that master cannot do this herself, so she must have had Cara-san do it for her.

 Master seemed to be in a very good mood. I’m not sure how long it’s been since I have seen her with such a smiling face. It was nice to see her happy that I brought a dear friend with me.

  As I thought at the time, …… master knew what to expect.

 For me, the Institute would be irreplaceable. The injuries from the Far East war are still lingering. Both physically and mentally.

 But I will continue to learn with these friends.

 And I am sure that I will learn once again how to be a human being, which is different from what my master taught me.

 I introduced them to each other with this thought in mind again.

“Evi, let’s start with you.”


 With that, Evi steps forward a bit and introduces himself in a loud voice.

“My name is Evi-Armstrong! Ray and I share a room in the dorm and we are good friends.”

“I’m Lydia Ainsworth, Ray’s mentor. But …… how …… you are like that, Evi. You’re huge…….”

“You understand that?”

“Yeah. I’ve worked out Ray thoroughly too, but …… you also seem to have good muscle tone. Keep up the good work. And I hope you’ll be a good friend to Ray.”

“Of course!”

 Apparently, Evi liked it.

 Although she is now forced to live in a wheelchair, in the past she had built up more muscle mass than a woman would have. Of course it would be inferior in comparison to men, but she was much more harsh on …… herself than she was on others.

 That’s probably why she recognizes the results of Evi’s training.

 And now it was Elisa’s turn.

“Ah …… its …… eh, Elisa Griffiths! Also …… I’m a half-elf!”

“I see. …… h-huge. …… those are really something different……..”

“…… eh?”

“Nope. It’s nothing. But half-elf you say…… I hope you will be a good friend to Ray, but …… well, I guess you pass.”

“Huh? Eh?”

“Fu. Points for being so natural.”

“Oh, really? ……? Ah! I also want to ask you about the ……. ……”

“About what?”

 It seemed to be a bit more in-depth in the conversation, which is unusual for Elisa. I was expecting her to cut off her introductions with master early because she is shy, but …… Elisa took out a book and showed it to master and inquired.

“You know, I just heard your name …… but …… Ainsworth is ……”

“Oh. Oh, I see. You wanna know about Ainsworth as a researcher?”

“Yes …… yes! Maybe even ……?”

 There was clearly a hint of anticipation in her eyes.

 I remembered that Elisa had said she was a fan of the researcher Ainsworth. I should have told her ahead of time if that’s the case ……. I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve completely lost track of it.

 So, it seems to have pinged, Elisa decided to ask the question boldly.

“If it’s the double code theory, I’ve discovered it. And I’m still working under the name of Ainsworth.”

 The moment Master said that, Elisa’s eyes widened. Then, louder than ever, she continues the conversation further.

“……! You’ve written this book too…….!”

“Hmm? Yeah, I know. It’s a long time ago. But that’s a random summary of a paper I used to read as a …… student. It’s almost like a doctor in terms of content, but it’s ……”

“…… that! Here! Wooow thank you soooooooo much ……! You see, I’m a fan of that ……! Can I Get An Autograph Please!”

 Elisa eventually bows her head and hands the book to Master.

 Master then smiles and says to Cara-san.

“Cara. Do you have a pen?”

“Yes. Here…….”

 Before I knew it, Master had a pen that Carla had prepared for her, and proceeded to smoothly sign the first page of the book. It seems that Master has a certain number of fans, and when she goes to conferences, she is often asked for her signature.

” Elisa-Griffiths, is that correct?”

“…… Yes!”

“Okay. Well, then, let me give you a rare autographed book. I am a perverse person. Most of the time I don’t do autographs, but I’m in a very good mood today at ……, so it’ s special, okay?”


 When she received the signed book, Elisa shivered as if her whole body was numb, and then bowed her head back with a bow. And then the sign is devoured and continues to stare at it.

 What a surprising side of …… Elisa we have seen.

“It’s hard to introduce myself after this ……”

It was Clarice who stepped forward while muttering that. She looks nervous and a little less energetic even with her twintails …….

 She opens her mouth at last.

“C-, Clarice = Cleveland!”

(Oh, bit her tongue)

 It was a moment of complete agreement in everyone’s mind.

“Huh. …… You’re funny, fella.”

“So …… is that so?”

“Ah. The twin-tails look good on you, too. And I actually know the head of the Cleveland family.”

“What? Is that so?”

“Yeah. Your father is a real jerk. Always following his daughter around.”

“Hahaha …… Well, yeah, ……”

“So, you want to be a hunter?”

“Eh …… and how could you know ……?”

 Clarice glanced at me, but I shook my head.

 By the way, I haven’t given Clarice too many details about my mentor, but she didn’t particularly ask me about it. I would also like to tell her about my past if I had the opportunity to do so. ……

 And conversely, I didn’t tell my mentor separately about Clarice. I’m sure she got that information from another route. As expected, it’s from the head of the Cleveland family.

“He asked me for some advice. His daughter wants to be a hunter: …….”

“I…… Is that so.”

 And Clarice’s twin-tails turn down in a huff. Maybe her family is already against it. Therefore, she must be thinking that even my master would disapprove of it …….

” You know any female hunter who is also a Platinum-ranked hunter?”

“Yes, Ray told me that …… could it be?”

“Yes, Its a me.”

 Master smoothly took out the card that was between her ample breasts.

 I would like to say why …… is there, but it’s a bit of a boorish thing to do.

“Ehh ……!? It’s true……!”

“Yes it is. I may look like this now, but there was a time when I was also a hunter. By the way, I raised Ray myself.”

“Fu-eh-ehhhhhhhhhh ……”

 I guess that’s what they mean about being dazzled. Clarice was completely stunned. She was going ‘Fu-eh-ehhhhhhhhhhh” after hearing it.

“With that in mind, just because you’re the daughter of a …… nobleman, there’s no reason why you can’t become a hunter just because you’re a woman. You have a choice. To be a hunter or not. It’s not like you have to live with that. You can get a hunter’s license. What’s important is that you take that first step.

“Taking a First Step…..”

“Good thing is that you have Ray. I brought him up from the ground up. You should ask around at the academy.”

“…… Wow, I get it!”

 Clarice bowed her head and came back to me with a happy face. It was a good opportunity for her to meet master, and I was happy to see it.

 And finally, Amelia is ……, who may or may not be acquainted with master.

“I’m Amelia Rose. It’s been a while.”

“Yeah. I’ve seen you a few times at parties.”


“…… Hmm. It’s a little less shady than before, but …… well, you’re young.”

“? What does that mean?”

 It really doesn’t seem to come to mind, Amelia asks Master with a puzzled look on her face.

“Nope. It doesn’t matter. That’s something you’ll have to face. Now, I see you’ve been working on your Ainsworth-style boot camp lately.”

“…… yes”

 When she heard that, Amelia’s face looks like she bit down on a bitter bug. But well, since …… is continuing to receive rave reviews, an unpleasant memory is probably recalled.

 After this, …… kukuku, Amelia’s distorted face seems to come to mind.

 Fufufu …… hahaha!

 No, I don’t want to bully Amelia. I just want to see her surprised face. That’s all. I have no ulterior motive. I don’t think I can understand how my master felt at the time.

 And then, with a smirk on her face, Master asks Amelia.

“Fufufufu…..how was it ? Tough, right?

“Honestly, I thought I was going to die. ……”

“Hahaha! That’s right! But Ray has done it at 8 years old! Hahaha!”


“Oh. Best of all, it’s also the coolest thing ever…… kukuku.”

 For some reason I seem to be the one being accused of …… but it was fine if Amelia and Master’s conversation was lively.

 And then Amelia and Master went to the other room for some reason and we ended up having a homemade meal from Cara-san in the living room.

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