Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Chapter-4-Part-1

Chapter 4: Minor uproar during Purchase, Major Uproar during Adventurer Rank Up

Part I

Aurelio’s day begins with cleaning the front door of the Carcano store. This was a tradition that had been going on since he was ten years old, when he was recognized for his talents and adopted by the merchants. After cleaning the entrance, the employees are gathered together and a morning meeting is held.

The contents of the morning meeting included a check of the day’s plans and the stocking of goods. The main part of the meeting was to share information on how the company dealt with complaints and requests from customers, and to give guidance and warnings on the reports. Participation in the morning meeting was voluntary, but since a copper coin and breakfast were given as an allowance, the participation rate of the employees of the Carcano shop was 100 percent, excluding sick days.

While Aurelio and his employees were doing the morning ritual, there was a customary procession at the entrance before the opening. This was the effect of the 30 percent discount for the first 10 customers, based on Ryoji’s advice, and the 20 visitors who couldn’t make it in time were given a coupon to be used for their next purchase.

There is no other store in the capital that does this kind of thing, and it led to an increase in the number of visitors.

“What is on sale today? Oh, flour is so cheap.”

“Tomorrow is ……. So the monster meat will go from five copper coins to three. Then I’ll have to skip the monster meat, and buy some vegetables today, and come back tomorrow to buy some meat.”

The blackboard at the entrance to the store had a large sign with today’s and tomorrow’s specials written on it. For those who can’t read, pictures were also drawn for those who can’t read, and the blackboard was set up at the entrance, and the fact that there were always crowds of people at the entrance was also a factor in attracting customers.

When the morning crowds had died down, Ryoji came to visit the Carcano store. When Aurelio let him into the reception room, he reported on the number of customers and sales that he had never seen in the past few days.

“Thanks to you, our sales have doubled compared to before. At this rate, it looks like we’ll be able to open a store in the royal capital.”

“Is Aurelio-san going to be in direct charge?

“I’d really like to be there, but Drugl’s sales are rising so rapidly that I can’t leave right now. So I’m going to postpone the opening of the store I was thinking of opening next month for the time being. Coincidentally, we haven’t purchased or hired yet.”

Aurelio asks Ryoji, who was listening to the explanation while nodding his head, a question.

“By the way, what can I do for you today?”

“I brought a prototype of the potion, and I thought you’d like to see it.”

He explains the three different colored potions taken out of storage.

“From the right, the traditional potions. The middle one is five times more effective, and the one on the left will be the secret potion.”

“S-Secret potion, you say?

Aurelio picked up the bottle that was said to be the secret medicine and held it up to the light to check its contents. The bottle of the elixir that received the light was glowing red and could be used as an interior decoration on the shelf.

“I’m not sure how to make it, but the bottle you hold in your hand is a Uchino family secret, and I don’t know how to make it either. That’s why I can’t distribute it. So you can use it as a customer attraction.”

“That sounds great. By the way, you said it’s a secret medicine, how does it work? Full recovery of strength? Can it cure injuries and illnesses? I wonder. If that’s the case, it’s more likely to be bought by nobles and rich people than adventurers. If we’re going to set a price, we’ll have to bid for fifty gold coins and up.”

Aurelio smiled bitterly when he saw that Ryoji was stunned by the amount of money he had so readily offered.

“Until now, there has never been a potion called a secret potion. Besides, it also cures injuries and diseases, right? I said it starts at fifty gold coins, but the price would be higher if it was really auctioned off. I’ll just display this as a not-for-sale item. And the regular potions that I was purchasing from the Magicians Guild were at the regular price. The quintuple potion will be sold for 15 pieces of silver. Is there anything unsatisfactory about it?”

Aurelio questioned Ryoji, who was looking at him with a subtle look on his face, suspiciously.

“No, no, no. I was just surprised by Aurelio-san’s pricing because this one was intended to be a test sale, and we were going to sell the fivefold potion for a single silver coin for a week.”

“If the performance is this clear, then there’s no need to test sell it. If the Mage Guild is also involved, then there’s even less need for it.”

Ryoji was surprised for a moment because he was preempted just as he was about to talk about the Mage Guild, but then he reminded himself that it was normal to collect information if you were a sharp merchant, and explained the number of bottles he could wholesale.

“So for the time being you can sell up to 800 bottles. Let’s start with a limited number of one hundred. I’d like to increase the number of bottles coming in after seeing how the purchases are going, is that okay?”

“Of course, I only have a contract with Carcano Stores for now, so that’s fine. If you want more, call me. I’ll have Sieve deliver them to you. Also, on a separate matter, I’d like you to buy the monster materials I’ve defeated.”

“Of course it’s okay. I’ll be able to put a color on the purchase price. So, I hope you will continue to be a patron of the company. Also, do you mind if I advertise that Ryoji-sama was the one who defeated it?

“You sound pretty chummy. Of course I don’t mind.”

Aurelio suggested that to Ryoji, but when he heard later from the person in charge of the purchase, the number of monsters Ryoji had defeated, he regretted accepting the offer so casually.

“It’s nice to meet you. Ryoji-sama. It’s a pleasure to be able to buy from the hero of Drugul, Ryoji-sama, and to be the person in charge of the purchase.”

“Well, let’s do it quickly, the number of demons I want you to buy will be 876. I haven’t even taken out most of the demonic stones, is it okay? The list of demons you have defeated on the parchment is noted and can be found at ……. Mr. In Charge?”

Upon hearing the number of demons, the buyer’s face froze with a smile on his face and stopped moving.

”A eight hundred and seventy six corpses?”

“Hello? Mr. Person in charge, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

He waved his hands from side to side in front of his charge, but there was no response, so he tapped his shoulder hard. Then he shook his body, took a deep breath and bowed his head with an awkward smile.

“I beg your pardon. I was stunned by the number of demons. The details of the demons that were defeated are written on the parchment in Ryoji-sama’s hand, right? May I have a look at it for a moment?”

After receiving the note, the person in charge wiped the cold sweat with a handkerchief while checking the contents of the parchment.

The number of demons defeated.

  • Mushroom Monsters x 634
  • Green Wolf x 58
  • Dog people x 83
  • Subspecies of Dog People x 25
  • Pig man x 55
  • Pig man subspecies x 20
  • Bull-man x 1
  • A total of 876 of them.

“Um. Ryoji-sama. What are the subspecies of dog-people and pig-man described here? I’ve been in charge of buying for a long time, but I’ve never heard of it.”

“What? Really? What do I do? I don’t know the difference either.”

Unable to answer the person in charge’s question, Ryoji pulls out each of the normal and subspecies from storage and compares them side by side.

“They look the same.”

“I agree.”

When Ryoji and the person in charge took out the dog-people and pig-man magic stones, there was a difference in size.

“Oh. There’s more of a difference than I expected. The sub-species is two times bigger.”

“Maybe it’s a special species that you mentioned as a subspecies, Ryoji-sama.”

“Special Species?”

The person in charge begins to explain to Ryoji, who is tilting his head.

“Yes. Although they look like normal dog people and pig men in appearance, they lead three to five subordinates to fight as leaders. The monsters we will be purchasing this time are the ones from when the bull man appeared in the Cave of Trials, right? I’ve heard that the bull-man attack in an organized manner. If it’s a monster that was defeated in the cave, it’s definitely a special species. Even so, a special species is a rare thing to see. That’s another reason why I’m in charge of buying them.”

“Is it that rare?”

“That’s right. I’ve been working as a buyer at the Carcano Store for about five years, and I’ve only seen so many special kinds of magic stones that I could fit in one hand.”

Listening to the person in charge, Ryoji thought about the possibility of being able to use it for something in the future, and decided to buy a few of the subspecies’ magic stones and keep the rest in hand. Then he asked the Carcano store to buy them, and began to take out the monsters from storage one after another.

“How does it feel to be ……? Hmm? What is it? What’s going on here, like a field hospital?”

It had been three hours since Ryoji had visited the Carcano store, and Aurelio, wondering why no one had come to report back to him, came up to the place where the purchase was being made.

There, he saw the mushroom monsters bodies lining the floor, and the person in charge of the purchase and 10 employees were sweating and dismantling them.

” Just the right place. We are short of people, please help us! Aurelio-sama!”

“I’m happy to help, but what’s the situation?”

“We are in the process of dismantling the monster that Ryoji-sama defeated, sir?”

“Is this all of it?”

“EHH. No, it’s not. What we have here is part of it. The rest is for a later date. It’s not a number that can be handled in a day. As expected of the Hero of Drugul.”

“By the way, what is the payment process?”

“I’d like to say immediate payment, but I have asked him to come back for it at a later date. I’ve appraised the item in person as instructed by Aurelio-sama. Please have cash ready to go.”

He almost got dizzy when he heard the amount of payment from the purchase manager, but after hearing that he could expect to make more than that, Aurelio let out a sigh of relief and looked around.

“By the way, where exactly is Ryoji-sama?”

” Ryoji-sama said ‘If there are special species of dog-people and pigmen, then there must be a special species of mushroom monsters! I’m sure if I hunt a hundred of them, it will turn up, so I’ll go!” And then he ran towards the forest.”

“Does that mean there will be more monsters to buy up?”

“Sure it will. We’ll need to have cash ready.”

“Good luck with your assessment.”

Aurelio picked up the dismantling knife and started work immediately.

It had been a week since Ryoji had registered as an adventurer in the city of Drugul. After the purchase of the demons he had defeated in the Cave of Trials, there were no major events, and Ryoji was doing well with the requests he needed to make to improve his rank.

Due to the pressure from Yuhan, the guild had used the privilege to hand out requests with priority in order to get Ryoji up to C rank as quickly as possible.

Normally, when requests were assigned priority by the guild, adventurers would complain about it, but Ryoji used all the rewards to pay for the meals and drinks that he would buy for the adventurers.

Other than that, there was a rumor circulating among the adventurers that he was a nobleman from another country, which was circulated when Yuhan was handing out the reward, as well as Ryoji’s own strength, which helped the adventurers feel that it was inevitable that he would be given priority.

On the other hand, the status of the nobility was highly valued in the world of Safiria, and the fact that the environment had been created in which they would not be offended if their requests were given priority was also a boost. However, when it was announced that both Carena and Melta were engaged at the same time, as expected, there were voices of resentment and curses, though.

Although Ryoji had been steadily completing his requests, the last obstacle was the training of the younger generation in order to rise to the C-rank. There was no way to do this on his own, and in order to clear the training of the back-up adventurers, he needed to raise the rank of a G-rank adventurer by one.

“What’s to be done. Can anyone recommend an adventurer with a lower rank?”

“Yuhan-sam. Unfortunately, the low ranked ones are already being trained by someone else. You can’t just skip the parts…..”

Although Ryoji had reported that he was doing well with his requests, he had stumbled on the last obstacle, the training of younger members, and Yuhan and the others were in the middle of holding a meeting to do something about it.

“We know that. That’s why we’re having a meeting to see if we can come up with a good idea.”

After more than two hours, there was no better idea, and the civilian officer named by Yuhan answered sluggishly, wiping sweat off his face. As he looked around at the participants in the meeting, irritated by the meeting that didn’t produce anything, he saw Carena raise her hand.

“If we don’t have a G-rank, how about we use the new guy we had registered as an adventurer? I have an idea. Furthermore, that person has tremendous faith in Ryoji-sama, so would be happy to accept the request. Raising them from scratch doesn’t violate any regulations, so it’s okay, right?”

Carena’s suggestion that “if there is none, we can register them and train them” was easily accepted, but they all asked the question while tilting their heads as they had no idea who the person in question was. The answer that came back from Carena caused a subtle expression to appear on everyone’s face.

After returning from Yuhan’s, Carena informed Ryoji, Melta, and Sieve of the meeting. After listening to the end of the conversation, Melta didn’t ask any questions and began to prepare for adventurer registration. When Melta started to move with too light footwork, Ryoji unintentionally called out to her.

“Are you sure? No matter how much I say I will support you, I can’t guarantee your safety, okay?”

“If I can help my master, I’ll be fine.”

Melta approached the worried-looking Ryoji with a smile and whispered in his ear while hugging him.

” Even though you say so, Ryoji-sama will do his best to protect me, right?”

“Of course not. I won’t let you get hurt!”

“Then everything is fine. Please hold on to it. My future husband.”

With a slight blush on her face, Melta pulled away from Ryoji. Seeing his back as he began to prepare to head to the guild, Ryoji vowed in his mind that he would not let Melta get a single scratch on her.

As he headed to the guild, Ryoji tried to make Melta’s profession a more secure porter. But Melta stopped him.

“Subjugations requests will raise your rank faster. As a porter, I can only choose to carry luggage and collect requests.”

“Well, let’s make it a profession where we can safely take them down!”

With a wry smile at Ryoji’s contradictory suggestion, Melta chose hunting as her profession. Melta’s adventurer’s debut was set for five days later, and until then, she asked Carena to instruct her in the use of a basic bow based on practice.

Ryoji himself purchased the materials for weapons and armor, and roared in the work shed he had built in the garden.

“If you’re registered as a hunter, you’ll need a bow and some armor. There are no good ones ready-made, and since we’re going to go through all this trouble, let’s get the skills and make a bow and armor specifically for Melta-san. I’ll take the skills and cover the designs that were messed up by Cosimo-san!”

Ryoji activated the interface and acquired the passive skills weapon making, armor making, and design skills. He didn’t know how far the value of the skills would affect him, but he was able to make a fivefold potion by raising the skill of drug creation to five, so he acquired it in the same way. Now Ryoji’s skills were 12 passive skills and 7 active skills.

Passive Skills.

  • Cooking 5
  • Negotiation 5
  • Pharmaceutical Development 5 (TN: Don’t complain it is MTL, it’s Potion Making alright or the more accurate term would be Drug Discovery)
  • Powerful luck 5
  • Architecture 5
  • Mining 10
  • Appraisal 10
  • Chantless 10
  • Courtesy 7
  • Weapons manufacturing 5.
  • Armor manufacturing 5
  • Design 5

Active Skill

  • Fire Attribute Magic 3
  • Water Attribute Magic 3
  • Wind Attribute Magic 3
  • Lightning Attribute Magic 3
  • Ice Attribute Magic 3
  • Earth Attribute Magic 10
  • Recovery Attribute Magic 3

Skill Points Used: 105 ;

Remaining Skill Points: 55

“Yes! Let’s make a bow first. I’d like to make a powerful bow and have Melta-san be a peerless archer. The material I found in the forest is nice and sturdy, so I’m going to bend it and make this ……. It ain’t bending! It’ s seriously sturdy.”

He tried to bend it forcefully, but there was no sign of bending, and once Ryoji stopped the work, he began to think.

“The way to bend the wood is to soften it over the steaming and then secure it. I’m pretty sure that would have worked. It would be easier if I had a machine or something to do it. …… This is a different world! I’ll solve it all with magic!”

While doing his best with his hazy knowledge, Ryoji decided to push it with magic if it was impossible, he used earth attribute magic to create a foundation and placed the wood of the material, mixing fire and water attribute magic while steaming and bending the wood.

“Oh! It’s starting to bend! Bend it, Bend it and ……. Fix it with earth magic for a while and leave it there. In the meantime, let’s make some strings.”

After making the strings, he checked the material that had been hardened after making the strings, and it was ready to be used as a bow. After that, he shaped it as a bow while reinforcing it with monster skin. He also used his weapon manufacturing skills to improve the performance of the bow and completed it while using his design skills to make it look better.

—–Part I end—–

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