Episode 42: Master, Again



“Cheer up! Clarice-chan, Amelia-chan, ……!”

 Lunch break.

 The five of us are having lunch together as usual …… and Amelia and Clarice had their heads sunk on the desk.

 Both of them looked like smoke was coming out of their heads, metaphorically of course, but they weren’t moving at all, nor were they even buying their meals.

 As for Amelia, she was tired from training. The magic training was pretty grueling, and on top of that, she had to study for a test, so she’s really dying. Of course, I mean mentally, since I’m maintaining a safety margin.

 The test bombed on Clarice’s end without incident. There were some subjects that she scored red, and she has some make-up work to do over the summer. Unfortunately, this is all we can do about it. I hope that she will use this reflection for the next time.

 While Elisa was staring at such a situation anxiously, and I and Evi were eating a normal meal.

“It’s tough for both of you, isn’t it?”

“Was it good with Evi? The test.”

“Hmm? I’m just a little above average. Well, …… not as good as Ray, Amelia, and Elisa, but I’m happy with the …… individual result.”

“I see. But the semester is over already.”

“It went by so fast.”

 The semester came to a successful end with the end-of-semester ceremony held today morning.

 The tests ended without a hitch, and the school’s qualifying rounds for the Magic Swordsman Competition also ended successfully.

 And of course, since we will be on a long summer vacation tomorrow, we are allowed to return home to our parents’ house as long as we submit a report.

 However, at this stage, few of them are going back home. That’s because the rookie and main competition of the Magic Swordsman Competition is coming up. The excitement in the school was at its peak, and the contestants have already been confirmed in other academies.

 In the rookie intramural preliminaries, Amelia was able to get out of all the rookie preliminaries, but Albert also suffered one loss to Amelia, but otherwise won all the other rounds. He confirmed his place in the rookie competition. A lot has happened since then, but he also seems to be moving on. And I’ve met and talked to Albert a lot at that place, too……..

 And the newspaper club that exists on campus immediately called the issue an extravaganza and named the winner of this time’s Magic Swordsman Competition.

 The big favorite for the main competition is still last year’s champion, Rebecca-senpai.

 And the predicted winner of the rookie competition was …… Ariane-Olgren.

 Amelia was predicted to be the runner-up.

 The moment I saw that, I felt my own blood boil. Tournaments wouldn’t be as interesting as expected. There is always a dark horse and so on, and it is precisely because things don’t go as expected that they are so spectacular.

 That’s why I want Amelia to win.

 I believe that Amelia is the one who will defeat the Ariane-Olgren and become the champion of the rookie competition of the Magic Swordsman Competition.

“Well, starting tomorrow, I’ll have a full day of free time. There isn’t much work for the steering committee to do until the Mage Swordsman Competition. That means I can train Amelia to the fullest …….”

 When I say that, Amelia’s body, which was lying down next to me, reacts with a jolt. Her hair also rises towards the heavens.

“Or …… I’d like to say. But, do you guys have time tomorrow?”

“I’m …… good ……”

“I’ll be fine too, you know?”

 Amelia and Clarice, who were lying down, also raised their right hands in a swoop to show their willingness to be okay. Then it’s decided what we’ll do tomorrow.

“It’s a good opportunity, and I’d really like to introduce you all to my master.”

“Master …… is that person angelic?

“Well, …… It appears so. So, shall we?”

“Yeah, I’m totally fine. I’m totally fine, man!”

“I’m also …… a little nervous about it, but ……”

 Amelia and Clarice also quickly raised their right hands again.

 Alright, so tomorrow we’re all going to see Master. This was something I had originally thought about, but by all means I wanted to tell my master. I was able to meet such important friends in this school.

 No doubt she was worried about me.

 It is true that master is a strict person. I was already brought up strictly on that. That’s true in a sorcery sense, but as a human being, she taught me a lot of things. Among those things, there was a lot of love in my master’s teachings. I could feel the will to …… everything for my benefit.

 That’s why I have such respect for her.

 And we would go to our master the next day.


 The next day at noon.

 The five of us were on our way to our master’s house.

 Amelia was the one who was the most woozy among them.

“Wow, …… look, look! Wow! The view is beautiful!”

“You haven’t came to the west side?”

 I asked so to her in the carriage.

“Yeah. I don’t come this way much. And especially when it comes to the woods.”

“By the way, you look like you’re having fun today. Are you happy to have a day off from training?”

“It’s no surprise! It’s really hell already with that training. ……”

 In a moment, Amelia’s eyes are like dead fish, but …… well, I don’t know. I’ve experienced the harshness of an Ainsworth-style boot camp firsthand. The carriage arrives at the designated location while everyone is having a conversation about various things.

 After paying the fee, we all go through the forest.

 It’s the middle of summer and there are many cicadas perched on the trees around us. Their cries reverberate through the forest, but it is not so loud that it feels noisy. In fact, it’s probably just the right amount.

 However, the one going Kukuuku …… Amelia seems to think that the training is completely off. A day off from  every day training? I don’t think so. It looks like trainee Amelia isn’t done yet either. Of course, what awaits us in the future is training. However, this training has already reached its climax.

 I’m not going to push her too hard because the competition is close by,…… but still, I’m going to train her in a way that is unique to this place.

 Fufufufu …… Amelia, this time, you’ll be surprised …… fufufufu …….

“Fufufufufu ……”

“W-Whoa! What’s going on, Ray?”

“No, it’s nothing, Amelia. I hope you have a good holiday.”


 It is a sincere smile.

 But after a few hours, this is going to be distorted. I never want to push Amelia to the edge. But I don’t have a choice. When I was in training, I used to survive in the jungle for some reason when my mentor told me it was my day off and we should go out.

 That’s right. The world is an unforgiving place.

 We need to teach them that the world is most dangerous when we let our guard down.

“Kukuku ……”

“So, there’s really something going!”

 And so, as the five of us walked along, we saw.

 We arrived at the Western-style house where my master lives. I’ve already told her in advance that I’ll be there at noon today, so I knock on the door.

 In less than ten seconds, the door opened with a squeak.

“Ray-sama. And a;so his friends, you are welcome to come …… as well.”

“Cara-san. It’s been a while.”

“Yes. Master is already inside waiting for you.”

“Okay. Let’s go, guys.”

 That said, Amelia didn’t seem nervous as she was used to this kind of mansion, but the rest of the team seemed a little nervous.

“It’s okay. My master is a good person.”

 I walk through the front door and head to a room in the back. And then my mentor, sitting in her wheelchair, sees me and comes over to me, moving the wheelchair herself. Looks like she’s in a good mood today, and she already had a big smile on her face. As usual, she’ s a beautiful person to look at.

“Ray! How are you!”

“Doing fine. Master.”

“Oh …… did you grow taller again?”

“No, it’s the same as always as I say, not growing.”

“Haha, yes. So, you brought your friends with you today.”

“UMm. The best friends I’ve made at the academy, and they are irreplaceable.”

 And so I introduced everyone to my mentor.

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